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Anders Lidström [ Tigrova ]
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Enter Sandman {Konrad}
« on: September 05, 2017, 01:30:13 PM »
If there was one person Anders dreamed about regularly, it was his mother. She was arguably his favorite person in the whole world, and she died nearly every night in his dreams. Each night he would close his eyes, hoping that he might escape what he’d come to consider his own personal hell. The dream usually started in the same way, too. They would be in the family car, a little blue sedan, singing and laughing along to bad muggle music on their way to drop Anders off at a sleepover, and in those first few moments, the wizard always felt euphoric just as he had that night. But, just like the car crash itself, the dream turned into a nightmare over and over again. 

Tonight was no exception as the redhead sat up twisting in his sheets, still fighting to distinguish between dream and reality. He was soaked in sweat and his heart felt like it might actually succeed in either hammering out of his chest, or climbing up his throat. He did not have a chance to figure out which way it would go, before his stomach was clenching painfully, sending him bolting to the lavatory.

Having emptied his stomach, and splashed his face with some water in an effort to calm himself down the sixteen year old held his breath and peered back into the inky darkness that enveloped his dorm room. After waiting a beat he called softly to his brother, “Konrad?” praying to Merlin that he would not get a response.  Anders hated when he woke people up, especially Konrad, who worried about him too much already. Breathing a near silent breath of relief at having heard no reply so far, Anders tiptoed his way back to his bed, ready to pass the night staring up at the canopy above his bed.

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Re: Enter Sandman {Konrad}
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2017, 01:36:22 PM »
 Sleeping soundly was kind of his thing and tonight was no differently. He sometimes had nightmares, sometimes he had good dreams, sometimes he didn't remember them at all. Unlike his brother Konrad's bad dreams were usually the ones he played out during the day. The hopes and wishes and things he could never have because of all that had happened to them. Those were the things that haunted him. He could snore like it was no ones business too, the boys in his dorm probably had to wear ear plugs just to get some solid shut eye but he couldn't help it. When Anders rushed out of bed and to the bathroom he barely even turned over, one arm flopping off of his chest and falling off of the bed, he didn't noticed that either.

Even when Anders called out to him in the night it barely even registered. Instead his dream (tonight was a very good one) ended up meshing uncomfortably with reality and suddenly his annoying little brother was crashing the hot springs party. "No Aneta don't go." He said softly, wishing for the Polish super-modelling witch to stay exactly where she was and for Anders to get the hell out. He tried to push the vision of the red head out of his mind, turning over on to his side, and then he sprung up quickly. He was startled, his eyes were fuzzy and his mind was still reeling from the tiny little bikini but he wasn't sleeping anymore. He turned to look in the dark toward where he knew Ander's bed was.

"What, what is it, whats wrong?"

He was awake now.

Anders Lidström [ Tigrova ]
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Re: Enter Sandman {Konrad}
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2017, 01:40:06 PM »

He had woken Konrad up somehow after all.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Anders suppressed a sigh and rolled over so he could peek through the curtain surrounding his bed “Nothing, I was trying to not wake you up. Go back to sleep” he whispered into the inky blackness. He felt terrible for waking his brother up, especially when he had been trying to do the opposite.

He could feel Konrad’s stare despite not being able to actually see him. Gods was he tired he realized as he yawned too bad he would not be getting to sleep easily tonight. When it became clear that Konrad was not going to give in that easily, the redhead sighed softly and muttered, “It was the usual nightmare…” He swore he could still hear the old car radio playing faintly in the back of his mind. Anders hated talking about his dreams with Konrad, largely because those conversations took place in the middle of the night, when they both should have been sleeping. It was bad enough that Konrad was always worrying about him as it was, depriving him of his sleep was too much, even for Anders. His nightmares were his problems, and he never liked admitting to anyone that they bothered him so often and so much. Above all though, he hated the thought of making them anyone else’s problem, letting them see just how weak and fragile he felt, despite appearing otherwise during the day.

His gut instinct was to roll back over faking sleep in hopes that Konrad would give up and do the same, but Anders also knew that the odds were low in that regard. It was more likely that Konrad would not leave him alone until he had gotten it out of him. His default reaction was still to push everyone away, to isolate himself in his own guilt and misery which was easier than trying to identify and talk about all the feelings he had by far.

“Like I said, I’m sorry I woke you – go back to sleep, I’m fine” He said, repeating himself, still staring out into the dark, still hoping Konrad would buy it and leave him be.

Konrad Lidström [ Tigrova ]
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Re: Enter Sandman {Konrad}
« Reply #3 on: September 05, 2017, 02:27:05 PM »
Before Ander's even confessed it Konrad had a feeling he knew what was the matter. It happened more than either one of them wanted to admit out loud but that never stopped Konrad from trying to be there for him. He hated to call him out on it, put him on the spot, possibly embarrass him but sometimes it happened anyway. He rubbed at his eyes and tried to get the sleepy little orbs of light to stop moving around in them as he focused his vision toward Anders again. He woke up slowly but he was trying. Yawning now the taller boy cracked his neck and then stretched his arms.

"Nope, I'm up now." He said even though honestly he could go right back to sleep if he knew that Anders would of been able to do the same. Some how he doubted it. Maybe the red head would fake it, roll over, maybe even though in a few pretend snores just for dramatic flare, but Konrad wouldn't believe it for a second. He grabbed his wizard's watch off of the night stand and slapped it to his wrist where it latched itself and there was a soft green back light that glowed for a moment so he could read the time.

"Damn its early."

He pushed the covers off with his legs and sat up in bed for a moment, back leaning against the head board as the words came to mind. "Do you wanna' talk about it?" He asked softly, just over a whisper, in case any of their other dorm mates were awake. He knew the answer was probably going to be a no so he barely waited for an answer before continuing. "Or would you rather hear about my dream?" He smirked, that impossibly handsome, face illuminating smirk of his, but it was wasted on the darkness.

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Re: Enter Sandman {Konrad}
« Reply #4 on: September 05, 2017, 03:08:16 PM »
Recognizing defeat when he saw it Anders gave in, throwing back the curtains around his bed and sitting up to dangle his legs over the edge “What time is it?” He whispered, not keen on waking anyone else. Judging by the darkness in the room, it was very early, but part of him had to know, too. Especially because the guilt of waking his brother up was still washing over him. However, a small part of him did appreciate that his brother was trying to support him, without giving him a hard time for it.

He knew that Konrad was likely lying about being ‘up now’ and briefly debated calling out on his bullshit, but quickly decided against it, not wanting to get into a row in the middle of the night. That would do either of them exactly zero favors with their dorm mates, who already had to put up with them during the day. The thought made Anders smile ever so slightly. It was not common for brothers to be in the same year, and although they had come there by some horrible circumstances, Anders did feel a bit lucky that they had at least ended up together.

At his brother’s next question the redhead shook his head instinctively, before replying in his own whisper “I’d say yes, except it’s no different than the other times...” He trailed off, feeling uncomfortable with even broaching the subject, but feeling somewhat compelled to do so “this time we were going to the zoo” he said with a soft but bitter laugh. The format was always the same, but for some reason the destination was usually different from what it had been that day, and he had no idea why. Letting his description end there Anders turned his attention to Konrad’s other offering. “Where were you this time? And how hot was she?” he asked knowingly. It was a good thing Konrad was good at spinning at tale. 

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Re: Enter Sandman {Konrad}
« Reply #5 on: November 30, 2017, 06:25:41 PM »
"Nearly four." The older of the two brother's answered, doing his best to keep the resentment out of his voice. Of course he couldn't really be upset with Ander's for waking him up, it wasn't like the other boy wanted to have nightmares, but that didn't mean waking up hours before he had to sucked any less. Konrad's head tilted back against the soft grain of his wooden four poster and he let his eyes drift back to closed as Ander's spoke. Hearing him tell the same story again and again never got any easier for either one of them but at least Kon only had to hear about it. Ander's had had to actually live through it. He swallowed hard, his throat dry and morning breath heavy on his tongue. "That sucks..." The soft reply was accompanied with an empathetic look that reached his eyes. He knew the road was going to be long for them but he also knew that they would get to the end because they had one another. Konrad clung to that idea, it kept him going. If they were lucky losing their parents would be the hardest thing either one of them would ever have to go through and they were far from healed but he had to believe these little moments helped them. Even if they always seemed to happen at ungodly hours of the morning.

Yawning through the smile that fell back onto his face at the mention of his dream he sat up and swung his own legs off of the bed. Elbows resting on his knees Konrad let his arms fall between his legs casually and he looked up toward where Anders was sitting in a somewhat similar fashion. It was dark but he was waking up and his eyes were starting to adjust and the faint glow from his watch was pointed in the direction of his brother now. "Well lets just say Ms. Nowak was not dressed for a dinner party, if you know what I mean." He winked into the darkness, he had charisma that could shine through a shadow and continued. "And there wasn't a whole lot of talking either." He was bragging like some how he had made some conquest which couldn't be further from the truth. Anastazja Nowak was a popular witch in the mainstream wizarding world but Konrad really only knew who she was because of her alluring cover on 'Wizarding Welterweight', his favorite of the magical sporting magazines. Konrad liked stood up abruptly and in one swift (and well practiced) motioned he managed to ruffle Ander's hair, push him lightly, and move away before chuckling.

"That's all you get" He said as he stood in the space between their two beds and stretched out widely. He was definitely up now and that meant it was time to start the morning and he laughed again as the thought came to him. "You woke me up and now you owe me a run." Each and every morning Konrad woke up early enough to run outside, despite the weather or how much sleep he didn't get. The routine of it kept him grounded and it cleared his mind. He was constantly trying to convince his brother to pick up some kind of exercise regime but today he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Come on, get dressed."

Anders Lidström [ Tigrova ]
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Re: Enter Sandman {Konrad}
« Reply #6 on: December 02, 2017, 02:10:20 AM »

Anders couldn’t stop the involuntary grimace that flitted over his features. The boy was suddenly glad for the darkness, hoping that it had been able to mask his reaction from Konrad. At his brother’s sympathy Anders shrugged slightly, as though the physical reaction would somehow shake the nightmares from his consciousness. “It’s fine” he whispered back, despite the fact that they both knew it wasn’t. He hated the way that Konrad looked at him when he’d had a nightmare, even though the eldest Lidström didn’t mean for it to feel pitying, Anders couldn’t stop himself from resenting the well-meaning gesture, as it only made him angrier with himself more often than not. He almost always felt like a burden to his brother at times like these.

Anders fought to stifle the yawn that was threatening to overtake the amused grin on his face and failed. The chuckle that would have met his brother’s description was mutated into a soft scoff as he teased his brother “As if you could get Anastazja Nowak to tell you the time, let alone take off her clothes.” He rolled his eyes at his brother’s wink, appreciating the bit of embellishment even if it made his brother a ham. He broke away from his own inner amusement for a minute to ask an important question “Wait a minute…you promised you’d let me read that issue after you were done. Where is it?” He hissed, somewhat urgently “Did you lend it to Ivan again? You know he never returns anything.” It was a silly thing to be getting worked up about at four in the morning, but Anders hated when he got shorted because Konrad was being nice. Especially to Ivan.

As Konrad ruffled his hair and shoved him back onto his bed, the sixteen year old let out an indignant grunt before sitting up and lashing out with a foot in hopes of connecting with his brother’s backside. Despite his annoyance, Anders would never admit that it was the little things that made it feel like they might be somewhere around normal, that they weren’t practically orphans with a dead mother, and a father who might as well be. “Jerk” he grumbled good naturedly as he yawned again, in response to his brothers demand. There was a very large part of Anders that wanted to tell his brother to piss off, and to crawl back into bed, but the other and more reasonable part of him reminded his other half that sleeping meant another likely nightmare and he did wake Konrad up, there was no denying that on this very early morning.

Narrowing his eyes Anders sat on his bed, silently defiant for a moment before the urge to brush his teeth and use the bathroom had him moving in spite of himself. As he began rifling through the clothes on the floor, and the cleaner ones in his trunk looking for something to keep him warm in the morning chill Anders wondered how far they would end up running this morning, and if it was possible to run with one’s eyes closed, or while asleep. Satisfied with the garments in his hands, Anders punched his brothers shoulder as he scooted towards the bathroom, aiming to get there first while delivering another challenge “I bet I can best your mile.” Anders wasn’t sure that was exactly true, but being the younger sibling, he almost felt obligated to try and get under Konrad’s skin sometimes, even at four in the morning.

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Re: Enter Sandman {Konrad}
« Reply #7 on: February 01, 2018, 11:46:01 PM »
Konrad couldn't help but laugh a little when Ander's began to poke holes in the story of his dream. It was true the super model witch probably wouldn't of given him a second glance in real life but they weren't talking about real life. In his dreamscape Konrad was the king, he made the rules, and he got all the babes. It was a far better place than the nightmare world Anders was forced to visit most nights. "Yeah he does.... sometimes.... no your right, he never does." Konrad answered in bits and pieces as the realization that he was never going to see the glossy images of his one true love on the cover of that magazine ever again. A small smirk crossed his face before being replaced with a shudder as another thought crossed his mind: what Ivan was doing with said prized magazine.

"Trust me Ders, you don't want that magazine after what Ivan's gonna' do with it...." His tone drew a picture that any dirty minded teenage boy could probably understand before he got up from the bed and was nearly tripped. Stumbling slightly before returning to his stretch he replied easily to his younger brother's words. "Bitch" Even as another smile caused his dimples to indent upon his face tired face. Konrad had to move around in order to wake up, he wasn't as slow moving as some of their other dorm mates but he didn't just wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed either. Especially not when he was abruptly woken at fore in the morning. Nope, certainly not then. Moving around the dorm room as Anders rummaged through his things the thought of getting to the bathroom first seemed to occur to him at nearly exactly the same time as the other wizard and soon it was a race to the tiles.

"Yeah I doubt that little bro." He said softly, just before the mad dash began but quickly followed up as he rushed for the door. "Maybe if we strap rockets to your back!" He said, louder than he'd meant to as he shoved Anders' back playfully away from the door and dove into it. Just before slamming it shut he shot off one more insult. "But probably not even then." And then the door shut and Konrad felt a surge of pride as it's lock clicked into place. He loved winning but he especially loved winning against Anders. It must of been a brother thing. Realizing once he'd gotten into the room that he didn't have his new clothes he slid the wand that was always tucked into some pocket of his clothing down and began to Accio them. He always wore the same pair of red sweat pants on runs, thankful to the house elves for laundering them daily, so that was easy enough to summon. He heard them smack against the outside of the door and unlocked it to reach for them quickly.

Of course this left just enough of an opening for Anders to push his way in, if was feeling particularly competitive that morning. If not, Konrad would finish getting dressed and emerge from the room soon enough.


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