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  • Garrick Ollivander remembers every wand he ever sold!
    Unfortunately his driver does not, which is why he is asking for everyone's help in developing this database.

    This is an EXTREMELY large listing of every wand made by the Ollivander family or their apprentices since 1909.  As of March 2005, Ollivanders has crafted over 47,000 combinations, of over 40 wand woods, and more than 15 types of wand cores*. The wands generally have a randomly generated length of 20 to 45 centimetres (7⅝ to 17¾ inches), though there have been rare instances of extremely short or long wands.

    *all wands since 1971 will contain one of the three Supreme Cores

    If, even admist all these wands, you can't find a match for the one you envisioned for your character, I have no problem editing an entry to include your preferred wand! Just choose one that's very close and let me know what detail(s) to change.

    This is a HUGE file. I've been told by members who looked at the beta version that their phones (for instance) couldn't handle it. There are no viruses or anything but it just may be too much data for your device to handle.

    Normally I will keep this spreadsheet sorted by wood, then core, then length. However if it is done up by Box Number, I am adding some more "created" wands to the end of the list - please be patient and I will return it to "normal"! :)
    (1) If your character purchased his or her wand at Ollivanders, and you would like that wand added to the directory, just find a box number with a wand that matches your description and post it here!

    Code: [Select]
    [o][b]Character Name:[/b] Character Account here
    [o][b]Wand Box №:[/b] Box # here
    [o][b]Purchase Date:[/b] see note below
    [o][b]Trait (optional):[/b] in case you want one or put one in your profile

    (2) If your character purchased his or her wand at a different wandmaker (check out the map here), but you would still like to have a registered wand badge, please use the following code:

    Code: [Select]
    [o][b]Please Add the Wand of:[/b] Character Account here
    [o][b]Affiliated Wandmaker:[/b] Feine Klassische Zauberst?ñbe, Gregorovitch Zauberst?ñbe, Zhezly Tezarovicha, etc.
    [o][b]Wood, Length, Core:[/b] wood and length and core here
    [o][b]Purchase Date:[/b] see note below
    [o][b]Trait (optional):[/b] in case you want one or put one in your profile

    (3) If you can't open the file, but still want your wand listed, please use the following code:

    Code: [Select]
    [o][b]Please Add the Wand of:[/b] Character Account here
    [o][b]Wood, Length, Core:[/b] wood and length and core here
    [o][b]Purchase Date:[/b] see note below
    [o][b]Trait (optional):[/b] in case you want one or put one in your profile

    *The Purchase Date is usually the month before their first year at Hogwarts (which is the August after their 11th birthday), and while August 1ˢᵗ is usually Diagon Alley Shopping Day, any day in August will be fine.
    For purebloods and halfbloods, in certain circumstances the witch or wizard may receive their wand on their 11th birthday, but keep in mind they will have had no training and can get in trouble with the Ministry or, worse, their parents if they start flouting their powers.
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  • 🪄 Wandmakers look at their service areas (and wand wood areas) as "wand regions" rather than as a list of countries. A wand region is a (generally) contiguous area with the same climate, geographical features, and fauna. As such, wand regions vary greatly in size between highly distinct areas with very small (on a global scale) acreage and fairly homogeneous areas with quite large acreage. Not all wandmakers concur about how many wand regions there are in the world; however, generally, two of the three defining features (fauna, geography, climate) must change in notable frequency to be considered a shift in wand region.

    🪄 Below is a map of the generally accepted wand regions throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. These wand regions will be listed on the tables below for wandmakers, wand woods, and wand cores.

    Athabaska FennoscandiaBalticsYevrorusski Siberia Yakutia
    Laurentia EireBrittaniaGermaniaDacia
    Cordillera IberiaGalliaBalkanskiAnatoliaTranscaucasiaTransoxaniaXinjiangManchuriaNippon
    Centroamérica PetraeaMesopotamiaPersiaTibetYangtze
    YamnatArabia BengaliIndochinaMalaya

    🪄 Below is a list of the most well-known wandmakers and their companies in North America, Europe, and Asia.
    Smaller wandmakers do operate throughout these continents; furthermore, wands created by any wandmakers may be re-sold by "secondhand wand shops." Nearly all wandmakers caution, however, that a secondhand wand will never work as well for a customer as it did for its originally matched owner.

    Wand Maker CompanyLocationRegions ServedWand Manufacture Notes
    Tlanowa Ganvsdodi
    (Thunderbird Wands)
    Oklahoma, USA
    (mislabelled Hiloha Hushi Wands on map)
    Athabaska, Cordillera, western Laurentiaintricately carved wands typically containing thunderbird tail feathers
    Quintana Quality WandsNewport,
    Arkansas, USA
    Cordillera, central Laurentiasome remaining original Thiago Quintana wands contain spines from the backs of White River monsters, but all wands since his death use other diverse cores
    Beauvais WanderieNew Orleans,
    Louisiana, USA
    southern Laurentia, Centroaméricaprimarily swamp mayhew wood and rougarou hair as preferred by founder Violetta Beauvais
    Jonker & Sons Wand Co.Seven Springs,
    Pennsylvania, USA
    eastern Athabaska, Laurentiaall countaining mother-of-pearl inlay and specialising in wampus hair cores
    Ollivander'sLondon, UK
    (& Hogsmeade)
    Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Gallia, Germania, Fennoscandiahand-selected native and imported woods using the three Supreme Cores (some older wands contain lesser cores)
    Gregorovitch Zauberstäbe
    (Gregorovitch Wands)
    Gallia, Germania, Fennoscandia, Baltics, Dacia, Yevrorusskirugged, natural looking wands known for their powerful cores
    Feine Klassische Zauberstäbe
    (Fine Classic Wands)
    Iberia, Gallia, Germania, Dacia, Balkanski, Anatoliafamed for multiple wood grafting, custom orders, and artistic designs
    Жезлы Тезаровича
    Zhezly Tezarovicha
    (Rods of Tezarovich)
    Oryol, Russia
    Germania, Fennoscandia, Baltics, Dacia, Yevrorusski, Anatolia, Transcaucasia, Siberiasturdy and stately wands known for their detailed woodwork
    𐏃𐎧𐎠𐎶𐎴𐎡𐏁𐎡𐎹 𐎠𐎼𐏁𐎫𐎡𐏁
    Achaemenid Arštiš
    (Spears of Achaemenes)
    Yamnat, Arabia, Petraea, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Transcaucasia, Persia, Transoxania, Bengali[description]
    Dìguó Mózhàng Zhìzào Zhě
    (Imperial Wandmakers)
    Baojing Co.,
    Bengali, Xinjiang, Tibet, Indochina, Malaya, Yangtze, Manchuria, Siberiabroad-region makers, traders, and sellers of native wood and core wands
    Abe Kiyomi no Eda
    (Wands of Abe Kiyomi)
    Daikoku Is.,
    Manchuria, Nippon, Siberia [Yakutia]favours cherry wood and often couples it with other wood types
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  • 🪄 Only a minority of trees can produce wand quality wood, just as only a minority of humans can produce quality magic. (Bowtruckle nests are a telltale sign of usable wood, but they do not nest in all usable tree species.) Formerly a somewhat guarded secret passed down through years of experience from wandmaking masters to apprentices, the most common usable wand woods are now fairly public knowledge. However, pairing the right wood with the right owner (and the right core) is a skill that still only comes with long practice and study of wandlore.

    🪄 The following table presents the most ideal genera of wand wood producing trees and a sampling of some of their species in each wand region of the world. The notes on wand traits, wand specialties, and owner traits are only general notes, and individual wands may differ especially after being paired with certain cores.

    FamilyGenusCommonSpecies & RegionsWand TraitWand SpecialtyOwner Trait
    Sambucus cerulea (blue elderberry)Cordillera
    Sambucus nigra (black elder)Laurentia, Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Gallia, Germania, Dacia, Balkanski
    Sambucus peruviana (sauco)Centroamérica
    Sambucus racemosa (red elderberry)Athabaska
    rarest of all wand wood and reputed to be deeply unlucky, the trickiest of all to master-exceptional, extraordinary, predestined
    Ilex aquifolium (common holly)Eire, Brittania, Gallia
    Ilex quercetorumCordillera, Centroamérica
    Ilex verticillata (American winterberry) [+9]Laurentia
    works best for those who need to overcome a tendency to anger or impetuosity-engrossed, spiritual, undauntable
    Hedera helix (common ivy)Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Gallia, Germania, Fennoscandia, Dacia, Balkanski
    Hedera hibernica (Atlantic ivy)Eire, Iberia
    "Hogsmeade branch was known to sell wands made from ivy"--
    Alnus acuminataCentroamérica
    Alnus cordata (Italian alder)Gallia
    Alnus glutinosa (common alder)Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Germania, Baltics, Dacia, Balkanski
    Alnus rhombifolia (white alder)
    Alnus rubra/ (red alder)
    Athabaska, Cordillera
    Alnus serrulata (hazel alder)Laurentia
    unyielding; magnificent and loyalbest suited to non-verbal spell workcompliant, considerate, helpful
    Betula ermanii (Erman's birch)Siberia, Manchuria, Nippon
    Betula papyrifera (paper birch)Athabaska, Cordillera, Laurentia
    Betula pendula (silver birch)Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Germania, Fennoscandia, Baltics, Yevrorusski
    Betula pubescens (downy birch)Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Gallia, Fennoscandia, Baltics
    "Hogsmeade branch was known to sell wands made from birch"--
    Carpinus betulus (European hornbeam)Brittania, Gallia, Germania, Dacia, Balkanski
    Carpinus caroliniana (American hornbeam)Cordillera, Laurentia
    Carpinus orientalis (Oriental hornbeam)Gallia, Dacia, Balkanski, Transcaucasia
    Carpinus tropicalisCentroamérica
    particularly fine-tuned and sentient wandadapts more quickly than any other to owner's style of magic and code of honourpassionate, talented, visionary
    Corylus americana (American hazel)Laurentia
    Corylus avellana (common hazel)Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Gallia, Germania, Fennoscandia, Baltics, Dacia, Balkanski, Yevrorusski
    Corylus colurna (Turkish hazel)Balkanski, Anatolia, Transcaucasia, Persia
    Corylus cornuta (beaked hazel)Athabaska, Cordillera, Laurentia
    Corylus heterophylla (Asian hazel)Xinjiang, Manchuria, Nippon, Siberia
    reflects its owner's emotional state; often wilts at the end of its master's lifeunique ability to detect water underground by emitting silvery, tear-shaped puffs of smokeemotionally intelligent, self-controlled
    Ostrya carpinifolia (European hophornbeam)Gallia, Balkanski, Anatolia
    Ostrya japonica (Japanese hophornbeam)Manchuria, Nippon
    Ostrya virginiana (American hophornbeam)Laurentia
    between birch and hornbeam--
    Ostryopsis nobilis (Dianhu hazel)Indochina, Yangtze
    Ostryopsis davidianaYangtze, Manchuria
    between hazel and hornbeam--
    Mesua ferrea (Ceylon ironwood)Bengali, Indochina, Malaya
    Celtis australis (European nettle)Gallia, Balkanski, Anatolia
    Celtis occidentalis (common hackberry)
    Celtis tenuifolia (dwarf hackberry)
    Celtis reticulata (netleaf hackberry)Cordillera, Centroamérica
    Celtis tournefortii (oriental hackberry)Dacia, Balkanski, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Transcaucasia, Persia
    Cornus drummondii (roughleaf dogwood)
    Cornus florida (flowering dogwood)
    Cornus excelsaCentroamérica
    Cornus mas (Cornelian cherry)Gallia, Balkanski, Anatolia, Transcaucasia
    Cornus nuttallii (Pacific dogwood)Cordillera
    Cornus sanguinea (common dogwood)Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Gallia, Germania, Baltics, Dacia, Balkanski, Transcauscasia
    Cornus sericea (red osier)Athabaska, Cordillera, Laurentia
    performs outstanding spells under difficulty conditions; refuses to perform nonverbal spellsproduces dazzling enchantments when paired with a suitably clever and ingenius ownerexciting, ingenious, thrillseeking
    Cupressus lusitanica (cedar-of-Goa)Centroamérica
    C. sempervirens (Mediterranean cypress)Iberia, Balkanski, Anatolia, Mesopotamia
    14 distinct New World Cupressus species,
     each with extremely small ranges
    --honourable, reputable, self-sacrificing
    Juniperus communis (common juniper)Athabaska, Laurentia, Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Gallia, Germania, Fennoscandia, Baltics, Balkanski, Yevrorusski, Siberia, Transcauscasia, Transoxania, Nippon
    Juniperus occidentalis (western juniper)Cordillera
    Juniperus phoenicea (Arâr)Iberia, Gallia, Balkanski
    Juniperus virginiana (eastern redcedar)Laurentia
    Sequoia sempervirens (coast redwood)Cordillera
    --adaptable, lucky, overcoming
    SequoiadendronGiant Redwood★★★
    S. giganteum (giant sequoia)Cordillera, Brittania, Gallia, Germania
    Thuja koraiensis (Korean thuja)Manchuria
    Thuja occidentalis (eastern cedar)Laurentia; Brittania*
    Thuja plicata (western cedar)Athabaska, Cordillera; Eire*
    Thuja standishii (Japanese thuja)Nippon
    carries the potential to be a frightening adversary-cognizant, judicious, perceptive
    Diospyros celebica (Makassar ebony)Malaya
    Diospyros crassiflora (Gabon ebony)[Western Africa]
    Diospyros ebenum (Ceylon ebony)India
    Diospyros humilis (Queensland ebony)[northern Australia]
    Diospyros tessellaria (Mauritius ebony) [+10][Mauritius]
    -highly suited to all manner of combative magic and to Transfigurationnonconformist, resolute, self-expressive
    Diospyros nigra (black sapote)Centroamérica
    Diospyros virginiana (American persimmon)Laurentia
    Diospyros lotus (lilac persimmon)Iberia, Gallia, Balkanski, Anatolia, Transcaucasia
    Vaccinium arboreum (sparkleberry)Laurentia
    Acacia confusa (Philippine wattle)India, Indochina, Malaya, Yangtze
    Acacia heterophylla (highland tamarind)[Madagascar]
    Acacia nilotica (thorny acacia)Yamnat, Arabia, Petraea, Mesopotamia, Persia, India, [West Africa, African Horn, South Africa]
    Acacia pycnantha (golden wattle) [+947][Australia]
    matches any for power, but often refuses to produce magic for any but its owner; not suited to "bangs-and-smells" magic-adroit, proficient, talented
    Cercis canadensis (eastern redbud)Laurentia
    Cercis chinensis (Chinese redbud)Yangtze
    Cercis occidentalis (western redbud)Cordillera
    Cercis siliquastrum (European redbud)Gallia, Balkanski, Anatolia, Transcaucasia, Persia
    Dalbergia latifolia (Indian rosewood)Persia, India
    Dalbergia nigra (Bahia rosewood)[Brasil]
    Dalbergia oliveri (Burmese rosewood)Indochina
    Dalbergia retusa (cocobolo)Centroamérica
    "Fleur Delacour's wand"--
    Pterocarpus indicus (Malay padauk)Laurentia
    Robinia pseudoacacia (black locust)Indochina, Yangtze, Malaya
    Castanea crenata (Japanese chestnut)Manchuria, Nippon
    Castanea dentata (American chestnut)Laurentia
    Castanea henryi (Chinese chinkapin)Yangtze
    Castanea sativa (sweet chestnut)Brittania, Iberia, Gallia, Germania, Balkanski, Anatolia, Transcaucasia
    --green-thumbed, natural flier, philozoic
    Fagus crenata (Japanese beech)Nippon
    Fagus engleriana (Chinese beech)Yangtze, Manchuria
    Fagus grandifolia (American beech)Laurentia
    Fagus orientalis (Oriental beech)Balkanski, Anatolia, Transcauscasia, Persia
    Fagus sylvatica (European beech)Brittania, Gallia, Germania, Fennoscandia, Balkanski, Anatolia
    performs very weakly for the narrow-minded and intolerantcapable of a subtlety and artistry not seen in any other woodexperienced, mature, understanding
    subgen. Quercus
    sect. Quercus
    White Oak
    Quercus alba (white oak) [+8]Laurentia
    Quercus havardii (Havard oak) [+1]Cordillera, Laurentia
    Quercus garryana (Garry oak) [+10]Cordillera
    Quercus petraea (sessile oak)
    Quercus rober (English oak)
    Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Gallia, Germania, Baltics, Dacia, Balkanski
    as loyal as the wizard who deserves it-courageous, faithful, stalwart
    sect. Protobalanus
    Intermediate Oak
    Quercus chrysolepis (canyon live oak) [+2]Cordillera
    sect. Lobatae
    Red Oak
    Q. hyperleucoides (silverleaf oak) [+2]Cordillera
    Quercus nigra (water oak) [+2]Cordillera, Laurentia
    Quercus rubra (northern red oak) [+9]Laurentia
    -perfect duelling wand (unusually fast reactions)creative, lithe, quick-witted
    subgen. Cerris
    sect. Cerris
    Bristle Oak
    Quercus cerris (Turkey oak)Eire, Brittania, Germania, Balkanski
    Quercus suber (cork oak)Iberia, Gallia
    sect. Ilex
    Hairy Oak
    Quercus ilex (holm oak)Eire, Brittania, Gallia, Balkanski
    Quercus coccifera (kermes oak)Balkanski
    Carya cathayensis (Chinese hickory)Yangtze
    Carya cordiformis (bitternut hickory)
    Carya illinoinensis (pecan) [+10]
    Carya tonkinensis (Vietnam hickory)Indochina
    Juglanssect. Lobatae
    Black Walnut
    Juglans australis (Brazilian walnut)[Argentina, Bolivia]
    Juglans californica (California black walnut)Cordillera
    Juglans nigra (Eastern black walnut)Laurentia
    Juglans olanchana (cedro negro)Centroamérica
    not the easiest to masterparticular flair in all kinds of charmworkattuned, insightful, instinctual
    all other sect.s
    Juglans ailantifolia (Japanese walnut)Nippon
    Juglans mandshurica (Manchurian walnut)Siberia, Yangtze, Manchuria
    Juglans regia (Persian walnut)Anatolia, Transcaucasia, Persia, Transoxania, India
    possessed of unusual versatility and adaptability; wand and wizard feed on each other (in sometimes unhealthy manner)inventive, innovative, resourceful
    LamiaceaeAegiphilaMint Tree★★☆
    Aegiphila fasciculataCentroamérica
    Laurus nobilis (bay tree)Cordillera, Iberia, Gallia, Balkanski
    cannot perform a dishonourable act, but performs powerful and sometimes lethal magic-gloryseeking, grandiose, opportunistic
    Sassafras albidum (silky sassafras)Laurentia
    Sassafras tzumu (Chinese sassafras)Tibet, Yangtze
    MagnoliaceaeLiriodendronTulip Tree★★☆
    Liriodendron chinense (Chinese whitewood)Indochina, Yangtze
    Liriodendron tulipifera (tulip tree)Laurentia
    Magnolia champaca (champak)
    Magnolia liliiflora (Mulan magnolia)
    India, Indochina, Malaya, Yangtze
    Magnolia grandiflora (southern magnolia)
    Magnolia virginiana (sweetbay)
    Magnolia guatemalensis (mamey)Centroamérica
    Magnolia sieboldii (Oyama magnolia)Indochina, Yangtze, Manchuria
    MalvaceaeTiliaBasswood (NA)
    Lime (UK)
    Linden (EU)
    Tilia tomentosa (silver linden)Dacia, Balkanski, Anatolia
    -works best for Seers and those skilled at Legilimency-
    Tilia americana (American basswood)Laurentia
    Tilia cordata (small-leaved lime/linden)Brittania, Gallia, Germania, Fennoscandia, Baltics, Dacia, Balkanski, Yevrorusski
    Tilia nasczokinii (Nasczokin's linden)Siberia
    Tilia platyphyllos (large-leaved lime/linden)Brittania, Gallia, Germania, Dacia, Balkanski
    Swietenia humilis (Pacific Coast mahogany)Cordillera, Centroamérica
    Swietenia macrophylla (Honduran mahogany)Centroamérica, [S.A. south to Bolivia]
    Swietenia mahagoni (West Indian mahogany)southern Laurentia
    -excellent for Transfiguration-
    Brosimum alicastrum (breadnut)
    Brosimum guianense (snakewood)
    Centroamérica, [Brasil]
    "Salazar Slytherin's wand"
    Nyssa sinensis (Chinese tupelo)Indochina, Yangtze
    Nyssa sylvatica (black tupelo)Laurentia, Centroamérica
    Nyssa javanicaTibet, Indochina, Malaya
    OleaceaeFraxinusAsh★★★[species]cleaves to its one true master and loses power if passed on or gifted to another owner-modest, tactful, steadfast
    Abies alba (silver fir)Iberia, Gallia, Germania, Dacia, Balkanski
    Abies balsamea (balsam fir)Laurentia
    Abies grandis (grand fir)Cordillera, Brittania, Eire, Fennoscandia
    A. guatemalensis (Guatemalan fir)Centroamérica
    Abies lasiocarpa (subalpine fir)Athabaska, Cordillera
    Abies nordmanniana (Nordmann fir)Yevrorusski
    Abies sibirica (Siberian fir)Siberia
    poor tools in the hands of the changeable and indecisiveparticularly suited to Transfigurationfocused, formidable, strong-minded
    LarixLarch★★★[species]instills confidence and courage in its user-adroit, reserved, surprising
    PiceaSpruce★★★[species]requires a particular deftness, ill-matched with cautious/nervous naturesproduces particularly flamboyant and dramatic effectsbold, charismatic, witty
    PinusPine★★★[species]enjoys being used creatively and adapts unprotestingly to new methods and spellsmost sensitive to non-verbal magicindependent, mysterious, solitary
    PseudotsugaFalse Hemlock★★☆[species]
    PlatanaceaePlatanusSycamore (NA)
    Plane Tree (UK)
    ★★★[species]eager for new experience; combusts if allowed to become boredcapacity to learn and adaptadventurous, curious, vital
    Arundo donax (giant cane)Cordillera, Iberia, Balkanski
    "Hogsmeade branch was known to sell wands made from reed"-eloquent, protective, striking
    Phragmites australis (common reed)Athabaska, Cordillera, Laurentia, Centroamérica, Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Gallia, Germania, Fennoscandia, Baltics, Dacia, Balknaski
    Saccharum ravennae (elephant grass)Iberia
    RosaceaeCrataegussect. Coccineae
    ★★☆[species]"Violetta Beauvais from New Orleans used the wood in all of her wands"--
    all other sect.s
    ★★★[species]not easy to masterparticularly suited to healing magic but also adept at cursesconflicted, restless, tumultuous
    MalusApple★★★[species]powerful, mixed poorly with Dark magic-idealistic, moralistic, principled
    Prunussect. Cerasus
    ★★★[species]"highly praised and sought after wood in Japan"--
    sect. Prunus
    Prunus spinosa (blackthorn)Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Gallia, Germania, Fennoscandia, Baltics, Balkanski, Dacia, Yevrorusski, Anatolia, Transcaucasia
    need to pass through danger or hardship with their owners to become truly bonded-gladiatorial, skilled, vigorous
    PyrusPear★★★[species]resilient; never chooses a Dark Witch or Wizardsplendid magic powersdistinguished, popular, well-respected
    SorbusMountain Ash (NA)
    Rowan (UK)
    ★★★[species]disassociated with the Dark Arts; can match and outperform others in duelsproduces powerful, hard-to-break Defensive Charmspure-hearted, reliable, sincere
    RutaceaeZanthoxylumPrickly Ash★★☆[species]"created for Chadwick Boot by No-Maj James Steward"--
    SalicaceaePopulussect. Aigeros
    Black Poplar
    Populus deltoides (eastern cottonwood)Laurentia
    Populus nigra (black poplar)Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Gallia ,Germania, Balkanski, Dacia, Yevrorusski, Transcaucasia, Siberia
    relies upon consistency, strength, and uniform power-righteous, sensible, virtuous
    sect. Populus
    White Poplar
    Populus alba (silver poplar)Iberia, Gallia, Germania, Balkanski, Dacia, Yevrorusski, Anatolia, Transcaucasia, Persia, Transoxania, Siberia
    & Aspen★★★
    P. grandidentata (large-tooth aspen)Laurentia
    Populus tremula (common aspen)Eire, Brittania, Gallia, Germania, Fennoscandia, Baltics, Balkanski, Dacia, Yevrorusski, Anatolia, Transcaucasia, Siberia, Xinjiang, Yangtze, Manchuria, Nippon, Yakutia
    Populus tremuloides (quaking aspen)Athabaska, Cordillera, Laurentia
    -particularly suited to martial magicaccomplished duellist, energetic
    sect. Tacamahaca
    Balsam Poplar
    Populus balsamifera (hackmatack)Athabaska, Laurentia
    SalixWillow★★★[species]does not like witches and wizards who feel they have little to learnhealing power; enables advanced, non-verbal magiccovert, insecure, robust
    Acer glabrum (mountain maple)Athabaska, Cordillera
    Acer negundo (boxelder maple)Laurentia, Gallia, Dacia
    Acer platanoides (Norway maple)Eire, Brittania, Germania, Fennoscandia, Baltics
    Acer pseudoplatanus (sycamore maple)Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Gallia, Germania
    Acer rubrum (red maple)Laurentia
    Acer sempervirens (Cretan maple)Balkanski, Anatolia
    Acer skutchii (cloud forest sugar maple)Centroamérica
    grows heavy and lacklustre in magic without fresh challenges and regular changes of scene-ambitious, investigative, nature-lover
    TaxaceaeTaxusYew★★★[species]often sprouts into a tree guarding its dead owner's gravefearsome reputation in the spheres of duelling and all cursesprotective, questionable, unusual
    UlmaceaeUlmusElm★★★[species]produces the fewest accidents and least foolish errors, capable of highly advanced magicproduces the most elegant charms and spellsaristocratic, dextrous, dignified
    VitaceaeVitisVine★★★[species]strongly attracted by personalities with hidden depths-seeking, unpredictable, yearning
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  • 🪄 The core of a wand is a magical substance that is processed and fitted into the wood of the wand, enhancing the magical ability of the wood and/or providing new magical capability to the synthesis. The overwhelming majority of wand cores come from creature parts (generally Beasts, some Beings, and even a few non-magical creatures), but some magical plants and magical ores can be used as well.

    🪄 The following table presents the most common sources of wand cores and a sampling of some species of the genera in each wand region of the world. As with wand woods, the notes provided here are only general notes for the core types, and individual wands may differ especially after being paired with certain woods.

    FamilyGenusCommonSpecies & RegionsPart(s)Wand TraitWand Specialty
    Aoratochoerus congonensis (Congolese tebo)
    Aoratochoerus hesperis (Gabonese tebo)
    Equialissect. Pegasus
    Equialis abraxas (Abraxan pegasus)Gallia, Germania
    Equialis castanea (Aethonan pegasus)Brittania
    Equialis cinericius (Granian pegasus)Iberia, Balkanski
    sect. Vidistus
    Equialis vanus (forest thestral)Eire, Brittania, Gallia, Germania
    Hair★★★unstable, potent, but tricky to master-
    AmphicyonidaeAmphicyonRougarou[species]Hair★★☆-affinity for the Dark Arts
    AvitusiidaeMedequsUnicorn[species]Hair★★★not as powerful but not as prone to accidents; least likely to change loyalty or turn to the dark arts; prone to wilting-
    Incapitus hibernica (dubh-each)Eire
    Incapitus sylvatica (Rappe)Gallia, Germania
    Mantichorus mantichorus (Persian mantichore)Balkanski, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Persia
    Mane Hair★★★powerful but incredibly unstable, must be tempered by a calm demeanour-
    Faelis knatus (punny kneazle)Brittania
    PimaWampus[species]Coat Hair★★☆--
    LagodidaeKeratolagusHorned Hare
    RetroambulidaeVigiloCurupira[species]Hair★★☆unstable, known to choose owners that are talented but unpredictable-
    Turbella cornicus (Cornish pixie)Brittania
    Vegrandis saltator (common fairy)[Worldwide]
    Voraxia axyridis ("biting fairy")Athbaska, Laurentia, Fennoscandia, Baltics, Yevrorusski
    FamilyGenusCommonSpecies & RegionsPart(s)Wand TraitWand Specialty
    Inhomo sanguisanam (vampire)[regions]
    FamilyGenusCommonSpecies & RegionsPart(s)Wand TraitWand Specialty
    LepidognathidaeDraconasect. Dracona
    Dracona boreus (Swedish Short-Snout)Fennoscandia
    Dracona cornutus (Romanian Longhorn)Dacia
    Dracona nigrum (Hebridean Black)
    Dracona occidentalis (Common Welsh Green)
    Heartstring★★★learns spells faster and easier, but more prone to accidents; most likely to change loyaltypowerful and flamboyant magic; easiest to turn to the dark arts but will not do so on its own
    sect. Viperna
    Dracona aucklandica (Antipodean Opaleye)[New Zealand]
    Dracona caudaspinas (Hungarian Horntail)Germania
    Dracona loricatus (Ukrainian Ironbelly)Dacia
    Dracona maremontes (Norwegian Ridgeback)Fennoscandia
    Dracona orientalis (Chinese Fireball)Xinjiang, Tibet, Yangtze, Manchuria
    Dracona tropicalis (Peruvian Vipertooth)[South America]
    MagnuserpenidaeCornigerHorned Serpent
    Corniger chinanensis (Peifu serpent)Tibet, Indochina, Yangtze
    Corniger hibernica (Irish serpent)
    *considered to be extinct in the wild
    Corniger uktenas (estakwynayv)Laurentia
    Horn★★★sensitive to Parseltongue; emit low musical tones to warn owners of danger-
    Lapidaria anticuus (northern basilisk)Brittania, Fennoscandia
    Lapidaria casentinensis (badalischio)Gallia, Balkanski
    Horn★★☆-strong affinity for the Dark Arts
    [species name]Transoxania, Bengali, Xinjiang, Tibet, Indochina, Yangtze, Manchuria, Nippon
    [species name]Athabaska, Cordillera, Laurentia
    FamilyGenusCommonSpecies & RegionsPart(s)Wand TraitWand Specialty
    Igniavis diucollum (anqa [mughrib])Yamnat, Arabia, Mesopotamia, Persia
    Igniavis igniavis ([Russian] firebird)Germania, Baltics, Dacia, Yevrorusski
    Igniavis maranensis (sarimanok)Malaya
    Igniavis occidentalis (Western phoenix)Cordillera, Iberia, Gallia, Balkanski
    Igniavis orientalis (fenghuang)Xinjiang, Tibet, Yangtze, Manchuria, Nippon
    Feather★★★most picky about potential owners and allegiance is usually hard won; shows the most initiative, sometimes acting of its own accordcapable of the greatest range of magic
    Pluviavis hibernica (Irish phoenix)Eire
    QuadraladaeProcellavisThunderbird[species]Feather★★★extremely powerful but difficult to master; able to sense danger and cast curses pre-emptivelyparticularly good for Transfiguration
    FamilyGenusCommonSpecies & RegionsPart(s)Wand TraitWand Specialty
    AquadaemonidaeEquorossect. Equoros
    Equoros algarum (common kelpie)[regions]
    sect. Plumatus
    Equoros pinguinus (giant boobrie)[regions]
    Palamus grendelum (Scottish grindylow)Brittania
    Callido africana (mami wati)[Africa]
    Callido baltica (undinė)Fennoscandia, Baltics
    Callido hibernica (merrow)Eire
    Callido syreni (siren)Gallia, Balkanski
    Callido vestutis (selkie)Brittania
    Hair★★☆wands of some species' hair shock would-be thieves-
    IctaimonidaeIctaimonasAmerican Shoal-cait
    Ictaimonas arkanensis (White River monster)
    *considered to be extinct in the wild
    Spine★★★produces spells of force and elegance-
    SimonidaeSimonasEurasian Shoal-cait
    Simonas desidarium (wishing fish)Germania, Baltics, Dacia, Yevrorusski
    FamilyGenusCommonSpecies & RegionsPart(s)Wand TraitWand Specialty
    CaryophylliidaeLopheliaColdwater Coral
    Lophelia pertusa (Atlantic coral)Eire, Brittania, Fennoscandia
    Mesoglea or
    FamilyGenusCommonSpecies & RegionsPart(s)Wand TraitWand Specialty
    FamilyGenusCommonSpecies & RegionsPart(s)Wand TraitWand Specialty
    Rose Quartz[species]★??☆--
  • #5 by Garrick Ollivander on 02 Mar 2023

  • Registered from Ollivanders
    Purchase Date
    @Alice Acelyn
    21 December 1990
    @Nour Arundell
    2 March 1984
    @Ares Awning
    27 May 1990
    @Ludovic Bagman
    15 May 1969
    @Carey Baisley
    9 September 1999
    @Artemis Bane
    28 July 1984
    @Audra Baxter
    14 July 1995
    @Adriana Bennett
    23 November 1994
    @Fflur Blevins
    15 August 1981
    @Bellatrix Black
    2 March 1962
    @Nerys Blevins
    10 August 1983
    @Kendall Byrd
    3 June 1984
    @Robin Byrne-Davidson
    27 April 1981
    @Brynn Caines
    (1ˢᵗ) 1 August 1999
    (2ⁿᵈ) 1 August 2000
    @Erika Caines
    1 August 1978
    @Amara Cast
    10 October 1987
    @Pixie Clarke-Trickett
    25 July 2000
    @Deirdre Coltrane
    6 November 1995
    @Ceinwen Conway
    18 October 1911
    @DJ Conway
    24 October 1994
    @Tori Cooper
    13 May 1999
    @Douglas Corner
    19 August 1972
    @Michael Corner
    4 August 1991
    @Aldous Cresswell
    4 March 2000
    @Addreig Daley
    14 May 1978
    @Arden Dasher
    30 August 1989
    @Santiago del Arroyo
    29 July 1985
    @Samuel Dickinson
    21 June 1975
    @Keela Doyle
    21 July 1995
    @Adria Durant
    17 December 1998
    @Louise Ellington
    26 October 1976
    @Meredith Emerson
    20 October 1997
    @Lily Evans
    1 August 1971
    @Sean Finnigan
    1 August 1966
    @Sierra Finnigan
    1 August 2000
    @Ben Fletcher
    1 August 1986
    Purchase Date
    @Honey Bea Flume
    2 July 1984
    @Winston T. Foss
    30 September 1968
    @Jonathan Gardner
    20 June 1968
    @Ailsa Garrott
    5 June 1984
    @Tess Gorman
    12 July 1994
    @Hermione Granger
    1 August 1991
    @Korrine Greengard
    19 March 1941
    @Astoria Greengrass
    28 December 1992
    @Alfred Hawking
    15 February 1992
    @Éilís Healey
    8 July 1998
    @Agatha Henderson
    30 May 1990
    @Emma Hennings
    28 April 1991
    @Joanna Hennings
    3 July 1985
    @Edith Holthouse
    13 August 1990
    @Owain Hughes
    16 July 1998
    @Áine Kerr
    28 April 1990
    @Amatia King
    13 July 1972
    @Ashlan la Barre
    13 February 1980
    @Archimedes Larkspur
    1 June 1989
    @Ariana Laurier
    17 September 1993
    @Abigail Lawson
    15 May 1999
    @Nobby Leach
    1 August 1951
    @Jane Lennon
    1 August 1991
    @Audrey Lennox
    1 August 1998
    @Neville Longbottom
    1 July 1996
    @Tree Loveall
    1 August 2000
    @Luna Lovegood
    (1ˢᵗ) 13 February 1992
    (2ⁿᵈ) 🎁 8 April 1998
    @Sam Lynch
    28 March 1987
    @Antonio Mackey
    24 December 1985
    @Emmett Markham
    1 January 1957
    @Dermod Morfessa
    7 April 1954
    @Gabriella Morfessa
    8 March 1980
    @Henry Murphy
    5 October 1996
    @Adrianna Norton
    7 October 1991
    @Aideen OBannon
    29 December 1997
    @Aaron OBrien
    25 October 1997
    Purchase Date
    @Theoren Odell
    28 July 1990
    @Garrick Ollivander
    🎁 25 September 1928
    @Grover Ollivander
    🎁 13 May 1980
    @Lesleigh Ollivander
    🎁 16 October 1993
    @Harry Potter
    31 July 1991
    @James Potter
    27 March 1971
    @Molly Prewett
    30 October 1960
    @Evan Reavley
    23 September 1985
    @Aeric al-Busuri Regan
    19 November 1988
    @Alex Regan
    8 July 1990
    @Gianna Regan
    21 June 1990
    @Quinn Regan
    27 January 1988
    @Tom Riddle
    6 August 1938
    @Jonah Rowley
    27 January 2000
    @Evelyn Sartell
    3 April 1998
    @Reina Satou
    6 August 2000
    @Kendrick Silverman
    14 July 1982
    @Zacharias Smith
    4 April 1991
    @Zara Leigh Sparks
    1 August 1995
    @Aline Stanton
    22 August 1988
    @Lionel Sterling
    29 October 1996
    @Hunter Street
    3 December 1986
    @Dean Thomas
    6 May 1998
    @Therra Thorn
    7 August 2001
    @Morrison Thorne
    24 July 1986
    @Brietta Toft
    4 August 1998
    @Alf Trickett
    9 June 1974
    @Arick Trickett
    7 May 1979
    @Brita Trickett
    25 March 1988
    @Frida Trickett
    19 July 1987
    @Aase Trickett-Cassoway
    31 May 1999
    @Dolores Umbridge
    26 August 1961
    @Charles Weasley
    12 December 1983
    @Ron Weasley
    7 July 1993
    @Donna West
    6 August 1998
    @Linnet Willowsong
    1 August 1994

    Registered from the Americas
    Purchase Date
    Sol Etu Durbin
    (@Sylvia Crowne's ancestor)
    1 August 1926
    @Leah Miller
    18 March 2001
    @Clair Sherman
    1 August 1961
    Registered from Europe
    Purchase Date
    @Esmeray Aysoy
    22 December 1996
    @Madeleine Girard
    9 March 1996
    @Anne Hofstede
    5 December 1996
    @Leona Millegan
    1 August 1997
    @Fleur Weasley (Ann)
    20 August 1988
    ancestor of
     @Conrad Sturm
    15 May 1941
    Registered from Asia
    Purchase Date
  • #6 by Garrick Ollivander on 02 Mar 2023
  • All wands created between May 2002 and March 2005 have been added to the Directory!

    Ollivanders is now open for business once again!

    A wealth of wand information up above -- woods are nearly done, cores not even started ;)

  • #7 by Theoren Odell on 02 Mar 2023
  • this is so cool! 

    • Character Name:  @Theoren Odell
    • Wand Box №:  46328
    • Purchase Date:  July 28, 1990
    • Trait (optional):  Sturdy
  • #8 by Audrey Lennox on 02 Mar 2023
    • Character Name: @Audrey Lennox
    • Wand Box №: 41156
    • Purchase Date:  August 1st, 1998 (assuming the shop was open again by this time?)
    • Trait (optional):  Fairly bendy
  • #9 by Garrick Ollivander on 02 Mar 2023
  • @Theoren Odell and @Audrey Lennox have been recorded in Mr. Ollivander's memory! Thank you for your business!

    Staff, could someone please supply these lovely young people with the Wand Chooses the Wizard badge? Thank you!

    done <3
  • #10 by lee on 02 Mar 2023
    • Character Name: @Donna West
    • Wand Box №: Box № 36367
    • Purchase Date: 6 August, 1998

    • Character Name: @Sam Lynch
    • Wand Box №: Box № 35183
    • Purchase Date: 28 March, 1987

    • Character Name: @Michael Corner
    • Wand Box №: Box № 46172
    • Purchase Date: 4 August, 1991

    • Character Name: @Michael Corner
    • Wand Box №: Box № 39858
    • Purchase Date: 19 August, 1972 [hand-me-down originally belonging to his father]

    • Please Add the Wand of: @Conrad Sturm
    • Affiliated Wandmaker: Gregorovitch Zauberstäbe
    • Wood, Length, Core: willow, 10.25 inches, dittany stalk
    • Purchase Date: 15 May, 1941 [hand-me-down from god knows who]

      sorry to dump this all on your doorstep 😬 but i can't resist a spreadsheet
  • #11 by Garrick Ollivander on 06 Mar 2023
  • sorry to dump this all on your doorstep 😬 but i can't resist a spreadsheet
    Me neither, and I did say my doorstep was open for business ;)

    Staff, at your convenience please provide the following badges:
    • "Wand Chooses the Wizard" badge to Donna, Sam, and Michael
    • "Wand Chooses the Zauberer" badge to Conrad
    • "Wand Chooses the Warlock" badge to @Larkin Primrose who I also registered
    Thank you!

  • #12 by cstine on 15 Mar 2023
  • hi ty in advance

    • Character Name: @Artie Harrison
    • Wand Box №: 40264
    • Purchase Date: 31 August 1987
    • Trait (optional):

    • Character Name: @Hermione Granger-Weasley
    • Wand Box №: 26610
    • Purchase Date: (when did ollivander's reopen in 1998? because that day)
    • Trait (optional):

      and sorry i updated wands once i actually bothered to look into things, can we do updates for these in the sheet?

    • Character Name: @Edith Holthouse
    • Wand Box №: 33556 - can we swap it for aspen?
    • Purchase Date: 13 August 1990
    • Trait (optional):

    • Character Name: @Fflur Blevins
    • Wand Box №: 31582 - swapsies for chestnut and dragon heartstring (welsh pls)?
    • Purchase Date: 15 August 1981
    • Trait (optional):

    • Character Name: @Honey Bea Flume
    • Wand Box №: 45437 - hornbeam swap?
    • Purchase Date: 2 July 1984
    • Trait (optional):

      just a date update

    • Character Name: @Quinn Regan
    • Wand Box №: 29139
    • Purchase Date: 27 January 1989 (says 1988 in the sheet)
    • Trait (optional):

  • #13 by Fosse on 15 Mar 2023
  • shh ignore the archived guys they're coming back
    i established some canon while u were away some of it is flexible some is not, i made notes! tyvm for your consideration and if this is Too Annoying i can take a Hard No

    • Character Name: @Anthony Goldstein
    • Wand Box №: BBox № 26958
    • Purchase Date: purchased by Anthony after the Battle of Hogwarts, whatever the first day the shop was open again
    • Trait (optional): rather bendy -- chose Anthony over a dark-sympathic wizard shopping at the same time.
      from sheet: 10 and 7/8th inches, hornbeam, dragon heartstring, rather bendy

    • Character Name: @Cordelia Leighton
    • Wand Box №: Box № 19324 (can it be 10 1/2 inches i dont mind if no)
    • Purchase Date: August 1st, 1993
    • Trait (optional): springy and resilient -- survived multiple impacts during the battle of hogwarts.
      from sheet: Rowan, 10 1/2 in, unicorn hair, springy

    • Character Name: @Roderick Macnair
    • Wand Box №: Box № 13320 (please change to hawthorn wood  -- if this is unideal, i would prefer a new wand be made)
    • Purchase Date: August 12th, 1927, by an elder Macnair and handed down to Roderick.
    • Trait (optional): demands attention
      from sheet: 12 and 1/8 in, hawthorn, troll whisker

    • Character Name: @Anna Filimonova
    • Affiliated Wandmaker: Zhezly Tezarovicha
    • Wood, Length, Core:  10 and 3/4, juniper, phoenix feather
    • Purchase Date: october 5, 1999
    • Trait (optional): tempermental, but flexible
      from sheet:

    • Character Name: @Cassandra Nichols
    • Wand Box №: um, see below
    • Purchase Date: August 3rd, 1998
    • Trait (optional): an extremely feminine wand
      from sheet: 11 1/8th inches, laurel, veela hair core -- this core type straight up does not exist on your sheet, but i'm fairly attached to it: can we brainstorm around this? lmk

    • Character Name: @Killian Buckley
    • Wand Box №: Box № 35492
    • Purchase Date: August 1st, 2000
    • Trait (optional): swishy and unconventional
      from sheet: pear, 10 and 3/4 inches, unicorn hair, swishy

    • Character Name: @Shelby Trickett
    • Wand Box №: Box № 54896
    • Purchase Date: August 1st, 2002
    • Trait (optional): subtle and unfocused
      from sheet: 9 and 7/8th inches, silver lime, dragon heartstring, vaguely supple [im fine with the length changing]
  • #14 by Garrick Ollivander on 17 Mar 2023
  • Mr. Ollivander remembers his sales to the following people:

    @Cassandra Nichols ~ @Roderick Macnair ~ @Cordelia Leighton ~ @Hermione Granger-Weasley (the second time, 1 Aug 1998) ~ @Anthony Goldstein (1 Aug 1998) ~ @Killian Buckley ~ @Artie Harrison ~ @Shelby Trickett (I went ahead and changed the length @Fosse )

    ( @cstine I also made all the updates you asked for to existing registrations)

    Staff, could someone please supply these lovely people with the Wand Chooses the Wizard badge?

    done. in the future it might be easier for you to pm somebody on staff directly or these requests might get lost in these threads when other people post

    @Anna Filimonova 's purchase has also been recorded and she may receive the Wand Chooses the Zauberer badge.

    Regarding Cassandra's wand...
    Character Name: @Cassandra Nichols
    Purchase Date: August 3rd, 1998
    Trait (optional): an extremely feminine wand
    from sheet: 11 1/8th inches, laurel, veela hair core -- this core type straight up does not exist on your sheet, but i'm fairly attached to it: can we brainstorm around this? lmk
    Your core didn't show up originally because of the established canon - Garrick refuses to use anything except the three "Supreme Cores." But, his father Gervaise and his grandfather Gerbold could have used veela hair, as they experimented more. So, I changed a dittany stalk core and gave her an older wand of Gerbold's make, Box № 10767 (1910, so take care of the old girl!).

    Ms Granger (as she was at the time) and Mr Goldstein reminded me that Ollivanders' was not open from July 2, 1996, until about August 1, 1998. As such, the following characters' wand purchases may need to be retconned (but I won't press the issue, I just like to stick to canon as much as possible).

    @Henry Murphy ~ October 5, 1996
    @Lionel Sterling ~ October 29, 1996
    @Meredith Emerson ~ October 20, 1997
    @Aaron OBrien ~ October 25, 1997
    @Aideen OBannon ~ December 29, 1997
    @Evelyn Sartell ~ April 3, 1998
    @Dean Thomas ~ May 6, 1998
    @Éilís Healey ~ July 8, 1998
    @Owain Hughes ~ July 16, 1998
  • #15 by Lionel Sterling on 17 Mar 2023
  • conveniently, mr macnair's reason for possessing an old family heirloom already led me to question whether a similar situation might not be relevant to lionel and the shop literally being closed makes that a necessity. I would be happy to retcon to something older (perhaps purchased in, idk, early February 1948, a late-in-life second wand possessed by a great-great-uncle Torcall or something after an unfortunate mishap with his first?). maybe box 29846 would work?