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    [td style="width:500px;text-align:justify;color:#ffcc74;font-size:8pt"]Mini Plots are events that your character can get involved in all around the world. Some are school specific, and others are for all of the players to get involved in. Details are left open to interpretation so you can use your imagination to make it your own! Post [Mini Plot] in your thread title and post the thread link here! FPP points and other prizes will be given to drivers who participate.[/td]

    [td style="width:500px;text-align:justify;color:#4d6f8b;font-size:8pt"]Hogwarts: Nettle, a friendly and overachieving house elf who works in the kitchens, has gone a bit over board this week. Teaching herself how to create pies from various ingredients (including magical ones!) the desserts during meals have become a bit more adventurous. Students should be on the look out for intense and spicy flavored pies, pies that turn the mouth colors, crumbs that walk right off the plate, and of course floating pies. Most of them are quite delicious, but that doesn't make them any less troublesome.

    Beauxbatons: The fresh snow has brought a decidedly cold vibe to Beauxbatons. A rather sinister organisation, known as the Comité de Vigilance, know the giants have arrived and have known for quite some time. The Comité was formed during the second wizarding war with radical ideals. They think they're saving France from what happened previously in Britain and fear that something similar could happen to Beauxbatons. They fear the school could become another target of pureblood supremacy or anyone trying to control the wizarding world. They believe in vigilante justice. They don't believe in the Ministry and think they're more equipped to deal with a revolution. They're worried about idea of an impending French wizarding war. There's a mole at the school, the leader of the Comité had been hiding in plain sight for months. A few of the professors have been acting a little strangely and perhaps out of character. Perhaps they aren't who they say they are.

    Durmstrang & Koldovstoretz: As approved and enforced by the Ministry of Magic, the Order of the Dragon will concomitantly be conducting inspections at Durmstrang and Koldovstoretz, to determine whether or not the dragons hosted by the two schools are kept in dragon-friendly conditions and treated, by both faculty and students, with the respect they deserve. There will be a thorough examination of the stables, along with a detailed medical examination of the dragons. Both faculty and students will mandatorily partake in an one-on-one interview, in which they will be obliged to answer questions regarding their behaviour towards the dragons. Rumour has it the dragons could be taken away and the schools will be banned from ever hosting dragons should they not successfully pass the inspection. Should students desire to visit the dragons while the assessment is ongoing, they will need special permission from the Headmaster/mistress.

    Ilvermorny: Blanketed by a thick layer of white fluffy snow Ilvermorny has been transformed into a picturesque winter wonderland. Students are encouraged to join in the seasonal festivities by donning a pair of school provided ice skates to test their skills on the freshly frozen pond. There is also a sled hill, courtesy of the grounds keeper, ready for any student brave enough to take the plummet. There will be student sled run races just before sundown with hot cocoa and a warm fire waiting at the finish line. For those feeling up for more of a challenge the staff welcomes to you to participate in the magic free fun of a snowball fight No-Maj style, though no one said the professors themselves would adhere to these rules...

    Mahoutokoro: The island of Ongoro has been over taken by a mysterious off season blooming of the famed Sakura trees. Usually dormant this time of year the expansive orchards that surround the island have magically come to life. Flowering cherry blossoms are beginning to blanket the already snow covered island in a wondrous mix of pink and white. Some students have taken this early bloom as a sign of good fortune while others are keen on investigating it's origin. Either way, the strange bloom is on everyone's mind and gossip about it can be heard down nearly every hall. Stories of mischievous Yokai are even travelling on whispers.

    Adults: The St. Mungo's Grand Ball is taking place this year at the exclusive and historic Brenhines Euraidd, a hotel more commonly referred to as the Golden Queen. The list of guests is illustrious, including some of Britain's most prominent healers, researchers, and philanthropists. Anyone associated with the prestigious institution is given the opportunity to purchase a ticket to the formal ball  and may purchase one additional ticket if they choose to bring a guest. The rumor is that the head healers and the other witches and wizards on the planning committee have outdone themselves this year. Not only is the venue stunningly lavish, but there will also be door prizes, a silent auction, raffles, dancing, and food from some of the best restaurants in London. All proceeds go towards funding a number of research projects sponsored by St. Mungo's.

    Worldwide: Stay tuned for a surprise!~

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    contact any admin for details

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    For Durmstrang & Koldovstoretz, Ordinul Dragonului/Order of the Dragon information can be found here~

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    And for adults, the information about the St. Mungo's Grand Ball can be found here~

    gone until may 29th byeeeeeeeee

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    There is an OPEN Hogwarts mini plot thread in the Hospital Wing <33 It can be found here~

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    and a OPEN Ilvermorny Mini Plot >>>>here<<<< !
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    Additionally, there is now an open Mahoutokoro thread if anyone would like to join.