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Oksana Krylova [ Board Mod ]
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Health and Safety! [all years]
« on: September 10, 2017, 07:40:32 PM »
New year, new position, new headmaster...and some new students as well, of course. Oksana had decided to deal with classes a little differently now that the Ministry had replaced that insane woman with someone who seemed to be relatively sane, which basically meant that she wasn't going to set fully-grown dragons on her students until such time as she felt they would be at least reasonably equipped to deal with them. Instead, in advance of her first lesson she had informed all students they they were to write a short paragraph describing what they felt was their greatest achievement in this class to date. This would serve a dual purpose - it would tell her which aspects of the class had been the most memorable, and it would also look like she was actually organised, which despite being head of Drakonya Krov now, Oksana Viktorovna most decidedly was not. Still, she had a nice pile of papers which she had already glanced through that would from the basis of her first lesson.

This was being held in the classroom adjoining the dragon stables; in fact the room that had been used for dragonology classes last year. She had set up the desks in a slightly haphazard fashion, while two students could sit at each desk, they weren't forming neat rows and weren't even all directly facing the front of the room. She figured this would save time when she asked the students to discuss something, because they wouldn't need to move their desks around too much.

She had also enlisted the help of a couple of colleagues in creating four realistic illusions of different dragon species. They were approximately a quarter of full size, one in each of the four corners of the room. For the moment the professor was seated at her desk, and to Oksana's left was a Welsh Green that pawed the ground and snorted. At the back left of the room was a Ukranian Ironbelly, which appeared to be curled up and dozing. The back right contained the illusion of a Swedish Short-Snout which periodically breathed illusory fire which shot out a couple of feet into the room before dissippating, and to her right was her personal favourite, the Namibian Nightwing, which appeared to be in the act of just taking to the air. She was pleased to see the students' differing reactions as they entered; some were surprised, some visibly pleased and a few had the good sense to reassure the younger ones that these were illusions. One student even began an explanation of how you could tell they weren't real. Once they had all entered she clapped her hands and stood, taking a few steps to stand in front of her desk.

"Good morning, and welcome to Dragon Flying. As you may have guessed, today will NOT be a practical session but instead we will be discussing some of the differences between species. Well done to those of you who correctly guessed that these dragons are merely illusions and cannot harm you; but don't worry, you'll be meeting the real dragons next week." She paused and scanned the room "Now, you have all given me your parchments describing what you believe to be your greatest achievement in this class to date; we will be discussing those later. My greatest achievement last year was not setting a dragon on our previous headmistress, but you won't hear me say that" she winked, and resumed a stern expression.

"Now I want to know something a little different. Take a look at the four dragons here, and decide which of them you would prefer to fly. Then I want you each to go and stand beside the dragon you have chosen. You may discuss it with your classmates if you wish but I don't want anyone to make the choice just because your friend thinks it's a good idea." She smirked. "Now, go!"

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Re: Health and Safety! [all years]
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 04:22:14 PM »
This had to be the first time Misha Nikiforov was actively dreading Dragon Flying class. Normally, he would be the first to arrive with a spring in his step and it was the one class the Krov might be listed as one of the top students in his year. He even held the rare distinction of achieving his flying permit as early as fourth year. However, today he walked across the Durmstrang grounds with a scowl etched on his handsome features and his movements were so slow they were practically non-existent. Misha was dreading stepping into that room, the room where his mother had taught during the last year of her life, it had been that job which ultimately led to her demise several months ago. The sixth year repeater hated Durmstrang and everyone in it.

Since it was a rather cold day the eighteen year old had opted to wear the school issued black trousers, a white shirt and a tie with the Drakonya Krov colours embedded on it. They were covered by a thick red jumper, which offered some comfort from the Baltic elements surrounding him. “Bloody stupid school and stupid weather” he muttered to himself darkly. Of course it wasn’t really the weather that annoyed the Russian male. He was actually used to it by now, this being his seventh year at the wizarding institute; Misha just wanted something to complain about.

When he finally arrived at the classroom the sixth year’s expression briefly softened. In spite of himself, there was pain in his hazel eyes as his mind flashed back to memories of his beloved mother in this room the year before. However, this soon disappeared and the scowl returned even more pronounced than before. He stormed to a seat at the back of the room and sat his back on the desk with force that led to a rather audible bang. It was then he remembered the task Oksana Krylova had assigned them, the task he had neglected to do. Misha was sure the woman was about to punish him for his uncharacteristic disobedience, but who cared? What were a few lost chips and a detention to him? It had been a stupid task anyway.

The eighteen year old proceeded to eye the illusions along the side of the room keenly. He instantly identified them as illusions in spite of the fact he was normally rather rubbish at the subject. The Russian had the advantage of knowing Dragons extremely well and thus he realised they were much too big to be miniature dragons, like his beloved Sofiya, and much too small to be the larger version of each breed. The dragon’s features also seemed much too mature for them to be fledglings that were still in the process of growing up. So illusions it was.

“Perhaps you should have” he grumbled, just loud enough for the person next to him to hear, when Oksana joked about refraining from setting dragons on the Vulchanova woman. That certainly would have saved them all from the mad woman’s breakdown at the end of last term and more importantly would have saved his mother’s life. When she gave them their final instructions he nodded before considering the question. Ultimately, he made his way over to the Ukranian Ironbelly. “My father always said he found them to be one of the toughest breeds to tame, but ultimately one of the best companions one could have when they learnt to trust you.” He answered in a gruff tone when questioned about his decision.

((Sorry he’s being so bratty and of course feel free to punish him as Oksana sees fit for not completing his task))

Zviad Gogoladze [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: Health and Safety! [all years]
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2017, 04:27:30 PM »
Dragon Flying... Zviad grinned as he made his way to the class. He had been delighted to get the opportunity to write a paragraph on his greatest achievement in this class for Oksana Viktorovna. It was no secret that during the brief time that he studied at Durmstrang he had not exactly grown overly fond of professor Krylova. The former Rayasov did not trust in Oksana Viktorovna's teaching abilities. Hence the boy had written 'my greatest achievement in Dragon Flying is that I stayed alive when Oksana Viktorovna's wards broke down and the Namibian Nightwing was free to pick students for its dessert.'

How this particular professor had been made head of her house was beyond Zviad. However, he was more than relieved that she was not head of the house he was in. While the Georgian did not feel like a part of the Klyk Vampira house he could now see the benefits of this house. It was odd how some things suddenly made perfect sense even if they had seemed entirely random before.

The fact that today's lesson was taking place in a classroom rather than outside seemed to be an evidence for a class that was actually not life threatening. As Zviad stepped over the threshold he immediately spotted the illusions. Maybe professor Krylova was not allowed to handle real dragons anymore? It would make sense but the Georgian had a feeling that this was not quite the real reason.

He took a seat at an empty desk in the back of the room and looked rather unimpressed when Oksana Viktorovna greeted them. They'd meed the real dragons next week? How... sweet. Zviad felt like commenting but decided against it. It was too early in the term to declare war to a professor and for all he knew this was probably a class he could pass without putting in too much effort. Therefore, it was crucial that he kept a low profile, at least for the most part. His resolution did not last for very long when he heard that Oksana Viktorovna's greatest achievement was.

"Yeah, I guess setting a dragon on a group of students can rather not be called a great achievement..." he muttered under his breath and shook his head. She was asking it, wasn't she?

He watched as a first student made his way over to the Ukranian Ironvbelly and shrugged. He wasn't much into dragons and really had no favourite. Nonetheless he got to his feet and approached the professor's desk next to which the illusion of the Welsh Green was moving. He looked at it and shrugged. This was just as good as any of the others. However, he had heard that it did not go after humans. The prospect of not being eaten was a good reason for choosing a dragon breed, after all.

Marja Kirkkomäki [ Drakonya Krov ]
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Re: Health and Safety! [all years]
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2017, 08:41:30 PM »
It was time for Dragon Flying! Time for Dragon Flying! It was painfully obvious to all who knew Marja Kirkkomäki that it was not just her favourite class, but also her favourite part of the day. Though Marja had a naturally cheerful disposition (which had, to the relief of many, returned after the split of the schools), her cheerfulness seemed to always increase tenfold whenever Dragon Flying showed up on the timetable. It was the Drakonya Krov witch's calling. It was her life. She'd been putting in extra special effort (even more than her perfectionist, stubborn and conscientious usual effort) for the fast approaching test for her solo permit. The Finnish girl was determined that she would be absolutely perfect, she refused to make a single error. The blonde teenager found it was a lot easier to study when she could fuel herself with good food, be surrounded by people she loved and not be afraid of the person sleeping next to her. Durmstrang was, in Marja's view, gradually getting back to its original glory days. She was happy and content.

The Kirkkomäki walked into the classroom confidently, quirking an eyebrow as she spotted the illusions immediately and identified them as such. She smiled brightly, pleased to notice her favourite dragon breed, the Swedish Short-Snouts in one of the corners. Out of the corner of her eye, the intelligent witch saw her companion startle and Marja quickly placed a comforting hand on her younger sister's shoulder. The Finn may not have understood Klara at the best of times, but she didn't like to see any of her family upset or scared. "Don't worry," she began soothingly as she rubbed the younger Kirkkomäki's arm, "they're only illusions and they can't hurt you. Watch closely and you'll see what makes them different from the dragons in the stables."

Making sure to take a seat close to the Short-Snout illusion, Marja paid Oksana Viktorovna her full attention, grinning happily as the class was informed they'd be dealing with the real dragons the week after. She hoped that meant all of them, though she secretly wondered how the professor was going to deal with three more dragons plus the troublesome Namibian Nightwing that they had all already had a close, but thrilling, encounter with. The young Drakonya Krov had the upmost trust and respect for her new head of house however, and so she believed that everything would be fine, it that was to be the case. She hoped her favourite of all the dragons at Durmstrang, Åskväder, would be used.

The short paragraph that Oksana Viktorovna had asked for, turned into a full on essay for Marja. She had had many achievements which the modest girl was internally proud of, and she never liked to toot her own horns too loudly, but for her it had been boiled down to helping her professor contain the Nightwing using wards that her professor herself was not aware of, or the fact that she was preparing for the solo permit at her very young age. The academic-minded witch was curious as to what her professor wanted to use the information for, but she guessed that it would be part of a wonderful surprise and she'd rather it remained that way. Marja laughed at the mention of the barbaric previous headmistress, and her spirits were lifted even higher, realising that she could now laugh at the ordeal rather than cry. Though she was a strict believer in following rules to the letter, the vindictive Finn was severely tempted to break the wards in the dragon stables and set them all on the headmistress herself. She could never follow through with it, however, because she idolised the professor in front of her too much. She feared the day when her best friend's mother would look down on her with disappointment and Marja was going to do everything she could to avoid it.

At Oksana Viktorovna's command, the blonde witch shot up and practically sprinted to the illusion of the Swedish Short-Snout. The fire breath swirled beautifully around in the air before disappearing and Marja watched in awe, a sigh escaping her. She wondered if she'd be that efficient in illusions one day. The young Drakonya Krov looked around at the other people to see where they went. Some were obvious to guess, though she was surprised at other student's choices. One thing was for sure though, no one in the room would have been surprised by where Marja Kirkkomäki currently and proudly stood, ready to defend the honour of her favourite breed of majestic dragons.

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Re: Health and Safety! [all years]
« Reply #4 on: February 04, 2018, 10:22:08 AM »
Dragon Flying class! Valda had so many mixed emotions going on, she wasn't quite sure how to feel about today. Though she was a repeating 6th year, she found herself permitless when it came to flying these fantastical beasts. As much as she wanted to, there had never been a convenient time for her to apply and get the permit. Her days at school were often filled with laboring over her studies and learning any medicines, -herbal, magical, potion-based, and elixirs- that could save her mother. She had returned home early, a couple weeks before Christmas break, when her mother had reached her lowest point yet. That time in her life, Valda was certain she'd pass before Christmas. Instead, her mother managed to pull through, but she was always uncomfortable and in pain. Not wanting to risk being away at school if her mother did pass during that time, Valda remained home for the rest of turn. She had missed the opportunity to study more about the dragons grow her confidence of being in the air with them. She was pretty confident on her broom, but dragons were another story.

As she approached the class, she felt her stomach flip over and her hands tighten around the stack of notebooks she always carried around with her. For some reason, she found herself nervous to be there. She was beginning to worry about her mother and her future school assignments, and school hadn't been in session for a full month. "Breathe, Valda. It's going to be just fine. @Aleksandr Kozlov and maybe even Dimitry are back home watching over her. You're here for school. Focus on that." she mumbled the words out softly once she got face to face with the door. Before any other students could walk by and force themselves into the room, she took a deep breath, raised her chin a little, and walked into the room.

A spark of excitement was lit within her. Her eyes reflected how she felt as they twinkled in the bright lights of the room. One at a time, her eyes rested on each of the dragons. Then she saw it, the Ukrainian Ironbelly in the far left corner. Valda couldn't restrain herself as she rushed to first open seat nearest it. The Ukrainian Ironbelly was her favorite of all of them. Those others were frightened by it's snaggled teeth, alabaster skin, and glowing eyes, she found that those traits were what made the creature so beautiful. Ever since her first day of class during her time at Durmstrang, she had a special connection with the school's dragon. Seeing the illusions, which she had not recognized them to be just that at first, made her thrilled and impatient for next week to come. She had thought the dragons in the room were youngsters, maybe only a few months old. Valda had never been good at magic, nor could she identify spells, enchantments, jinxes, and illusions correctly. For a witch, she was pretty awful at magic, no matter how much she studied and practiced.

The worries of her mother quickly evaporated once Oksana had begun her instructions. Her eyes rested on her fellow classmates. She couldn't help but groan at the sight of @Marja Kirkkomäki . Though she had never had long intellectual conversatons with the Kirkkomaki, she couldn't help but immediately assume she'd be just like @Kyllikki Kirkkomäki -another headache for her to bear this semester. Then she saw @Zviad Gogoladze . The two hadn't spoken much with each other, though he was in her house AND her year. They had simply shared a short exchange of words in the library before he left in a hurry. Valda was still unsure why he had run out so abruptly. Perhaps she'd have the chance to catch up with him in class if he didn't avoid her. Finally, her eyes rested on Misha. Having missed the last half of the Koldo-Durm merge, she lucked out on not having to worry about dying then or do waht she could to stay on the headmistress's goodside. She remembered Misha's mother and had heard only rumors about what he had been through since she left school. A swallow of saddness found its way into her through. She was almost in the same position as he was-motherless. Valda couldn't imagine how he felt to be in the classroom his mother used to teach in. They were about the same age, too.

When @Oksana Krylova dismissed them to stand beside their dragon of choice, she was surprised to see Misha come to the Ukrainian Ironbelly as well. Valda didn't mention his mother, but she offered him a shy smile as she reached her hand out before the illusion of the dragon. It may have been fake, but she couldn't help herself. "Everyone picks on the Ironbelly," Valda commented as she looked about the room. There were only a couple others who had come to the corner the dragon rested. The other three dragons had much bigger crowds around them. She felt a little pity for the dragon. "We're just misunderstood, aren't we?" She spoke to herself as she reached out and stroked the image on his snout. Right away, she was able to build a bond.

She wasn't one to lead discussions, so she waited until everyone had spoken, watching the dragon and continuously petting it. When it was her turn, she didn't bother to look up at her fellow classmates. "They're the underdog, the odd one out. They may look scary, but these are the most powerful, and yet, also the gentlest species yet. If trained and treated the right way, the Ukrainian Ironbelly can create an unbreakable bond with it's master, even after death will the dragon remain loyal to his human. I guess him and I have a lot in common." The last statement wasn't necessarily spoken for her classmates to learn from, but rather for her to assure herself that though she was in a pretty rough patch in her life, it would all turn out well eventually, no matter what happened.
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