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Pirate's Bay Info & Shop Listing
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M e r i r o s v o t   L a h t i
(Pirate's Bay)

Without any pirates or even a bay to speak of Merirsovot is a contradiction unto itself. The small wizarding village is made up of cabins and a marina that surround a lake with a grand pirate ship lodged in the middle. The ship was brought to the lake by magic on the whim of a Finnish alumna named Noora Järvinen nearly a century ago. On the outskirts of the town, about three hundred feet away from the residential coast, there are restaurants, shops, a theater, and a hotel. Part of the lake is warmed during the summer for swimming and ice skating is popular on a pond separate from the lake during the winter. Students are welcome to visit the village during the weekends with permission from a guardian.

To those who own shops in Pirate's Bay please post a description of your shop here.

Please include at least the following:
Shop Name: (this is the name of the shop itself)
Street Address: (the specific location)
Owner: (the shop owner's name)
Employees: (a list of employees, NPC's included)
Hours: (hours of operation, from open to close)
Merchandise: (what is sold in the shop?)
Description: (the look of the shop exterior and interior)


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