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christmas can even be a hanukkah thing [open]
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december 9th 2003

This year was a particularly hard year for his parents. No one said anything but Zeke did the math, and Brian Heller would be thirty this year if he was still around.

He always called his brother by his full name- it made him feel less like a personal ghost and more of a regular ghost, you know, like the kind you might find lurking around a community graveyard. Those he could deal with no problem, but sometimes it scared him how much his dead brother still haunted his parents' eyes.

Things always got worse around the holidays, for obvious reasons. He hated it when his mom looked at him like she was trying to see someone else through him, and he knew from old photos he found in grandma's attic how much they looked alike as brothers. The most unfair thing about it all is he couldn't even find it in him to be upset at her, at them both. It wasn't his fault, but it wasn't really theirs either. It was just a sucky situation. Most of winter break would be quiet, but at least he wouldn't be alone with his parents on Christmas with family coming over.

And family coming over was really why he was trudging through Shackamaxon instead of being indoors, where it was warm. Some of his no-maj cousins were visiting for the first time since they moved to Walnut Creek, and while he was warned not to bring any magical trinkets home for them to keep, he thought he could at least get away with getting them some magical candy or something. No evidence, no problem.

Stopping in front of one of the candy stalls where he decided to buy some voice-changing candies, he pulled his scarf tighter around him and shoved his hands into the pockets of his parka to dig for coins, wishing he'd remembered to bring gloves. The winter market was pretty and all, but all he wanted to do was to get this over with and sit in front of a fire with a cup of hot chocolate.

"Shit." Of course he had to be a few coins short the one time he bothered to come to Shackamaxon. Zeke could feel his ears getting hot from the embarrassment and he kept his head down. Hesitantly, he shuffled a bit closer to the person next to him and muttered as inconspicuously as he could, "You wouldn't happen to have any extra change, would ya?"
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Re: christmas can even be a hanukkah thing [open]
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Obviously they didn’t have this stuff in San Jose -- or, he supposed, they might, but he’d never met another wizard there, so probably they didn’t. Adam couldn’t think of a less magical place. A toilet in Shackamaxon had more inherent charm than the whole of San Jose. Not that that was hard.

He wasn’t sure he thought too highly of the inherent charm of Shackamaxon in the first place -- it was all very well that the streets were cobbled and the entrance was a waterfall and the entire thing was held up by a massive underground tree, but there weren’t any cars and about every single store felt like it was owned by an extremely old married couple that had devoted the best years of their life to making sure their shop was smoky, dim, and lacking in any merchandise of value or meaning to him. He’d tried everything -- the outdoorsy store, the jewelry store, the clock store, even the weed store -- and had wound up buying candy. Again.

Though Adam had had his fill of wizard bullshit for possibly his entire life -- he’d never, ever seen the appeal of candies that popped or exploded or fizzed even when they weren’t literally popping, exploding, or fizzing -- his sister got it twice a year, for her birthday and for Christmas, and still seemed to like it. He was inspecting the gummy worms (“They really crawl!”) when mop-head next to him sidled in.

Adam wouldn’t have obliged if it had been anybody else, but Zeke Heller had been, like, stalking him all year, so he felt like he might actually be paid back. He grunted and dug in his jeans pocket for his coins. (One of his roommates had gotten him a coin purse for early Christmas because it annoyed him so much that Adam just carried around loose change, but Adam would die before he used a coin purse and, anyway, he could get one anytime from one of his uncles bringing cheap tourist stuff back from Vietnam. Most of the time he just left it in dollar bills and got it converted in the village anyway.)

“How much you need?” he said, counting out some sickles -- he pulled his handful of coins close to his chest and gave Zeke a suspicious look and a raised pointer finger. “You gonna pay me back?”

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