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Class Master List
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Re: Class Master List
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This class focuses on the theory of magic: it’s origins and the very nature of magic itself. While this is a very theoretical class that focuses a lot on studying old works, they do perform many experiments to try to explore even more. This class is one of the classes that could have Mahoutokoro be considered a research institute. They have made great strides in the theories of magic so far.

Taught by: Kha Ngoc Tung (46, Vietnamese)
Tung-sensei is known to be one of the sharpest and least patient professors in the school. He makes it very clear that his classes are not for people looking to goof around and will certainly leave any stragglers behind. He doesn’t hold office hours unless by appointment, but even then he is short tempered. He isn’t mean-spirited so much as he is very committed to his field and only wants the brightest and best students.

Students learn to control the flow of their ki through points in the body called chakra, aided with the knowledge of the chinese meridian system and anatomy which are studied intensely. By balancing their inner yin and yang, they will be able to block or release ki, which directly affects their magic, at will. It is a skill often used in physical combat.

Taught by: Un Dak-Ho (91, Korean)
Un-sensei is very much the old man that he looks. He speaks quietly in a wispy voice like a breeze through the grass. He does well with youngsters because he is half blind and appears slightly senile. Chakra Control is perceived as a joke class or a free-period, since Un-sensei will keep talking whether or not anyone has shown up or is listening and he doesn’t discipline his students. However, despite this, many students fail out of his class. He wants students to learn discipline on their own, and since Chakra Control is a prerequisite for most upper classes, failing his class can put a student behind schedule. Once they have to repeat it, they have learned a valuable lesson.

This class focuses on defensive magic. Through controlling the ki and magic coursing through their body, students should be able to conceal or detect magical aura. They will also be taught on wilderness survival, differentiating poisons, and purging said poisons from their bodies with the aid of spells and restorative potions. This class is mostly for advanced students, and most of them will be sent out for field work with the professors during their final years.

Taught by: Ganbaatar Danzin  (36, Mongolian)
Baatar-sensei is a student favorite. In addition to being the Professor for Combat Magic, he is also the main adviser all of the Mahoutokoro sports, as well as the actual coach of a few of them. Baatar-sensei is a giant man, standing at more than six feet tall, with dark skin covered in scars. He is a loud and boisterous man who loves his students and loves sports, despite being a little much at times. He's very physical, and is known to fling people across the room on accident during practice.

Enhancing what is taught in Onmyodo, Cosmology is about the prep work that goes before actually going out into the field. It is about predicting what is going to happen, and calculating the best time and place for certain events to take place through studying the sky and stars. Topics covered over the entirety of the course consists of the heavenly stems and earthly branches, purple star astrology or “zi wei dou shu”, the the Chinese Almanac and much more. The Ba Gua may also be taught, which is particularly useful if learnt together with Scrying.

Taught by: Yun Hu (31, Chinese)
Yun-sensei is a little kooky and clumsy, often falling over his own instruments and tripping on his own feet. It doesn’t help that his robes are always two sizes too big and his long hair is always covering his eyes. If he is sitting still he is a very good teacher who obviously loves stars and trying to get other people to share his passions. He is very excitable and tends to get distracted or go off on tangents all the time.

Simply put, Genjutsu is the Mahoutokoro equivalent of Illusions. This class tests the students’ intelligence in their ability to create complex settings and attention to detail, enlisting all five senses to create a believable illusion. One small mistake on the student’s part will lead to the whole illusion falling through. There are various techniques in which this is achieved, the most common of which is by manipulating the opponent’s ki, which is why only students adept at Chakra Control will be accepted. Advanced students will be able to pull of feats such as invisibility, shapeshifting and cloning, all under the guise of elaborate illusions.

Taught by: https://fontmeme.com/handwriting-fonts/ use DawningofaNewDay font
(??, Japanese)
Masaki-sensei is an elegant woman whose true age nobody knows. You can try asking her, but she gives a different answer to every student. She is clever and cunning, and loves to play tricks on her students using her illusions. Mind games are a particular favorite of hers, and students should expect to be tricked rather often. Outside of her classes, she is known to tell flat out lies without blinking an eye.

The combined knowledge of magical plants and potions is what a student can expect to learn from this class. Restorative draughts, antidotes, hyorogan (military ration pills) and other healing recipes are commonly taught, as well as the ability to differentiate herbs and plants, and knowing how to use them effectively for maximum medicinal qualities. This is a very hands-on class and there are frequent field trips into the mountains with the teachers so that what is learned in theory can be put to test.

Taught by: Chae Hyo-Sonn (32, Korean)
Chae-sensei is very gentle and soft-spoken. She is very feminine and passionate about her plants and wants everyone to learn as best they can. Most students enjoy her class because it is interesting and practical, and she takes great joy in teaching. However, there are a few rumors floating around the school about her dangerous inner demon. The story goes that some older students once broke into her greenhouses and trashed it, and she caught them. The tale of what happened next changes every year, but the takeaway is that no one should ever mess with Chae-sensei’s plants, and that the reason she smiles is because she eats the souls of bad students.

What muggles may not know is that Shinto-ism is closely linked to the magic world, and this class teaches precisely that. A concise breakdown of Shinto history, wizard interference in Shinto-ism as well as famous wizards in the wizarding and muggle world are some topics covered. Students can also go on to learn about ancient rituals and arcane magic, and old texts such as the “Go Rin No Sho”, “Kojiki” and “Shan Hai Jing” are studied closely.

Taught by: He Siyu (48, Taiwanese)
He-sensei’s class is notoriously hard to get good grades in. It’s not because the material is particularly difficult, but because He-sensei is absurdly boring. His lectures are dry and dense, and his voice seems to lack any tonal shifts. Most students nap through his class because his voice has some kind of sleep-inducing effect that is almost magical. But other than that, he is a fair grader and one can’t help but feel bad that he’s so boring and there's nothing he can do about it.

Through this class, students will be able to create protective barriers from their magic with the optional aid of objects, as well as seal evil Yokai into inanimate objects. Advanced students will go on to learn elemental barriers, trapping barriers, containment barriers, as well as sealing into animate objects. Advanced kekkai/fuuin students are required to complete a prerequisite of 50 hours of Barrier Duty per year.

Taught by: https://fontmeme.com/handwriting-fonts/ use Daniel font
(44, Korean)

The skill of making a useful magical scroll is what every Mahoutokoro student is expected to be adept at. This class teaches how to write spells onto blank scrolls, and mastery of the class means control over different types of jutsu/ninjutsu, as well as being able to summon creatures, objects, and have temporal control over elemental magic. Activated by kuji-kiri, students have to be at least decent at kuji-in before they’re able to use this method. It is considered an advanced class as it relies heavily on self studies due to the unlimited number of combinations for hand seals, which often leads to students creating their own techniques.

Taught by: https://fontmeme.com/calligraphy-fonts/ use JandaRomantic font
(54, Japanese)
Nakajima-sensei is a thoughtful older woman who thinks long and hard before she speaks, and when she does, her words are usually crisp and deliberate, with no wasted effort. She is good at directing students on how to study and gives good advice, both in academic matters and life. Many students see her as a motherly figure that they can confide in and they respect on her wisdom.

The precursor to Chakra Control, this class is designed to introduce incoming students to the concept of chakra and help them become more familiar with it. This class is also meant to ready their mind and bodies for higher level ki (and therefore magic) control.
Taught by: TBD

This class focuses on the practice of imbuing items (most commonly rosaries and rectangular pieces of paper and leaves) with spells as a way to channel the users’ magic. A certain level of proficiency in speech magic (a component of kuji-in), taught in Onmyodo, is required for this class as well.

Taught by: Yoshizawa Kazuma
Yoshizawa-sensei is a man of great focus. He is detailed and meticulous, always quick to correct students when they make mistakes. He is very detail-oriented and stresses the importance of being thorough and always paying attention to every aspect of the magic they are trying to perform. He is easy to get along with and encourages creativity in addition to precision.

Covering I Ching, kuji-in, and kotodama, students will learn the arts of prediction and the abilities to see through Yokai’s harmful magic and manipulative illusions. They will learn how to read prophecies, as well as how to properly use objects such as the Yata no Kagami and Magatama, etc. This is learnt in tandem with Chakra Control as well as Summoning.

Taught by: Saruwatari Makoto (29, Okinawan)
Saruwatari-sensei is probably the most energetic of the professors at the school. He moves erratically and talks fast, so learning how to take notes quickly is imperative in his class, especially because he never writes anything down. Despite his young features and excitable demeanor, he is extremely knowledgeable in his field, and most students (or at least the ones who have learned how to take notes in his class) can ace his course and move on with a strong understanding of what he went over.

This class, along with Advanced Theory of Magic, is one of the newer additions to the curriculum, less than three centuries old. This class focuses on the magic of physics with a focus on calculations and doing them magically. This has to do with advanced probability and numerous advanced magical calculations that if a student is able to do this instinctively it helps them in the field immeasurably. By focusing on proper spell series and combining certain spells, they can make the magic very effective. This is one of the school’s advanced research classes.

Taught by: Tsuji Sakutaro (42, Japanese)
Sakutaro-sensei is one of the tallest teachers at the school, second to Baatar-sensei. Tsuji-sensei is a serious, quiet, intelligent, and somewhat world-wearer professor. A scholar at heart, he is very thorough in explaining the field of Particle Synergy, and likes to use big words. He is not a difficult person to get along with, though he can be rather cold and disinterested in anything that isn’t academic.

This class teaches the basics of purifying evil or possessed objects, expelling unwanted yokai from homes and how to deal with the aftermath. Techniques on how to ward off evil spirits and how to make omamori (talismans) are taught, as well as ancient purification rites and the use of elemental magic in the process.

Taught by: Yamada Taiki (37, Japanese)
Yamada-sensei is like a pond on a breeze-less day: cool, calm, clear, and straightforward. Though he isn’t the most interesting of the professors at the school, he is very good at explaining and articulating the information in his course. Most students can do well just by sitting in his class and and listening to him speak, since his way of organizing his thoughts on the subject is usually very easy to understand and absorb.

Although Mahoutokoro fosters practical skills and divination is thought of as a fuzzy subject by some, an accurate reading can sometimes save a life. Good diviners do not just rely on one unreliable source or tool, Mahoutokoro teaches students to be well versed in an array of divination methods; pyromancy, geomancy, hydromancy and aeromancy being the most common ones. If paired with what is learnt in Cosmology and Onmyodo, the most accurate readings can be produced.

Taught by: TBD

Advanced students are allowed to learn the classic wizarding art of summoning shikigami. Shikigami are spirits called forth to act as servants for the summoner, similar to a familiar in Western mythology. Many of them have spirits or minds of their own and therefore the summoner and the shikigami have to make a pact before they can act together. Shikigami can be summoned using a number of physical objects such as paper dolls or talismans. If the talisman is destroyed the shikigami will disappear, and vice versa.

Taught by: https://fontmeme.com/calligraphy-fonts/ use Manualito-Flo font
(51, Japanese)
Kikuchi-sensei has a calm nature and could be described as very zen-like. He believes in teaching all of his students that strong self-discipline is critical when it comes to the difficult field of summoning. He lives by the idea that you have to be in control of yourself before you can even think of controlling a shikigami.

The Japan-specific form of Care of Magical Creatures; though it focuses less on the care part and more on the knowledge of the indigenous spirits and the dealing with them. Practical lessons are spent on identifying these creatures in their natural habitat, and how to escape when caught in a situation, practicing on more benevolent yokai types. As the student increases in proficiency, classes will progress from basic identification to defensive/offensive spells, with yokai that are aggressive instead of passive.

Taught by: Kuroda Kumiko (35, Japanese)
Kumiko-sensei doesn't like being called by her last name, and thus allows her students to call her Kumiko-sensei. She is pessimistic and critical in nature. Having worked with yokai her entire adult life, she knows the dangers of working with them and tires to keep all of her students from getting mauled. As a result, she can be a little intense and macabre, and has a habit of telling horror stories about people being ripped limb from limb every chance she gets.

        * denotes classes usually taken by third years and older, as they require knowledge from previous classes
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