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[Nautica] [December 2003] Gods and Monsters [Nautica]
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Juggling a life outside of school was a new challenge for Erik, but worthwhile. He was home, in Döttrar Vik, with Charlotta, every weekend. He tried his hardest to stay on campus during the week to keep up with his Head of House duties and coursework, but considered perhaps stepping down and letting Aldemar take over the HoH responsibilities. In fact, he was pretty sure Aldemar would love it—perhaps a bit too much. The other man loved discipline, whereas Erik was pretty lenient by comparison. He didn’t love the responsibility, and didn’t care one way or the other about the power, but he liked being able to have a touch of forgiveness for misbehaving students. As a brave man said—and he wasn’t sure which one—the true test of courage wasn’t in knowing when to kill a man, but when to spare one. 
Even with Aldemar as Head of House, he might have a little say. Aldemar listened to him, usually. They were very close friends, and he trusted the other man to care about his input. Galya was a strong woman and a great Head of House, but she was a bit of a stickler for rules and a little hard with punishments. He thought they made a nice balance between them, but that was really just Erik’s opinion.  In three months’ time, he would be so busy with the baby that he might realistically not be able to handle it all, though, and he considered that. He didn’t want to leave his job, not unless there was something more fun afoot, but he might need to take a little time off in the interim.  He hoped to be around for the annual Nautica/survival trip, but he wasn’t sure if he would even be around for that.

Today, he was preparing for an interesting lesson on sea monsters and creatures. Of course, he planned to tell the story on when he bested a kraken, but he didn’t want to brag too much too soon. He was feeling so good lately, he didn’t want any rumors of him being a braggart floating around.

He waited for the students to begin streaming in, and smiled at them as they took their seats. “Welcome to class everyone.” He started. “Today, we’re going to be talking about sea monsters and creatures, familiarizing yourself on what you might find if you were out on the ocean yourself. Can anyone name a famous water creature or sea monster?” He asked. “Go ahead, just call it out. We’ve got plenty of time to go over everything.” He assured.  He wanted to talk briefly about Sirens, too, but they weren’t necessarily sea monsters, nor would he really call them creatures.
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Re: [December 2003] Gods and Monsters [Nautica]
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Ruslan wasn't sure he was going to like nautic magic. It was one of those classes he'd mentally classified as potentially dangerous; in other words, somewhere he might injure himself and thus affect his artistic flying training program. He was keeping up with that quite well, considering he had all his classes to attend and homework to do as well. Durmstrang wasn't like being at home, they didn't let him put his flying first, Ruslan found that frustrating, but reminded himself that it was the same for all competitors his age.

He was glad that today's lesson was in a classroom. That meant it wasn't going to be anything too dangerous. Learning how to tie knots and magically enhance them maybe? Or perhaps a lesson on how to recognise the weather whilst at sea? Both those things were mentioned in his textbook...well, the pictures he'd glanced at during a cursory flick through, anyway. The first year took a seat near the centre of the room - no point drawing undue attention to himself - and resigned himself to a dull lesson.

A moment later, he perked up. Sea monsters? Okay, this might be interesting after all. Obviously he didn't want to actually meet a giant fanged octopus or anything dangerous, but learning about them was alright. He glanced around as people started to call out names, and racked his brain for anything sensible. His first through was the murtlap, having had cuts and abrasions healed with murtlap essence in the past, but he wasn't sure if it counted as a famous sea creature. It was hardly a monster, either.

"Oh! Sea serpents!" he exclaimed a moment later, pleased with himself. Ruslan was pretty sure there were actual sea serpent species that had names, but he couldn't think of any of those right now. Hopefully the answer would be good enough and he wouldn't be called upon to add anything else.

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Re: [Nautica] [December 2003] Gods and Monsters [Nautica]
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Conrad liked Nautic Magic in practice, but not so much in theory -- though he could handle himself on a boat just fine, the past six and a half years had rather gone to show he couldn’t handle himself in a classroom. Not even with Fisker, whom he actually liked. Conrad thought he could have been in the most interesting class in the world, with the kindest professor alive, and still look stupid as soon as he was called on to answer a question.

This was about as close as he’d ever gotten to the most interesting class in the world with the kindest profesor alive, though, so he did his best. Or whatever was nearest to that. He sat closer to the center than to the back, at least, though he stayed at the edge of the classroom closest to the door.

Fisker was kind of a braggart; though Conrad preferred practical or mundane lessons, about knot-tying or ship construction or wind patterns, he didn’t mind it when the professor had an excuse to tell stories in class. He was sure most of them were rather grossly exaggerated -- possibly he just hoped so. He had heard more of Fisker’s personal life than he thought he had ever needed to know courtesy of being friendly with Delchev’s daughter; it almost discomfited him to picture their short, agreeable Nautica professor as the protagonist of any of those tales.

Liking this class more than any of his other classes didn’t make him any more willing to volunteer information he hadn’t been picked on to share; his classmates started to answer Fisker’s question, but Conrad hunched his shoulders over his desk and pretended to search his book for answers, even though -- having been in this class seven years -- he could have named a number of aquatic creatures. (His mind flicked to the sirens in Döttrar Vik; he was still uneasy going to the village, though he did so often just for an excuse not to wear uniform.)

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