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[Announcement] The Daily Prophet - April 2004 Edition
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Volume 26: April 2004


Concerns have been raised by the French Ministry to the International Confederation of Wizards over British Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt's announcement last summer that the Muggle Security Service, MI5, would be working with the Ministry of Magic. Minister Chartrand's government has called the decision "reckless" and claimed it "breaks the International Statute of Secrecy".

Representatives from the Magical Congress of the United States have openly spoken of their support for Shacklebolt's move, though this reporter has found evidence to suggest this support is likely because the American Congress have been giving information to high ranking officials in their "No-Maj" Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation for many years -- it is believed that there is even a special “base” of these joint-operations in Nevada, an area known by many No-Maj as “Area 51”.

Surprisingly -- or perhaps not -- the Swedish Ministry is also supporting Shacklebolt, with Ingmar Svensson being quoted as saying “The only way to keep the vast majority of Mugglar in the dark is to work with an elite minority”. The Russian Ministry has not yet responded to our request for an opinion on the concerns raised, however the Ambassadors for Canada, Spain, and Cameroon have all been heard to support the French Ministry's request for an inquiry.

As April comes around, as does the second annual Nautica and Survival club camping trip. While Professor Fisker is away on paternity leave, the substitute Nautica professor, Elva Olvirsdóttir, has taken over his duties—up to and including chaperoning this trip. As a fun twist, the trip will be competition-based this year, but not by house. It will be a boys vs. girls competition—may the best men (or women) win.

Additionally, Durmstrang is preparing its own first-annual artistic flying showcase for members of the club this coming May, and students involved are taking advantage of the time off class to train as hard as they can—will there be a prize for the winners, or simply eternal glory? As a bonus, the senior artistic flying open is beginning over break in Rybinsk, and is, likewise, open for spectators from the public.
Following last month’s Pegasus Derby, Beauxbatons came together to celebrate a job well done by all of its students with a celebratory feast on Friday, 9 April. There the winners of the tournament were crowned: coming in first place was Manon Bernard with 16 points, followed by Lijsbeth Westbroek with 14 points and Adèle Appel, Dino Caviezel, Jaspar Travars, with 12 points. All three students were presented with a trophy of a leaping pegasus.

House points were also awarded to all participating houses (30 to Bellefeuille and 20 to Papillonlisse, as well as to the winners (25 to Papillonlisse, 15 to Bellefeuille, and 5 to each third-place winner) for a total of 55 points to Bellefeuille and 50 to Papillonlisse.

The school’s enchanted carriages left at 10:00 AM promptly the following morning, taking students home for their spring holidays until the following Sunday, although students that choose to remain at Beauxbatons during the holiday will be happy to learn that, while classes are not in session, Musique Professeur Böhme is organising a small luncheon on Friday 16 April, though likely just for a chance to show off his charmed string quartet.

The beginning of the month of April marks April Fool’s Day and as tradition dictates, students are given free rein to try their best pranks on unsuspecting classmates throughout the day as long as their pranks are in good nature and, of course, not permanent!

As spring kicks into high gear, so do the outdoor activities, one of which is Field Day. Scheduled for April 16th through the 18th, station activities will be set around the open grounds where students will have a chance to try out a variety of wizarding and no-maj sports. From Hula Hut Relay to Sack Race to Cup Stacking Relays and Tumbling Towers, try your hand at something new and enjoy the beautiful weather outside with fellow friends and other classmates. Those on the more adventurous side might enjoy taking a trip to the nearby woodlands where they can enjoy mountain-climbing or sky-diving. Please be advised that a permission slip is necessary for certain activities. If you are interested in volunteering at a station, contact the SGA by April 14th.
This year, Easter Sunday is April 11th - the train will leave on Saturday the 3rd and return on Sunday the 18th. As usual, there will be a feast on Friday night before the train's departure and - for students remaining at the castle - another feast with traditional Easter fare from around the U.K., Ireland, and the Islands starting in the late afternoon on Sunday the 11th. Students must notify their Heads of House whether they are remaining at the castle or taking the train home no later than Wednesday, March 31st.

As April dawns, most of the Mooncows have since calved (and the few that haven't likely will before the Easter holidays). Once the calves have had some dedicated time to bond with their dams and rest of the herd, the real work begins: it is important to safely accustom the calves to being handled by humans, and there are no shortcuts or fast-tracks to this process. Some calves may be more docile (or more fractious) or catch on more quickly than others, but it any case the key is to get to know the calf first and then keep the actual handling sessions as short and low-stress as possible for best results. Starting recommendations include simply standing outside the pen and waiting for the calf to come over and investigate (which will be primarily through sniffing and potentially lipping at clothes); once well-acquainted after a few days, slowly work up to tolerating grooming and wearing a head-halter for leading over the coming weeks.

Be forewarned: some cows (even previously-docile ones) don't like anyone (including other cows or calves) touching their babies, so be sure to go extra slow with them and offer her some attention as well as (or sometimes in lieu of) her baby. Also be mindful that the calves are still figuring out their bodies, and so they may play too rough or kick or bite without any ill intent - several people have earned themselves some minor cuts/scrapes/bruises as a direct result of the above, but nothing serious. Students are encouraged to read the posted guidelines on safe handling practices and training techniques, and are reminded and encouraged to reach out to staff at any time.


Following a much-anticipated, heavily fouled match, the exciting tie left at the end of March was resolved with a smash, with the Caerphilly Catapults catapulting to the top of the league and the Gravesend Griffins landing just ten points below the top three. Some Griffins fans have petitioned the Department of Magical Games and Sports to fire Catapults Beaters Alun Davies and Gethin Edwards, who concussed two Griffins mid-match and chased a third into the stadium wall during Saturday’s six-hour match, not to mention the number of minor injuries resulting from cobbing.

The Wimbourne Wasps had an excellent April, defeating the Ballycastle Bats 410-70 and the Chudley Cannons 360-20 in games one gleeful fan described as “incredibly one-sided” and “sort of dull, actually. The Falmouth Falcons, now comfortably in second place, also succeeded in winning both matches this month, including against the Catapults – though this win might have been because Catapults leadership opted to play their reserve Beaters, forgetting the Falcons’ motto: “Let us win, but if we cannot win, let us break a few heads.”

Another fantastic game took place between the Montrose Magpies and Pride of Portree, which lasted well into Monday morning, with Pride of Portree captain Angus Simpson calling frequent time-outs to allow players to rest, and, as a number of lower-level workers in the Floo Regulation office had attended the game together, testing the Ministry of Magic’s time-honoured policy of allowing leave for illness, emergencies, and unexpectedly extended Quidditch games.


Caerphilly Catapults – 3200

Falmouth Falcons – 3110

Holyhead Harpies  – 3050

Gravesend Griffins – 3040

Wimbourne Wasps – 2980

Montrose Magpies – 2880

Pride of Portree – 2770

Puddlemere United  – 2750

Kenmare Kestrels – 2730

Appleby Arrows – 2500

Ballycastle Bats – 2460

Chudley Cannons – 2290

Tutshill Tornadoes – 2290

Wigtown Wanderers – 2210


Wizards among muggles support group meeting
The organizers of the Living Among Muggles advocacy group cordially invite interested members of the wizarding public to their open houses occurring across the world this month. Living Among Muggles, or LAM (LAN in America), aims to “improve the quality of life for wizards who cannot or choose not to make their lives in the magical world”. The open house is the first open meeting of the organization to the public.

Chapter leaderships say that each chapter will have a presentation on both the state of wizardry living stealth globally as well as an information on how to transition from one side of the Statute of Secrecy to the other. The American chapter will be hosting their meeting on April 10th in SoHo, New York City, followed by the British meeting on April 15th in SoHo, London, and the European meeting on April 20th in Mitte, Berlin. Chapters in Southeast Asia, North Africa, and Oceania will have their meetings in June.

Attendees with limited access to wand magic may contact member of the international organizing committee, Emmett Terrio, for arrangement of transportation to the meetings.

Side-Along Apparition Company ZipZap Expands Outside of UK
The Wizarding World's side-along apparition assistance company, ZipZap, has seen rapid growth and is now expanding across Europe. What started as a solution for young people to get home safe after a night at the pub to avoid drunk apparating and splinching has grown into a successful business venture seemingly overnight. They are now hiring in 12 countries and the company touts it as the "perfect part-time job."

When asked about the ZipZap customer experience, Ministry employee Danny Willbond raved about it: "Me and the mates use it all the time. Shout out to Jesper who was our usual ZipZapper. Sorry for puking on your shoes that one time, mate!" See page 7 for Best Practices and Do's and Dont's that ZipZap recommends for all users.
Convention Controversy
Chudley, April 24th and 25th — The last weekend of April found Chudley, most well known for their Quidditch team, hosting a different kind of crowd — Muggles, or, rather, Muggle-enthusiasts, for the inaugural MuggleCon.

Modelled after other international conventions, patrons of MuggleCon weren’t here to look at the latest in broom technology or new potion remedies. The convention was a showcase of Muggle accomplishment, with panels from noted figures in the Muggle enthusiast community giving panels on the uses of eleck-trisity and the World Wide Web. Working groups convened over lunches of McDonald’s and Nando’s to discuss how to update these new technologies for the magical community.

Featured exhibits included a display on dee-vee-dees, though no films were shown due to magical interference, and a number of modified objects that were confiscated by Ministry officials halfway through the event. Dress code was Muggle Styles only, with low-cut jeans and graphic tees on sale throughout the convention.

Muggleborn groups have criticized the event, calling it “fetishizing” and “distasteful”. “It reduces the Muggle world, our home community, to a joke,” Muggle Liaison Ffion Foxwell-Jones said in a statement, “and trivializes the necessary code-switching Muggleborn witches and wizards have to do every time they leave wizarding enclaves.” The organizers, married pureblood couple Tiberius and Titania Tribbet, maintain that the event honours and celebrates Muggle culture, and is important for improving Muggleborn acceptance in society. When asked how many muggleborns were actually consulted in developing the event, Titania’s hat caught fire and the interview ended prematurely.

There will be an unsupervised teen house party happening in a house outside of Maidstone, Kent during the April break! It’s at Billie Fay’s house, mostly hosted by Mavis Nandamuri and Magnolia Lane Hawkins. The easiest way in is via Apparating; the house is situated in a large field surrounded by charmed trees and isn't connected to the Floo Network.

The party will start around 7:30 PM, end around midnight, and will mostly be populated by sixteen-year-olds blowing off O.W.L.-related steam; however, anybody who may have heard of it (within a reasonable age range) is welcome to find their way there!
charmless contagion
An outbreak of Spattergroit in Bolivia that has been ongoing for three months is threatening to spread to other South American countries, with cases reported in Peru, Brazil, and as far north as Bogotá, Columbia. Healers from the Asclepius organisation have been working in the region for the past month in an attempt to limit spread of the disease, which causes the skin to break out in purple pustules. Most cases are mild, and with treatment full recoveries are made, however if left untreated can leave sufferers bed-ridden for several months.

The Department of Magical Transportation has requested that all wizards travelling to or from South America postpone their trip if possible, but if this is unavoidable to take extra precautions. If you believe you, or someone you know, has Spattergroit, you should seek medical assistance and minimise contact with others.

broken hearts and last goodbyes
After nearly a decade of success in the wizarding pop world, heartthrob Rupert Hartwood has released a statement that he will be retiring from the music industry. His retirement will coincide with his final concert in his I Am Tour, held at the Gravesend Griffins stadium next month. Rumors of the reason behind Rupert's retirement have ranged from plausible (ran out of lovesick song ideas) to ridiculous (was poisoned by his arch rivals 3Spelled and can no longer speak), but the artist nor his team have yet to release any more details. A press conference is set for next week, but fans all over the world can be heard sobbing into their pillows over this news.

Owen of 3Spelled No Longer Transfigured into a Mouse; Full Recovery Made
After lead singer Owen of the band 3Spelled was transfigured into a mouse last week, the rumormill has been abuzz about the cause. A jilted past lover? A rival heartthrob eager to steal the limelight? Sadly, the truth isn't as juicy as some may think. After investigation, officials confirmed that the transfiguration was a result of contaminated potion ingredients that were used for a Pepper-Up Potion. Owen had been reportedly taking said potion after a bout with a severe cold.

No other band members or staff had fallen ill, thus resulting in only Owen's transfiguration. Officials urge you to check your pantries for the list of contamination potions ingredients listed on page 5. 3Spelled's publicist has reported that Owen is doing well in recovery and will made a full return to stage next week for their live concert on the WWN.


We have revamped The Daily Prophet based on member feedback and welcome any comments or suggestions in an effort to further improve the Prophet.

This issue was created by the Administration team, with additional submissions and ideas from Evie, Fosse, Laura, and Rinn. We would like to thank Christine for the super easy-to-use coding, and Samm for the amazing header.

how to contribute
We would love to include more member-led stories and submissions. This can be in the form of in-character letters to the editors, rumours and gossip, or character-driven plots. You can submit your ideas to any member of the team, however if you have something in mind for a specific geographical area of the board please try to contact the admin for that area: Olivia for Hogwarts/Britain, Lianne for Beauxbatons/Western Europe, Dylan for Durmstrang/Eastern Europe, and Mel for Ilvermorny/North America.

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lmao @ zipzap and mugglecon
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(triumphant screaming) year! of! manon!

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"MANON, MY GIRL 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 🏆 🥇"

she's kind of offended by mugglecon of course
but dean is definitely going for the laughs

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the folks are gone, it's time for big fun

everyone start April threads. April looks so fun. April! What a concept