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[ttd] resuming communications [rose]
« on: July 25, 2021, 05:22:47 PM »
The letter had arrived unexpectedly, but even as Dermod considered this, he mentally chided himself. Unless they were from family, most letters were unexpected, so it was a ridiculous thing to think. Perhaps it would be easier to say that the contents were unsettling. It had been some months since either he or Gabriella had heard from Rosaline Bane, though it wasn't overly concerning for a friend to drop off the radar for awhile. Dermod's correspondence with the young woman had always been sporadic anyway, though given her political leanings naturally he considered her a kindred spirit. So when she had written saying she was in some difficulty and would like to discuss the matter, he was concerned.

He had replid, agreeing to meet but suggesting that they choose neutral territory. He had selected, of all places, the Welsh town of Aberystwyth, a destination he had not visited for nigh on forty years. From what he remembered it was a haven for muggle holidaymakers in the summer months, a hive of activity for students during the rest of the year. The magical quarter was restricted to a single street, but meeting there, if Miss Bane was indeed in difficulties, might attract attention. Instead, he had suggested they meet at the harbour. From what little he recalled of muggle habits, the students would be locked inside taking exams and the tourists would not yet have arrived.

Although his clothes were made by the finest wizarding tailors, Dermod's styling today could easily pass for a muggle, from the well-cut black trousers to the long-sleeved green shirt. Simple, yet elegant, and it was warm enough that he would not need a cloak. Instead a jacket, closer-fitting than he liked but with concealed pockets for his wand and a little currency would be ample and, of course, the leather gloves he perpetually wore outside to disguise his missing fingers. The town itself was situated in such a position that they could both apparate to their destination without so much as a blink.

What he had failed to consider was the weather. There is an old saying in Wales, 'if you can see the mountains, it's going to rain; if you can't see the mountains, it's raining' which was coined by a particularly wise man or woman. Dermod didn't mind the rain, but standing out in it for too long was bound to attract attention, even though he had quietly conjured an umbrella in such a matter that those few passers by thought he had been carrying it all along. It was a relief to finally see the slender young woman approach, though rather than offer a conventional greeting he fell into step alongside her. "Shall we walk?" he suggested thinking that they would find an area where they could talk comfortably.

Having never visited the area though, in no time at all Dermod realised that he was entirely lost as they walked down a street that appeared to be entirely populated by students. With apparating out of the question, and discussing what had brought them to this questionable destination not an option where they could be easily overheard there was no option but to continue to walk, getting more lost by the minute.;u=19247' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>@Rosaline Bane

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[ttd] resuming communications [rose]
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Rosaline had never felt quite so helpless. She had no idea what to do. This wasn't supposed to happen. They had people for this. Had she killed Bloodworth for nothing? That event was supposed to have stopped the potential for her mother to face charges. She had no idea that he'd had a contact who knew of his case against her mother. If she didn't do something about this, it was only a matter of time before they realized that they really had imprisoned the wrong person for Barnabas Bloodworth's murder.

Her grandfather might have known what to do if she hadn't poisoned him. Alas, if she hadn't then she likely wouldn't still be breathing either. That was a dynamic of the situation which she certainly would not be sharing today, nor any other. Dermod seemed to think that she was a nice girl, and she was in no hurry to ruin that illusion for him. He had chosen to meet in the town of Aberstwyth. She was not overly familiar with the location and thus deemed it neutral enough ground for the business at hand. He'd specified the harbor, which was probably wise. This was one of many reasons why she'd thought to contact Dermod. He knew "the game," so to speak, and how to stay out of trouble with the Ministry. She knew that Gabriella adored her and, thus, he was likely to assist her in this matter. She'd apparated without incident, blending seamlessly with the muggles who were out and about.

Rose was dressed in a flattering black pencil dress with a scoop neck, chiffon upper chest portion, and domed black buttons all down the front. As it was still a bit chilly out, she'd paired it with a simple, long gray jacket. Her high-heels click-clacked against the walkway as she made her way to meet Mr. Morfessa. She was thankful for her umbrella as it began to rain, and promptly pulled it out of her designer bag. She offered a small smile to the much older man as she approached. She gave a little nod to his suggestion and walked alongside him. "Yes. Thank you for coming."

Unfortunately, with neither of them being over-- or at all-- familiar with the area it was not long before they found themselves completely and totally lost. This was not a feeling that she liked, but it was one that she was, unfortunately, becoming increasingly familiar with within all facets of her life. As they were walking, she observed a group of muggle teenagers with spray cans who were painting something on the exterior of a property that she could only assume did not belong to them. It wasn't often, but she had seen things like that done in some wizarding neighborhoods post-war. Michael had explained that some other muggleborns were still less than pleased with the Ministry's handling of the whole thing, which she supposed was fair. Again, this was not something that she was eager to discuss with her current companion.

Instead, she quietly and very briefly remarked upon the artwork-in-progress as they passed.?á "Oh, that's very pretty." After a bit more walking, she paused. "I think we've already been this way. Perhaps we should try this way instead? I am truly sorry about all of this."

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[ttd] resuming communications [rose]
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Muggles were stupid enough that one could probably transfigure into a crow right in front of them and they wouldn't even notice, but nonetheless, Dermod preferred not to take chances. Certainly he wasn't about to initiate any conversation more private than remarks about the weather until they were out of earshot of anyone, though at least the rain had chosen to obligingly stop after a few minutes. After a quick glance around to ascertain that the few muggles in sight were otherwise occupied he vanished the umbrella.

Unfortunately, they hadn't been paying too much attention to their surroundings beyond finding somewhere private, and apparently they were now lost. The former Death Eater glanced in the direction Miss Bane had commented upon. While the artwork wasn't quite to his taste, he could clearly see the skill involved and wondered how they were creating the colours without any visible paintbrushes. He chuckled quietly to himself upon realising this was one of those rare occasions where he could actually appreciate the ingenuity of muggles.

"No apology necessary, my dear. Although I think we are quite unlikely to be overheard by anyone of note here, so perhaps you would like to enlighten me as to the details behind your letter..." he paused as a car approached and passed them, the engine loud enough that he had to stop speaking momentarily, his eyes automatically following the direction it had taken. The young artists were still working, but as they saw the car - it had blue lights on the top, the writer observed - they quickly threw their painting tools into a bag and began running in different directions. A pair of teens ran in their direction and Dermod stepped back before it occurred to him that they were witnessing some sort of misdemeanour. That meant the muggles in the blue car were...

"Ah. I think we might wish to remove ourselves from the situation" he said quietly "I believe those are muggle Ministry officials. They like to ask questions of anyone they believe to have witnessed a crime..." why painting a picture on what was otherwise a completely plain wall could be considered a criminal act worthy of actually chasing kids down the street was beyond him, but Dermod had no intention of speaking with anyone other than Miss Bane today. "This way, I think" he suggested, crossing the road and leading them down a smaller street. By sheer good fortune it appeared to lead to a park. With any luck they would have finally found somewhere they could talk freely.

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