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  • Name Livvy
    Age 23
    Pronouns She/her
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    • Full name: First Name: Patience
      Last Name: Greene
      Nickname(s): Patty
    • Blood status: Halfblood
    • Nationality: English
    • Date of birth: 13 March, 1991
    • Age: 14
    • Place of birth: Gravesend, England
      Current Residence: Greenwich, London, England
    • Languages: Native:English
      Novice: French
    • Member group: Hogwarts Student

    • Appearance: Eyes: Her wide, almond-shaped eyes are a deep brown looking similar to her mother's. Her hair is mouse brown and very curly. She prefers her hair to be on the longer side so she can secure it with hairties, clips, and braids rather than almost like an afro. Her nose is flat and round. When she smiles, her grin is wide and a slight gap between her front teeth can be seen. Her skin tone is a light soft brown.

      Metric: 144 cm

      Dressing Style: Patience loves to wear clothes that are form fitting on her body due to her being rather thin and flat chested. She enjoys shirts with graphic designs and words printed on them. Her skirts and dresses are loose skirts that have a ripple-like effect when she spins around. It's not only entertaining for her to watch her dresses and skirts fan out, but they show off her long, skinny legs nicely too. Patience prefers to wear flats secured around her ankle by a strap or sandals in the warmer seasons.

    • Personality: General Character Traits: Patience is a cheerful child. Her energy levels are very high, causing for her to be excited and perky throughout her day. She is always one filled with optimism. Never can a bad day keep her down for too long. Patience displays hope to cheer her up when she catches herself being sad. Never to risk losing the moment of making a friend, Patience makes an effort to meet as many people as she can. Her kindness and friendship gestured towards everyone around her helps her get along easily with her fellow classmates.

      While she loves to make new friends, she is an easy target for anyone who seeks to give her a hard time. She is very naive and easily scared. Not only will she fall for any trick, prank, or joke pulled on her, but she'll jump at the slightest thing that seems out-of-the-ordinary. Even her own shadow will scare her sometimes. Because of this, she hates to have others sneak up on her or jump at her from around corners. Though she never intends to and is easily embarrassed when such things happen, she'll even let out a quick shrill of fright if she's really uncomfortable or frightened.

      To help her cope. she'll often find friends or retreat to her room to get one of her pick-me-ups she has stored in her chest. Surrounding herself with others who aren't as scared or can show sympathy and understanding to her feelings helps her open up about her feelings which teaches her that it's normal to feel such emotions. When friends are unavailable, rubbing something soft such as a furry baby animal, a blanket, a sweater, a feather, or something smooth like her small beads on her bracelets she wears help soothe her. It doesn't take long for Patience to rebound back to her usually light-hearted and radiant self.

      Baby animals: Anytime she sees a baby animal, her heart melts as she's overcome with joy. She loves nothing more than hold them and pet them.
      Hugs: Not only does she love giving hugs to cheer someone up, but she loves getting them. Whenever she's sad, upset, or celebrating something and excited, nothing makes the situation better than finding herself in a hug.
      Friends and Family:There's nothing more in the world that Patience doesn't love more than her friends and family-those she holds closest to her. She treasures her friendships and always reaches out to her mother when she's having a rough day.
      Games: Playing games is just one of the many ways she enjoys spending her free time. What type of game it is doesn't matter. She enjoys all of them.
      Spiders: Patience hates spiders. She finds the way they move and look to be unnatural and creepy.
      Being frightened: Her overactive imagination gets the best of her. When someone scares her, she hears a ghost story, or sees things that send chills down her spine, those images come back to life. She can't help but feel as if they're following her.
      Thunderstorms: While her imagination is quite active in the dark, not only are thunderstorms loud, but they light up things in haunting ways that make Patience believe the lamp has changed into a monster by the side of her bed, or the curtains blowing in the wind are a ghost. They come suddenly and scare her while only feeding her imagination.
      Being left out: Patience likes to be involved in all she can be. She wants to reach out and meet people, but when she's not invited to outings or has been left behind, she can't help but feel unwanted, though she tries her best to push these negative thoughts aside.

    • Parents: Father: Mateusz Anastazy DÄ…browski
      Blood Status: halfblood
      Occupation Captian and Beater for
      Age: 32
      Mother: Eileen Greene
      Blood Status : Pureblood
      Occupation: Archivist and Restorer of magical portraits | Spirit Division, Portrait Office
      Age: 31
    • History: Parents History
      Over the summer between Eileen's sixth and seventh terms, she'd caught the eye of non other than Mateusz DÄ…browski, a Polish student who had come to summer camp that year. His English wasn't very sophisticated and neither was Eileen's Polish (except for the few phrases he taught her). In the heat of the summer, they found themselves speaking a universal language that began with a simple flirtatious kiss. Her summer fling had come and gone as fast as the seasons changed.

      Eileen didn't keep in touch with Mateusz since then, but it was easy for her to put the math together when she missed her monthly early on in the year. She was scared to know the truth, to have her worries confirmed, that a not-so-innocent summer fling turned into her receiving the 'Mother of the Year' award. In November as she began to make preparations to go home, she had it confirmed that she was pregnant and would be have a baby in a few short months.

      Her mother broke the news to her parents and decided she would drop out of school so she could be in her baby's life. The baby's father was never told. How could he? Eileen had no hatred towards him for what happened to her. It was a choice they both made and this was the result. Even though she'd have to work diligently, and raising a baby would be difficult, Eileen fell in love with Patience and knew that all those hard times would be worth it to support and love her child.

      When Patience was just a toddler, she would join her mom every day as she went to work at a locally-owned antique shop. When Patty was old enough to walk and explore, she'd set off to find the most unique treasures she could coming back with old family portraits, dolls, porcelain horses, and even a rocking mooncalf that she could happily play on nearby her mother.

      It wasn't uncommon for Eileen to have to leave Patience at the shop for a couple of hours so she could make it to a second job. The shop owner knew Eileen was in a tricky situation and she'd expressed she didn't want her parents to raise her child. He could understand the sentiment of it, having had children of his own, so he agreed to "babysit" when necessary. Really, he would tend to his work and let Patience continue on playing. He agreed to it so long as she behaved and didn't get into trouble.

      On one of these days, Patience was growing anxious when her mom seemed to take longer than usual. She had been playing with a bear, a doll, and a tiny tea set that had flowers that danced on it. When she heard the bell on the door ring, usually indicating it was her mother, she jumped to her feet and ran around the corner excitedly only to see a man she didn't recognize standing at the door. In defeat, just as the shop owner came around the corner to greet the customer, Patience plopped on the ground with crocodile tears streaming down her cheeks. She was tired and missed her mom. The shop owner took her into his arms to console her, a little annoyed himself that Eileen was taking longer to return.

      She'd been forgotten.

      When her mother finally came in the door only thirty minutes later, Patience ran to her side and held her tightly. Eileen picked her up and held her close, apologizing profusely to the shop owner and to Patience. As they were about to leave, Patience wanted to show her the new tea kettle, even though she was exhausted. She pulled her mom over to where she had played, and passed her a cup. With a clap of her hands, the tea cup was immediately filled with steaming hot tea. It was her first sign of magic.

      Patience was never one to shy away from others. Any time she and her mother had gone on family outings together, Eileen would often have to remind her that it wasn't safe for her to venture off and go talk to strangers. Her carelessness and free-spirited mind could get her into danger if she did. A couple times, she hadn't heeded her mother's advice which sent them into a panicked frenzy trying to find her, only to see that she had stopped by an elderly woman in the park and was talking about different toys she had, helped her feed the birds, and even paused to watch a line of ants cross her path. After being told many times to stay with her mother, and as she grew older, Patience wouldn't wander off anymore, but would instead talk to the stranger nearest to her if they were ever in line, eating out, at a museum, or going to a quidditch game.

      Patience loved going to quidditch games with her mom. At first, being so high up and having so much cheering around her, the cracks of the bats echoing around their stand, whistles and party peppers, and one of the quidditch players flying dangerously close to them, she was overwhelmed and spent the rest of her first game hiding on her mom's lap and crying while the Gravesend Griffiths continued to win that game.

      Because she'd been so distraught her first round, Eileen thought she didn't enjoy the game and thought it best not to bring her to another one. But then Patience surprised her and asked if they coule watch another game. Since then, they made it a regular outing for them to go and watch their favorite team.

      Patience was oblivious to many of the effects the war had had. She was young when it happened and only noticed that people seemed quieter and sadder. Her mom worked a lot more and had a few extra jobs. Patience would make it a point to try to cheer up those around her and help her mom have a good day.

      While she was working, Eileen did all she could to provide for Patience, but also helped her receive an education. She would teach Patience basic math skills, reading, writing, and fundamental earth sciences. What Patience loved was when they would read stories and her mom would had voices to the characters, building blanket forts in the living room, and overall embracing her imagination since she was a child.

      Eventually, her letter to Hogwarts came and she couldn't be less excited. Patience was cheering and jumping and rolling around on the floor when she received it. For the first time, she'd be away from her mom for an extended period of time than just a few days. She was scared about that, but her mother reassured her that everything would be alright.

      The year before she went to Hogwarts, Eileen cracked down on academics and did what she could to help her grow in her studies so that she wasn't behind when she left for Hogwarts.

      Patience was thrilled all the way to the school on the train. She'd cried for awhile saying bye to her mom, bit she made some charismatic friends on the train who helped her out. An older student took her under her wing and some younger kids invited her to join them in a quick game to pass the time.

      Once they'd gotten to the station and were on their way up to the castle, the boats had stopped on the lake and Patience felt herself start to panic. It was so dark already and the water was darker.

      Despite that, she had a lot of fun being sorted into Hufflepuff and following her friends around. She watched the quidditch games, wrote to her mom weekly, and made an effort to get to know those in her house and year.

      Her second year had been less intimidating than the year before. She reached out to more people and learned how important it was for her to take responsibility for her actions. She'd had so much fun in the winter when the lake froze over and the entire school got to go ice skating! Patience hadn't been very good before school, but some of her friends took the time to teach her and show her cool tricks. Near the end of the winter, she claimed she was a professional at ice skating. She'd also gotten to play with mooncalves! When she saw how big their eyes were, she almost cried. Patience fell in love immediately. When all of them had babies, she was only more ecstatic for the new calves to be prancing around Hogwarts. It was a magnificent way to end her second term!

      While Patience had been taking some extra time to focus on her studies, she found herself drawn towards the Quidditch pitch when the weather was fair. Every gsne the school had, she arrived early to ensure that she and her friends all had good seats to watch. Watching quidditch made her miss her mom. She couldn't do her traditional chants or spectate the same way she did with her friends as with her mom. The more she watched it, the more she fell in love with it. In February, Patience was on the edge of her seat as she watched her house win against Gryffindor! The energy was electric and she was absolutely amazed at the results of the game. Since then, she started practicing riding a broom a little bit more and helping herself get comfortable so that when tryouts came for the next term, she could attempt to make it on the team (if not, the reserves).

    • School/house: Hogwarts / Hufflepuff
    • Year: Third year
    • Magical strengths: Transfiguration, COMC, Charms
    • Magical weaknesses: DADA, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes
    • Wand:
      Length: 11 inches
      Wood: English Oakstyle
      Core: Unicorn Hair?
      Flexibility: quite bendy
    • Pet: White Persian Cat:
    • Quidditch position: Spectator
    • Affiliation: Light

    • Roleplay sample: If there was any holiday Patience loved the most, it wasn't Valentine's Day, Halloween, or Christmas. Rather, she found herself overly excited for her birthday. It was the one day a year where the attention was focused on her and this year, it was going to be the best birthday she'd ever had. There would be story telling, lots of music playing all day, a movie shown later at night for all of her friends who came to watch, and her most favorite part about her birthday, no not the presents, but the delicious ice cream cake that rested beautifully decorated in the freezer.

      Her excitement couldn't be contained for this birthday. It was going to be unlike any other she had ever had. She was so energized, Patty had barely fallen asleep late into the night when a vision of what she would get on the thirteenth of March, the very next day, came into her dream. The instant she saw it, she had sat upright in bed, wide awake and unable to sit still. The clock on her nightstand read 4:24 a.m. Her birthday had finally come. As quietly as she could while holding her yelps of joy back, she rushed down the stairs to check if the mail had come. Unfortunately to her disappointment, it had not.

      Being the sensible now-eleven-year-old she was, the blonde child concluded that instead of returning to bed, she would stay wide awake until the one gift she wanted -the one gift she had anticipated for since she was seven- came in the mail. To occupy her time, she scooped up the grey mouse she had caught the day before from the thick plastic box she had contained it in and held it gently in her hands as she sat down in front of the door waiting. The mail wouldn't arrive for at least another three hours, but Patience was insistent that she would be there ready to get her Hogwarts acceptance letter as soon as it was delivered at her home. She was going to get her letter and then would only have to wait six more months until she could attend the magical school for witches and wizards and enhance her magical skills while following in her mother's footsteps.

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