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[mp] the sparkling fir, the silver snow [open]
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sunday 21 december 2003 | yule ball

The main downside to one’s two best friends being in other houses was that somebody always had to arrive at the meeting place first. Today, Elsa was first, and it was only her fear that the other two would head into the dining hall without her that had stopped her from being intentionally last. She stood beside the grand fir in the atrium, watching couples and other groups of friends meet up. She spotted @Léon and almost engulfed herself in the branches in an effort to not be seen in return -- fortunately, he seemed otherwise enchanted by a girl in a bright fuschia gown.

Elisabeth had started getting ready early, giving herself plenty of time to get the curls in her hair just right, the way Manon had taught her. She had made sure to ask for a new dress early in the term, in case her Oma’s guilt waned the longer Elsa wasn’t present in the house to remind her, and it had worked: for the first time she had a brand new dress for the ball. It was pale blue and off the shoulder, with a tulle overlay, and many tiny embellishments to catch the light.

After another minute passed, Elsa saw @Séverin descending the staircase with none other than her roommate Noémie on his arm. She had known the other girl had a date for the ball--she hadn’t shut up about it the entire time they’d been getting ready (in reality, she’d mentioned it once or twice)--but Elsa hadn’t realised she was coming with Sévérin.

Fortunately, at the same moment her eyes met Sévérin’s across the foyer, someone tapped her shoulder to distract her.

@Manon Bernard @Adèle Appel + open

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Re: [mp] the sparkling fir, the silver snow [open]
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Noémie Carpentier

Noémie had blinked once, slow, green eyes full of confusion when Sévérin asked her to the Yule Ball. It had seemed odd, but Marcus Lavoie had rejected her only two days before and she already had the dress sent to the school, so of course, it only made sense to say yes. She had been careful not to mention who her date was with the other Ombrelune girls - it wouldn't do to upset Elsa so early in the night, even if (as she suspected) Sev had chosen her specifically to get under the other girl's skin.

All the better. Noémie was to graduate soon and move to America - there was never a better time to start something than right before leaving the continent.

She reached her hand out languidly to Sévérin as they reached the stairs, her other hand (perfectly manicured in a sparkling black and silver) smoothing down the green satin of her strappy dress. Her locs were pinned up into an twist, held in place with a serpentine hairpin. Snakes were a theme with Noémie - the one braclet on her wrist was an obsidian bangle of a snake wrapping itself around her wrist, and the earrings she had on were similarly twisted shapes in black and gold.

From the top of the stairs they had a view of the hall that was unparalleled - Noé took a moment to survey the situation before putting one foot down. Across the room, Lael (her older brother, though a quirk of the calendar put them in the same year at school) was only glancing her direction, seemingly preoccupied with pining his locs back into place and entertaining the Bellefeuille on his arms. Noémie allowed herself a little smirk. Not so overbearing, for once. Glance back in front of them - Oh. Elsa. It was hard to make out all the nuances of the other girl's expression from here, but the furious flash of shock across her face was unmistakable.

Noé glanced over at her date, brows furrowing her perfect makeup for a moment. His gaze was trained on Elsa too. Noé resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "Do you want to ignore her or no?" She asked eventually, her tone smooth and soothing. "I don't mind either way."

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Re: [mp] the sparkling fir, the silver snow [open]
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The neckline sunk far lower than she’d ever worn, and the bodice wasn’t even boned as far as Manon could tell, but she still felt more secure in her magically sewn gown than any she’d ever put on in a muggle shop. That was proof enough for her that witches had their uses. She’d smoothed her hair with a potion more effective than anything on salon shelves. Calmed every angry red bump from forehead to chest in a matter of minutes. Eyeliner and mascara always went alright when she could effortlessly wipe away the smears afterward. She’d finally found a blush in an owl order catalogue that promised to be sweat-proof.

But she had made a few concessions. Even magic couldn’t help her make eyeshadow look good. And she’d tried what felt like a hundred of them over the years, but it couldn’t make living with lipstick on any more realistic for her either.

No matter how possible any of it was, of course it was all an unnecessary effort. Surely the boys were spending no more time than it took to toss on their dress robes and perhaps brush their hair. Manon did find all the worrying about how she might look bothersome, but following the steps of dressing up was somehow peaceful. It felt like constructing something. And tonight, she was proud of the result.

Manon began descending toward the atrium, skirt in hand on the steps. She couldn’t help wondering what Donna from camp would think. Probably had liked her better frizzy-haired in a sweatshirt. Donna hadn’t seemed to have much interest in elegance. It was one of the many things about her that Manon had sort of envied, but not enough to imitate.

She’d thought the same of Elsa Sturm not long ago too, though, and now here she was glittering by the tree. “Wow,” said Manon. “It’s even better than I imagined.” They and Adèle had looked through catalogues together, but even a moving photo wasn’t the same as seeing a dress in real life.

Elsa was looking back at the stairs and Manon followed her gaze, hunting for Adèle. But Elsa seemed distracted by Sevérin and his date.

“Don’t tell me you’d rather that was you,” said Manon, with a flat sort of sigh.

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Re: [mp] the sparkling fir, the silver snow [open]
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Despite evidence to the contrary, Séverin hadn’t picked Noémie as his date just to get under Elsa’s skin. In fact, it was quite the contrary. He picked Noémie because he thought she was smart, pretty, funny. She wasn’t as interesting to him as Elsa, in all honesty, but she was the closest he could find to someone he liked, and he had been spending more time with her as of late. He and Elsa had been icy, and Séverin was trying his best to move on. He was lonely now, lonelier than he ever was before Elsa, and looking for an intelligent girl to challenge him and keep him on his toes. He liked Noémie. He wanted to see where things went with her.

Of course, she was Elsa’s roommate. How could he avoid that? He preferred Ombrelune-type girls. He preferred girls his own age. Of course, that meant she would know Elsa. He wasn’t intentionally trying to make the quidditch captain jealous, though admittedly he knew this would and was secretly a little tickled by it.

“Yes, let’s ignore her.” He said carefully, looking at Noémie a little closer. “You look very… beautiful tonight.” He offered. “I hope you know I didn’t ask you here to make her upset.” He offered, though it likely wasn’t convincing. “I wanted to be here with you. Let’s head in?” He offered carefully. “We could dance if you like?”

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Re: [mp] the sparkling fir, the silver snow [open]
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Noémie Carpentier

Séverin wanted to ignore her. Noémie shrugged, small. That was fine with her, though she wasn't convinced by his tone of voice that this meant Sév did not care if Elsa was staring at them or not. She shifted, turning to face her date in three-quarters profile and so Elsa, down at the base of the stairs, could see her lean in closer to the Quidditch co-captain's ear. "Thank you," she said softly. She knew she looked amazing, but it was good to hear Séverin say so.

 I hope you know I didn’t ask you here to make her upset, he said in a thoroughly unconvincing tone. Noémie shrugged again. "I wouldn't mind much if you did," she replied, blunt though her tone was kept liltingly light. "But I am glad to be at the center of your attentions tonight." She took his arm. "I think a dance would be lovely."

The walk down the staircase was long, time stretching out as they moved through all the other couples attempting to make a grand descent. It was unfortunate that those only worked in plays. When they finally reached the bottom, where Elsa had been joined by Manon Bernard in glaring in their direction. The dancefloor was, unfortunately, behind them.

Noémie strengthened her grip on Séverin's arm and promenaded them both past the other girls, Noémie keeping herself in between Séverin and Elsa. As they passed them, Noémie carefully slowed their walk. "Manon, you look beautiful tonight." The girl had finally found use for a hair straightening potion, it was clear. Noé met Elsa's eyes but said nothing, just raising the corner of her lips into the tiniest smirk.