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    Age twenty-four
    Pronouns she/her
    Timezone GMT
    Mature Content Yes

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    • Full name: Kateřina Kolčava
      Formerly: Kolčavová
      Nicknames: Katie, Lwineah, Lwin
    • Blood status: Halfblood
    • Nationality: Czech
    • Date of birth: 27 July 1999
      Sun Sign: Leo
      Rising Sign: Sagittarius
      Moon Sign: Capricorn
    • Age: Twenty-four
    • Place of birth: Brno, Czech republic
      Current residence: London, England
    • Languages:
      Native: Czech
      Fluent: English
      Able to speak and understand: Slovak
      Semi-broken: French
      Basics: Spanish
      Forgotten everything now: Latin
    • Member group: Artist
    • Job title:
      Primary: Masters Student
      Secondary: Singer-songwriter
      Tertiary: Novel writer and fanfic writer
    • Approved special feature: Black Bengal Cat Animagus

    • Appearance:

    • Personality:

    • Parents:
    • History:

    • School/house: Durmstrang / Klyk Vampira
    • Magical strengths:
    • Magical weaknesses:
    • Quidditch position: Spectator
    • Affiliation: Neutral

    • Roleplay sample:

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