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Re: feeling electric [tag; gabrielle]
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Absolutely not

"Ouch, my pride," Gabrielle commented swiftly, a gentle half-smile appearing on her lips for a moment. She half-listened to his reasoning, but couldn't help but let her thoughts wander parallel to his words. The blonde had always thought her dark-haired friend had a thing for her. She basically separated those who hung around her into two categories; those who wanted the things she had, like popularity or good looks; and those who wanted parts of her. Her body. Her lips. Her love. Boys almost always fell into the latter category. It wasn't presumptuous of her at all; it was just how things had been for several years now.

Raphael, she quietly thought, fell somewhere in the middle. On nights like this, where the sky stretched out above her like a sheet and the world was ethereal in its silence and stillness, it was almost easy to forget that everyone wanted something. Raphael couldn't simply be here for her - whatever that meant - but right now it sort of felt like he could. Lying on her back, Gabrielle's view of the sky took on a strangely infinite quality that made her feel sort of small in a way that wasn't entirely bad. The air was dewy and the temperature pleasant; it was as if someone had paused a slice of time and placed the pair in it. The stars, the moon... It all painted a picture with soft edges and gentle strokes.

Something about the atmosphere reminded her of a night at the carnival with Klaus. It certainlt wasn't the company; Klaus and Raphael might share a particular character flavour or timbre that she felt uneasy comparing, but for the most part the boys were worlds apart. It wasn't the environment either; the stillness of her current setting did not match the raucous and gimmicky noises of the carnival at all. There was simply some element that she couldn't quite shake.

Gabrielle tried not to think about that night all that much. For the most part, she'd rewritten it exactly as she'd explained it to her boyfriend at the time. In quiet moments like this, however, she remembered the sweeping sort of sense of nostalgia and an unspoken wish to let down walls previously upheld. Perhaps that was it - the secret wish to be unguarded.

You already know how mesmerising you can be on occasion

Gabrielle felt goosebumps rise on her shoulders, though she couldn't pinpoint exactly why. Yes, she was mesmerising. Yes, she knew it. "Probably," she agreed, only half committing to a response. She disagreed that he wasn't her type, though. He was older, quite charming in some ways. Different to Rainer or Max or Adrien; probably more Ombrelune than any of them, but still not exactly not her type. She supposed he didn't really know much about Klaus. Gabrielle remained serenely quiet through his next few sentences too; his descriptions of cracks showing in families was all too familiar and she felt that if she spoke about it she might raise more imaginary walls that would be difficult to bring down.

"Friendship on fire," she repeated thoughtfully. Her comment about love being Shakespearean had sounded more naive than she'd intended when she'd said it out loud, but she appreciated that he didn't treat her as such. After he finished speaking, she tilted her chin and shifted her gaze from the stars above them both to look at him. Her silvery eyes traced the outline of his profile before settling to meet his own honey-coloured ones. "You've never felt anything like that?" she asked, injecting enough of a teasing tone into her words to make them acceptable to ask a friend in the middle of the night. "No sparks, no flames?" she continued the metaphor comfortably.

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Re: feeling electric [tag; gabrielle]
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"You'll survive," Raphael told her with a slow smile. He didn't think this was her fault, any of it. Not her good looks or her popularity or how people treated her. She wasn't cruel, she'd never been cruel. The fact that she had no many enemies both alarmed and amused him. He assumed it was borne from jealousy or rejection and he absently wondered how many boys would kill to be in his position right now.

"Humble, too," he added lightly. His tone was pleasant and he didn't accuse her. He wasn't sure if Gabrielle knew how much he did behind the scenes for her. He didn't expect payment or praise, he just wanted to keep her safe. It was coming up to Christmas, a time that was busy and stressful and she'd be inundated with offers. He wondered if that Maximillien boy would try and pull another shot into getting her back.

Rafe didn't think he was jealous. He thought that Gabrielle could do better. He didn't want to be part of the "in crowd". He didn't want the girl's popularity. He was more than content to make sure she got the letters and gifts that weren't going to pose any sort of danger to her. He also had a full book stuffed with letters that had been handed to him. Everyone assumed he'd taken on some sort of secretarial role for her.

With a yawn, he shrugged casually as he folded his hands behind his head to make a makeshift pillow. "Don't think so," he told her honestly. He thought briefly of Minnie as he spoke. He found her attractive and he was sure he was forming a crush but it wasn't like he was willing to die for her or anything. Rafe was careful not to meet her eye as he watched the stars, despite being acutely aware of her eyes on the side of his face.

"It's not really my style," he joked easily. Raphael was one of those lanky, moody boys, the type that dress well and hang around in independent coffee shops. He had no interest in falling in love and his carefully constructed persona made sure people were kept at arms' length. "It seems messy," he told Gabrielle truthfully. "It just seems like people lose their minds. If it goes wrong, you get destroyed. I just don't think it's worth the risk."

That much was true. He'd never been the type of person to want to fall in love and be married. It wasn't for him. If it happened, it would happen but he was resisting it. He was sure, however, that that wasn't what she'd wanted to hear. She dated a lot but her relationships were brief. He assumed she'd gotten bored. He respected that Gabrielle wasn't the type of woman to stay in a dead end relationship, "just in case" her partner might change for the better.

"I've extinguished a few, if that's what you're hinting at," Raphael commented as the gently breeze ruffled his dark locks. Everyone was so obsessed with her; with what she did, who she dated, what she was wearing. In comparison to her, the older boy thought he must be some sort of walking enigma for her. "I can't imagine I'm the type to incite passion in a lady," he added with a wrinkled nose as though the thought repulsed him. "I'm not easy to deal with, you know that. I just think a lot of people are holding out for this sort of thing but love's not always grand gestures. It can be little things. Quiet things. I'm not one for making a fool of myself."

"But no," he finally added. "No all-consuming, death-defying, life long flame-y trysts. I take it your Maximilien was a metaphorical fireman for you?" He asked with a smile, unable to keep up the pretence for much longer. Failed relationships were not fun but her former boyfriend did some ridiculous shit and he was going to miss the spectacle.

Turning his head, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. "Oh look," Rafe exclaimed, actually sounding excited. "A shooting star. Quick, make a wish."

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Re: feeling electric [tag; gabrielle]
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Gabrielle ignored his humble comment; he wasn't being mean. Gabrielle wasn't humble. She never had been. Humble was a face she wore to please certain types of people who expected such a trait from a young woman who seemed to have so much. It was something she portrayed when she thought that it might benefit her. Such things became so obvious under moonlight surrounded by strangely simulated intimacy that only came out late at night. Most of the time she didn't think in such frank ways. Absentmindedly, Gabrielle traced the outline of his profile against the dark night, suddenly aware - again - of how this might look to a teacher or a prefect who found them out of bed in the middle of the night. He was handsome, she thought. Despite his protest to the contrary, it wouldn't be so far-fetched to imagine them together.

"I don't know if it was that bad," Gabrielle commented with the light tone of a laugh in her voice. "I mean, it was nice. The sex was good." Better than she'd thought it would be, if she were honest. She'd heard all kinds of rumours, but it hadn't been as big a deal for her as it obviously was for some. She could find no faults with her first real lover. He'd made her feel safe and feminine and pretty. She enjoyed the ease with which he chased away any feelings of loneliness. But if they were talking about passion - as it seemed that they were - then perhaps she hadn't answered completely honestly. It wasn't exactly friendship on fire as he'd called it.

"I don't think I loved him," she answered softly, surprising herself with her honesty. Seven months together and she hadn't felt swept away or breathless - at least not in anything other than the literal sense. She liked Max, but when they'd been tangled up together, her hair messy and their lips close, and he'd told her he'd loved her, she'd just kissed him as a response. A small part of her hoped that she hadn't been in love with him. If that was all love was, then it was something of a disappointment. Other parts of her dismissed all of this as some kind of out-of-character fancy. Blame it on the moon, or the night sky. She was too young to be so jaded and too jaded to think about such frivolous things as love.

I'm not one for making a fool of myself, he'd said. That made sense. It was very Raphael. In a way it was very her, too. The pair were more similar than they might first appear on the surface. The blonde barely moved, but her large grey eyes flicked in the direction he was looking as she caught the last moment of a fading shooting star. Or a meteor, she supposed. Gabrielle remembered learning that the two things were the very same and being disappointed that stars didn't simply shoot. "What did you wish for?" she asked teasingly, looking at him again before he looked at her. The blonde offered another gentle smile.

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Re: feeling electric [tag; gabrielle]
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At the comment about her having sex, Raphael grimaced. He hadn't meant to. Gabrielle was free to sleep with whomever she wanted, whenever she wanted but it didn't mean that he wanted to hear all the gory details. The reaction was some sort of knee-jerk one and he hated it. He hated letting his emotions show anyway but even more so around her. There was something about her. She had this peculiar way of catching a glance that wasn't meant for her.

"Well, I'm absolutely thrilled you were satisfied," came the clipped response. Despite it not being Gabrielle's fault, Raphael felt an usual and ugly spurt of jealousy and anger towards her that stemmed from a dark place. She dated most of her friends and her housemates, Maximilien and Adrien and a careful few others. Why hadn't she shown any interest in him? There had been plenty of opportunities for them to flirt more and touch but no. He didn't think the concept of a "friend zone" was real but he felt like he was suddenly right in the middle of it.

Without realising, he sighed audibly and in frustration at the night sky. The stars were unusually bright that night, dotted around the inky black sky like a million friendly lanterns. He was mad at her and he didn't know why. He didn't want to date her, he wasn't even sure he liked her half of the time but she was making it clear that he was not a viable option. He didn't want to be the person she spoke candidly about sex with. Though no stranger to it, he wasn't particularly comfortable with chatting about it. Especially not with her.

Rafe looked over at her sharply, his eyes wide in surprise at her confession. "Yikes," he said softly though he couldn't help but feel is anger dissipate and it be replaced by something that felt rather smug. He knew Gabrielle. He really knew her. Raphael knew that she preferred lilies to roses, he knew that constant attention could get overwhelming for her at times. She liked people to adore her but for it not to get messy. She wanted things on her town terms, she liked being in control. It wasn't Maximilien's fault that he was a little bit vanilla.

"I'm sorry," he ventured gently, unsure of what to say. Did she feel like she wasted her time with Maximilien? Was that why she was being so honest? Raphael was a selfish young man. It was on the tip of his tongue to tell her to go back to him, to try again to make sure, if that was would make her happy. On the other hand, he had a lot of confusing feelings towards the idea of her dating. Of course he wanted her settled and happy but the idea of her being settled and happy with anyone but him made a  bad taste stick in his mouth.

But that was Gabrielle Delacour. She was vexing, to say the least. Raphael didn't know where he stood with her, so he kept his distance. He didn't want to become a talking point over the dinner table for her and her friends. No lines had been crossed, they'd never been anything more than cordial. But she was in his head, always there, digging away at his subconscious. Of course, it was a complete coincidence that she'd started wearing light blue more often, the colour he liked her in the most. Or that she was alone more, offering him time to come to her and chat. It almost felt like she was orchestrating this whole thing, tugging at his feelings, twisting and turning them with skill. Sometimes, he honestly thought he hated her.

The star was gone in a flash, streaking across the sky and disappearing. Rafe closed his eyes briefly and held his breath before looking over at her. "World peace?" He deadpanned before cracking a smile and shrugging. It was still cool outside and the grass was even colder against his back as his eyes tracked over the twinkling stars.

"I dunno," he said with another shrug. "Sanity. Clarity," he offered. What he had asked for was for Gabrielle to be forthright and for himself to be more observant. Raphael had wished for some help in organising his thoughts, for time to disentangle himself from the blonde's personal life and for him to take a step back. The more he did things for her, the deeper he was pulled into her messy affairs. He wanted to stop. He wanted to pull the cord and let all the favours he did her flop. He was going to start tonight. He was going to box up all the confiscated cards and give them to her and let her deal with the consequences.

Of course, he wasn't that strong. He'd never let her fend for herself against the wolves. "Also, a good night's sleep," Raphael replied truthfully. "I can't settle and I don't know why." His grades were good and he was managing his time well, he just couldn't seem to switch off. In his bad mood, he thought it was probably Gabrielle's fault, too. "I'm tossing and turning and it's driving me mad, hence why I'm fully dressed and it's the dead of night." Frowning at the moon, like he blamed that for his misfortune too, he flopped backwards and onto the grass again, out flat like a starfish.
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Re: feeling electric [tag; gabrielle]
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Well, I'm absolutely thrilled you were satisfied.

Oh yes, she thought sarcastically, it certainly sounded like it. Raphael didn't like her boyfriends - it was no secret that he thought Max was an airhead. Klaus had thought that too. The blonde couldn't argue that Maximilien had lost his head a bit around her, or that in some ways he was a fairly simple guy, but he wasn't a total idiot. Not that it really mattered. She didn't bother responding; by now she was used to her male friends disliking the boys she dated. Whether it was jealousy, some kind of strange protectiveness, simple dislike or some mix of the three (as she vaguely suspected was the case here) it wasn't anything new to her. She put it aside.

"Truly?" she replied, his smile coaxing out a genuine one from her too. If he asked her what she wished for she'd have to make something up on the spot. The veela wasn't in the habit of wishing on shooting stars. Sanity, he said. The blonde tilted her head to the side a little, her hair rippling like shimmery liquid in the moonlight as she did so. For a moment she pondered the concept, wondering why Raphael Moreau would wish for such a thing. Clarity. That one was strangely surprising too. She wondered what he was thinking.

The blonde's smile faltered a little as she watched him fall into the grass. In contrast, Gabrielle elegantly pushed herself up into a sitting position, watching him again. He'd brought her out here to talk. To spend some time away from other people. He said he'd wanted to see how she was doing, if she was feeling down. By now she was in a strange headspace; it tasted like nostalgia and melancholy at once. As if the night sky and the moon had put her in some kind of intimate space where words came more easily to her lips. Was Raphael there with her, though? She could sense something in his expression that hadn't been there at the beginning of the night. Some kind of extra moodiness or something below the surface.

"Hey," she said, reaching out and touching his arm lightly, her fingers just brushing the material of his sleeve, "what's on your mind?"

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Re: feeling electric [tag; gabrielle]
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He could see The Plough from here.

In the inky blue sky, they peeped out. He liked the stars, space and any celestial thing. In a way, realising he was so small and insignificant calmed him. Raphael didn't believe he was destined for great things. Some people did. They thought they were born to change the world, to start a revolution, to make things right. The feelings of serenity as he learned he didn't have anything to prove to anyone in the grand scheme of things was rather pleasant.

He barely registered Gabrielle's touch and he felt a jolt as he heard her question; they weren't here for him. He didn't like feelings. He already had trouble at the best of times but add on wayward hormones from burgeoning adolescence, he was screwed.

Turning his head, he offered her a smile. "I'm fine," Raphael told her as he tried to sound as nonchalant as he could. He dropped her clear-eyed gaze soon after as he turned his head away to watch the leaves rustle in the cool breeze. He was unwilling to get into things, mainly because he didn't know what things. were bothering him. But what he did know was that Gabrielle was inadvertently causing them.

It wasn't her fault. She was young and beautiful and charismatic and she incited strong feelings in people; Maximilien loved her and Sylvain hated her. For him personally, it changed daily. On a good day, he honestly thought he'd die for her. On a bad day, he wanted to be the one who killed her. As divisive as the students were, Rafe didn't think Gabrielle was vicious. Oh sure, she knew the game and she played it well. The boys around her jumped through hoops for her. They fought for her. They wrote songs and poetry and bought her flowers. What baffled his mind was that Gabrielle Delacour was just an ordinary teenage girl.

His thoughts strayed to Minnie. "It's just a few things didn't really go my way," he offered vaguely as he shrugged. "They've been playing on my mind for a little while, that's all." Gabrielle didn't need to know. Her friends gossiped. Raphael toed the fine line between trust. Would he think Gabrielle would intentionally hurt him? No. Did he think she might do it by accident? Absolutely. To anyone else, their friendship didn't make sense. She was this ball of shining light and he was a little black rain cloud. An ominous moody presence who rolled his eyes a lot.

He sighed again, deeper this time as his chest rose and fell visibly. "I'm just trying to shuffle a few things about and clear some space," he told her as he tapped the side of his head. He knew he was being uncomfortable and obtuse. He also knew that he didn't want to tell Gabrielle that he needed more space inside his head because she kept clouding it.

He hadn't told her about Valentine's Day and about how he'd rounded up cards and flowers for her. Gabrielle hadn't asked him to, he'd volunteered to be her helper and he was mad at her for it, despite it having nothing to do with her. Every single boy at the school, straight or not, was in love with her. Did she have any idea how horrible it was for her friends to stare at him in the halls? Raphael had heard them speak from behind the backs of their hands, eyes on him, voices low. They'd called him dark, creepy, strange and weird.

He wasn't forthcoming because he didn't think she'd understand what it felt like to be an outsider. He was to blame, too. Rafe wasn't particularly friendly and he was unwilling to change to fit in. In a twisted sort of way, he'd rather be alone.

"Your friends were gossiping again," Raphael drawled with a lazy smile as he flicked his eyes in her direction. "There's a bet as to whether or not I'm gay going on, apparently," he mused with a thoughtful frown as he shrugged. "You should say I like both and take the money," he joked. Rolling his big dark eyes, he shook his head, the dark hairs sticking up at the back like a newly born chick. "I think I'm just a bit  discontented in general," he heard himself admitting. When he'd heard Gabrielle and Maximilen had had sex, it had felt like a sucker punch and sent him swirling and he knew that wasn't normal.

"I'm more concerned about you," he said honestly as he rolled over to look at her, elbow in the grass and his chin resting on an upturned palm. "If he upset you, I could always knock him out." He paused then he smiled. "Kidding but I can give him a nasty hex."

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Re: feeling electric [tag; gabrielle]
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Her eyes lingered on him for a moment after his gaze had slipped away from hers. Well, sure, if he wanted to pretend that he was fine then she wasn't going to push it. He'd basically allowed her the same earlier tonight when she'd redirected his gently probing questions to other topics of conversation. But hadn't he brought her out here to cheer her up? "Okay," she said, acknowledging his next words but not asking him to elaborate on what things didn't go his way. She wondered what that was like, not having things go his way. There weren't really a lot of aspects of her life that weren't comfortably under her control; her relationships, her friendships. She generally only wanted things she knew she could have. It was the safer option.

The veela girl retracted her hand and tucked a silvery strand of hair behind one ear, where it promptly slipped back out again. Subconsciously, she repeated the action. The blonde appreciated his explanation for being so confusingly obtuse; sometimes she felt like she couldn't keep up with his moods. She was reminded once more why nothing more than light flirting had really happened between them. "Are they," she said, her words lacking inflection to indicate a question. It was rhetorical anyway, of course they were gossiping. They were teenagers; there was no escape from the endless chatter of the halls of their palace. The best one could do was try to shape their own narrative in the mouths of others. "Oh," she said, raising her eyebrows. She hadn't been expecting that next line. She remembered being fairly certain Louis Proulx was gay a couple of years ago. It was funny to her now, what with the way he responded to the young women around him these days. "Do you like both?" She asked curiously, tilting her head to the side just a little.

She was quiet for a moment, then, thinking over his words. Turning them over in her head. "I think I'm a little discontented too," she said, glancing away. There wasn't much for her to be upset about, really - her parents' relationship problems weren't exactly her problems. She'd turned her anger on them because she felt betrayed, and because she thought they were acting like children. She had a lot of friends, admirers, was the most beautiful girl in her year - the school, probably - and there wasn't really much for her to be unhappy about. And still, sometimes the feeling lingered.

She looked up at him again as he rolled, propping himself up on his palm to meet her eyes. Gabrielle raised her perfectly-manicured brows when he said his concern was mostly about her. She wasn't entirely convinced it was true, but there was no point voicing that thought. "Raphael," she protested, poking his arm softly. She returned his smile when he added the bit about a nasty hex. "He didn't do anything wrong," she reminded him gently, still smiling a bit. "No," she said, with a slight shrug. "I think I'm going to try being single for a while." There hadn't been much of a gap between Adrien and Max, so all together she hadn't been single at school for over a year. Max had been her longest boyfriend; she'd been with him for seven months.

"Do you think we should maybe head back?" she asked, tilting her head up at the sky for a moment, the long line of her neck exposed for a moment before she looked back at her housemate curiously. She didn't make a move to leave.

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Re: feeling electric [tag; gabrielle]
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"Possibly," Raphael replied smoothly to her question. He didn't see the point in lying and there was nothing to be ashamed about. Also, he didn't think Gabrielle needed to know his preferences, even if they were friends. The night sky above them seemed to shift things in a way that gave him more clarity. If he did have some sort of epiphany, would he tell her? As he mulled it over, he didn't look in her direction. The overwhelming answer was "no".

Despite that, he offered Gabrielle a gentle smile. Of course she was discontented to a certain degree. She had everything a person could want; fame, beauty, wealth, popularity but what did that leave her with? Boredom. Control suffocated spontaneity. Rafe didn't for once think he'd ever been her best friend but he did know her. She was probably frustrated because no one offered a challenge. Adults probably treated her like she was stupid. Girls treated her with duality, part jealousy, part desperation to be in her clique. The boys treated her like some sort of trophy. No wonder she was discontented.

"I'm sorry," was all he managed to offer her. He couldn't relate. People didn't flock to him so much as run screaming in the opposite direction. But that was his preference, much the same as Gabrielle's like for control. "Maybe you need a holiday," he said lightly. For her family, all she had to do was spin a globe, pick a country and pack a bag.

The way she said his name made him blink and the soft touch on his arm brought him down to Earth with a bump. "Oh," Raphael said softly, his full lips down turning to form a frown. Of course he hadn't treated her poorly. He did that often, making up scenarios to justify his downright creepy actions on her behalf. She hadn't asked him to collect her Valentine's Day mail or threaten her prospective partners. She hadn't requested that he walk her to and from her classes. Nor did she demand he be on call at all hours in case she needed something. He had been the one to take on the role of her personal assistant, secretary and bodyguard but why? Because it gave him an excuse to be useful to her.

"Congratulations," Rafe told Gabrielle as he tried hard to keep the pep out of his voice. He felt for her but sometimes, it was difficult. She didn't speak much to him at all but he found himself becoming angry at her. Raphael hated the luxury she'd been given. He didn't like it when she became exhausted from spending time with her hundreds of friends. Boo hoo. She was smart and pretty and everybody loved her, what a chore.  He especially didn't like it when she sighed about her chock-a-block love life, even when he brought it up. Maybe he had masochistic tendencies. It'd make a lot of sense.

"You'll be fine," he assured her, despite her not needing any. He learned years ago that an absence of a boyfriend in Gabrielle's life didn't necessarily mean that there was more room in it for him. He was always so frustrated with her. Rafe felt like she was pulling his strings, letting him close and then casting him out. His thoughts were always jumbled around her, like she was some sort of mystical creature. He found himself agreeing with what she said or thought, like she was puppeteer and he a marionette. She wanted him when it suited her. It was fucked up.

"Let's go," Raphael said briskly as he elegantly got to his feet. He didn't forget his manners as he bent down to take Gabrielle's hands in his and took the strain, his hold on her slender wrists firm as he pulled her up and let her go almost instantly like she'd just caught fire.

It wasn't so much a will-they-won't-they relationship so much as it was a which-one-will-snap-first. Gabrielle kept him as arms' length, no matter what he did. He was never a potential lover because Gabrielle Delacour didn't date boys like him. That was the phrase he'd overheard a while back from a group of her cronies. Then again, it'd probably do her well that he wasn't trying to bang the most popular girl in the school.

With his hands in his pockets, he waited for her to catch up before he traced the path back to the castle, guided by the moonlight. He might as well be honest. "I just wanted to see you," Rafe said truthfully as he paused, rocking his weight back onto his heels nonchalantly before deciding to carry on walking forward. There wasn't any point in gilding the lily. "I'm selfish, what can I say?" He replied casually, as though dragging her out into the cold in the dead of night was a normal thing to do. "And we haven't touched base in a while," Raphael commented hesitantly as he tried to feel his way around the situation. "I was just checking in. No big deal," he added breezily as he opened the heavy door for her to step inside


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