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[Jan 02 - MP] Mission Impossible [Rita]
« on: February 12, 2018, 03:10:04 PM »
For most of the time Serafima felt like she was in trance, dreaming rather than living her life. It was not a nice dream though. The girl still hoped to wake up and find herself back in her room in her parents' house. Really, why did she have to be a witch? It was silly. She didn't need magic in her life. She wanted her old magic free life back. After the year at Durmstrang Fima had felt certain that things could not get worse and if she was honest they hadn't become worse either. However, her life hadn't changed back to how it had been and that in itself was enough to make the little girl feel rather upset. Koldovstoretz was far better than Durmstrang had been, yes. However, it was no place where she really wanted to be either. Why could people she did not even know decide what she had to do with her life? Her parents had told her that they'd like it to have her back at home and yet she still had to attend this school. It was impossible to make sense of that.

Anyway, the second year was not always bitter about it. She got along with some of the other kids at school and while she would not let anyone quote her on that some classes were actually quite interesting. Nonetheless she was hardly going to accept and embrace everything at Koldovstoretz. Her brief experience in the magical world had taught her that life here was dangerous. People could wave a wooden stick they called wand and do immense harm with it. In fact, even Serafima had learned a couple of spells by now and was pretty amazed that she could perform magic herself. Anyway, as long as a situation did not get out of hand like back at Durmstrang it was always possible to avoid or talk to people before ending up in a fight. With the magical creatures it was a different business though. At Durmstrang a dragon had almost had her and some other students as dessert when the wards had broken down and Serafima still had nightmares in which the Namibian Nightwing turned up as a huge and hungry creature that wanted to eat her.

The news spread quickly around the school that the Order of the Dragon inspected Koldovstoretz to check whether the dragons were kept in a dragon friendly way. Fima wondered what that really meant. It probably was dragon friendly not to deny them their desired food. Did that mean that the Order of the Dragon would sacrifice students to ensure the well being of the dragons? It seemed unlikely, yet everything in the wizarding world was very confusing and didn't always make sense to the young Russian. She had tried to read a nice non magical book in the common room and not think about it all further but she couldn't help but return to her musings about the dragons. She slammed her book shut and put it down. It was already dark outside, she was sure of that. However, a wand was as good as a torch light, that much the girl had learned already. She pocketed her wand, got her coat and, when she felt certain that nobody paid her any attention, she sneaked out of the Tigrova common room.

She wasn't really sure what she wanted to do, there was just a vague idea that she wanted to get to the dragon stables. She wanted to see if there were members of the Order of the Dragon out there and she wanted to find out what they were up to. She had heard of students who had been questioned about their behaviour towards the dragons but nobody had approached her yet. Part of her wished she'd be questioned so she could give them a piece of her mind about keeping dragons at a school and part of her hoped that they would never come to her. What if they blamed her for not treating the dragons right? Fima shook her head. That was a silly thought. Nobody could accuse her of that as she was not treating the dragons at all. She was usually just trying to keep the biggest possible distance between herself and the beasts.

Why she was now acting differently and against her better judgement was something Fima could not explain. It was a spur of the moment decision or not really a thought-out decision at all. She was just acting on an impulse. She pulled her hat down and put her collar up as she walked outside. The wind was rough, it was snowing and the girl shuddered. "Lumos," she whispered as she got away from the lights of the school. The snow below her small feet made creaking noises as she walked as though it wanted to betray her and tell the world that she had left the warmth and safety of her common room after hours.

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Re: [Jan 02 - MP] Mission Impossible [Rita]
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2018, 12:00:53 AM »
Six months ago, Margarita Ilyinichna’s experience with dragons only extended to stories of Zmey Gorynych, the three headed dragon that haunted fairy tales her papa told her. He (the dragon, not her father) might eat children in every story, but Rita couldn’t help herself from being fascinated by the actual thing (the dragon again, not her father) upon her arrival to Koldovstoretz. Rita supposed these dragons were easier to handle as they only had the one head to focus on. Still, one easy head or not, the girl was still a bit wary. She still visited the stables, of course, but kept her distance to admire her from afar.

That is, until they told her she couldn’t visit them anymore. Rita was a proper oldest sibling, always the one to boss and never the one to be bossed. So once the words came that she couldn’t see them, she only wanted to see them more, maybe even a little closer this time. In Rita’s eleven-year-old logic, she thought she was helping Koldovstoretz. She wanted to be sure they passed their inspection (even though she wasn’t really clear on what they were inspecting in the first place) and that all the dragons were clearly happy. Of course, she didn’t know the difference between a happy dragon and a sad dragon; they hadn’t yet covered dragon emotions in Dragonology but Rita was fairly confident.

She needed to keep the dragons happy, needed the school to pass the inspection, and needed Koldovstoretz to stay open. The word around the common room was that without dragons, the school wouldn’t last much longer. Rita prided herself of being the oldest Gavrilov child, thinking she knew everything that was going on with her family. They all lived in close quarters and she had a knack for eavesdropping. Her parents and grandparents had stayed up late one night, long after she and her brothers had gone to bed, discussing in the kitchen about how much of a relief it was to have one less mouth to feed for ten months out of the year. Rather than be hurt that they weren’t expressing how much the missed her and how happy they were to have her back for the holidays, Rita was determined to do whatever she could to make her family (and by extension, Koldovstoretz) proud.

Rita hadn’t taken many precautions when she snuck out of the common room, not really sure yet how to magically conceal herself. But either way, she made it to the stables, her pockets full of boiled beef wrapped in napkins. She made it down to the stables before it started snowing, but she had come prepared: two sets of mittens, her coat that an older student had lengthened the sleeves on, a thick knit hat, and fur lined boots her grandmother had been able to barter for just before the holidays.

She had emptied her pockets (and been able to practice her levitating spell) and spent the next while back in her usual spot, admiring from afar. Her wand was lit, illuminating just enough so that she could occasionally see reflections in the dragons’ eyes. A light was approaching before Rita heard the crunch of the snow; she didn’t extinguish her wand (it was far too dark without it), instead thinking of reasons she could have to explain why she was out here after hours. She stood up and held her wand aloft, as if she could defend herself if she actually needed to.

But it was just another student, one Rita recognized from her common room. She lowered her wand just the slightest bit before asking, “Are you here to feed the dragons, too?”

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Re: [Jan 02 - MP] Mission Impossible [Rita]
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2018, 11:21:13 AM »
The coldness, the rough wind and the snowflakes that were blown into her face kept Fima too busy to really second guess her decision to go to the stables. It hard to even breathe in this chilly atmosphere and like a robot the little girl marched on. It did not feel like a conscious decision to visit the stables. In fact, she felt like a puppet, just doing the bidding of a master she did not even know.

As she came closer to the stables she could make out another small figure there and upon realising that she was not alone she slowed down. The other student was holding a lit wand just like she was doing herself. Seeing that, Fima felt stupid. She had not really considered the risk that people could see the light of her wand and thus find her out here. What would she say if a professor or a member of the Order of the Dragon confronted her now? Why was she out here? The girl bit her lips that had by now taken on a purple shade because of the coldness.

The other student had apparently spotted her in the meantime too and Fima recognised the voice as Margarita's. She knew the other girl, of course. They were in the same house and only a year apart. However, they had not interacted very much so far.

„Feed the dragons?“ Serafima echoed the other girl's question, disbelief clearly audible in her voice.  Was Rita here to feed the dragons? Big eyes stared at the fellow Tigrova as Fima tried to make sense of the situation at hand.

„No,“ she said slowly, „I'm not here to feed the dragons.“ She paused, wondering what she could say should Rita ask her why she was out here. It was hard to explain, really. Truth be told, Fima felt that she could not give a reason good enough for anyone to believe. Therefore, the second year decided that her best option was to distract from herself and ask the other girl what she was doing.

“You brought food from the Grand Hall to give to the dragons?” She asked somewhat amused. “You know that they probably think you are the food rather than the one providing it, don't you?”

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Re: [Jan 02 - MP] Mission Impossible [Rita]
« Reply #3 on: April 15, 2018, 10:18:45 PM »
Rita had tried her best to learn the names of all the people in her house, trying to find friends. When that proved impossible, she had narrowed it down just to the Russians, since their names were much easier to remember. But she hadn’t progressed much farther than their names, not over friendly to anyone until they approached her first -- which didn’t happen too often.

All that to say, she offered Serafima Nikolayevna a small smile as she lowered her wand.

“Oh.” Her face fell, not sure why else she would be here if not to feed the dragons. Just to look at them? How boring. Rita shrugged. She was all out of her smuggled food, or she might have thought about offering to share. But before she could tell her as much, Fima was talking again.

Rita mimicked the girl’s annoying voice. “You know that if they eat the food they won’t be hungry and eat me, don’t you?” She rolled her eyes and looked back over at the dragon. Of course, she wasn’t totally confident in her logic, but that information was necessary. The dragon Rita was closest to was asleep, though she could tell that it didn’t appreciate them talking so much. Still, Rita wanted to know what Fima was doing if she was too annoyed to be feeding them.

“Sooo, what are you doing, then?”

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Re: [Jan 02 - MP] Mission Impossible [Rita]
« Reply #4 on: June 21, 2018, 07:47:02 PM »
Margarita's reaction made one thing clear, one thing that Serafima had known before but still - the other girl had not been at Durmstrang in the year before when the students in the Dragon Flying class had almost been eaten by the Namibian Nightwing. Had the younger Tigrova been there she would not be so naive to collect food from the Grand Hall to feed the dragons because she would be aware of the danger or so Fima thought at least.

The second year tried not to frown or roll her eyes because quite obviously Rita just didn't know any better. She contemplated whether or not it made sense to tell her about the Namibian Nightwing, about how dangerous dragons really were but she had a distinct feeling that her house mate would not want to see her point. The other girl was just quite oblivious to the danger and seemed happy with this. Maybe it was even beneficial not to fear the beasts. At a school like Koldovstoretz fear of dragons was not necessarily a good thing. Then again Fima thought that being a coward was still better than being a dragon's dinner.

The tone in Rita's voice had been registered - evidently the younger student was a really confident person and not exactly willing to see Fima's point.

"I'd say the food you brought them is good enough as a starter. They might fancy a human main course." The girl tried to deliver her comment half as a joke, half seriously. In fact, she fully believed in the danger but Margarita did not seem like she'd believe a word she said anyway so why make a fool of herself by insisting on the gravity of her statement?

The question what she was doing out here came up again and Fima had to admit that she had no sensible answer. After all, she was not entirely sure herself. Honesty was bound to make her look weak and foolish so maybe she should come up with an alternative response.

"Well, I actually followed you. I was curious to see what you were up to all alone out here at this time." She straightened her back a little and offered a slight smile.

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Re: [Jan 02 - MP] Mission Impossible [Rita]
« Reply #5 on: July 03, 2018, 05:22:08 PM »
Rita crossed her arms across her chest and straightened up to her full, eleven-year-old-girl height. “I guess it’s a good thing you’re here, then.” She sniffed, tired of the girl’s accusations that the dragon would be eating Rita next. If anything, the dragon would eat the other girl and not her, the really nice one that brought them food. She rolled her eyes and turned her attentions back to the dragon, still sleeping, dreaming her li’l dragon dreams.

It took every ounce of restraint she had not to reach in and give her a reassuring little pat on the nose.

She nodded, apparently accepting Fima’s answer. “Well I was just sitting here and minding my own business. That’s all I’m up to.” She returned the slight smile with one even slighter of her own. “Next time you follow me, bring snacks, won’t you?” Or try harder to not be so obvious if you were trying to sneaky follow me.

Rita resumed her seat, pulling her legs up into the chair so she could sit cross-legged. “Do you want me to follow you back to the common room or are you planning to stay here?”

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Re: [Jan 02 - MP] Mission Impossible [Rita]
« Reply #6 on: July 04, 2018, 08:03:46 PM »
Serafima did not understand why Margarita did not believe her. Dragons were dangerous. They were uncontrollable. There was no point in feeding a beast that would soon turn about the generous person who gave them food. Maybe she should just let things happen. After all, she had warned Rita. If she wanted to end up a dragon's snack, then why not? Maybe the other girl had a death wish or something like that.

"I see," Fima replied, not believing a word the other girl said.

"Of course. Next time I'll bring snacks," Fima said, her voice showing little conviction. She would never approach the dragon stables again if she could help it and she would definitely not follow the younger student who was quite obviously out of her mind.

Stay here? Here at the stables? Did she look like a fool? Fima shook her head. "No, you stay here if you like. I will go back to the common room though. See you later... I guess." That being said, the girl turned on her heels and walked away from the stables, the dragons and Rita, feeling only slightly guilty for leaving the younger girl behind.


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Re: [Jan 02 - MP] Mission Impossible [Rita]
« Reply #7 on: August 04, 2018, 06:18:04 PM »
She saw. Good for her; she had eyes. Rita rolled hers, casting a glance to the side, admiring the sleeping dragon one more time before reluctantly looking at Serafima Nikolayevna again. “That’s all I ask.” Snacks for them, snacks for the dragons, snacks to share. Who seriously walked around without snacks? Did she not get hungry? Why would anyone bother sneaking out if they weren’t also going to try and sneak a couple snacks from the kitchen?

Fima wasn’t a thinker, clearly.

Rita was relieved when the other girl shook her head, indicating that she would neither be expecting her up in the common room nor staying out here to criticize her some more. “I’m staying,” she stated rather unnecessarily, shrugging as Fima continued saying her goodbyes. “See you.” Rita smiled, though she felt no other emotion except relief. She wiggled her fingers in a small wave before plunging her hand back into the warmth of her pocket.

She watched the other girl with narrowed eyes as she turned and left. Finally. Rita’d be more careful next time. She wouldn’t let Fima know when she was coming down to the stables again. She figured she had a few more minutes before she needed to leave, not pegging Fima as a girl who would run to tell a teacher that she was out here when she wasn’t supposed to be, but rather as one who would walk painfully slow to do it.

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