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No New Posts Classroom on the Second Floor

Second Floor: This classroom is used for various different classes. There's a timetable hanging next to the door, indicating which lessons take place at which time.

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No New Posts L'Art des Potions Cordiale - Potions

Second Floor: This course covers all material relating to magical mixtures and elixirs. Students will learn the properties of magical products and ingredients, as well as how to use them properly in potions. The class places a heavy emphasis on both French-invented potions and potions containing specifically French ingredients. Pupils will also practice the art of potion-making in class, and will gain extensive knowledge in a variety of different potions throughout their years of schooling.

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No New Posts Occupant de la Faune Magique - Care of Magical Creatures

Second Floor: This class covers an array of different magical creatures from all over the world. Throughout their years of study, pupils will learn about everything from creatures native to the French and greater European area, to creatures found in foreign countries, and even ancient magical animals. Students will study everything from the appearance, health, diet and sleeping habits, to the creature's magical abilities and impact they have on the world around them.

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No New Posts Métamorphose - Transfiguration

Third Floor: In this classroom students will learn the basics and beyond of Métamorphose, a magic that requires patience, dedication and skill.

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No New Posts Tirer les Ficelles du Cerveau - Hypnosis

Fourth Floor: Hypnosis is one of the few classes taught exclusively within the Beauxbatons walls. It is taught by a Hypnotist with experience in the field. Students learn the practice and theory of a very old art. Memory charms, charms to influence opinions, and even some music related magic is taught in this class. Hypnosis is a very complex form of magic, and only the most dedicated of students will succeed at it. Very dangerous spells are discussed as well as taught in this class, and therefore it requires a high understanding of responsibility.

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No New Posts Les Arts Créatifs et la Littérature - Creative Arts and Literature

Fifth Floor:This class is more then just finger painting and paper airplanes. There are several main areas of study: art, art history, art's impact on the magical world and of course literature. Students will study the concepts of both Muggle and magical art and literature and their effect on society. Students learn the basics of creating art, but they also dive into a world of magical spells that take their creative skill to an entirely new level.

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No New Posts Mysticisme - Mysticism

Fifth Floor: Because Beauxbatons is home to one of the few practicing mystics in France, students are given the opportunity to study the art of mysticism. The course focuses on two main areas: theory and, to a lesser extent, practices. The syllabus will include in depth discussions on the common types of sands used by mystics, the rarer forms of sands (many of which have become mere legend), drying techniques, and empowering techniques, as well as a few demonstrations conducted by the professor.

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No New Posts Le Déguisement et les Moldus - Muggle Studies

In the modern world, Muggles are everywhere. It is safe to assume that witches and wizards will frequently encounter Muggles throughout their lifetime. It is important, therefore, for students to gain an understanding and acceptance of their non-magical neighbors. It is crucial, for the sake of the safety and secrecy of the wizarding world, that all students gain the ability to blend into the Muggle world. In this class, students will be taught all-important customs of the Muggle world; this includes everything from the use of Muggle money, to appropriate dress, to how to get around in various forms of Muggle transportation, to what is normal and what is not appropriate to talk about. Advanced classes will gain a basic knowledge of various Muggle contraptions and devices.

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No New Posts Musique - Music

Third Floor: Students will learn about music, magical instruments, and techniques to alter/use instruments with magic. Although theory is a big part of the class, practice is a much bigger one. The impact of music on the magical world will be topic of this class and as well as a comparison of magical and muggle music.

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No New Posts Soi-défense et la Diplomatie - Defense Against the Dark Arts

Second Floor: Magic, for all its goodness and practicality, has a dark and dangerous side. Beauxbatons does not focus on or endorse the Dark Arts of Magic; rather, it elects to teach students how to properly defend themselves from harm. Defense is a class offered to all students, and focuses on everything from the counteracting of simple jinxes, to protecting one's self from dangerous creatures, to defending against complex hexes and curses. But aside from defensive spells, this class is considered to be the thinking person's solution to conflict, and also focuses partially on diplomacy and mediation.

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No New Posts Teacher's Offices

A place for teacher's to talk amongst themselves or to have individual talks with their students.

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No New Posts Ètudes Médicales - Medical Studies

Fifth Floor: In this class, beginner students will learn how to prepare and serve simple remedies for common ailments. Advanced students will uncover the secrets about more complex potions and spells. They will learn to cure both Magical and Muggle sicknesses. This class is not for the weak-stomached or the faint at heart. It is widely known that the exams for this class are particularly difficult, so studying is a must. Also, Études Médicales prides itself on teaching students remedies known only by the French Ministry of Magic.

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No New Posts Métaphysique - Metaphysics

Métaphysique is the branch of philosophy that deals with the fundamental questions of life and abstract ideas, such as being, knowing, identity, time and space.

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