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grass is greener [zeke, adam]
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cerritos | july 22, 2005

and when I finally get to heaven
I'll be wondering if it's better down in hell

"Finally," Joyce groaned, scrambling (but not fast enough) from her seat as the grad student Mr. Hsiao had bribed into teaching them, a former Ilvermorny student's brother, released them at last to the buffet table set up on the terrace for dinner. It had cooled down from the hot and humid afternoon peak and was now in the low 80s with hours of sun left -- a welcome consolation for the teenagers who had spent the morning in geometry lecture and the afternoon solving "fun" problems about approximating volumes and surface areas of the extremely fancy library they were currently stuck in. This was, admittedly, more fun than solving for the sides of triangles, but after years of getting to roam around Mount Greylock whenever she wanted, it was still wanting.

From the back middle of the line, Joyce raised herself on her tiptoes, trying to see what was for dinner and come up with something to say. It was two weeks into math camp and she was still trying to get comfortable in this crowd. They might all attend the same school, but they had an age spread, and the specifics of who was interested (or whose parents would send them) changed the atmosphere. In some ways it was nice to be around more kids who'd casually acknowledge the weirdness of their lives straddling worlds; in others, she felt exposed in a different way, like the interests or language that helped her fit in at school might be over the line here, might make her look like she was trying too hard to shed her background. In this crowd, maybe it was more important to know about Kelly Clarkson than the Sugar Quills.

Being tired of class was a universal thing, though, right? "Bets on whether geometry or divination is gonna be more useless after we grow up?" Joyce joked, turning a sunny smile to the next person in line.

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