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The Sorting Hat / Re: Sort me!
« Last post by Meredith Howell on Today at 08:52:41 PM »
Character's name: Meredith Howell
Link to character's EFBs (if applicable): Walker
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There was something strange about what they were doing, and it felt almost surreal to be there, really kissing her, really holding her and touching her and listening to her breath as their mouths met, but Séverin never backed down from a challenge, and this was just another part of the game. Whoever broke away first was the loser, weren't they? He could feel her hand down his chest and over his abdomen, feel her other hand cupping his jaw and holding him in place.

He allowed her to back him into the door in the dark, the hard surface keeping him stuff against her. His own hands move over her back and down to her hips, holding her firmly but not necessarily trying to feel her up in any traditional sort of way. Séverin had never kissed anyone before and didn't know what he was doing. He felt overwhelmed a bit and unsure of what was to come. He didn't know how far to take things, but he knew he didn't want this to end. In a way, he knew this was more than just a game of cat and mouse. This was real, and they were both feeling something new and exciting.

As she pulled away in the dark, ending the moment, he still couldn't see her. He couldn't tell how she was looking or how she was reacting. He could hear the heavy breathing between them—was it his or hers? The passion was spent. They were finally clearheaded, or more so than before. He could have said anything to her, anything scathing and hurtful and he probably would've won in that moment, but he didn't want to say something scathing and hurtful to her. If anything, he really just wanted to...

...he leaned in again, capturing her lips again. It was softer this time, less heated, less manic. This time he had made the conscious choice to kiss her, rather than doing it all on impulse, and it was a risk but one that he decided was worth it. He realized that he wanted to kiss her. He liked doing it. He was going to keep going until she told him that they had to stop.
The Sorting Hat / Re: Sort me!
« Last post by Daisy Jhonson on Today at 08:11:26 PM »
Character's name: Daisy Jhonson
Link to character's EFBs (if applicable): N/A
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Britain / Let's fight, let's feel alive [Luna]
« Last post by Harry Potter on Today at 07:54:14 PM »
Two weeks, three days. That’s how long it had been since Ginny left, but who was counting? Harry certainly wasn’t. That wasn’t true. He was counting, but he wasn’t doing anything about it. In the past, Harry had been so full of life, so full of optimism. He would have chased after her like he was certain that she wanted him to. Now, he wasn’t sure that this wasn’t just for the best. He didn’t deserve a girl like her, and she deserved someone better than a has-been who didn’t know what to do with his life. She deserved something better. He didn’t want anyone but her, but he knew when he ought to bow out gracefully, and now was the time—wasn’t it? She had so much going for her. She was on trajectory to become captain of her quidditch team. She was famous in her own right, independently wealthy. She needed someone stronger than him, someone with his life together, someone…
…but it hurt to let her go. He woke up to a cold bed and missed her body there. He missed the companionship, the dinners together, even the fighting he missed. She never was one to lay down and stick to the status quo, she was always moving and so they were always fighting and so he always felt alive with her. He felt more alive with Ginny than he had felt in years. Now, though, it was over. Two weeks, three days.
He had been invited over to Luna’s place for dinner tonight, and he was looking forward to the company, though he knew he was going to be chastised. He always was, every time they got into a fight and every time they broke up. Ginny would go to Luna first, and she didn’t put up with his self-depreciation. It was a good thing, though. He needed someone to kick him into gear, and Luna did it in such a… subtle way. It was gentle as much as it was firm, but it usually made him realize he was being ridiculous.
In a way, even he knew he was being ridiculous. He knew what needed to be done. He needed to chase her. If he had any hope of being happy again, he needed to find her, kiss her, and propose to her on the spot. He needed to man up before it was too late, and she really did move on for good. She’d never been gone this long before. Two weeks, three days. his mind offered helpfully.  He needed a good kick in the tush, and hoped that Luna would provide it.
He knocked on her familiar door. He’d been there many times before, and it always made him feel strangely at home. He felt like he could tell Luna things that he didn’t tell his other friends, even Ron and Hermione. She always listened, even if her advice was somewhat nonsensical. He always felt heard, and he knew she wouldn’t repeat anything he said. He trusted Luna. She was a good friend and he loved her. He hoped that she’d be able to awaken his spirit tonight.

@Luna Lovegood
The Sorting Hat / Re: Character changes & retcons!
« Last post by Billie Fay on Today at 07:52:48 PM »
Character's name: @Billie Fay
Changes made:

- aged her
- reworded her appearance
- added her 3rd & recent history
- updated RP response

The Sorting Hat / Re: Character changes & retcons!
« Last post by Marin Clare on Today at 07:29:53 PM »
Character's name: @Marin Clare
Changes made:

- aged him & his family
- streamlined his history
- added a para for his 5th year
- reworded his personality & appearance
- updated RP response

Sebastian noticed the arching eyebrow and hesitation when he offered to help her into her chair and made a mental note of it. Well, it was understandable with everything they had been through during years past at Hogwarts that everyone was a little more on edge then they would normally be; he was a little paranoid himself and taking control back on the situation made him calm down. When she was taking the lead he didn’t know what would happen, he didn’t know her well enough, but if he was the one directing things he could better control everything. Although his flirting was purely for selfish reasons he still meant it, although it was more of a reflex now a days than anything else. He was extremely curious about what she was carrying in that bag of hers though, the way she pointedly had placed it on her lap instead of on the floor or another chair. He wondered what she had in there; supplies judging from her answer, but books and other supplies for the school year wasn’t going to help her much, or did she have something valuable in there? Hmm, he decided he would just let it go.

“I should probably buy my own supplies,” he shrugged, leaning back against his chair, his smile not dropping from his face. “I live pretty close by so I keep telling myself I have time another day.” Which was true; he wasn’t the most organised person, although he was very tidy. Besides, he was doing fun stuff like modelling this summer; he didn’t want to think about school and his final year yet. He chuckled at her last comment and pulled his hand through his hair again; if that showed off his muscled arms; it was only a bonus and maybe a little intentional. He was proud of his body and his looks; he spent a lot of time making sure he looked good after all. “I was taking a run and it started raining,” he explained grimacing a little at the nasty surprise he had gotten when it started raining. “I saw this place and just ran for it. It was faster than trying to get my wand out, and luckily I ran into a pretty girl that saved me,” He grinned at her, leaning forward on his elbows.

He could tell she wasn’t exactly responding to his flirting in the best way, but he was nothing if not consistent. It was interesting to him the different reactions he got when he flirted with different people. Some girls, and guys for that sake, just melted right away by compliments; usually because they weren’t used to it or had read too many romance novels. Others were suspicious, and then there were those who got angry or annoyed. It was all very fascinating. Flirting was his weapon against awkwardness and the best way he knew to get to know someone. A playful atmosphere was always better for talking he felt.

“Can I get you a drink?” He asked getting up; he needed to get some water for himself. This place probably had okay water, right? He tried not to think about the germs that probably were crawling all over this place and concentrated on Oighrig instead. Either he could buy her a drink along with his own, or just get some water for himself. Luckily he had had the frame of mind to take some money with him when he left the flat; just to be on the safe side.
Great Hall / Re: [EoT 2002] these are the days
« Last post by Reina Satou on Today at 09:18:26 AM »
Reina applauded along with the others whenever it was appropriate, stopping only when the others stopped or to cover her moth as she gave out a big yawn. Even though it was only six o’clock, she felt really sleepy and wanted to do nothing else but curl up on her bed and sleep. She had underestimated the amount of packing she needed to do and how tiring it actually was. So much for wanting to lead a minimalist life; while she loved minimal interior designs, she was not ready for the lifestyle due to her wardrobe collection as well as the other knickknacks she had amassed the past few months in Hogwarts. After Professor McGonagall’s speech, she looked around her as some of the students moved to their friends while others stayed where they were.

While she was used to attending dinner parties, this was the first ball she had attended as far as she could remember. She wasn’t sure if there was one last year or whether her brain had conveniently tried to erase last year’s school year as much as it could. Whatever, nothing from last year was important or memorable anyways aside from the rather nightmarish experience.

Whilst almost everyone were dressed to the nines, Reina donned a rather simple light grey dress with white patterned panels by the sides. It was actually a dress that she had worn out and about in London but here, it was the fanciest piece of clothing that she had brought with her. Next term she would definitely bring more… just in case. Giving out another big yawn, she stretched before she turned her attention away from the pretty dresses and focused on the food and drinks before her instead. She was sleepy therefore she was not in the mood for dancing nor was she in the mood to look at other people’s clothes (some of them were wearing some pretty gaudy and dated stuff that she felt like puking at the sight of it) so she decided that she would stuff herself full and head back to the Slimerin’s dorms as soon as some of her housemates did… if she could even recognize them since most of them were all dressed up now.

She was still sane and not desperate enough to face the dark corridors and roaming ghosts alone, thank you very much!
Herbology / Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
« Last post by Marin Clare on Today at 02:13:49 AM »
Quietly, Marin was skeptical of a journey into the forest. It hadn't been that long ago that dark creatures had been crawling out of its depths and ravaging the castle. Had everyone else forgotten that? It seemed like it. There had been a while after his experience inside the dome that Marin's enjoyment of the outdoors had been blunted somewhat. There had been a kind of lingering fear of not knowing what was behind him that had him preferring smaller, inside spaces with his back against the wall. The Hufflepuff prefect had become more of a wallflower, if that was even possible, anxiety tickling his insides whenever he was exposed in the open.

Over time, of course, the teenager had slowly returned to his earlier habits. The castle felt safer than the grounds, but he loved being outside. There wasn't anything quite like sitting in the shade of a tree sketching in his sketchbook, away from the sometimes overwhelming chatter of his peers. Besides, he thought with a sad twinge, after years' worth of drawings had been destroyed in the fires that year, he felt like he needed to build up his portfolio again. He'd brought his sketchbook today, just in case he had a chance to indulge that particular passion of his.

Not that that really made the forest seem more appealing though. The gangly teenager walked with the group, eyes on the forest floor as he pretended to be searching for the plants they were supposed to be finding. His thoughts drifted, shaping fantastical worlds while he daydreamed. He stayed near his friends or his professor the entire time, until reaching the campsite; being alone in the forest was not appealing in the slightest.
Europe / Re: [lisbon] nobody taught me 'bout the cages [harlan]
« Last post by Honey Bea Flume on Today at 02:00:45 AM »
“Under my pillow,” she replied with a small smile, sure that the photo’s real location -- her underwear drawer -- was information better saved for a conversation with far less people around. She maintained eye contact with him, hoping that he would read into her words exactly how she had intended him to. Harlan seemed to be good at that, knowing what she meant without her having to say it, knowing what she wanted, anticipating her moves. She liked that -- and that she could have that with someone without having something as silly as feelings attached. Unrealistic expectations wasn’t hyperbole as much as she might have wanted it to be.

Honey raised an eyebrow when Harlan did the same. “Isn’t it?” She caught the movement of the bartender out of the corner of her eye, but she didn’t take her gaze off of Harlan -- he was far more interesting than champagne, anyway. She raised her other eyebrow to match the first at his next question. There was something they could do about it, but she had ruined that something by being involved with Viktor in the first place, then Harlan had ruined that something by showing up here where said boyfriend was. And all that was assuming they were thinking about the same something. The hand on her thigh suggested that they were.

It was a simple gesture, really, and not one that Honey would normally take for more than its face value: just two touchy people sitting close, something that she would do without a second thought. But it followed that question -- his offer? -- and it was Harlan. It wasn’t that it was suggestive; Honey had no shortage of that in her life. It was electrifying almost, in a way she didn’t think she would be able to replicate if it had been her boyfriend sitting there instead. She finally took her eyes off of him as her thoughts passed to Viktor; she glanced sideways to find that the reporters were still keeping him more or less preoccupied.

She caught Harlan’s eye again and leaned toward him just a touch, taking the glass of champagne from him. She was focused more on her other hand, though; Honey rested it lightly on top of Harlan’s for a second before moving both of their hand up her thigh, just a couple of inches. It was just as subtle as his move was, she supposed, but after another second she reconsidered and picked his hand up and off of her leg. Even her exhibitionism had some limits. But she didn’t lean back, didn’t put any more space between them, simply uncrossed her legs and crossed them the other way.

“Nothing we can do about it.” Honey glanced back at the crowd as she sipped her drink. “Here, I mean.” She turned her attentions back to Harlan with a smirk. “What with your nanny and your best behavior and my… endeavors.” She wasn’t sure at what point in the past few minutes of their conversation she had decided she was perfectly fine with using Harlan to keep her from going crazy in her relationship. “I--” she started, stopping to consider her words. “You should stop by sometime. See what I’ve been working on, sample some things. Get your business updates, up close and personal.” She softened her smirk somewhat, as if she might have been actually talking about her work.
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