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[hvar] as it was. [sylvain]
« on: April 28, 2022, 03:29:23 PM »
 "Oh, come on in, the water's perfect!" Lyra laughed, standing waist-deep in the warm and clear sea that looked turquoise in the summer sun. With her long blonde hair out, she wore a sun hat that she had to keep one hand on to stop the breeze from snatching it away. With some sunburn across the bridge of her nose and freckles on her shoulders, Lyra was having some long overdue fun. No work, no bills to pay,no plans, no stress; she was free.

The white sand beach was almost deserted, spare a few people further along. The sound of the lazy waves lapping the shore mingled with the wheeling of seagulls overhead and Lyra sighed, relaxed. This was nice and they needed it.

Sylvain was getting bogged down with work and anyone could see that he wasn't happy. A Ministry job was fine - it paid the bills and afforded him some extra cash - but it wasn't a dream job. It was stuffy and mundane, boring and soul-crushing. The petite blonde had refrained from saying anything because it wasn't her place to but she was struggling to bite her tongue when he came home, looking grey and unimpressed. So, this was why she'd suggested a weekend away.

The days were spent at little cafes along the shore, exploring old towns, walking barefoot, skin sunkissed and miles away from the hustle and bustle of Paris. This was what she wanted, to see him happy. And selfishly, she wanted him all to herself for a few days.

Splashing in the water, she finally withdrew as she waded through the waves to plonk herself next to Sylvain on a towel and offered him a dimpled grin. "Hi," she announced as she buried her toes in the still-warm sand and adjusted the strap of her swimsuit absently. "I passed a really cute looking cafe for lunch if you're up for it later?" Lyra asked as she dropped a kiss on his shoulder.

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[hvar] as it was. [sylvain]
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 Lyra’s idea to get away from Paris for a few days had been brilliant. She was brilliant, really. Hvar was like paradise. The climate similar to Nice, Hvar had the big advantage that they knew no one here. They didn’t have any obligations for the time of their stay and Sylvain visibly relaxed.

He still couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have Lyra as his girlfriend. She was wonderful the way she was. If there were any flaws at all they just made her more precious. He smiled as he watched her as she stood in the sea, splashing in the water. He wished he’d have a camera with him to capture the perfect picture forever.

Sylvain had many things on his mind lately. His ministry job was tough for him. He didn’t like his work but felt obligated to keep it as he needed a regular income to pay his part of the rent and all the other things that needed to be paid. While his acting career was not going too badly, he knew that it was not likely that he could support a family as an actor in the future.

A family. He watched Lyra dreamily. They were a couple for quite a while already. They lived together. Had met the other’s parents. Went on a vacation together. The next step could come, couldn’t it? He already wanted to propose for several weeks but it had never felt right. Either he had been too downcast after work or they had been too busy to make it a memorable moment.

He had saved for the ring for a while, it had taken him months to afford the kind of' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>ring that he hoped Lyra would like. He had taken the little heart shaped' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>box with him to Hvar, hoping to propose during their stay. However, so far he had not tried it yet. Now that Lyra was in the water, he put it next to her towel in the sand and drew a heart with his finger, indicating that there was something in there. Either Lyra would notice that under the thin layer of sand there was something to discover or he’d try to get it back unnoticed and wait for a better opportunity.

His heart was racing as Lyra approached him and he grinned at her, not really taking in a word she said. “Yeah,” he said anyway. “Good plan. For later.”

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[hvar] as it was. [sylvain]
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 Lyra gave a bemused smile as she looked at him. "Are you okay?" She asked, her pale eyes scanning Sylvain's face as she reached out to brush some of his dark hair back from his forehead. "Too much sun?" She inquired with a grin, assuming that was the reason for him looking slightly off-kilter. She tilted her head and tipped her sun hat backwards a tad, allowing her to view him properly. For later, he'd said cryptically, and she narrowed her eyes playfully before directing her gaze back to the crystal clear waters.

Sylvain seemed distracted and Lyra was dismayed. She'd really hoped that whisking him away might divert his attention away from work and selfishly, back on to her. But that was fine. Maybe she'd become boring? They'd spent so much time tip-toeing around each other that it was perfectly plausible for him to tire, especially now that they were properly involved with one another. Turning her head towards Sylvain to ask him just that, her gaze dropped to her towel and she grinned.

"Aww," she cooed at the little heart as she tucked some damp hair behind her ear. Absently, she drew a heart herself, smaller, just inside the outline of his before her fingers bumped against something and she became visibly excited.

Lyra had already gathered an obscene amount of seashells on their trip. She had no idea what she was going to do with them all but she couldn't bear to part with them. Eagerly, she began to dig, expecting something shiny and exciting and she stopped when she reached the box. Confused, she flicked her eyes up to Sylvain as she picked it up and, like a Christmas present, held it up to her ear and gently shook it as though trying to figure out what was inside.

Instead, she rotated it in her hands and gently found the seam in the wood and popped it open, only to gasp.\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' />

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[hvar] as it was. [sylvain]
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 “Hmm?” Sylvain looked at her, a hint of confusion in his eyes. “Yeah, sure, I’m fine.” His voice was trembling ever so slightly. He was nervous, anxious. What if she didn’t want to marry him? What would happen if she said no? Would they separate here and now? What would happen if she said yes? Would they spend the next weeks and months planning a wedding? His mouth felt dry and he was tempted to get the ring back. He hadn’t thought this through properly. He loved her, he really did. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her but right here and now he was close to panicking.

Then she spotted the heart he had drawn into the sand and he shifted in his position to kneel down on one knee. There was no escape anymore now. She’d find the ring in a moment and then it all had to be perfect. He observed her as she trailed the line of the heart.

Seconds felt like minutes until she held the little box in her hands. Sylvain chewed on his lower lip, thinking that she must hear his heart beating loud and quick. He held his breath as she took the box up to her ear and shook it. He only remembered to breathe when she opened the tiny box and gasped.

“Lyra,” he said, sounding breathless, “my dearest Lyra. I love you so very much. I cannot imagine life without you anymore.” He took a deep breath and licked his lips. “Darling, will you marry me?” He didn’t know where to look now. He wanted to look at her but at the same time he was scared to see her reaction. Time seemed to stand still and he just prayed that she’d say yes and that she’d do so soon.

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[hvar] as it was. [sylvain]
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 Time seemed to stop. Everything was in slow-motion. She forgot to breathe as she stared at the ring. It was absolutely beautiful. Small, delicate, intricate. It caught the sunlight exquisitely. The palest blue matched her eyes with surprising accuracy. She had not seen this coming. Lyra thought she and Sylvain were steady. It was easy, their relationship. It was relaxed and filled with love and happiness but marriage was the last thing on her mind.

But he called her darling and finally, she met his eye.

Sunburnt and with windswept hair, it wasn't what she'd imagined but it was perfect. Biting her lip, Lyra didn't bother to hide her grin. Sylvain was down on one knee and her eyes began to tear up and she covered her mouth with her hand. He looked terrified and her heart swelled with emotion. It took her less than a second to make her decision and she nodded.

"Do I have to put it on myself?" Lyra asked in a soft voice before she laughed, holding out a shaking hand towards Sylvain for him to slip the ring on to her finger. As soon as he did, she bodily threw herself at him with a shriek of excitement, flattening them both to the sand as they tumbled backwards.

"Yes!" She gushed, placing kisses all over his face before squeezing him tightly. Eventually, she untangled herself to gaze at him with wide eyes, her hands cupping his face tenderly. How the Hell did he afford that ring? She wanted to ask but she figured it'd kill the mood. Was that why he was doing so much overtime? Working late and going in early? Soon, she offered him the biggest grin. "You're absolutely mad. I love you."\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' />

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[hvar] as it was. [sylvain]
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 Lyra was in tears, her hand covered her mouth and Sylvain stopped breathing again. Was this a good sign or a bad one? Was she going to say yes or no?

Then she nodded. It felt like he had waited a lifetime for this nod. Sylvain exhaled loudly and beamed at her. She said yes. She was going to be his wife. He was going to be her husband and love her for the rest of his life.

As she asked if she had to put it on herself, he shook his head and reached out for the ring and slid it gently on her finger. It fit perfectly. However, he didn’t get much of a chance to admire the ring on Lyra’s hand as she flung herself at him and he lost balance.

She said it out loud now. Yes. YES! Sylvain felt that he was probably the happiest man alive at that moment. As she kissed him, squeezed him tightly, Sylvain couldn’t say anything anymore. There was no need for words anyway. He had said what he felt, he had told her that he loved her and that he wanted to make it official. That was all that mattered.

After this outburst of affection, Lyra untangled herself and they looked at each other. He wondered what she was thinking, for a moment she had looked a little thoughtful. Was she already thinking about their future? Their wedding? Or was she still thinking about the here and now?

“I’m just madly in love with you,” Sylvain responded lightly, smiling at her. “I love you so much that I struggle to find ways to express it.” He sat up again and leaned in to give her a gentle kiss on the lips. “You’re the love of my life.”

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[hvar] as it was. [sylvain]
« Reply #6 on: July 30, 2022, 09:19:20 AM »
 It was like there was champagne in her blood. She felt light and fizzy as she looked down at the ring on her finger. It felt heavy but it was  a comforting weight. How long had Sylvain been planning on asking her? When did he get the idea that he even felt about her like that? Did his friends at work know? Had he asked her dad for permission? Oh, there were too many questions but who cared?

Sitting back down on the sand, Lyra offered him a grin so broad that her cheeks began to hurt. "I think you expressed it pretty well," she joked with a laugh, her hands on her face, still in mild shock. It wasn't exactly a whirlwind. She hadn't noticed her feelings for him until she bumped into him again years after graduating but there was a reason why she hadn't tried to date anyone else.

Did she want a big wedding? Did she want it on a beautiful cliff like his parents or a church like hers? Indoor or outdoors? Summer or winter? Beach or forest? How long did they wait to get married?  She kissed him back eagerly, almost toppling them back over as she cupped his face. Lyra thought her heart might burst. She'd never felt like this before and she really liked it. Pulling back, she kissed the corner of Sylvain's mouth, then his cheek, jaw, nose and any bit of his face she could reach.

"And you're mine," she told him, pink-cheeked and out of breath, her eyes wide as she bit her lower lip. The seagulls wheeled ahead and the soothing sound of the waves lapping the shore did little to still her wildly beating heart. It was improbable and impractical and they'd never do it  but – "Why don't we get married right now?"\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' />

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[hvar] as it was. [sylvain]
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 Sylvain remembered how they had first met. How it had been all about Maximilien then. He remembered how infuriating it had been and at the same time he remembered that he had felt jealous that his step brother had such a great friend. It hadn’t taken him long to develop feelings for Lyra, it had, however, taken a while for him to understand them properly.

Now his feelings for Lyra were the only thing that he felt certain about. He felt that he loved her more than words could express and he was certain that this love would never fade. Lyra was his soulmate, his one and only love. Nothing mattered when she was around. They just needed to be together for the rest of their lives.

Lyra’s wide smile was gorgeous and Sylvain mirrored it with a beaming smile of his own. She said that he had expressed it well and he laughed softly. He had thought about how to propose so many times, had actually practised ways to do so and yet, when it had come to it, he had gone with the flow. He hadn’t recited a proposal from a romantic play as he had considered before. He hadn’t tried to rhyme anything. He had just been spontaneous and said exactly what he felt.

Her lips on his skin felt warm and soft and yet they gave him the most pleasant kind of goosebumps. He wanted to kiss her back  but she pulled away to say something and so he waited.

“Right now?” He was surprised to hear her suggestion but then he grinned. “Sure. If that’s what you want. I want to marry you. I want to make you happy. If you want to marry here in private we can do that.” Truth be told, Sylvain rather liked the idea. It was far better than a big party anyway. However, if she wanted a big wedding then he could do that, too. For Lyra he’d do anything.


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