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Dzmitry would have been a little disappointed to know that Mats was not even slightly jealous about his shenanigans with Leo, though it would have been expected. Dzmitry really did like Mats, a lot, and definitely had a bit of a crush. He crushed on a lot of people, that much was true, but Mats was different because in some ways he was unattainable. It was easy to like Mats, knowing that nothing could ever really happen between them (at least not at the present moment) due to their age gap. Maybe in a few years, he would be old enough for it to not be odd, and Mats might be a little more attain able—who knew? Dzima wondered if he would feel differently about the older boy if there was a snowball’s chance.

A part of him wanted to save himself for Mats on his birthday, but he knew that was sentimental and stupid. If it worked out that way, he knew Mats would be a fantastic first time, someone to go slow and show him what to do, but he wasn’t planning on waiting around for it like a lovesick puppy or something. It would turn out however it turned out.

Dzmitry smiled a little as Mats gave his hand a squeeze. He started leading the way towards campus, as requested. He let some silence fall between them, but it didn’t feel awkward or tense. It was nice to just… be there. He showed Mats around campus the longer way, showing him the grounds and the like, before leading him into the castle finally.

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