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think of all the joy you'll find [barbie]
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March 2nd 2004
when you leave the world behind
and bid your cares goodbye

If 'we need to talk' didn't sound like such an ominous, traditionally relationship-adjacent statement, she would've just written that in a note and sent it to Barbie.

But it was, so Soléy just invited her on a completely innocent, non-ominous walk around the lake instead.

Soléy rarely played favourites when it came to seasons, but she was always more inclined to spring time. Yes, it was a little disgusting at first, when all the slush was still melting away. But it always revealed beautiful, fresh green grass, and flowers waiting to bloom. Her birthday was also in May, which was another nice thing to look forward to in spring. It was chilly out, but it was a bracing sort of chill, which was what she thought they both needed; her friend was a much better student than she was, and if even she was putting in the work for O.W.L.s, she couldn't imagine what kind of mental distress Babs was putting herself in.

It feels like it's been a while since she's seen her best friend. She's been slacking with dance, and while she still did her stretches and basic exercises, it wasn't like Hogwarts had a proper barre and studio. Soléy tried her best to not be jealous, but she knew Babs spent a lot more time with her Ravenclaw friends. It was understandable, of course, they lived, slept, and ate together, it was impossible not to spend all this time together. But was this time spent together of good quality? At least when they were together the two girls did things they liked to do, and Soléy couldn't help but feel a sense of superiority there.

Friends was also the reason she wanted to have a chat with Babs in the first place. It's been months since the 'situation' in History of Magic, and she truly expected to have something bad happen to her already at this point. She didn't think Rowen Reinhardt was the type to go easy on people who she disliked, and as far as Soléy was concerned, she was probably public enemy number three on her list, right behind Killian and Jae. Admittedly, she waited this long to feel truly safe to talk about Barbie's... interesting taste in friends. She couldn't be too careful; who knew if that spoiled girl wasn't already talking about her behind her back?

Currently she was leaned against a tree, idly scuffing the toes of her boots into the moist earth. The gentle rustle of the grass alerted her to someone's approaching presence. She pushed her shoulders away from the trunk and turned around, her braid falling gently over her shoulder. When she saw a familiar figure hurrying towards her, she broke into a wide smile, "Well you're a sight for sore eyes, Miss Gibson. Would you do me the pleasure of joining me on a walk?" She stuck out the crook of her elbow and gestured for Barbara to take it, forgetting again about their height difference.

@Barbara Gibson
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Barbara Gibson [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: think of all the joy you'll find [barbie]
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Barbara did not generally plan things in this manner; even now in her O.W.L.s year she hadn’t developed any particular drive to allocate her time hour by hour, day by day, week by week. She was trying, of course, to adapt to the fact that some of her peers did like to do that, but – she had thought – Soléy was not one of those people, so either she was really losing it about their upcoming exams, or she wanted to talk about something.

At no point in her life had Barbara been particularly prepared to talk about something, but – she thought – Soléy had always seemed more understanding of that than most; presumably that was why the invitation had been to walk and not to talk. The invitation had still intimidated her so badly that she had contemplated faking a serious illness, and was now running late, her hair slightly dishevelled, but at least not ill, fake or otherwise.

Soléy didn’t appear too impatient, at least, which gave Barbara yet another inkling that this was not a case of her friend having begun to plot her days down to the minute.

“Hello, Miss Trickett,” she said, quirking her mouth into a smile as she mimicked Soléy’s affected greeting. “But of course.” She was rather small to walk arm in arm with her friend, and felt somewhat childish clinging to it, but couldn’t conscientiously refuse, so she took Soléy’s arm and tried to stand up as tall as she could. “To where are we headed? Down to the lake?”

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