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[greenhouse] Raise a Glass to Freedom - Jan MP - Dima
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Time spent in Scoarta, Transylvania was short. Almost too short for Valda's liking. The long weeks celebrating Christmas, fighting off hoards and packs of beasts, and having the ability to feel free from all of her restraints and worries with @Gio Gambino by her side had been a much needed vacation. After having left school early, just a few days before Christmas break, Valda had gone to attend the funeral of her mother. From there, she panicked, ran from home, and went to spend the rest of her Christmas vacation with her new boyfriend as soon as he returned home from school. The orphan hadn't prepared herself for what the next half of the term would bring. She had imagined she'd cope well and go about the tasks she did before without making others worry too much about her situation. She had never been wronger in her entire life.

On Christmas Eve, Valda had mental breakdown where she finally came to terms that her mother was gone. At first, she had convinced herself that she wasn't dead, but rather, in a hospital getting the help she needed. Though she knew this wasn't true, it helped her feel a little better. What triggered the breakdown though wasn't talking about her mother, but studying illnesses and doing research with @Melita Albescu had added to the regret she had for not being home for when her mother passed. Most importantly, she was furious that she wasn't able to tell her mother goodbye one last time. Her years of dedication to studying medicine and trying to cure her mother of her disease seemed to be a huge waste now. Though she and Melita hadn't solved the mysterious illness, she had gotten closer through the clues and information Miki had now passed on to her. She felt helpless, destroyed, and as if she wouldn't be able to go about studying medicine. Medicine was all she knew. Ten years of her life, she watched slip down the drain. One last method she had preserved to save her mother was now useless. Her last hope had been dashed to ashes.

When she wasn't around Gio, she felt like she was suffocating. Durmstrang had been her second home. It was where she could come and study more to help her mother. It wasn't until this year, she had really started to branch out of her comfort zone and make some friends. Being in the library, she felt ashamed. She could no longer sit in her usual studying location. There, she would've been closest to all of the books on medicine and herbology. The dining hall, corridors, and classrooms felt like a cage. She was forced to be there, and she couldn't help but feel as if all eyes were on her. Only a small group, @Dimitri Melinkov @Mihaela Lupesco @Yelena Romanova  and especially @Lev Leskov , knew of her mother's passing. Returning to the school grounds, walking down the once-familiar halls and into the once-familiar classes, she felt like all eyes were on her and they pitied her. The knowledge of her situation never reached the ears of those outside of her very close group of friends, except for the professors. She knew this. A small voice in her head kept her from believing what she already knew, and she couldn't help but feel paranoid and watched like a zoo animal.

Valda quickly found that the very few locations she could go to to feel free and have the ability to breathe again were the Greenhouses, her dorm, the Dragon Stables (which were now a restricted site without special permission from the Headmaster), or along the docks near where Nautical Magic class and club were held. The docks were too far, and Valda didn't enjoy being out in the cold for too long or walking with her faint, but permanent limp over long distances. If she did, she started to feel in pain. Her bedroom could only seclude her from so much, but the confining walls and easy access her friends had to it didn't serve as a place of refuge when she wanted to be alone. With the dragon stables being under lock and key and a watchful eye of the tsaritzas ans tsars, Valda's last option was to go to the greenhouse. It wasn't too far, too cold, or a commonly-visited location, despite it being warmer within than it was out in the cold winter months of January.

Upon entering, Valda had taken a deep breath of earthy aroma, a warm smile spread across her lips. That smile was like the long-missed sun that hid itself away in the cold winter months. It had been gone for so long, that when she felt and saw it again, she was slowly remembering what it was like to feel as if everything was calm, under control, and bright as it should be. Her long, red, double-buttoned coat was removed from her shoulders, along with the teal scarf @Aleksandr Kozlov had given Valda for Christmas, and the white pair of mittens which had led to her and Gio's first time holding hands. They were set on a clean box near the entrance of the greenhouse.The bright light and warm air made her feel at peace. Being in the cold, harsh winters made one forget how good the spring time was. It was a time for things to become anew. In the greenhouses, it was springtime all year round.

Though she had studied nothing but medicines and herbs, she found it relaxing to be among the floral and fauna the school had to offer. Here, she could be around what she had grown so familiar with and help things grow. She could make things live here!

She immediately began her time in the greenhouses with greeting some of her favorite flowers; the roses, the lavender, the chamomile. Then she went about cleaning the untouched flowerbed that had been set aside over Christmas break. Valda pulled out weeds, pruned flowers and bushes, and watered all the plants there. When it seemed as if there was nothing more she could do to help the flowers, she began to tidy up. Dirt was swept off the pathways, tools were organized, and picked up some empty glass bottles that once held alcohol in it and cigarette butts. She was certain these had come from a couple of her fellow housemates. None were in sight though, so she didn't worry too much. She discarded the once-clean butts and hung the bottles up along the windows. From the position they were in, bright colors were reflected all around the greenhouse when the sun's light would shine through the bottles. She had taken something vile and turned it into a piece of art.

Though, Valda couldn't call an alcoholic drink vile without feeling a tinge of guilt. Shortly after her return, she had met up with Lev and shared a few drinks with him. At first, it was bitter, but she was desperate to forget the pain she was now recognizing was present, and the drink turned sweet. Presumably, she had found herself drunk that night. For the first time, she had broken a promise, a promise she had made to herself, and had partaken of the forbidden drink. In her drunken state, Lev at tried to comfort her, but he could only do so much before he brought Gio in. Gio, being the caring boyfriend that he was, helped her through her drunkenness and the hangover she had the next morning. Valda loved him for doing that, but she was embarrassed he had seen her in such a state and started avoiding him. She needed time alone. She needed time to think. She needed time to breathe.



Her mind wandered to the cigarette butts she had tossed in a bucket of sand set aside for trash. She went over and sat by it on a wooden crate, her legs stretched out before her and her back and head resting against the wall behind her. Not only had she shared a drink with Lev, but she had shared a smoke too. It had burned her lungs and made her cough, but at the same time, it helped her relax when she was stressed. She didn't want one now. Her eyes that had been resting on the small paper specks in the sand shifted to the bottles in the dull window. Whenever the sun were to shine through, she knew that the bottles would light up, and hopefully, she could pull her mind away from thinking about the alcohol and smoking. Thinking about that lead to her mother's death. Thinking about her mother's death only caused her to believe she truly was a failure. She failed at everything she tried, healing her mother, casting spells, facing her fears in the lower levels of the school, making beater on the quidditch team, all of it she had failed at miserably.

Tears began to well up in her eyes as her mind began to follow the path of despair it had mapped out so perfectly in her mind.

No. You can't cry! Look at you, you're okay! You've made this far. It'll be alright, soon enough. Breathe.

She took a deep breath in through her nose, closing her eyes to focus on relaxing her body. She felt her chest rise and fall steadily as she released the breath. Her hand, though covered in a little dirt, wiped away a few stray tears leaving a small smudge of dirt on her cheek. Smile. Her lips did just that. They pulled upwards at the base of her cheeks. Her orange-red hair hung down and over her shoulders. As long as she told herself she was okay, she would be, right? First, she had worn a mask of bravery. Now, she was struggling to wear a mask of happiness. 

Valda kept her eyes shut and her head back when she heard footsteps come down the path leading from the front of the greenhouse to the back. Quickly, her smile ran away from her face. Not once did she dare move, speak, or even glance up at the new person coming in. She was scared it may be one of her friends, a nosy first-year, one of the tsars or tsaritzas, a complete stranger who wanted to strike up conversation with her, or even worse, Gio. The orphan wasn't quite sure how to react, nor did she really look for a long-winded conversation about her explaining how she was "coping" with her mother's death and that she was "fine". For a moment, despite the new body in the room, she looked and felt serene in the warmth and glow of the greenhouse, which reminded her of the fire she sat in front of all winter long beside Gio. The smile slowly crept back as she reminisced over the small moments she shared with the hunter.
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