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Mildred Franklin [ Board Mod ]
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[home ec] ain't we got fun [all years]
« on: September 02, 2017, 06:30:16 PM »
Perfect. Simply perfect. Millie glanced down at her desk and nudged the end of her quill back into place, lining up evenly with the two quills next to it. Now everything was perfect. Millie moved around to the front of her desk and leaned back against it, one hand removing her reading glasses from her face and letting them fall gently against her chest, the chain connected to either leg of the frames particularly new and shiny around her neck.

Students entered the room in groups of twos and threes with the occasional single student filing in, and Mildred offered a small smile to them all in turn. Ernest had helped her put the finishing charms on her classroom; she had now been teaching in the same classroom for twenty years, and it had just needed something… more. He had been more than happy to surprise her with something and she glanced up at the enchanted ceiling, showing the sky she would be seeing if she was looking up in Savannah. It was nearing a storm, and Millie pulled her gaze away as another bolt of lightening ripped across from one cloud to the next.

She glanced at the ornate clock on the mantel to her left and nodded as she straightened up, folding her hands neatly together, clearing her throat before speaking clearly. “Welcome and welcome back.” Millie smiled, not letting her focus linger on any student more than a few seconds. Even though there were family members littered throughout the room, now that class had officially started, she wasn’t going to play favorites any more than necessary.

“We’re going to keep things simple today,” she continued, moving slowly through the rows of desks. “You’ll see that in each corner is a table, each with a different color of materials on it.” Red, blue, green, and yellow materials were laid out on each table, one color per table. The materials were a combination of powders, paints, glitters, and other things that would make anyone with white carpet nervous. “Pick a color and keep it even or I’ll be rearranging everyone. Introduce yourselves to everyone else and then we’ll continue.”

She waited until the students had abandoned their desks before using her wand to clear them out of the way, lined up neatly on the side of the classroom, the students’ things piled even neater on top of them.

[ooc: let’s try to make this a fast paced class! in millie’s next post, she’s going to instruct everyone to use the materials to make a mess at the other students and will give out house points for the most prevalent color. wands will not be permitted, and then there will be a part two: learning to clean with magic! so let’s get this started~]
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Mary Lou Bird [ Wampus ]
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Re: [home ec] ain't we got fun [all years]
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2017, 06:41:10 PM »
She had been saving this class, thinking it would be easier and more fun when she didn’t have C.H.E.P.I.s to worry about. Mary Lou was in the classroom as soon as the door was open and she slid easily into a seat at the front of the room, her hands folded in front of her on the desktop. “Have a good summer, Professor Franklin?” She tried to be friendly with all the professors, even if she wasn’t in any of their classes before today. It was all part of her very long plan to secure the Student Presidency next year.

After four cups of coffee at breakfast, she was ready to get things underway. She was bouncing her leg up and down under the desk and she turned around to look over her shoulder every time she heard a new shuffle of feet, a great big toothy smile offered to everyone she saw.

Lou nodded along as Professor Franklin spoke to them, sighing internally at the idea of keeping things simple today. That would be the best thing to ease back into the new year, thank goodness. She hid her confusion as she stood up, reaching the red corner before any other students could, wondering what on earth they were about to do.

But she flourished at their next task, to introduce themselves. “Mary Lou Bird,” she repeated, over and over again, even to those friends and students that she knew well, holding her hand out to those few she actually didn’t know.

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: [home ec] ain't we got fun [all years]
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2017, 04:50:21 AM »
          Sylvia ran a little frantically down the hall. Now that she knew where the class was, she had to make sure she was not late. It was her Great Aunt Millie class, she can’t be late. She stopped few feet from the door and checked her magical watch, five mins early. Sylvia breathed a sigh of relief. 

            Other classmates passed her as Sylvia smoothed down her hair, pulled down her jacket and straiten the seam of her skit. Things her mother always did before going over they went to Great Uncle Ernie and Great Aunt Millie’s House.  It was not that she was afraid of Millie, it just that she was a little … imposing? Well not really the right word.

          In truth, Great Aunt Millie was like an additional grandma to Sylvia. Because of which, Sylvia’s mother always reminded her to be on her best behavior, keeping her hands behind her back and ask before she touch anything at Ernie and Millie’s house. The only time that Great Aunt Millie ever spoke harshly to Sylvia was when her and her baby brother played chase through the kitchen, while Millie was preparing the holiday meal. It was enough to make Sylvia ask before she enter… well at least when she the Franklin Family cooking.

   Sylvia adjusted her book bag on her solder and followed two female classmates into the room. Great Aunt Millie was poised in front of her desk and Sylvia smiled at the new teacher. Silvia followed the other student’s examples and grabbed the first seat she saw empty. She placed her Home Economic book, notebook, quill and ink on the desk, just in case this class required note taking. Ready she sat with her hands in her lap. Her watch read 3 mins left.

         This was the one class Sylvia’s mother really wanted Sylvia to take, Home Economic Magic. Her mother said, “Wand or no wand, every witch has to know their way around the kitchen.” Yet it was the last class Sylvia decided on, reluctantly passing on other required electives. Sylvia was almost sure that her mother wanted to take the class with her. There were a few of Millie’s recipes that were the hit at during the holidays that her mother never could mimic or master. 

              “We’re going to keep things simple today…” Millie started the moment the class was scheduled, her glanced fell only a second on Sylvia. Then Millie walked down the aisle and directed their attention to the corner tables. Sylvia was surprised that she did not notice them on the way in.  She decided to choose her favorite color, green. When she slowly turns to go back to the desk, which was now missing, no-not missing silently pushed to the side on the room. She joined the semi-circle of student forming in the clear space and waited after the first few people introduced themselves before she followed.

                “Hi, my name is Sylvia… uh, Sylvia Crowne.” She looked at Millie to get reinsurance but Millie just looked to the next student. Sylvia looked back down to the make sure she did not spill anything. She still has to get used to having them as teaches not family, at least during class.
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dani [ Guest ]
Re: [home ec] ain't we got fun [all years]
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2017, 12:51:03 AM »
Daniela had picked Home Ec because she assumed it would be an easy pass. She wasn't a poor student, but she wasn't going to sit through and struggle with subjects she hated when she could pick ones that came more naturally. Having a mother who worked almost constantly throughout the summer left Dani to fend for herself most of the time, so she was a dab hand at mundane cooking and cleaning -- it was about time she learnt how to do it with magic, even if she couldn't use it outside school for another year or so.

The petite brunette was one of the last to enter the room, quickly taking a seat in the back row and crossing her arms over her chest. She spotted some familiar faces and some new ones.   Unlike some professors who seemed to think a new year spiel was needed every September, Professor Franklin got straight into it. Good. The Cuban hoped that this was how the lessons would continue. Too much talking without much doing and she tended to daydream.

At the mention of the colour-coded tables Daniela looked around the room, her eyes lingering on the green materials longest. When they were instructed to do so Dani got up along with the rest of her classmates, the room suddenly filled with the sound of chair legs scraping across the floor as they stood en masse. She wasted little time in heading for the green table, halfheartedly introducing herself as "Daniela." to faces new and old, smiling at the silliness of it when she was faced with a friend. In her selected corner she stood with her arms once more folded across her chest, waiting for further instruction.

Patrick Flaherty [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: [home ec] ain't we got fun [all years]
« Reply #4 on: October 12, 2017, 04:08:50 AM »
Home economic magic, a course Pat hadn't heard much about from his brother, was the first course listed on his morning timetable. Pat had had his eye on courses that would make his life on the ranch easier once he was able to use magic away from school, courses like magical husbandry husbandry or cryomagic, but this was his first bout with the magical world; he would have to make do. Gathering up his things after breakfast, Pat made his way to Professor Franklin's room where the course was to be held. He and a few of the other first year students who also had Home economic magic first followed the corridors through the school until they arrived at what they had to assume was the right place.

Entering the room, Pat saw it was hardly any different from a normal classroom he would have come to expect at his old no-maj school. The room had several tables with chairs in the middle of the class with four tables in each corner of the room. The one major difference between this room and a no-maj classroom was the ceiling. The ceiling was brilliant, just like the main hall or any other number of magical ceilings he had read about in some of his books over the summer. This ceiling though was very homey. It had the feel of the Texas gulf in the summer. He could see the large, angry storm clouds gathering, occasionally allowing a bolt of lightening to jump from one to another. The fury of the storm only moments from overtaking them. Realizing he could spend the entire lesson staring absentmindedly at the ceiling, Pat tore his eyes away and lighted them on the professor seated at the front of the room.

As she looked over at the clock on the wall, Pat listened to her welcome of the new and returning students. It seemed quite commonplace for the professors and staff members to welcome everyone back who was returning and extend their initial greetings to the new students. Everyone here seemed much nicer than Pat would have thought people from the north were. In Texas, everyone had such strange conceptions about the Yankees. Those weird people who lived up past Oklahoma. Pat and his brothers had grown up sheltered, never leaving the state except the year before to drop off his brother at school. It was strange to be in this new, northern home of his. Listening to the remaining introduction and instructions, Pat stood and made his way to the red corner where he found another student already standing near the table.

Hearing a quiet clatter behind him as he had moved to the table in the corner, Pat turned and looked over his shoulder. To his amazement, the desks he had just been sitting at were floating through the air to their new places along the wall. Pat was fascinated by magic, and this was some of the coolest he had seen in action so far. Plenty of people used magic during his opening weekend visit to the local town, but this was real magic, in action. He was so excited that he hardly noticed when the witch in the red corner introduced herself as Mary Lou Bird. Bird, Bird, why did the name seem so familiar? It only took Pat a minute to remember the horribly terrifying experience where his tongue had grown nearly ten times its size from a sweet someone named Bird had offered him. Indigently, Pat looked at Mary Lou and said, "Are you related to Betsy Mae Bird? She nearly killed me this summer with some magical candies. Hopefully there's nothing too dangerous in this corner or I may need to move to another group." Pat still remembered the fear of that moment, a fear which had caused him to forget himself. His manners were part of who he was, who his parents had raised him to be. Remembering himself, Pat shook his head, attempting to start over. "I apologize, I shouldn't be so rude Miss Mary Lou." Extending his hand to shake, Pat smiled and said "Howdy, I'm Patrick Flaherty, but you can call me Pat." He hoped his second try would be less abrasive to his color corner mate.

Melanie Moraes [ Wampus ]
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Re: [home ec] ain't we got fun [all years]
« Reply #5 on: December 17, 2017, 10:26:09 AM »
"No I didn't, stop saying that," Mel swatted at her foster brother crossly as they made their way towards Home Ec, "And if you don't like the class why'd you even sign up?" The sixth year rolled her eyes as they swung into the classroom; it wasn't easy to get Mellie annoyed, but you'd find yourself on her bad list (and off it within the next twenty minutes) pretty quickly if you slighted the things she loved. Sending Professor Franklin a beaming smile, she grabbed a seat close to the centre of the classroom and crossed her ankles primly, ignoring any further jabs from her foster sibling.

She was still admiring the enchanted ceiling rather distractedly when Professor's instructions came. Mel stuck her tongue out at the older boy, who immediately fled to the blue corner after giving her a cheeky grin. He was so annoying! Ugh, boys. I'm never dating one ever. Those were the girl's rather savage thoughts as she slowly rose from where she was seated, trying to decide on which corner to go to.

She wanted to pick red, since that was her favourite colour, but the yellow table looked so sad with less students choosing it that Mellie felt like she had to go over to the yellow table instead. She glanced a little regretfully at the red table where her friend @Mary Lou Bird was, but she was also determined to make the best of the situation and hopefully make a new friend or two. "Hi!" She said brightly, giving a little wave, "I'm Mellie, but I guess most of you probably know that already." Smiling, and completely unaware of how that statement might sound arrogant to some, she picked up a tube of gold glitter and started fiddling with it, waiting for the next set of instructions to be delivered.

[late but mellie wanted to post in her favourite class~]

Leah Miller [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: [home ec] ain't we got fun [all years]
« Reply #6 on: August 14, 2018, 02:49:48 AM »
Introduce myself? How am I going to introduce myself to people I don't know? The only person I know here is Sylvia. Why couldn't we just write something down on a notecard and give it to the professor? It would make me feel a lot better than having to bumble my way through introductions to people. She sighed softly, trying to push her nervousness away by reminding herself that she only had to give her name to her classmates and then she could drown herself in the assignment and not have to talk to people for the rest of class.

"I'm Leah," I said, looking at the rest of my classmates, "and, it's nice to meet everyone." She inwardly sighed in relief when her short introduction was over. Now, she could focus on what the assignment was going to be. Her attention was directed to the items on each of the tables set up in the corners of the room. Red, blue, yellow, and green powders, paints, glitters, and other supplies were laid out. Apparently, she was supposed to pick a color and have fun with the materials. It was a good thing she chose primarily black uniforms, though every one of those colors would still probably show up on black, even if white was worse. She got up from her desk, leaving her things sitting there, and made her way to the blue table where there was no one. She took stock of the items on the table and began wondering about each of them, getting lost in her thoughts.


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