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This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof [Cole]
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Paige wasn’t one for Valentine’s Day. Oh, no. She rather hated the commerciality of it. Love wasn’t something that could be bought in a store, and while she loves gifts she found the whole idea of a party to celebrate the weakest emotion to be something of a trite ruse. Girls fell willingly into their boyfriend’s beds after a token gift and dinner celebrated in the name of this holiday, but she would never fall for something so silly. She had been asked out for the day, several suitors had requested her accompany them to Shakamaxon for the trip that weekend in hopes of wooing her, she assumed, but she had turned down all the usual suspects flat-out, and was rather angry at them, too. Did they think she was so easily tricked? Who needed a day to be romantic? Romance was meant to be an all the time thing, not a trophy that could be held over the girl’s head in exchange for favors that night or at a later date. 
So, she had set up and planned a single girl’s dream. Knowing it was headed by her, she knew that it wouldn’t look like a pathetic sad girl’s attempt to rebuff the more popular girl’s holiday. She was doing this for womankind everywhere. They deserved better. Demanded it. There was pizza, of course, as was common at many functions such as these. Soda and nonalcoholic cocktails, many of which she mixed herself, were served as well as heart-shaped cookies (all broken in half, which she thought made it very clever). She had decorated the garden in black and red and pink, with silver streamers. There was wrock music playing, harder stuff than she usually enjoyed, and the crowd of girls seemed to enjoy it. There were even a fair few boys in attendance, but she was missing one boy in particular. Where was Cole? 
She had specifically requested his presence here. Knowing he had no girl in his life who would have him, and knowing he likely thought the holiday just as ridiculous as she did, she was expecting him to help out—or at least attend. Finally, near the end of the night she captured him sneaking a cigarette behind the school building, near enough to the gardens to count but far enough away as to not look like he cared enough to attend a school function. 
She smiled lightly; she would take it. When the event drew to a close and the students left, he was still lingering by the school building and she walked over to talk to him. “Cigarettes are a dirty habit.” She repeated, not for the first time to him. Even so, she plucked the cigarette from his fingers, examined it, and took a tiny puff when no one but Cole was looking. “Tastes dirty too. I don’t know how you do it.” She laughed, her remark a little softened by the slight cough that followed. Instead of handing the death stick back to him, she put it out on the ground. “Come with me,” She demanded, taking his hand and pulling him towards the empty, save the décor, clearing. 
“You weren’t here for set up like I requested.” She told him, scolding. “You barely showed up at all. One would think you didn’t like me.” She was sure that was something he would reply affirmatively to, so she kept going. “But of course, you showed up eventually. Couldn’t resist sneaking a glimpse of me in action, I assume.” 
She handed him a large trash bag and adjusted it in his hands until it was open to her liking, then began throwing empty pizza boxes in it. “You’re on cleanup duty now, instead. I have a pass until we can get this cleaned up, so you should be fine out here if anyone catches us out after curfew. Surely that brings you some joy.” She huffed lightly. “Either way, I’ll be here for hours without your help, and surely your presence is better than silence, I suppose. Or is it?” 

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Re: This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof [Cole]
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Valentines’ day was stupid.

Coleman had felt that way about the Hallmark holiday since Sally Simmons had stomped on his (paper) heart in the third grade, and he had never looked back. He was interested in girls, obviously but felt like Valentines came with too many strings to make it worth it. Like if he wanted to make out with someone, or sleep with them, or whatever, he would rather just shoot his shot and get rejected on a regular day, rather than adding in the added humiliation of the holiday too.

Which is exactly the attitude that found him slouching against the back of the school building watching Paige’s party rather than attending it. The young wizard would die before he’d let himself be caught dead willingly attending such a function, but the small part of him that wanted the excuse to see Paige had compelled him to walk father than he usually would for a smoke, even if he wasn’t keen on admitting it.

He was mildly surprised to find that he’d managed to make two cigarettes last the whole of the party, but even more surprised to see Paige walking his way. As usual, he wasn’t sure if he was happy to see her or if he was annoyed, but he lifted his chin in a silent greeting all the same as he took another drag from the cigarette between his fingers, snorting lightly at her scolding “Yet here you are” he retorted, his tone light as he watched, surprised as she took a drag “Doing that” he finished a moment later, his surprise clear. He slouched against the wall at his back  as he took a moment to look at her “That’d be the addiction part of ‘nicotine addiction.’” He said semi-sarcastically, a small smile sliding across his lips as she coughed.

Though his smile was short lived as she dropped the cigarette and stomped on it and he protested with an undignified squawk “Seriously Hext? They’re fucking expensive.” He groused, as his frown deepened at her tugging him along. He debated pulling away and taking himself back inside the school on principle but decided against it, wanting a chance to argue more. He sighed melodramatically as she scolded him again, side-eyeing her with well-practiced indifference, wondering if she’d call his bluff “Funny how free will works, isn’t it? Must drive you crazy that I’m not at your heels like a puppy like the rest of the boys you talk to.” He said, wanting to see what it would take to ruffle her feathers. “More like your party was within eyesight of my usual smoking spot, and you were hoping I’d notice you.” He was not about to give her any ground, not tonight.Never mind the fact that he was somehow holding a trash bag and helping her clean up this sad party when he’d only meant to make a brief appearance.

“Yeah, because I’m worried about breaking curfew” he told her dryly. He wouldn’t be surprised if he held some obscure school record for most detentions earned by breaking curfew at this point. He lifted a shoulder, shrugging “I’ll let you be the judge of that. I think I’m great company, obviously.” He said with mock seriousness as he continued to hold the stupid trash bag “At least you didn’t pick shitty music.” He offered, hoping to find some common topic that wasn’t directly about valentines day.