• #1 by Agilbert Fontaine on 03 Mar 2022
    SEPTEMBER 1, 2004

    As he looked out over the assembled students and professors – some looking attentively back up at him, and just as many looking restlessly like they would rather be eating already – Aggie couldn’t help sympathizing more with the latter group, particularly as this welcome-back came alongside less-than-welcome news. Next to a small cluster of newly-sorted Horned Serpents, he espied a sizeable platter of a Trinidadian rice dish he’d wholly enjoyed at last year’s Welcome Back feast, and distracted himself for a moment searching for it at the staff table too, before rising to his feet and clearing his throat.

    “I’m sure you’re all anxious to get to feasting,” he said, “but a few points of note, before we can chow down. Firstly, welcome! Let us especially welcome our first years, and the newest members of our staff…” he paused slightly to let his students exchange handshakes with their neighbors (or, in most cases, to simply cheer.)

    “On a less happy note,” he continued, when it was (relatively) quiet again, “some of you may have noticed on your way in that the northwestern wing of the castle is blocked off. Over the break, we had a small cave-in after some heavy summer rain.

    “For the time being, the Magical Paradigms and Latin for Magical Purposes classes, as well as all Divination electives, will take place in auxiliary classrooms set up near the Quodpot fields. Several professors’ offices have also been relocated, and – until further notice – the school library is unable to loan out graphic novels, magazines, or reference books written by authors whose surnames begin with A through G. We are working with a MACUSA-funded committee to get things sorted out as soon as possible, and do not expect it to take more than a couple of months.” He had every faith in the power of bureaucracy to expedite matters as important as public education.

    Aggie clapped his hands together cheerfully, as eager as his students to dig in, and concluded his address. “Well, bon appetit, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all in class, bright and early, tomorrow morning!” As he sat and reached for the pelau (which the school librarian was wordlessly pushing down the table toward him) he was glad as always to hear mock groaning amid the more grateful chatter: it promised to be another good year for Ilvermorny.
  • #2 by Ryleigh Kato on 04 Mar 2022

    Try as she might (which, admittedly, hadn’t been all that much), Ryleigh’s thoughts had stubbornly remained on that cruise ship in the Mediterranean. The constant activity and endless opportunities to experience new things and explore new places had powered her endlessly for a glorious six weeks that summer. The memory of it was so potent that she was even able to ignore – for the moment – how hungry she was.

    There was movement at the teachers’ head table, then: a good sign that the speech was about to happen, after which they could eat at last. The Thunderbird was, alas, only half-focused on what their Headmaster was saying, and was thus slow on the uptake to join in on the smattering of applause and cheers (though what it was for, she hadn’t processed).

    What did catch her attention, though, was the Headmaster’s mention of a ‘less happy note’. That didn’t sound good – and immediately Ryleigh’s mind was off to the races: limited dessert options, earlier curfew, new Quodpot restrictions…

    Oh. A cave-in? That sounded… not good. Auxiliary classrooms? What a weird name… at least they’d have to go outside to get to them, because she couldn’t stand being cooped up inside all day long.

    Then, finally, she heard the wonderful cue words that meant the speech was over, and she began to load up her plate with alacrity.

  • #3 by Paige Hext on 13 Mar 2022
  •  Success. She had done it, and things were looking up for her this year. After a successful summer that included a Mediterranean cruise (which was something she never ever thought that she would have a chance to do) as well as a short internship with MACUSA, Paige had received word that she had been elected the Student Class President. This shouldn’t have surprised her, as she was a senator for years before becoming Vice President in the year before, but she was surprised and she was thrilled to hear it. This was something she had always wanted for herself, and things were starting to look up for her. Her potential job post-Ilvermorny was looking more promising, her relationship with Cole had elevated from casual flirt-friends into a more stable relationship (more, being the operative word), and she was Class President now. She was feeling excited and looking forward to this year. Homecoming would be soon, followed by prom, and followed by graduation.

    She looked for her boyfriend at her table, sliding in next to him and lacing their fingers under the table as Headmaster Fontaine began his speech. She was hungry, but more excited to hear the new announcements for the year. Food could wait, right? The auxiliary classrooms seemed an odd and unwelcoming idea to Paige, but she supposed there was nothing they could do about it. Of course, more worrying, was the library being unable to rent out certain books—would that affect her studying schedule? She had CHEPIs this year, and worried a little about how they might go if she was unable to maintain her current pace. She was on track to do well, with a bit of additional work, but this might throw a wrench into her plans for now.

    She peeked at her boyfriend again, feeling excited. While Cole’s brother was off in the United Kingdom with his long-distance girlfriend (which Paige found very romantic), Cole had secretly let Paige stay with him in Manhattan while she went on her internship. They had really bonded over their time together, and were closer for it. She was pretty sure she loved him, though she wasn’t sure what to do with this information. Would he stay with her? Would she stay with him? What would happen when school was over? She was still saving herself for prom night, which had been exceedingly difficult with the two of them staying, alone, at Cole’s flat for a month… but she already knew she wanted it to be him first. She wanted to give herself to him. She had chosen him, after-all. She had sought him out for years, and now he was hers and she didn’t want to give him up.

    When the announcements ended, she began to dig in one-handed, fingers still laced with him for now. She gave his hand a little squeeze.