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  • true friends stab you in the front [all years]
    « on: February 09, 2018, 05:46:42 PM »
    Waldo was getting too old for this. He remembered the Comité de Vigilance; he had first heard of them when he had first started his tenure as a substitute professor at the Academie. He was eighty-nine then, but he remembered it like it was yesterday. He remembered somewhat agreeing with what they wanted: education reform. He simply never got around to doing anything about it.

    The inevitable wizarding war of France was, well, inevitable. It had happened in the British Isles, it could certainly happen here, where there was a much higher concentration of brilliant witches and wizards. Even as an author and one-time arts and literature professor here, Waldo still thought that magic was sometimes not given the priority it deserved. It was a good thing he was the Defense professor again, had been since September, he had to remind himself. He was realizing that he had to remind himself of who he was more and more often these days, but maybe that just came part and parcel with being into one’s twelfth decade on Earth.

    His usual assortment of cheeses that he provided to his class (carefully curated to appease everyone) had been replaced by a plastic tray of cubes of processed mozzarella, each speared with toothpicks. He just really couldn’t be bothered to put in more effort, more concerned that the students today would pay attention and really learn.

    After the students had arrived, Waldo stood from his chair and moved around to the front of his desk to lean back against it. While this sounds like something that shouldn’t take too long, it took Waldo near three full minutes to lift himself out of his chair and shuffle the few feet to his stopping point. He took great care to go slowly, wanting to reiterate the fact that he was, indeed, incredibly old.

    Clearing his throat, Waldo straightened out his bowtie and shifted his gaze from pupil to pupil. “Can anyone name the three unforgivable curses?” If everything went to plan, this was going to be more defense than diplomacy.

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    First lesson back after the holidays and Louis was going to be late. He’d overslept and was now barging his way through the corridors, shouting “Sorry!” and “Pardon!” as he bustled past people in his rush.

    Panting and slightly dishevelled, the Bellefeuille arrived outside the classroom and checked his watch – on time. Relief washed over him. Professor Burgstaller wasn’t the strictest in the school, but Louis didn’t like the idea of disappointing anyone. He ran his hand through his hair quickly as he entered the classroom, his brown eyes immediately locking in on the cheese – oh Merlin, cheese. Louis grabbed a toothpick and shoved the mozzarella into his mouth eagerly, wanting to take more than one but too polite to do so.

    The fifth year moved into the room, smiling at his classmates pleasantly on his way, and took a desk near the middle. Louis unpacked his textbook, parchment, ink, and quill out of his bag. He sat, looking expectantly up at the front, with his hands folded on the desk to stop himself from fidgeting.

    Louis’ eyes widened a little in surprise as the professor asked his first question. Man, what a Debbie Downer. Way to start the new year. Louis knew the answer – he knew all three unforgiveable curses. His parents both worked for the Ministry, and with an auror-in-training for a cousin, let alone one who had lived through the British Wizarding War, it would honestly be surprising if he didn’t know them. But he didn’t want everyone to know that he knew them. Or, not all of them anyway. What if people started thinking he was a dark wizard?

    Tentatively, Louis raised his hand into the air. “Um,” he began, swallowing awkwardly, “the Imperius Curse?”

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    Re: true friends stab you in the front [all years]
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    Anne always hoped that M. Burgstaller was being ironic or feeding an elaborate persona through his quirks, but the more time she spent in his classroom, the more she was forced to accept to a large degree, any exaggerations aside, that this was just Waldemar Burgstaller. The Dutch girl actually liked cheese, but her interest was limited to consumption. The observant girl noticed, however, that the cheese he had on offer today was oddly one-note, both in variety and also in the taste of the mozzarella. She squinted at him slightly from her seat near Louis as he shuffled to the front of his desk. He always looked old; it was difficult to tell.

    Once he asked his question, though, Anne blinked at how suddenly serious things felt; after all, Beauxbatons students studied less Defense than other schools. Perhaps he really was preoccupied; perhaps it had something to do with the tension in the air between the giants and the Comité. Anne herself found the presence of the giants alarming, less so because of the giants and more so because of the implications: what did it mean that the headmistress needed to let them stay and interfere at the school? It had been a decidedly strange year, starting with the troll and the graphorn in Chatoeil and apparently only escalating.

    She let out a slightly disappointed breath at the Bellefeuille's hesitant response. Neither the idea that he didn't know all of them nor the idea that he was dancing around them were very satisfactory. It was something everyone should know, and because they existed in this world, they couldn't afford to not speak of them. Anne raised her own hand swiftly and steadily. "Imperius, Cruciatus, Killing," she elaborated matter-of-factly but quietly.