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what is stronger than the human heart? • al|kb
« on: March 14, 2023, 05:41:50 AM »
what is stronger
than the human heart
which shatters over and over
and still lives

From:  Audrey Lennox, Hogwarts, Scotland
To:  Dahlia Anthony, c/o Publishing Firm, London, England
Sent:  March 3rd, 2005
Format:  Inside a small, brown envelope, a folded card of thick, ivory-colored parchment.  On the front of the card is a simple line drawing of dandelions swaying, seeds drifting in the wind.  The card is charmed so that when blown on, the seeds will disperse.  Inside, handwriting is in small, tidy cursive and written in midnight blue ink.

Ms. Anthony,

I hope this letter finds you well.  I am writing to thank you for your book, Out of Eden.  Your poetry has helped me more than I know how to say.  I found your imagery inspiring, your expressions visceral.  You truly are an artist.

My parents separated when I was fourteen, after my father abandoned us for a new life in another country, where he was chronically unfaithful to my mother.  I can tell it was very hard on her, although she tries to put on a brave face for my benefit.  My father, meanwhile, has had no trouble moving on with his life – in fact, it astounds me how easily we were cast aside.  Discarded.

Reading your writing helped me put words to feelings that I did not know how to describe.  Although I found it, at times, difficult to read, I do believe it has helped me heal in some way.

I am sorry that you were ever put into a situation that caused you to feel such things, to write such words.  But know that you are not alone.  Your bravery in putting your feelings out there for the world to read has doubtlessly helped many others besides myself.

With my humblest gratitude,

@Kate Baker
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I ' v e   g o t   s u n s h i n e   o n   a   c l o u d y   d a y
W h e n   i t ' s   c o l d   o u t s i d e ,
I ' v e   g o t   t h e   m o n t h   o f   M a y


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Re: what is stronger than the human heart? • al|kb
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From: Catherine Elena Baker, Chelsea, London, England
To: Audrey Lennox, Hogwarts, Scotland
Sent: March 6, 2005
Format: A letter on cardstock, mailed in a large envelope with personalized stationery from Kate's office, and written in neat, shiny, rose gold ink. Also, a parcel in pink-and-orange color-changing paper,  complete with a massive golden bow. Wrapped and charmed for neatness.

Dear Audrey,

I trust that you have seen the tabloid the Daily Prophet published in September of last year. If you haven't, choose to read it, and it changes your mind, I understand completely. If you have and still wrote to me with these beautiful words, I must say that we are probably quite alike and I found your note both eloquent and kind as well as gracious.

It's mostly the bad sort of letter that I get in the post about my book, unfortunately. Usually it is mail that comes from Ch my ex's supporters. They seem to believe that somehow, by being vitriolic and hateful toward me, they might earn his favor.

All of that to say, I typically don't respond to fan letters at all, (I am trying, with great difficulty, to stay out of the public eye) but I do go through every single one of them and read them. Yours was so special I couldn't help but to write back and thank you-if you want to keep writing, I'd be happy to exchange some more letters.

I've included five signed copies of my book-one personally addressed to you, one for your mother, and three others to give to whom you please.


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