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without ever knowing the way [open]
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Not one to seek out opportunities for leisure, Kiril hadn't spent much time in Döttrar Vik. It was a small town with little to explore what with its propensity for 'unknown' circumstances occurring whenever outsiders shored there with expansion in their minds. Kiril liked that. He somewhat identified with the will to remain unchanged; the ability to not shut down the borders entirely, but to protect them with any means necessary.

Still, his spot for the town's culture wasn't soft enough to draw him away from the Institute without a reason. Today that purpose was to purchase a camera. Elena's birthday was coming up in a few months and his first thought of a gift was to send her pictures of… well, he didn't really know yet. Maybe a few pictures of the friends he'd made since her departure. She had always been encouraging him to be more social instead of holing up in the library. She needed a picture of Kiril himself for sure. The eldest Bojkov hadn't seen him since the summer before his second year. It had struck him randomly one night during the summer holidays that she was still picturing him as he was at 12 years old, just as he was still picturing the 16 year old girl who had walked out of his betrothal party.

It had taken Kiril awhile to pick a model he supposed was good enough. He wasn't exactly an expert in magical technology and he was almost sure that the girl running the shop's front counter wasn't much more experienced. He had finally settled on a model she claimed to own herself. He was fidgeting with the device as he idled down the streets of Döttrar Vik's market district when his stomach gave a low growl, leading him to turn the camera down towards his feet so he could glance at his watch. 1:12. He'd make it back in time for the end of lunch if he left now, but he doubted he'd have much time to eat by the time he arrived.

Tucking the camera away in his bag, Kiril stopped and scanned the shop fronts. He'd never taken the time to eat in the town, preferring the familiarity of Durmstrang's cycle of cultural cuisine, so he had no idea what was considered good around here. A place that wasn't overly crowded would be preferable, but he couldn't tell what was busy from out here. Unable to determine anything useful from, and with his stomach speaking up once more, Kiril decided to just pick one and began walking down the street towards what looked to be a small café or bistro of sorts with empty tables on either side of the door. He'd prefer to eat inside, but if that proved too claustrophobic at least he'd have the option of sitting away from the crowd as he ate.

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