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welcome to the first level literati [rolf]
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APRIL 2004

Not for the first time, Adam wondered if there was a way to appear more conspicuously Californian. He pulled his hat a little lower over his eyes, but he’d gotten the impression that Rolf was like, very wizardy, so did he even know who the Raiders were? This was so hard. He was regretting now that he’d thought the idea of wearing or bringing something specific to the cafe was too romcom-ish to bring up. It wasn’t like it’d had to be a single red rose or whatever – why hadn’t he suggested they both wear stupid hats?

He’d never met Rolf Scamander; usually Rolf’s trips to America had not brought him out to Shackamaxon, or had coincided with Adam’s holidays at home. They barely even wrote anymore, now that Adam was no longer a socially maladjusted eleven-year-old and Rolf, presumably, had made real human friends, and neither of them had school counselors on their backs. He’d gotten a photo like, five years ago, but that had been five years ago and, also, Adam had lost it, and though he had done his best to draw it up again in his mind’s eye, he’d always paid way more attention to the gigantic hairy animal in it than to the far less gigantic or hairy dude standing next to it. What a fool he’d been.

Somebody came over asking for the other chair; Adam squinted up at him (way too tall, didn’t seem young enough) and said “Nah, it’s taken, sorry,” and went back to trying to remember what hair color he was supposed to be looking for.

Adam had only gotten a free water cup – still waiting for Rolf – and he was getting a sense that the waitress was mad at him for taking up valuable cafe table real estate without buying anything; he glanced back at the door (where was he? Was he being stood up? That would be just like him – he’d never even been on a date and somehow he’d already been stood up) and realized with moderate dismay that he couldn’t even get up to go and buy a Danish without relinquishing his excellent table, which that supertall white dude would almost certainly swoop right in on.

He took his hat off and put it on the table to reserve it, but wasn’t confident that it would be safe on its own; one last time, he frowned around the cafe, trying to determine if anybody here seemed like the megageek he was supposed to be meeting here. (Damn it, he thought again – at this point the red roses would have been a great idea.)

@Rolf Scamander

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