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Hogsmeade / Re: I cheated myself, like I knew I would [Wini]
« Last post by Ezra Cohen on Today at 04:25:44 AM »
Ezra loved the way that Wini held his hand. It really did feel like they were made for one-another’s touch, and that was reassuring. He didn’t know how many details he wanted to go into about the band troubles—as a lot of it had to do with Circe, who he had very clearly ditched Wini for over the summer. He sighed a bit, stretched his bad gently, and then shrugged. “Long story, I guess. I was dating a girl and it didn’t work out, but now my friends are mad at me. She was a mutual friend, but now we aren’t talking so it’s made everything awkward. I think my best friend thinks I was the asshole, and he’s probably right.” He shrugged again. “But, enough about that, I guess. You really don’t need to hear about my exes. After all, I’m not here with them. I’m here with you, and this is where I want to be.” 
He smiled at her, gave her hands another squeeze. “Oh yeah, mum would love you. She’s basically strong-armed my way into law school, thinking I need a real career. Hearing that you want to be a healer will absolutely make her jump for joy.” He laughed. “But yeah, potions, huh? If it wasn’t also my worst subject, I’d offer to help with it.” He teased a bit. “Marin makes your note cards? That’s sweet. He’s your best friend, right? How long have you guys known each other? Jam and I met first year, and have been close ever since. I think having a best friend is always a great thing.” He hurt a little, thinking of the struggles he was having with him. Jam had really hurt his feelings. 
The food came, and Ezra let go of her hand. He reached down to pick up a finger sandwich and offered to feed it to her. “Open up.” He laughed. 
The Quidditch Pitch / Re: better than you [ben]
« Last post by Benjamin Danvers on Today at 04:23:56 AM »
"I'm not angling for a snitchnip foul." he said with a roll of his eyes. Their seeker wasn't a baby, anyway, and he'd fight anyone that insinuated that Aideen wasn't a bloody brilliant one. "Oi! Leave my perfectly proportioned nose out of this." he said, smirking, as he shrugged. In his mind Slytherin was the best, no matter how much the Puff's talked a big game about work ethic. Sure the house of silver and green didn't enjoy the work for the thrill of it but they definitely put in the time for the overall goal. For Ben it was both, actually, and he knew it was the same for Andy. He was pretty sure that if you put practice time combined, Slytherin edged everyone out though he hadn't clocked it.

That he had some concerns over the younger years playing went sort of without saying, though he'd never admit to his team having weaknesses to someone who could potentially exploit them for their benefit. He wasn't an idiot, no matter that he liked to act like one sometimes. Fact was he'd never express his concerns with anyone but Andy and Aideen, and that was mainly so they could formulate a solid enough plan to cover those skill gaps before they became genuine hindrances.

Fuck. He'd given something away hadn't he? He was proven right about a split second later when Kim zeroed in on Orlaith. It took a considerable amount of willpower not to snap, knowing, that Jae would continue to needle until he got the reaction he wanted, the little shit. "Just a friendly suggestion." he said mildly, willing his jaw to unlatch so he didn't gnash his teeth. "Thats assuming your beaters even get control of the bludgers." as if anyone could, bludgers were unpredictable as hell. He gave a shrug, focusing on the Quaffle in his frenemy's hand, and counting to to ten to keep his ire in check. In reality giving away he'd be overprotective or Orli was a bad idea, especially since he would be his opponent.

Andy would kill him, for one, though he was secure in the knowledge that since they hadn't been seen together as much recently there wouldn't be a lot of ground to speculate. Its not like anyone outside of maybe Alex really knew any better, and Alex teased him about a bunch of girls, daily.
England / Re: [gravesend] it's coming up lavender
« Last post by Senna O'Shea on Today at 04:14:25 AM »
She smiled softly at his sarcasm and yet she couldn't quite believe that he thought it was all bullshit. Senna knew she had gotten some things right at least, whether it was because she was just good at guessing or maybe it was just the universe pulling them along together in the cosmic stream. Who was she to fight against such coincidence. "Still don't believe me, huh?" she asked, her voice soft and curious as she traced lines on his palm, her fingertip dancing across the surface, her hazel eyes warm despite the cool blue light reflected in them from the water.

"Maybe I'm just better at reading you than most," she added shortly before he confirmed she was right. Her eyes lit up in victory, a thrill shooting through her. She met his warning with a roll of her eyes and a little sigh. He had said something similar earlier and it made her wonder how many people he had known that had taken his secrets to the press. Was it from experience with bad people or just paranoia? Hmm.

"You have a bad boy reputation?" she repeated, laughing quietly at the thought of him being so private that he didn't want anything spilled (she always felt so open with others that the opposite inclination was a mystery) and also at the thought that this captain of the team whose aura was so obviously golden was considered a 'bad boy.' She shook her head at him, her silvery blonde hair scattering drops of water as she did so, meeting his gaze. "I don't see it..." Bad boy? It was her turn to play the disbelief card.

Then again, she thought as she felt his hand at her side and she moved infinitesimally closer, he was swimming in a pool with a virtual stranger standing very close. Close enough that she could reach out her hand to touch one of the buttons on his shirt as she considered the two options he gave her, thinking it over for a quiet moment where it was only the distant sounds of the party, the water lapping against the edge of the pool, and their breaths mingling. "Can't I be both?" she asked finally, looking up at him in question. Why pick just one?
North America / Re: soul meets body | arden
« Last post by Arden Dasher on Today at 03:24:42 AM »
Sorry. His voice was quieter now; if she hadn’t been looking right at him, it might have been drowned out by the rain. It was quite loud now, but not overwhelming; the constant, rhythmic sound of rain falling all around them was like a white noise barrier between them and the real world. It felt intimate here, tucked away in the dark and the water and the sound.

She shook her head, but the movement was small. Only just enough for him to notice, really; with his hand spreading lightly across her cheekbone she wasn’t particularly inclined to move from exactly where she was. Her smile was smaller — faded somewhat by the tension of anticipation — but it was still there, just. Just a gentle one, now. Her eyes were on his.

She felt like a teenager again.

It had been a while, a long while, since she’d had a moment like this. Romance wasn’t exactly at the top of her agenda these days, but even so, most of her dating experiences as an adult had started with someone asking her out for a coffee or a drink or something — maybe a friend had set them up — but not this. It had been so long since she’d had a cinematic sort of moment — rarely was there such a leap in tension before it was even explicit whether the context was anything other than friendly. Before it was explicit whether the chemistry was mutual, or not.

Not that she really had any doubts, with the way he was looking at her, or the hesitation as his fingertips lingered by her ear. It was loud enough that his fingers distorted the sound slightly, things sounding more echoey on that side. Her own hand had slid down his damp wrist, and she lingered, too. She shivered again, goosebumps rippling from her ear to her hip.

Dash turned her head towards his hand slightly. His thumb brushed over the corner of her lips and she felt a flutter in her stomach. She smiled, feeling a little self-aware and amused about the feeling. “Feels nice,” She said softly, her lips moving half-against his thumb, her eyes still on his.
England / Re: [gravesend] it's coming up lavender
« Last post by Harlan Bellamy on Today at 03:13:00 AM »
Though he'd very clearly given his palm to Senna for her to study, Harlan focused instead on her face as it bowed, the way that her fingers seemed to create a piece of art. At least she was keeping up with the charade he thought distractedly, amused, and watching Senna trace nothing in particular on his skin with her both thumbs. The touch was minimal but it sent a wave of electricity across the surface of the water and up to his spine. He only just suppressed a chill.

"Oh that one, of course," Harlan nearly scoffed but the grin on his face betrayed him. "Sure does say a lot doesn't it?" He went along with it, for then.

"You're right," He said plainly, pausing, realizing he'd spoken without thought. As bogus as the whole palm-reading thing was, Senna had seemed to tap into him more easily than he cared to admit. Then again, maybe that was the appeal of the whole palm reader thing, after all— finding one's self in anything another person said. Humans were inherently selfish like that.

Harlan knew that he was, at least.

"You'll have to promise to keep that between you and I," His eyes narrowed as she drifted closer. The fabric of her dress moved against the places of his body that were exposed and he found himself wanting just that little bit more. "Can't have my bad-boy reputation tarnished..." Harlan clicked his tongue. Enough of his actions warranted that, too. "So either you're the same," Birds of a feather. "Or the opposite— a fighter masked as a lover," He wondered, his hand touching her side, gingerly at first.
England / Re: [plymouth] when it all falls down
« Last post by Marin Clare on Today at 02:39:07 AM »
Marin was pretty happy, all things considered. The concert hadn’t been awful, and he was safely at home now, drinking tea in the kitchen with two of his favourite people. Both of them seemed to be in good moods, too. Lip being missing was mildly alarming, but only very mildly; they were all, technically, adults, after all. Other than that, there wasn’t a lot to be stressed about right here, in this very moment. Wini had banned him from complaining about NEWTs, after all (though she couldn’t stop talking about how soon graduation was, which felt like the same conversational topic to him).

Marin sipped his tea from the top of the counter, where he was sitting while he listened to Wini recount, in painstaking detail, everything that had happened only a couple of hours ago. He was already nearly a foot taller than them both and felt especially giant up here, but it was his favourite spot in the kitchen. His Mum gave him a small smile before returning her attention to Winifred. She’d taken him aside earlier and told him that Wini was welcome to stay the night, but that she, or they — Lip included, if they were all bunking together — would have to sleep in her studio, a short walk down the hill. Something about ‘Wini’s energy’ being ‘four hundred notches too high to wake up under the same roof’, or whatever. Marin had nodded, of course. He understood completely, and Wini liked sleeping in the studio anyway.

Marin blinked when Lip appeared. He raised his eyebrows at the back of Winifred’s head, quite surprised when she came in so harshly when their yearmate had barely had time to close the door behind him.

“Holly's fine, dear,” his mother said distractedly, pushing her glasses up her nose with the back of one paint-stained knuckle, her eyes on the newest arrival. She got to her feet. “And don’t fuss, children, I’m going to bed now — I’ll see you all in the morning.” She reached up to touch Marin’s shoulder affectionately before making her way out. As she passed Phillip, she hesitated, then touched his arm lightly. “I wasn’t sure you’d be back, dear, so I hung out your washing,” she told him with a small, sad smile. “Fresh towels on the hallway shelf, too.” She patted his arm once, then moved past him.

A beat later, his mother's voice carried from down the hall: "Studio!" she reminded them.

"Yep! Goodnight Mum," Marin answered, blue eyes flicking from Wini to Lip.
North America / Re: soul meets body | arden
« Last post by Neville Longbottom on Today at 02:10:00 AM »
"I do," Neville replied immediately and despite the fact that he hadn't put any real thought behind the answer beyond that he might be able to spend time with her again. At any capacity, it was appealing. Arden could have said they were doing anything and he would have agreed just as dreamily.

"I mean—" There was a familiar nagging voice that didn't belong to him in the back of his mind that gave him pause. It was the same that habitually created problems for Neville in the form of self-doubt. "—if it isn't raining..." He grinned, rubbing a drop from the side of his jaw with the inside of his thumb. It didn't do much. All of him was soaked to his bones from even the few moments that they had spent in the open. He felt strangely exposed.

Maybe it was because he didn't have his wand— the inanimate extension of his very being.

Or, maybe it was the way that she was looking at him— that felt just as chasmic.

Neville's breath caught in his chest. The lack of oxygen, he decided, had made it particularly hard to think clearly (though, he was prone to self-diagnosing). Dash pulled his hand back to where he'd withdrawn it and for a moment it felt like his skin was on fire.

It wasn't warm outside, nor did the rain do any favors, but Neville was suddenly aware of the moisture in the air. "Sorry," He said without reason.

"It's just, you missed..." His voice lingered in the space between them as he tentatively ran the back of his fingers over her skin, then the inside of his thumb on her cheek. He eventually moved the thick wet strands of forgone hair from where they'd gathered at her temple. "...a bit of hair," He explained distractedly, not taking his hand back to himself as immediately as intended.
England / Re: feel what you feel { will }
« Last post by Arden Dasher on Today at 01:29:17 AM »
“Yeah,” she said, nodding and recovering well from her surprise. “I mean, it was probably the least interesting part of the trip, content-wise.” And by far the most interesting in other ways. Dash glanced down at Dave, who’d stretched out in between them now that no one was giving him any little bits of food from their plate. She considered stepping over him and sitting down at the table, but she suddenly had too much energy for sitting. She hovered at the bench instead.

“Um,” what did she learn about? “Well not that much new stuff, I guess…” She took another bite of her sandwich, giving herself a moment. She shook her head when he asked if she’d met any new people, an amused smile on her lips as she brushed at a couple of crumbs. She swallowed, placing her plate on the kitchen bench beside her.

“I feel like you’re in my brain,” Dash said, covering her mouth with her free hand. Of course, Will had no idea what she was saying, so she laughed behind her palm, then shook her head at herself. She did want to share; it was just early on in their trip, and she didn’t want to seem like she was… Boasting, or something? If it was Will, she would have wanted to hear all about it, but she’d always had different standards for herself.

She sighed. “I kind of... I met someone,” she explained, eyes on her plate. A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips and a moment later she had to glance up to meet his eye, to check his reaction. She felt amused at herself, and her own feelings. “It’s not, like, a thing,” she added quickly. “Not yet. I don’t know.” She shook her head again.
France / Re: [Paris] War Buddies [Kai]
« Last post by Tock Neilson on Yesterday at 10:05:36 PM »
“So far, I’m really optimistic. You know I don’t like the whole institution of it, but this time if feels freer. I guess time will tell if things stay that way.” He shrugged, feeling as though Kai could look into his eyes and know what he was really thinking. This small-talk-making was killing him, but as much as he didn’t want to talk about basics—where are you from, what do you do? That sort of thing—he didn’t want the other to leave. In truth, he missed something about his aura and vibe. Missed… something. He didn’t know what. His head was buzzing still, from the drink, his hand was still hurting and that was the one thing keeping him present. He hadn’t healed it for that reason. He was still putting pressure on the wound, and with every small throb, he felt a little more grounded.

He wanted to say something cool and clever, but he was lost. “Bum a smoke?” He said, finally, raising eyes to him. “Can’t take the wine out the front door, something about licenses, but I know a way through the back. Fuck.” He looked down at his hand, still bleeding a bit. “Unless you think your friend will miss you.” He offered, with a slight head tilt. He didn’t know what he thought being outside would help, but some nicotine in his lungs and the lack of a crowd around him would make him feel worlds better. He hated crowds to start with, and from the corner of his eye he kept seeing people stop and making strange faces at his art. If they hated it, if it disgusted them, then it was working—he knew this, but it bothered him to see it anyway.

He remembered going to Brighton with Kai, the Gay Capitol of the UK, as they put it. He rarely found himself in queer spaces, despite being very much queer, and had really enjoyed seeing the things they had there with Kai. It had felt something like a proper date, an adventure, and something he didn’t do often. Now, though, he doubted he would willingly go back there if he knew Kai could be lurking around every corner. He did not want a repeat of this. Exes belonged in the box in the back of his head, their memories to be used and abused as he saw fit to torture himself. Sometimes that meant a happy memory to be sad for, and sometimes something to make him feel guilty. He never really thought happy things about his exes yet, as he was lonely, broken, and things were over. None of his relationships had ended well. Not the real relationships anyway, and that was mostly his fault. Hookups, Friends with benefits, he could manage those, but exes made him hurt.

Not to mention he really only had the two, and had been all but a hermit since then. He had done things he regretted in love and lust. He had stolen Sid’s girlfriends on more than one occasion, just seduced the girl straight from the living room while Sid was sleeping. This always ended up with screaming, but Sid forgave him. He’s slept with his friend Isobel’s husband. Not while they were exclusive, he wasn’t there to be a homewrecker, but he had. He’d slept with Isobel, too. It seemed so long as he could distance himself from the emotional aspect, he could and would put his dick just about anywhere. But, in love…. Well, he was shy. Reserved. Scared. Somehow, Kai had not made this better, and Tock was pretty sure that it wasn’t Kai that was the problem.
Hogwarts Castle / Re: seems electric ; never coming down { JR }
« Last post by Tomie Vos on Yesterday at 06:46:14 PM »
She was glad he didn’t say anything, glad didn’t tease her or even actually just say any single thing that would have acknowledged that she’d just kissed him. Only on the cheek, but! Whatever! If he thought it was better to just do it and not talk about it then, well, she agreed. Shelby crept back into her stupid head just then, as if she’d been summoned, and Tomie shooed her away.

JR was smiling back at her, though. That was cool.

Very briefly, she considered taking his hand as they walked out, but that would definitely be way too much. Instead, she just double checked she had everything, then slung her backpack over one shoulder (both hands holding firmly onto the single strap, but not because she was nervous or anything). Her hand felt a little sweaty just at the thought. Gross. Tomie wasn’t sure what to say, and his lets go was brief; there wasn’t anything in there to tease him with.

“Sounds good,” Tomie said simply. Two-word response for a two-word sentence. She nodded twice, too, a silly little smile still tugging at her lips.

— end —

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