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The Sorting Hat / Re: Free & Taken Canon Characters
« Last post by Lowri on Yesterday at 11:08:19 PM »
bonjour~ me again.

i'd like to apply to make a character from the canon (plus?) family Bonaccord please.

the start of her sheet is here. if i'm not approved i can create a non-canon family. i realise i already have one canon-related family in progress, so understand if that is taken into consideration.
Quodpot Fields / [Mar-MP]Ilvermorny's Temporary Colors [Open]
« Last post by Sylvia Crowne on Yesterday at 10:30:32 PM »
           Her black tassel bobbed above the white and grey knitted cap as the young witch weaved through the thick soup of orange and brown Golden Gate Gophers fans.  To unnerve the intruder in their mist, one of the Golden state fans calling out at the top of their lungs “GOOOO…PHERSSSSS ….!” The other fans chuckled at the startled witch before joining in the reply of “GO FOR IT!” which simultaneously rang out from other Gopher fan behind as well to the right of their group.

            Even more fans making their way to the stratum joined in with the call and response, “GOOOO…PHERS …., GO FOR IT!” and by the third call the young witch joined in.
“It looks like we turned her.” Joked a thin lengthy young wizard with golden skin and accent from some place tropical.

             Before the chimes of laugher of the Gophers fans faded a stretched out between the groups shoulders and caught the young witch with a firm grip. A squeak escaped her lips before she turned and to see her worried fathers face. 

             The group of Gophers, stopped in alarm, but their tension was soon releases as the witch proclaimed, “Oh, Papa!?!”

             “Sylvia, I thought I lost you! Didn’t I tell you to stay next to me?” Medard Crowne released a long breath and studied the Gopher fans as they moved on, making their way into the stratum entryway.

             “I’m, sorry Papa,” rolled off Sylvia’s pouted lips in a guilty whisper. Up until this weekend, Ilvermorny’s campus was her second home and she did not need to be escorted anywhere on campus. But tailgating, Carnival games and the Quodpot Finial championship match had invaded her newly transformed campus. Like many of her fellow students her studies soon forgotten and she frolic in with the enjoyment of surging activities, followed constantly by her visiting father.

             Medard glanced around getting his barring while saying “It is ok. Just don’t leave my side again.” Looking down at his daughter he said “Your Mother will kill me… especially if I spend half the game looking for you, after spending so much on my ticket.”

              When Sylvia and her father enter the interior of the stadium, she gaped to see the utter transformations of Ilvermorny’s Quodpot field. The traditional bleachers removed and replaced by a towering structure generously offset form the existing field and designed to be occupy a mega city worth of wizards. Writhing field of orange stood out against the sections of Shreveport Shrikes’s gray forming acheckered blanketed covering the stands. 

              Sylvia’s father directed her up a few sets of stairs and over a few rows to a section seats that was dotted with the Ilvermorny’s colors of hats, scarfs and uniforms form students who did not have a chance or dragots to buy team colors. Sylvia face burned as her father held her hand like a child, pulling her pass the already seated people to their assigned seats.  Luckily, most of the spectator’s eyes were on the field and erupted into cheers and the Quod was released, starting the game.  Sylvia and her father quickly joined in the cheers, yelling “Go Shrikes” and tried to follow the team as they scrambled for position of the Quod.
              It wasn’t the first score that Sylvia had a second to look around and see if her family of friends were seated near her.
Rosalia was quite satisfied with herself - and with the tiara, of course. She offered Volker a small smile, not wanting to make it seem as though she had solely been after the pretty accessory. She listened to her class mates' replies with mild interest. Lyra seemed to apologise for her response even before really starting with it and Rosalia wondered if the Bellefeuille musketeer would ever gain the confidence she needed in her future life for Rosalia could not imagine an adult with this little self confidence. She offered the other girl an encouraging half smile before turning her attention to the next student speaking up.

The following responses were quite sensible and Rosalia nodded thoughtfully as she listened to them. However, when Volker was just encouraging Ludwig Baumann to share his thoughts, the classroom darkened all of the sudden. The girl's hand reached for her wand, feeling like it might be sensible to be at the ready. She had little time to even wonder what was going on because soon enough a giant's hand burst through the window and reached into the room. Rosalia gasped and got to her feet, her wand held out in front of her but admittedly at a loss what she could do to help just now.

Volker reacted quickly, using elemental magic to freeze the giant's hand and telling them to leave the classroom and head to the Hospital Wing. However, Rosalia did not quite feel like doing so. She was a seventh year now, not that much younger than Volker was. He could hardly deal with the giant himself in case this giant was a malicious one, wanting to harm. The girl ushered the younger students towards the door, hoping they'd all leave quickly and would not panic. "I'll stay here with you," she stated, looking at Volker. There was fierce determination in her voice as she spoke these words. While Rosalia was not an adventurer by nature, she could hardly leave a former Papillonlisse alone in a potentially dangerous situation when she might be able be of assistance by firing a spell at the giant's hand.
Britain / Re: [cotswolds] we are legends {quinn}
« Last post by Hefin Howell on Yesterday at 06:08:19 PM »
Hefin let out a soft laughter at Quinn’s mention of having better options of sweets even in England. He absolutely loved how, despite living in the certain country, the Irish certainly wasn’t opening up to it. And the wizard couldn’t even blame her for, in the end, who would honestly even want to live there? Everything lacked salt and pepper and that also included the majority of individuals. However, he did agree – France had disappointed him to such an extent that now he would even get a provider from England, if it came to it.

Her replying in Irish made him laugh again, Lula shifting once more in his arms, and her small hand taking a grip of one of Hefin’s fingers. His eyebrow arched, the smirk on his face softening into a smile. “Go raibh maith agat.” The Australian thanked Lula in Irish, proving a point at the same time that he was undeniably on Quinn’s side on this issue. In the end, Irish wasn’t as bad as Scottish; at least it didn’t sound as vulgar. Still not beautiful, but at least not horrendous.

“Her grip’s no joke.” Hefin remarked. “Has the potential of a great seeker, just saying.” He was both teasing and genuinely complimenting. In the end, the baby’s grip did surprise him, but more the gesture on its own than its (lack of) power. If anything, Lula was undeniably adorable. She might be a Scottish born in Scotland, but at least she was undeniably the best Scottish that country had ever seen. “Hmm.” He let out, pondering on Quinn’s words. “I guess it’s better if she picks Ireland on her own too. Perhaps her time at Hogwarts would influence that as well.” Hefin wanted to point out that Hogsmeade, despite its popularity, looked like a dump most of the time, but decided against it. Better not to use unflattering words in front of a baby.

“Of course it is.” Hefin remarked, also highlighting the superiority of Tasmanian firewhiskey. He completely understood what she meant by mentioning her quidditch diet; it had probably been little said unbearable to her not to exercise daily during her pregnancy, and being an equally dynamic person, Hefin genuinely felt sorry that Quinn had to go through such a thing. Of course, her daughter was marvellous, but the concession Quinn had to make was too much. For an active person to be forced into passivity, it was awful. But she was handling so well, Hefin was proud of both her and their friendship.

He let out a deep sigh at the mention of a glass of firewhiskey. “I want to be a perfect gentleman and say no, but let’s face it, I could use one.” His gaze lowered to Lula once more, feeling a bit sorry that he’d have to let her go soon enough. In the end, one couldn’t drink and hold a baby, but it was a concession he was willing to make, for Hefin wanted to discuss something more personal with Quinn, and he really needed something to drink before he’d evolve on the issue.

But he could definitely introduce it to Quinn. “So don’t laugh…” He announced her, making sure she understood that he was absolutely serious about this. “Last month, while you were giving birth in Scotland and all, I met with my first… love.” Hefin lowered his voice at the end of the sentence, gently clearing his throat. He would rather die than mention her name, her status, or actually revealing anything more than strictly necessary about her to Quinn, since he was talking about nobody else than @Callista Bowen, the Irish’s team mate.

However, Quinn was also the only one with whom he could also talk about this and actually request some sort of input. He didn’t do feelings. He didn’t do anything of the sort, and Quinn knew it, and perhaps would offer a good solution for him to get rid of this emotional state, which had haunted him since he’s met with Callista. “Actually, I could really use that drink before I start telling you about that.” Hefin added, his gaze now following Quinn.
“Thank you.” Darla replied at Quinn’s complimenting of Stornoway. It was a lovely area, of course, for those who enjoyed ten minutes of summer per year. The former Gryffindor was certainly proud of her Scottish heritage, but truth be told, she’d have rather preferred to be from another area, and not one populated by dragons. Of course, the contact with them had been minimum, but only knowing they were nearby was something that put off Darla since she’d been a young child. Sometimes, she envied her oldest brother for being born in London, and spending most of his pre-Hogwarts time there and in Edinburgh.

The new mother’s reaction to her former Hogwarts house was Darla’s sentiment exactly. She was definitely giving the impression of a former Ravenclaw, and definitely not a Gryffindor. The healer was glad that Quinn brought up the one thing Darla’d had absolutely loved about her house though, their amazing quidditch team. “Yes, I remember Oliver, he was one of the best captains our team had.” Darla added with a smile, but quickly cleared her throat, and corrected herself. “Mr. Wood, I mean. I apologise for my slight lack of professionalism there.” The girl blushed a bit, not even understanding how she could let that slip. She wasn’t talking to a friend about quidditch, but with a patient’s mother. She needed to pay more attention.

“Any Hogwarts house would be very lucky to have her.” Darla added quickly, hoping that complimenting Lula would make Quinn forget about her earlier mishap. However, Darla had been honest; it was also just her luck that she would know Lula quite well before she would start her time at Hogwarts, for the Scottish was positive the betting houses will be on fire the year Lula would start school. Of course, Darla will bet herself, and she will be most likely to win, for she’d know Lula’s personality quite well by then. It will be a great investment in the future.

She was glad that Quinn seemed to love her choice in tea. It was good to find something in common with the mothers, and Darla was glad that, out of all things, it was tea so far. Her own love for tea knew no boundaries, so the former Gryffindor made a mental note to expand the collection in her office, for future visits from her VIP’s patient. “I’m glad it’s to your liking.” She smiled, later on taking a sip from the tea.

“The godfather? That’s lovely.” Darla’s smile widened as she took notice of how Quinn booped her daughter’s nose. Mother-daughter intimacies were always something she enjoyed watching, for they were the most endearing. It made her job at St. Mungo’s worth all the work. “Uncle? Is he your brother then?” Darla asked, a bit curious. She didn’t know anything about their relationship, aside from them sharing the same surname. If anything, Darla might have assumed that they were cousins or something of the sort, but not siblings.

The former Gryffindor giggled softly at Quinn’s comment regarding Alex, and leaned back in her chair. “Well…” She started, less shyly than before, yet still maintaining her kind and polite aura. “Don’t misunderstand… but I feel like openly praising him, would also be praising myself to some extent, and I’d rather you judge my abilities yourself. But I slightly doubt he’d exaggerate his own potion-making abilities.” Darla blushed yet again, however, she enjoyed having yet another topic of discussion with Quinn.

“He definitely made Potions classes much more entertaining. Especially when Professor Slughorn took charge.” The former Gryffindor hadn’t been an avid fan of Slughorn, for she’d enjoyed Professor Snape’s strictness and proper organisation. However, it was good her potions partner hadn’t changed back then too, for then Darla wouldn’t have taken so many changes so lightly.
London / Re: it's a fool who plays it cool [darla]
« Last post by Darla Boyd on Yesterday at 12:57:47 PM »
“Is Elias not here?” Darla asked a bit surprised, as she was taking off her shoes. “I thought he would be…” The former Gryffindor commented just a tiny bit disappointed, while neatly placing her shoes in a corner, to make sure they wouldn’t bother the overall tidiness of the entryway. Everything was very nicely arranged, so the last thing Darla desired was to ruin this aesthetic. Straightening her back, she sketched a smile, as warm as before, while looking at Edith. “You can open it, of course... I mean, as long as you’re sure he won’t mind?” The Scottish shrugged, not really knowing what to say in this situation; Edith perhaps would figure it out on her own. She personally doubted the obliviator’s boyfriend would mind it, however one never knew. It was best not to meddle in a couple’s gift-receiving ethics, habits, or whatever these unspoken protocols were called.

She followed Edith towards the living room, and placed her own bag on the sofa before taking a seat herself. Feeling the coldness of the leather on her skin was pleasant; she normally wouldn’t have noticed that, but being after her shift, finally sitting down on something superiorly comfortable compared to her office chair at St. Mungo’s, the former Gryffindor felt relaxed the moment she sat down. The sofa was good, very good.

“Indian is perfect!” Darla added cheerfully, the number of the orders making her realise that Elias wouldn’t be showing up anytime soon. Pity. She thought a bit disenchanted, for Darla’d have really desired to finally meet the famous boyfriend. However, the former Gryffindor did her best in hiding her disappointment. In the end, she was finally catching up with Edith, and that was always one of the best things in the entire world to her. These moments were precious regardless of Elias’ presence, or lack of. The naan, of course, was a great bonus, for she was starving.

As Edith mentioned she looked nice, Darla avoided commenting that it was only because she’d wanted to make a good impression to Elias, as the English’s best friend. Instead, she giggled, let it be a bit sarcastically, and replied with a simple “Thank you”. The question about work was, however, more complex. Ever since New Year’s, Darla had buried herself in work, to forget about her (lack of) love life. She’d succeeded in achieving that, and furthermore, she’d managed to get herself noticed at work too.

“Work is fine. I received my first VIP patient.” She smirked victoriously, still proud of that achievement. “And I’ve helped at a friend’s practice in my… well, what was supposed to be free time. But that’s been great, because I also had the opportunity to do primary research for this paper I’ve been working on. It will hopefully get published soon, too.” Darla nodded once, leaning against the sofa, as she crossed her legs. “I feel like work has been going quite smoothly lately, and it’s finally going my way. Aside from work…” Darla shrugged, not even knowing what to add. “Bhàtair’s been asking me all kinds of things about who my VIP patient is, so it’s fun to see him keep making wrong guesses.” The former Gryffindor added with a giggle, recalling how every two days she’d get a howler from her brother, with a guess or two.
Darla was thankful that Edith switched the topic of the conversation to her own person, for her own lack of interesting things to add was starting to surface. “Omo!” The healer cooed, clapping her hands excitedly. “I am so proud of you.” She added teasingly, but sincerely. “How did it go with your work schedule?” The Scottish inquired, a bit curious. “Like, did you take sick days off, or went when you didn’t have a shift?” Her curiosity was mostly out of good intentions, for Darla was ready to offer Edith an official document from her father’s practice, which would confirm that Edith’d have needed some days off due for health reasons. Obviously, it was all with the hope that the Ministry wouldn’t catch on to her actual schedule, the muggle community service.
London / Re: [smgb] don't you know that [darla]
« Last post by Darla Boyd on Yesterday at 11:42:15 AM »
Darla let out a giggle at Edith’s reaction to her question regarding her boyfriend’s familiarity with the muggle world. While the healer could understand why her friend reacted in such a manner, she couldn’t help herself but be more understanding towards Elias; in the end, if she herself hadn’t met Edith in their first year at Hogwarts, Darla highly doubted that she’d know even half the things she does now about the muggle world. Which had been a good thing indeed, for it had made her look particularly awesome in front of her brothers, at least for a while, until they’ve all outdone her in that department too.

“Well, that’s a lesson that needed to be learned.” Darla commented under her breath, before taking another sip out of her glass. Truthfully, while she was glad things were going well for Edith, she was also glad her friend got to know the downside of public violence on her own skin. Darla’d never approved of pub fights, being one of her major dislikes, and while she liked her friend as she was, it would definitely be a huge improvement if Edith just avoided fights as a whole after that mishap.

“Who is your boss again?” The former Gryffindor tilted her head to the side, eyes curiously falling on Edith’s figure. She knew the answer, Darla was sure of it; however, right now, the healer couldn’t remember it at all. It was as if it was completely erased from her memory. For a moment, Darla wondered if perhaps she’d have gone overboard and drunk too much, since not remembering something she was sure she knew wasn’t the usual. The Scottish took a deep breath and fanned herself with her free hand, starting to question herself – it was a work event, and she’d drunk so much. Was it wrong? It didn’t feel right.

She turned her gaze towards Edith once more, and the other witch’s words managed to reassure her. More shots were a good idea. In the end, Healer Zakharova had worked so hard on providing them with the vodka fountains, so it’d be a pity not to take advantage of them. Furthermore, not drinking would perhaps even offend her Russian superior. With that in mind, Darla followed Edith quietly as she was pulled through the crowd, more than ready to continue their drinking marathon.

Herbology / Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
« Last post by Deirdre Coltrane on May 25, 2018, 09:10:34 PM »
Herbology. As Deirdre made her way towards the greenhouse she put her hands into the pockets of her coat as the wind was still quite chilly on this afternoon in early spring. The Slytherin prefect was not too eager to get the the meeting point, fearing that she'd have to endure a disastrous lesson like the one towards the end of the last school year when DADA and Herbology had had a joint class. She did not particularly dislike professor Ajay but she definitely did not respect the witch a lot. Hence, any lesson she might come up with was something Deirdre looked at very critically.

When she entered the greenhouse she was surprised by professor Ajay handing her a satchel. Since this was rather unexpected the girl took the knapsack before second guessing what she was getting herself into. However, upon holding the whole weight in her hands, the girl shook her head in disapproval. She decided against speaking up just yet though and made her way towards a bean bag in order to have some tea. Tea was always a good thing. However, the tea professor Ajay offered was not exactly the kind of brew the Scottish girl fancied.

She watched as professor Ajay took a seat and was at least half relieved she was not going to have to endure a joint class again. The little creature that took a seat on the teacher's lap was admittedly adorable but Deirdre did not think that she'd like to have on of those herself. She liked her own pet clabbert although she was not allowed bring it to school and she did not need another pet if it could not, by far, compete with her own.

So professor Ajay had packed bags with things they would not need and the whole adventure was about thriving rather than just surviving? How much… fun. The girl suppressed a sigh and looked around, wondering if any of the others found this as ridiculous as she did.

While the Slytherin had intended to stay quiet and just endure this class or whatever this was meant to be, she let out a sarcastic laugh when the teacher announced that they should play in the leaves. Really? Was this woman serious? Did she intend they'd roll on the ground and throw leaves into the air or what was playing in the leaves meant to look like?

So they were really supposed to spend the night outside? Deirdre was not afraid of spending a night in a tent in the forest but she wondered what it was worth. She did not expect any real dangers out in the forest. Most likely, especially given recent events, the staff had taken care of the safety measures. Then again, Hogwarts seemed to be losing its reputation more and more. Danger and mishaps seemed to be quite common nowadays. The more the girl thought about it the less sure she felt about the precautions. Nonetheless the prefect was not scared, if anything she was bored and annoyed that her regular schedule was disrupted and that she wouldn't be able to sleep in the bed she knew.

Did professor Ajay just suggest they'd go to the toilet before they leave? How old did she think they were? Five? She looked at the teacher, her eyebrows raised, tempted to comment but resisting. Instead she soon turned her gaze at the satchel and inspected it quite indifferently. She heard younger students speaking up but not really addressing any of the more interesting questions like 'does the headmistress know of this?' or 'where's the educational purpose in camping in the forest?'. As a prefect though Deirdre did not want to oppose the professors too much and thus decided to wait for the appropriate moment to speak up.
Takamagahara / [shunbun no hi] spring in me {na xia}
« Last post by Murakami Ryūnosuke on May 25, 2018, 01:38:19 PM »
Several mochi, choco bananas and some ichigo ame could be found in Ryūnosuke’s arms as he made his way towards one of the more secluded areas, where he’d agreed to meet with Na Xia, after splitting up and deciding to go and buy several assortments of food, for them to share. Being two of them, sharing had been the best option, for that way they would get to taste more than just a few dishes. Of course, Ryūnosuke had brought only sweets, for he couldn’t even think of having any kind of proper food with so many confections around. Perhaps Na Xia had been stronger than him and actually brought some proper food, rather than any of the pretty confectionaries. 

“Na Xia.” The Tsuchi addressed his friend, who’d already arrived at their previously established meeting spot and saved a bench for them. He took a seat on the bench, making sure to both leave enough space between them so all the dishes would fit, and also to not mess up his bright purple robes, a kimono he’d prepared especially for the occasion. “Have you seen those taiyaki? They looked so good, but the booth ran out before I could get any.” Ryūnosuke sighed, picking up a pink mochi and starting to chew on it. It was particularly hard to munch on, as it was freshly made, however it tasted so good that the Tsuchi couldn’t even dwell on how difficult it was to chew.

He encouraged Na Xia to take a mochi as well, thinking that she would enjoy it as much as he did. In the end, they both enjoyed festivals and everything they implied, so that meant the sweets as well. “What should we do next?” Ryūnosuke inquired, realising that they’ve already spent around two hours playing most of the games at the festival. Well, they’ve spent a particularly generous amount of time at the goldfish scooping booth, but the Tsuchi hadn’t desired to leave until he’d catch at least one. Which he eventually did, after over thirty tries. Now he had a goldfish and he didn’t even know what to do with it.

Ryūnosuke glanced on the bench, realising that the goldfish was missing, along with the other several plushies they’ve won in some of the games they’ve played that evening. He then recalled that before getting food, they’ve dropped everything at the origami booth, for his kōhai to store them there, so he and Na Xia wouldn’t have difficulty in having fun at the festival, by being forced to carry all the prizes along with them.

Finishing his mochi, Ryūnosuke picked up an ichigo ame and gazed in the girl’s direction again. “The dance contest is starting soon, if you want us to sign up for it after we eat…” While they were friends so he needn’t particularly bother with such things, the Tsuchi figured he should at least be a gentleman for that night and offer, even if he didn’t particularly enjoy the idea. Na Xia did wait for him to win that goldfish quite a bit, so if she’d wanted to go dancing, Ryūnosuke would definitely comply. In the end, it was only fair they both had fun.

@Ding Na Xia
Takamagahara / Re: [mp] thinking of you is like spring [ryu]
« Last post by Murakami Ryūnosuke on May 25, 2018, 12:50:41 PM »
White Day wasn’t exactly a day Ryūnosuke particularly enjoyed. Or, he didn’t enjoy it much that year, since he was single. By choice, and definitely not due to lack of offers, for only on the specific day he’s realised how many presents he’d needed to return. A tragically huge amount, and him interacting with all those bold girls wasn’t exactly something he was keen on. However, the Tsuchi was grateful for all the chocolate he’d received on Valentine’s Day, and returned all of them as nicely as possible, gifting all the girls white chocolates, especially bought for the occasion from one of the best shops in Tokyo. His mother had sent them to him a few days before, carefully making sure her son was prepared for the event.

That year though, he’d received a particularly good present – homemade chocolates – from an underclassman, and Ryūnosuke figured that just giving her some white chocolate in return wouldn’t be worthy of all her hard work. In fact, he felt that it would even show a lack proper appreciation. In the end, she was a third year, a young little one, who had worked so hard to make him some chocolate, and had seemed too shy to even approach him. For, on Valentine’s Day, Nakamura Yuki politely asked him to accept the chocolate she’s made before making a run for it. He was impressed by her courage, and therefore figured that he could at least take her out for a more special treat, to return the favour.

He felt very much like a senpai to her; the fact that she was much younger reassured him, as Ryūnosuke figured she probably only admired him, in a very innocent and naïve way, not having any other feelings. Hence why, the Tsuchi felt comfortable when inviting her out to Takamagahara. He was thinking to take her to Neko Neko Nya, and have her play with some cats, along with drinking some of their beverages and eating a cake, or two, or three. He was going to spoil her that day, and be a proper senpai. It was also a nice change that, for once, he’s received chocolates without a confession. She also deserved to be praised for that; not many girls were like her, giving chocolate to a senpai just out of respect.

Ryūnosuke arranged his dark purple kimono as he’s reached Takamagahara’s gate, and their meeting place. Yuki seemed to have noticed him first, and walked to meet him halfway; such a polite kōhai she was. Her attire lacked in his opinion, however Ryū was aware that he was perhaps more on the conservative side than others. “Nakamura-chan.” He nodded politely in her direction, arranging his glasses in the process. Her questions made him let out a soft laugh. “Well, let’s get you somewhere warm then.” Ryūnosuke replied to her comment regarding the weather, and then, with another nod of his head, gestured Yuki to follow him, as he made his way towards one of the quieter alleys.

“Have you been to the cat café here yet?” He asked, wanting to know if their own visit there would be something the girl will enjoy.
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