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The Sorting Hat / Re: Sort me!
« Last post by Trey Wilder on Today at 01:28:55 AM »
Character's name: @Trey Wilder
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Herbology / Re: [Information] Herbology Class & Sign Up!
« Last post by Lianne on Yesterday at 07:45:11 PM »
oops i realize i should do this first

Character Name: @Gene Horowitz
Year: 7

Character Name: @Donna Russell
Year: 5

Character Name: @Barbara Gibson
Year: 4
In theory he liked the rain, but in practice it was drumming far too loudly overhead, and making it hard to concentrate. And Gene was too jumpy, as a person, for a thunderstorm-- there was a clap of thunder and he cringed and nearly spilled his tea. Very carefully he put it down on the long table.

After second year he’d finally become self-conscious about being a know-it-all, so he waited for Meredith Howell-- the Head Girl!!-- to show off and then for Cousin Russell to answer Ajay's question before he did too. As long as he thought of this as basically pre-potions he was fine. As generally awful as he was at taking care of any plant-- and as much as that was fine by him-- he could at the very least remember its name and what it was good for.

Gene, by virtue of arriving early and putting himself right at the front of the class, was already standing in front of one of the plants, and it was indeed one he recognised. He coughed, just in case Cousin Russell was going to have another late epiphany, and then took his leave to say “This is a stinging nettle, and it can be used in a few potions. You can either infuse it, usually in boiling water, which will generally remove its stinging properties, or you can dry it or put it in potions fresh. Off the top of my head, it’s used to cure boils.”

The other fun property of stinging nettles was the stinging, obviously. Gene was too tempted, standing here, to just poke it or something, to reach out and grab it. It was right there. Instead he checked his watch and then stuck his hands in his pockets-- though he stayed put in front of it, in case there was a student somewhere with less self-control and worse impulses. And, if he gave in to the temptation, at least he'd have a good idea of how long he'd lasted, which thereby meant that he could justify it in the name of personal curiosity and, moreover, science. (He could justify almost anything in the name of personal curiosity and, moreover, science, which his parents were finally starting to catch onto as an excuse to willfully behave recklessly.)

Day one-- review and review and review and then more review. It was not as fun to be a seventh year as he had hoped. He almost couldn’t wait for all his teachers to start freaking out about the NEWTs-- at least they'd be doing something new.
The weather was just horrid. Donna hung up her cloak and shook her arms, then each leg in time, violently as though it would dry them faster. They were in the boring greenhouse today, and she highly doubted any of the plants they were dealing with today would do anything interesting like bite her.

However, she could never rack up the motivation to actually hate Herbology, even though she was pathetic at it. The new professor-- still new, even though she was going on three years now-- was just too ruddy nice, which complicated the matter. Today Professor Ajay was offering them all tea in neat little cups. Donna took one gratefully. It was a nice way to apologise for the class being in a glass house in the pouring rain and them having had to trek all the way out here from the castle.

It was an easy first class, too, if you had the memory for it. An older Hufflepuff was the first to speak; Donna stared at her a little more than was polite-- how was she not wet? how were other girls so effortlessly pretty-- and then shook herself out of it and stepped into the spot the older girl had vacated, staring blankly at the assorted plants. Donna had never had much of a memory for plant names or uses, and justified it by simple agreement that probably the plants wouldn’t mind if she forgot, right? She craned her neck over some students in front of her and let her gaze settle on the only one she could recognise.

“That’s a dandelion,” she said, feeling mildly idiotic, “And, er, you can use it in... potions.”

This was the most shoddy answer in the history of Donna’s shoddy-answer-giving school career but it was Herbology, so for a moment she was satisfied just with having attempted at all. “OH!” she added, just a little too late to have been taking a natural pause, “The roots! You use the roots!”
Hogsmeade / Re: forever isn’t for everyone [fflur]
« Last post by Charlie Baker on Yesterday at 08:37:41 AM »
Shit. Charlie hadn’t let go of the vodka bottle yet. He tipped another serve into his cup just to keep himself busy, pausing only as he lifted it to his lips to take another (another) drink. This was part of the problem, really, wasn’t it? Drinking. Fflur. Drinking with Fflur. He set the bottle (now rather lighter than it had been before they’d started ‘celebrating’) down on the table and lowered his teacup, holding it in two hands in his lap. His right leg was bouncing nervously as he licked his lips out of habit.

Charlie’s attention was drawn to Fflur’s face as she coughed – at first he thought she was taking the piss out of him, but then he realised she was genuinely caught off guard by the location of the wedding. Charlie exhaled, relieved that they could distract themselves with wedding talk. He had a feeling that this might come back to bite him in the arse, should Fflur ever want to bring it up, but he was happy to ignore it for now.

He nodded, “Yeah, it’s where all her family are and… there’s a shitload of them.” He and Kate hadn’t quite gotten as far as a guest list, but he was aware that probably seventy-five per cent of the invitations would be going to Kate’s extended family. Charlie would rather have kept it small, private, intimate – but then he’d already had his way, hadn’t he? Vegas had just been the two of them, but it also hadn't been the wedding Kate had dreamt of. He knew girls felt differently about their wedding day; San Diego would be how Kate wanted it – or, how she thought she wanted it. Not that he’d say anything like that to her, but he knew part of this was to appease her family and meet their expectations, conform to their traditions.

Well, he just hoped the Duenas’ were ready to have a non-traditional Best Man.

“Ha ha,” he deadpanned, rolling his eyes. Fflur wasn’t far off the mark though – they wouldn’t be getting any large group discounts. He turned to look at her, “You know as long as you’re there that’s all that matters, right?” Charlie managed to keep a straight face for a few seconds before he relaxed into a grin. He nudged her shoulder with his, “You’ve got a month or so to hire them, just get the cheap ones, alright?" He smirked, then finally took a drink from his teacup. "As long as they can remember my name.”
London / Re: Body and spirit [Harri]
« Last post by Angharad Hughes on Yesterday at 05:48:37 AM »
Angharad smiled back at her cousin. “It’s fine – shows me how unfit I am,” she laughed. It had been a long time since she’d done anything that could seriously be considered exercise – she missed quidditch, perhaps she ought to join an after-work league or something. As long as she only missed the odd game, it would be fine, right?

 “Fine?” Harri quirked a questioning eyebrow at her, “That’s all you’re going to tell me?”

Meredith leaned in and Harri hugged her back gratefully – any physical contact felt that much more welcome now. She generally avoided getting too close to people who didn’t know, because she didn’t want to see their faces when they found out – not just about what she was, but that she’d violated them or something by touching them without them knowing. That was how some people saw it. She was eternally thankful that Meredith and Hefin and her other family members had remained relatively indifferent to her condition.  “It’s good to see you too.”

“Oh, shush,” she blushed and rolled her eyes. “You’d think I was your little cousin, not the other way around!” Sometimes Angharad felt like she’d aged ten years since the Battle of Hogwarts and the summer following it, and then other times she felt new to the world. She’d missed out on a lot of experiences and had a lot of catching up to do – good thing Meredith was here to help with that.

Massages and skin treatments sounded amazing – she’d worry about that later. “That sounds great. We can start with a swim, yeah,” she nodded, “Yeah, I put them on under my dress. Didn’t see the point in changing twice.” Plus, if she was already in her bikini then there was no backing out. She had intentionally not brought a backup one-piece.

She glanced up at the signage and started towards the changing rooms, walking alongside Meredith. “So, last year at Hogwarts this year? Are you looking forward to it?”
Métaphysique - Metaphysics / Re: [métaphysique] info & inscription
« Last post by Jaspar Travars on Yesterday at 12:25:31 AM »
I make no promises about his punctuality.... XD

Jaspar Travars. 6th year
Chatoeil / Re: [the hummingbird] new romantics. [tag; elisabeth]
« Last post by Elisabeth Sturm on Yesterday at 12:16:41 AM »
Elsa rolled her eyes and reached for the sugar bowl. She scooped out a heaped teaspoon and sprinkled it over her crepes, then picked up the grilled half-lemon that had come with her ‘meal’ and squeezed it over for an extra sour hit. Perhaps that was the sort of thing Raphael could liken her to in his hypothetical poem: a sour lemon. She supposed it would suit, really.

She watched Rafe as he ate -- he wasn’t looking at her, for one reason or another. Perhaps he blamed her for whatever had come over their host -- which was very unfair, as she had done nothing to instigate any of it. Elsa set her jaw and lifted her nose, “Blame yourself for being rude,” she started, “to a lady.” Her faux-elitist expression faltered into a soft smirk. She was poking fun at herself in an effort to make him feel a little better -- what was wrong with her? Still, if it meant they could forget the whole fiasco, then so be it.

“What’s ‘going on’?” she looked at him. Where was this friendly chit-chat coming from? Did he know, or think he knew, something that she didn’t? The German picked up her sparkling apple juice and took a long sip to give herself time to formulate a response. Placing it back down carefully, she licked her lips and picked up her knife once more before speaking; her eyes were focused on her food intentionally, so as not to meet his eye and betray herself. “Quidditch, homework, the usual.” She took a bite, chewing and swallowing slowly. She didn't want  anyone knowing about Séverin, but especially not Raphael. Better to turn the conversation back to him. “What about you? Gabrielle know you’re in love with her yet?”
Métaphysique - Metaphysics / Re: [métaphysique] info & inscription
« Last post by Anne Hofstede on February 19, 2019, 09:00:43 PM »
anne hofstede, 5
Name: anne hofstede
Year: fifth
House: ombrelune
Favorite Candy: licorice ugh
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