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Durmstrang Chip Status
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The Durmstrang chip system is unique here at Magical Hogwarts, as it promotes a more severe rivalry than at the other two schools. Both houses have a maximum number of chips that they are required to earn by the end of the year: 100. However, chips are not given as freely as points; these are earned most often in extra curriculum activities or through exceptional performances in classes. 

Once one house has their maximum number of chips, any extra chips they earn will be deducted from their opposing house's chip amount. The house at the end of the year with 100 chips will be given full privileges, whereas the house without 100 chips will be forced to endure a punishment that the professors decide.  Should neither house reach 100 chips, the punishment is enacted on both houses. The ultimate goal, therefore, is for each house to keep itself at 100 chips and the opposing house below 100.

Current Chip Standings
Drakonya Krov: 28
Klyk Vampira: 32

Professors and Tsars/Tsaritzas awarding or deducting chips, please fill out the following form:

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[color=Maroon][b]Awarding or Deducting Chips?:[/b][/color]
[color=Maroon][b]Additional Notes?:[/color]
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Re: Durmstrang Chip Status
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Awarding or Deducting Chips?: awarding
Amount: 28
House: Drakonya Krov
Recipient: @Conrad Sturm @Zhenya Shishkina @Zinaida Shishkina @Justýna Tesaříková
Reason: participation in Alchemy

Awarding or Deducting Chips?: awarding
Amount: 32
House: Klyk Vampira
Recipient: @Ruslan Shishkin @Zoya Chernova @Stanislava Bulgakova @Zviad Gogoladze
Reason: participation in Alchemy

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