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[Background Information] Duelling Club
« on: January 25, 2010, 05:30:33 AM »
The following rules apply for a possible tournament. Please, make sure you read and understood them before entering.

As for the practices / lessons, consider them as something between a fun roleplay topic and a regular Hogwarts class. So please sign up, post there and enjoy!

General Rules

  • You may only participate if you sign up before the tournament starts.
  • Please don't center your post, write in colors, all bold, all italics, glows, or anything else. This doesn't apply to general BBC like thinking or shouting.
  • Follow the general forum rules for MH in this club.
  • Please reread what you've written before you post it and use the spell check function and we won't shoot you if you double check the grammar as well.
  • Your posts should contain no less than 150 words and no more than 400.
Duelling Rules

  • Using forbidden spells will be punished with immediate disqualification and deduction of points.
  • You may only post in your own duels. There's a spectator thread in case you want to comment on other duels.
  • There are precautions made so that no spell hits the spectators. Please keep that in mind while writing your post.
  • Please use the spells realistically. A first year won't be able to cast a spell taught in 3rd year and so on. There is a' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>list with all spells that can be used on a certain skill-level. Please abide by this guideline.
  • If you don't answer within 48 hours, your character will get hit by his opponent's spell and it will be your partner's turn again.
  • You're not allowed to let your character defend himself and cast an offensive spell in the same post.
  • Please pay attention to what your duel partner does and react accordingly. If you don't, your character will get hit and it will influence your score for the duel negatively.
  • There are three possibilities how a duel may end:

  • 5 posts each
  • Disarming
  • K.O.
  • Disqualification

  • As soon as a duel is over, a jury will choose the winner. The jury consists of different professors (of all houses) and the four house captains.
  • To guarantee the fairness of the decision the duel will be judged by the four professors and only those house captains who are not in the same houses as the participants.
  • Every judge will give a score between 0 and 5 points for each duelist in all of the following categories:

  • OOC:
    • Grammar
    • Realism
    • Flow of reading
  • IC:

  • Creativity
  • Used Spells
  • Quality of the reaction to your opponents actions
  • The student with more points will be the winner.
  • At the end of the tournament we'll detect which house got the most points and the winning team will get house points. Moreover the student with the most points in an age group will get a special prize as well.

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[Background Information] Duelling Club
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2010, 05:30:52 AM »

Beginner (1st - 2nd) ~ Intermediate (3rd - 5th) ~ Advanced (6th - 7th)

Disarming CharmCauses the victim's wand to fly out of reachExpelliarmus
Bluebell FlamesSends bright blue flames soaring towards an opponent, which is good for distractionBelleflamos Azures
Dancing CharmCauses the victim to dance uncontrollably, distracting them from reactingTarantallegra
Leg Locking JinxLocks the legs together, preventing the victim from moving the legs in any fashionLocomotor Mortis
Tickling CharmThe subject experiences the sensation of being tickledRictusempra
AdicioTo direct a specified object in a certain direction (Can be used e.g. after Serpensortia)Adicio
Amnis AqualisTo produce a stream of water.Amnis Aqualis
Arrows, wandArrows spring from the tip of wandSurculus Telem
Babbling CurseCauses the victim to babble uncontrollablyGarrio
Feather light CharmCauses the victim to become weightless, less mobile, and altogether easier to beatNon Gravitas
IacereTo throw something specified in the direction of a specified location.Iacere
LigareTo tie a specified part of the body with a small ropeLigare
SerpensortiaSummons snakesSerpensortia
Slug Vomiting HexMakes the victim vomit slugsEat Slugs
ObscuroCauses a blindfold to appear on someoneObscuro
Armor Bewitching CharmCauses the victims armor, or clothing, to attack themProtidor Armatu
Hurling HexCauses an object to buck and tossFluctuor + concetration
Impediment Curse/JinxThis powerful spell is capable of tripping, freezing, binding, knocking back and generally impeding the target's progress towards the casterImpedimenta
Full body bindUsed to temporarily bind the victim's bodyPetrificulus Totalus
Stinging HexCreates a stinging sensation all over the targetAdflictatio Apis
Conjunctivitis CurseThe Conjunctivitis Curse is a curse that causes irritation in the target's eyes, causing them to swell shut like the infection conjunctivitis, commonly known as "pink eye."Conjunctivio
Jelly Legs JinxRenders the victim's legs temporarily useless, leaving him to wobble around helplesslyGela Sura
Stunning CharmPuts the victim in an unconcious state (Manifests in a jet of red light)Stupefy
Confundus CharmCauses the victim to become confused and befuddledConfundo
Bat Bogey HexCauses the target's snot to take wings and attack themMucus Bellicus
Chains, MagicalProduces chains from the tip of wandCatenae
Lightning CharmSends minor bolts of lightening from tip of wandElectos
Freezing CharmA cooling charm, most common used to cool hot potions by forming a coat of ice over the vial. In combat, it can be used to freeze target's specified body partGelo
Inanimatus ConjurusConjures inanimate objectsInanimatus Conjurus
IncarcerousSprouts thick ropes around target.Incarcerous
Insect JinxMakes the target sprout feelers, lose the ability to talk, and act like a bugInsectus Impersonatus
Ropes, MagicalConjures ropes from the end of a wandConjurus Copula
Bewitching SleepCauses the target to sleep until the curse is brokenConsorpia eternal
Leak JinxCauses water to leak from the target's earsAqueous Lobe
LevicorpusDangles target mid air upside down by the anklesnonverbal
OppugnoCauses conjured creatures under the control of the caster to attack targetOppugno
Cutting hexCuts targetSectumsempra
FerilisRobs target of human behavior rendering the target totally animalistic in action and thoughtFerilis
DuroTurns the object into stoneDuro
AvisSummons a flock of birds. It can be followed up with Oppugno, which causes the birds to attackAvis

Beginner (1st - 2nd) ~ Intermediate (3rd - 5th) ~ Advanced (6th - 7th)

Shield CharmProtects from minor curses & hexesProtego
Blocking charmTo block a specified part of the body for a short period of timeCaudex specification
Braking CharmStops an object in mid-motionConquiesco
Hex DeflectionDeflects a hex into another directionJulaudico
Shielding CharmA powerful shielding charmProtego Totalum
Slowing CharmUsed to slow down an object or being that is movingAresto Momentum
Flame Freezing SpellMakes the heat of a fire no worse than a warm breezenonverbal
LiberacorpusCounter for LevicorpusLiberacorpus
Finite IncantatemStops spells in the vicinityFinite Incantatem
Shielding CharmA very powerful shielding charm that can cover a very large areaProtego Horribilis
Exstinguishing SpellExtinguishes a fireCentonis

Beginner (1st - 2nd) ~ Intermediate (3rd - 5th) ~ Advanced (6th - 7th)

Wand SparksActs as a distraction, or as a fun party confettiMico
Antler JinxTarget sprouts antlersCresce Cornua
Horn TongueHardens the tongue of the targetAdamas Infans
Silencing CharmSilences something immediatelySilencio
Supersensory CharmAllows users to see or sense objects outside of their normal field of visionSupersensus
Cheering CharmCauses the person upon whom the spell was cast to become happy and contented, though heavy-handedness with the spell may cause the person to break into an uncontrollable laughing fitRisus Iuge
Teeth growing hexCauses the victims teeth to grow incredibly largeDensaugeo
Boil growing charmCauses boils to take form on the skinFurnunculus
Hair Growing CharmCauses the victim's hair to grow incredibly fastHispidus
Fur SpellCauses the target to grow profuse furPellio

Blasting spellCauses the spell's target to explode. If it misses, whatever it touches blows upConfringo
Gouging charmCreates deep cuts and gougesDefodio
DeprimoThis spell places immense downward pressure upon its targetDeprimo
Cruciatus CurseInflicts unbearable pain on the recipient of the curseCrucio
Imperius CurseCauses the victim of the curse to obey the spoken and unspoken commands of the casterImperio
Killing CurseKills the subject immediately with a flash of green lightAvada Kedavra
Cutting hexCuts targetSectumsempra
Fiendfyre CurseCursed fire that takes the form of various creatures, burning everything in its pathIncendium facere
Knee Reversing HexCauses the victim's knees to appear on the opposite side of his/her legsGenu Calamitas


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