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    @Jaspar Travars had found himself a penpal last year and was still writing to her, had even met her, talked about her far more often than Ludo would really prefer. He was pretty sure that was the only reason he had searched for a penpal of his own; his (only) friend had one, so he should, too. He had been matched up with a student from Mahoutokoro, @Murakami Ryūnosuke, and to be quite frank, Ludo had found him incredibly dull. They didn’t share many interests at all: his books (he called them manga) needed pictures whereas Ludo preferred words, he was a dog person when Ludo was more of a no-animals-at-all person, and so on.

    Still, he had signed up for the trip to the Japanese school, somewhat because Ryu had invited him, but mostly because Jaspar was going too. Of course, Jaspar had his other friend, so Ludo had found himself spending the day with his -- if a person one spent time with only because he knew no one else and didn’t want to put forth any social effort counted as a friend -- friend.

    He wasn’t wrong. He was dull.

    Until, of course, Ludwig had commented on how incredibly loud a particular group of girls were being while he and Ryu were trying to find some sort of common ground, threatening to remove his translation fabric if only to give him the relief of not being able to understand them anymore. That seemed to be the perfect thing; he and Ryu had found their common ground in their dislike of people, and it was easy to spend the afternoon discussing it in depth.

    Clearing that first major hurdle of the weekend did not prepare him at all for the second: trying to eat his dinner. He was very much out of his comfort zone when looking at all the dish possibilities, never wanting his mother’s Spätzle more than in that moment. But finally, he had settled on (read: Ryu had convinced him to) trying some sort of noodle concoction.

    It didn’t matter than he had decided what to eat if he couldn’t manage to get any noodles into his mouth. “I don’t,” Ludo said once again, getting rather exasperated. “How?” He held up the two chopsticks, casting Ryu a glance that hopefully read as ‘help me’ so he didn’t have to ask.

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    Ludwig Baumann was tedious and unsophisticated.

    In all honesty, Ryūnosuke only invited the younger Ombrelune to Bunkasai more out of Japanese pride rather than anything else. He definitely did not expect for the German to actually accept the invitation, and even more, to actually make an apparition there. However, since he had initiated this cordiality, Ryū was going to go through with it, to show the obsessive Sherlock Holmes fan (honestly Ludo, there’s other amazing fictional books out there) that Mahoutokoro was great, and that Japan was obviously the best country it in the entire world.

    He didn’t actually bother dressing up; Ryūnosuke was fully aware that his regular golden kimono was much more elegant than anything Ludwig has probably ever seen, and he wanted to blow his mind with the traditional side of the culture more than anything anyway. However, it would be a lie to say that Ryū didn’t spend an hour that morning deciding between the school uniform and a new kimono sent to him by his grandfather. But it was definitely too elegant and formal to wear during a visit of a foreign friend – if someone who didn’t like dogs could even be called a friend. But he was definitely foreign.

    Ryūnosuke had initially wanted to take Ludwig to the clothing display, because it was particularly filled with elegance and refinement, however, just as they were heading in that direction, a group of girls, probably third or fourth years, yelled in ridiculously high pitched and unsynchronised voices the worst ‘kawaii’ this Tsuchi has ever heard. And he heard a lot of bad ones in his sixteen years. However, it seemed that Ludwig wasn’t completely hopeless – he still had some brains within, meaning enough common sense to dislike them, and people in general. He knew he hadn’t written to Beauxbatons student in vain, there was something good about him.

    Ryū decided though to avoid the clothing display, as it would probably have even more specimens of those specifically annoying teen girls. Instead, he opted for the food display, along with, of course, a much welcomed meal. He’d recommended Ludwig the item on the menu: an assortment of noodles and deep-fried kamaboko, served with sansho pepper and wasabi. It wasn’t a kitsune udon, as it did not have any dashi broth, but was very similar to it. Ryūnosuke was sure it was quite spicy too, which was always a plus, him getting the same as well.

    While he started to eat without any issues, it seemed that Ludwig was having issues holding the chopsticks. Ryūnosuke wasn’t sure if the staff added forks and spoons so they would aid the foreign visitors with the food, but he hasn’t seen any of them around yet. “It’s alright, just relax your hand.” Ryū commented, in his usual calm, and monotonous voice. “ – then, hold the upper one like you’d hold a quill – “ the sixth year started explaining, holding his upper chopstick about one-third of the way from its top “ – and place the second one against your ring finger, while holding it with the base of the thumb.” The Tsuchi continued, later on showing Ludo how to move the upper chopstick with his thumb, index, and middle fingers.

    As Ludwig proved he was not tedious anymore, Ryū challenged himself with making his friend also drop the ‘unsophisticated’ label as well. Hopefully he understood now how to gracefully use the chopsticks. “The dish is very good by the way, you will like it, I’m sure.” Ryūnosuke remarked, as he peacefully continued his meal.

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    Relax the hand, he told himself, overrelaxing and  dropping his chopsticks in the process instead. He sighed and closed his eyes in a prolonged blink before picking them up again, determined not to let to small pieces of wood get the best of him. The food better be worth this effort. He nodded, repositioning one chopstick as Ryu instructed him, just like he would hold a quill, glancing up to make sure the Ryu’s were situated like his were. He took him a few more tries (and a few more dropped chopsticks) before he got the hang of it, moving them with ease at the invisible food in the air.

    The real test would be eating actual food with them, though, and he pulled his bowl closer to him as he was reassured that it was good. “I’m sure,” he replied, more out of politeness than any actual surety that it was tasty. It wasn’t Spätzle. He successfully trapped a single noodle between his chopsticks and managed to hold onto it long enough to fit it into his mouth.

    His triumphant moment was brief. He swallowed the mouthful, but as soon as he opened his mouth to take a breath, that only seemed to make it worse. It was spicy. Merlin, was it spicy. He had been repeatedly poisoned with spice at Academy Anansi, but he would rather eat another piece of jerk chicken than another mouthful of whatever was in front of him. He grabbed his cup of water and took a large swig, again regretting his decision. Water just made the spice worse.

    He covered his mouth with his hand as he exhaled sharply, thankful that at least he wasn’t tearing up like he had on some of his previous encounters with spicy food. “Is there, um,” he stopped, wondering how best to phrase his request without being an ignorant foreigner like his professors had warned him against. “Less spicy?” He withdrew his hand and nudged the bowl forward, not willing to give it the benefit of the doubt that he had just had an unusually spicy bite and that maybe the rest of the dish wasn’t the bad.

    He didn’t trust it.

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