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Author Topic:  (Common Rm) The blue faced girl {OPEN}  (Read 518 times)

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Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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(Common Rm) The blue faced girl {OPEN}
« on: September 04, 2017, 05:08:24 PM »
     The late afternoon light created pale ovals which danced across Silvia’s paper as she attempted to take notes on today’s Wizards of History reading assignment A History of Magic. Wizards of History has proven to be her most difficult class. Memorizing dates and names was not her forte, although this only made her try harder. When she read the pages, they seemed to melt out of her brain and she failed to retain any information. After rereading the the same pages a fro the third time she final decided on trying a different method. This way she will have notes for quick review but It took a lot of time.

     She paused for a min and leaned back in her chair and stretched looking up at the ceiling as a jelly fish floated across the North Courtyard pool. Her face contorted as she tried to stifle an uncontrollable yawn. She looked longingly at the archway to the female dorms. She could do with a nap, but did not want to miss dinner. Her stomach would never forgive her. She checked the magical clock on the wall. The hour hand sat in the middle of afternoon free time.

     She sighed and turned back to her book. After reading another paragraph, she re-dipped her quill and scratched out another name on her notebook. Another yawn escaped her lips and this time she cried to cover it wither quill hand, unknowingly smearing blue ink in her lips and chin. She blinked twice. She decided that note taking was putting her asleep. She closed her text book and set her wet quill down to dry next to her note book. She thought about what else was on her to due list, but was not sure if she would far any more well with any other subject. The combination of being excited and sleeping in a strange place have left her a little sleep deprived.

     She stood up and glanced across the Horned Serpent common room in hopes to find something to keep herself occupied and awake until dinner.
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Love Daniels [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: (Common Rm) The blue faced girl {OPEN}
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2017, 08:02:07 PM »

She spoke softly from her spot in the corner of the common room, grey eyes squinting behind the frame of her glasses. Love took a breath, reaching up to rub her shoulder before reaching back down to replace the string of her violin. She hated to change the strings herself but she wasn’t back at Iron House to ask someone else too. It always took way more time than she was willing to give. Her eyes drifted to the pages of sheet music she had spread out on the small table next to her.

She was nearly done with her very first composition but before she could go on she had to restring her violin. The Serpent had to admit that of all the things given to her by her grandparents the violin was the only held close to her heart. She loved the soothing music and the way her soul felt at ease. She loved having her mind go blank and her worries to simply wash away. It was the stuff of legends and dreams and for it she was thankful.

Her gaze rose to see another student in the common room as she finished, she thought she’d been alone. Her mind had been so consumed with fixing her strings that she failed to realize someone had been there the entire time. “Hi…” She spoke softly as the instrument was rested in the case which rested on the table. She spotted the other girls working area and gave a gentle smile “Taking a break? Or all tired out?” She reached out to gather up her sheet music as she asked. She knew what it was like to need a break. “What are you working on?”

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Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: (Common Rm) The blue faced girl {OPEN}
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2017, 11:23:04 PM »
          The common room was a wired combination of deep ocean, museum and library, which reminded her of a description she once read of the lost city of Atlantis. The room also left her with an unsettle feeling that she should be holding her breath or at any moment she would fall through the glass floor and drown. Although usually full of students, room was empty this afternoon. Most of her classmates where apparently took to the library to complete their assignments or outside, enjoying a warm autumn afternoon. Sylvia eyes fell on a board of wizard’s chess left mid game. The royal pieces were currently holding court on the board, while the scattered ponds where making rude jesters to each other.

          An abruptly end, alerted Sylvia to a soft repeating melody playing in the back ground. She glances to an opposite corner of the room, to find a frowning dark-haired, grey eyed girl setting down a violin and bow and rubbed her own shoulder. The girl glanced down at what appears to be sheet notes scattered around her, before looking up and noticing Sylvia.

          Love's soft greeting, startled Sylvia. Sylvia did not mean to rudely stare, and took a second before she attempted to response, “Oh, ummm. Hello, I ah….” Her reply was interrupted with another a yawn, which she stifled with the back of her hand. Lucky the grey eyed girl, Love continued the conversation with Sylvia in a very friendly manor, which put Sylvia more at ease.

           “Well yes, both. I….” Sylvia started answered before glancing at the violin with the haywire string. “Was that you playing? It was a beautiful. Have you been playing long?” Sylvia quickly crossed the room, causing a school fish below the glass to dart into some freshwater kelp. Sylvia pushed up her red glasses and took a better look at the Love's violin before she started to excitedly ramble, “I only play the piano, a little of my dad’s guitar and my... I mean a flute, but my mother plays a violin. I never got the hang of getting the notes to come out right. Sounds more like my cat’s calls, when I play it.” She pointed to violin. “Oh, your violin looks a lot older then my mom’s. May I see it?”

          Sylvia sparking green-hazel eyes looked up at the grey eyed girls face, and before she remembers her manners. “I am sorry. My name is Sylvia Crowne,” giving a blue inked framed smile while holding out her hand.

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Love Daniels [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: (Common Rm) The blue faced girl {OPEN}
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2017, 05:22:13 PM »
As with most contagious things Love lifted a hand to conceal the yawn that followed the one given by the younger girl. She hasn’t realized exactly how tired she was until that very yawn and suddenly a nap seemed the best idea. Her hand rose up to push the frame of her glasses farther up on her nose, grey eyes soft and kind as she gave the girl another soft smile. She had never been the type of person to make friends easily. She was shy and had a t3ndancy to stutter when stressed so that made her keep to herself. Being alone wasn't as bad as she would think she had done it for half her life after all.

Her cheeks ran hot as the younger girl mentioned the few notes she'd played earlier to test her strings. Her gaze dropped to the violin which was tucked away safely before back up into her face. “I..well…y-yes that was me.” Once more her glasses were adjusted on the bridge of her nose as she took a much needed calming breath. “Thank you, I’ve been trying to restring for a bit now and tested the sound.” She relaxed a bit as the conversation drifted and she nodded a bit. “I don’t enjoy the piano as much as the violin.” Her head tilted to the side slightly, “is the flute hard to play?” She had always been curious and this seemed good a time as any to feed that curiosity. Her laugh was gentle as she thought of those days when she’d first started playing and how awful she'd sounded.

“I’ve been playing for several years now but in the beginning I doubt it was such a beautiful melody as I can compose now.” Her gaze rested on the Stradivarius for a long moment before she reached to remove it carefully from blue velvet that protected it. “It is pretty old…so please be gentle…” the instrument was held it as she gave a warm smile, “Love, my name…is Love.”

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: (Common Rm) The blue faced girl {OPEN}
« Reply #4 on: December 09, 2017, 10:14:12 AM »
         “I think the flute is the easiest interment. Well it was for me anyway. Once you find the correct position to hold it and what fingers... make what notes, you can play just fine. Well, I guess the longer held notes are hard, and finding the right place to breath with in a peace. My mother taught me how to practice blowing. I sometimes try to hold a note as long as possible.” Sylvia prides her self on how long she could hold a note, but she tried to stopped herself before she bragged.

        When Love introduced herself to Sylvia, for only a second Sylvia was confused. Sylvia had never heard of Love being an actual given name, yet she decided not to point it out. Instead just saying, “It is great to meet you, ... Love.”.  “My family sells some violins. Well, they are mostly known for pianos, but violins are very popular too.” She said trying to explain her infatuation with Love’s investment, while she gingerly received the Love’s violin

          She continues to ramble on while examining the Violin. “My family said that musical interments are a little like wands. They tend to work better for the people that own them, as well as love and take care of them.” Sylvia almost believe it has to be true, for she liked to think she had a special relationship with her flute. In a way the relationship with her flute feels similar to her wand. Like a familiarity or a love felt more than one way.

         Sylvia gently rotated the violin in her hand, examining the craftsmanship and the seams of the interments. Sylvia trying to remember the details that her Grandmother pointed out. It was old, yet very well taken care of. She examined the back of the neck. The faded carved logo at the bottom of the neck of the violin was not like her family’s logo, but she could not make out the letters clearly. While handing it back to its owner, she announced, “It is beautiful.” Sylvia glanced at the open blue velvet case but did not see any more clues, so she  asked out load, “Where was it made?”

Love Daniels [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: (Common Rm) The blue faced girl {OPEN}
« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2018, 12:21:43 AM »
Love watched with intent interest as the younger Serpent spoke about playing the flute. What Sylvia made sense and in a way Love could see why the instrument could be both easy to play and very difficult. Whenever she had watched the orchestra with her grandmother on the television, Love had always wondered how people were able to hold such long notes and as she spoke with this younger girl she found it wasn’t fairly hard to understand. “I don’t think I could play the flute or any other instrument now that I’ve found the violin.”

“It’s nice to meet you as well. Yes, I know. I wish I could tell you over the story of how I got my name, but, my grandparents don’t know the story.” It was what she said after introducing herself, which led to more questions. The fifth year held a sad expression for a moment as she thought about how she might never know the story. Her hand rose to adjust her glasses once and the older girl pulled herself from her own thoughts. “I go to instrument stores and look at all the different violins they have.” It was like her window shopping only she never intended to buy anything.

“I can agree with your family. I don’t think that we pick our instruments, we like to think that we do but it’s all really based off feel.” She was rambling because this subject was one she could talk about for hours. “I like to think that the violin picked me…” It had been in the soft music she produced that she had slowly understood what it was like to feel close to something other than herself. Music had changed her life and in she has found a love that felt pure and whole.

Love placed the violin back in the case carefully before her expression became thoughtful. “I believe Italy?” She couldn’t be sure, “I’m told it’s a family heirloom. If I remember, it was gifted to the mother of my great grandmother and has been handed down…with mothers teaching daughters…” She hadn’t hand the luxury but she could imagine how it felt, “…but I mostly learned on my own when grandmother wasn’t teaching me.”

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: (Common Rm) The blue faced girl {OPEN}
« Reply #6 on: February 10, 2018, 02:43:49 AM »
          Although Sylvia did not mean to ask, Love guessed the question her in her head. Why was she named Love? Although it was a very common word, Sylvia had never heard it used as a name. Love’s short explanations, or more precisely lack of explanation, alluded to a sore spot from the frequently asked and missing parents who failed to explain the decision of the name. Sylvia was glad she did not linger on the question. Although she was curious of the current home situation, she did not want to bring anything up. At least, not when they just met.

            Sylvia had let herself ramble on about her family musical instrument business, thinking at first it was save subject. But now that she took a breath, she realize that it too might be tackles to mention her family ties. It was clear that Love did not have much of her family still alive. Something Sylvia could not imagine.

           Grasping at any subject left without addressing the HUGE questions bouncing around like a excited dog in Sylvia’s brain, Sylvia proclaimed, “Wow! Italy?... Um” She tried to dredge up any relating information she know on that subject. “That is amazing.” I am bad at this. Think… think. She nervously glanced down and tucked her hair back behind her ears. Like a switch, a thought occurred to her and she bent her head down to look more closely at the violin sitting up in its case. “Could it be possible made in Cremona, Italy?”

           After a moment she stood up, realizing that she was not be able to decipher anything she could not a few minutes ago, when she was holding it. “That area of Europe are known to makes the best and most expensive violins in the world. My Great-Great Grandfather traveled to Scotland to learn how to make his. I think they call it a fiddle there although it is the same interment. Well I think it is my great, great….” Sylvia held out her figures as if counting the generations. She stopped mid count, realizing she was talking about her family again. She decide to try to change the subject. “Anyways. I taught myself how to play. You should be proud of it. No one in my family plays the flute… well that I know of. My mother DID showed me the basics, but she doesn’t count. I mean, she plays everything,” She rolled her eyes, “but she let me teach myself. I liked it that way. She always tells me to practice in my room, but I like playing in the woods.”

           Sylvia eyes which had become glazed and focused over Love’s left shoulder as if a personal memory played there, now slid back to Love’s face. “I am sorry.” The words poured out without her meaning to say them. SHOOT! Now she had to think of something to be sorry about. She decided on the truth. “I keep on talking and rambling on about my family,” But the sentence hung in the air as if unfinished.

           Sylvia decided to ask. “SO,… your grandmother, did teach you a little? Do you live with her?” Sylvia internally chastised herself. She should have asked where she live. That would have been a better subject.
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