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    Re: [corridor] casualties [jacqueline, clementine]
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    Lionel made a noncommittal noise as Jacqueline waved off what Clementine had said to her. That was part of the problem. People like Clementine thought they could railroad all over people like Jacqueline because they wouldn't hit back, were too well-bred, too willing to take the high road. As though that made them weaker or less valuable, worthy of disdain. He did nod slowly as she thanked him for standing up for her. Lionel had never found purpose in others' causes; after all, he would have made very different choices here at Hogwarts were that so. But lest a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff develop a misguided sense of superiority, he could be perfectly loyal if he chose, and he did--for a few.

    He turned in her direction as she seemed to struggle for words out of reach, dark gaze skittering over her, attempting with his mind to gain some purchase in divining the state of hers, to anticipate the confusion she eventually expressed. WIth Jacqueline, silence meant something, meant an advance in thought, a collecting of the mind. He could trust her to never stop thinking, and he could trust her equally to deduce, if she wanted to, at least a silhouette of something she wasn't privy to. Lionel hadn't told her the full story of the summer and their other encounter by the greenhouse. He supposed now he would have to.

    Ignoring the way she'd advanced the question, drilling down to what he more thought she was asking and casting aside the rest, Lionel smiled faintly, his manner resigned. "Do you remember when you came to visit in August?" His tone was narrative, contemplative, matter-of fact. Lionel didn't mince words when he decided to speak. "Everyone thinks the current situation is just a continuation of last year, but what they don't know is she showed up on Fara about a week after that. At dinnertime," he added, with a slightly incredulous exhalation of air. "I'm sure this comes as a shock," the note of sarcasm was sudden but brief, "but it didn't end well." Or begin well. Another fraction of a smile, a brittle one. It might be arrogant of him to believe himself at least adjacent to the root of her issue with the Ravenclaw girl, but she didn't treat Meredith this way, or Éilís. "Let's just say she wanted something I couldn't give. And I don't take kindly to her taking it out on you."
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