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MARCH 2005

Freya was curled up, her knees to her chest, perched on a wide, flat log that she’d brought over here herself (with magic, obviously). Her breaths came out in little, visible puffs; it was barely March, they were in Snowdonia; it was cold. Her brother’s old maroon puffy jacket was tugged over her legs all the way down to her ankles, her hood up over her head, honey-blonde curls poking out in random directions.

“Maybe put some more logs on,” she suggested with a small, amused smile. Danny was poking at the fire with his wand (literally poking it with his wand – Freya was eyeing his actions warily), and boiling water for tea over the top of it. She’d been waiting for tea for about ten minutes, but Danny had made some bold claim about how good he was at camping and ‘survival skills’ earlier in the day, so they were stuck with muggle methods for now, until he’d decided he’d proved himself enough. Freya blinked as a small puff of sparks poofed up from the fire.

It wasn’t too bad, though. She was cold, but the jacket was warm, and if she really needed, she could just go into the tent, or grab her wand from inside. Her eyes were on Danny as he worked – to what level of success, she could not discern – and she wondered if he knew how nice it was to have friends who were always trying to cheer you up. She wondered if she was like that to him, too.

It had been almost two weeks now since the guy she’d been seeing had left, and while it had all really shaken her, she wasn’t crying every day, or anything. That had only lasted for the first few days, and entirely in private. Now, she just felt… Reflective. Her days were so repetitive, her job dissatisfying. She’d never loved Gringotts, but she hadn’t really thought about what she ‘wanted’ in that sense since she was in highschool. Freya was newly unsettled, and she wondered if things would settle, or if she really needed a change to feel better about it all.
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Re: if I was empty space and you were a formless shape, we'd fit + danny
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It was cold. Way too fucking cold to be camping.

Danny really needed to learn a better warming spell. It was a good thing Freya was handy with charms because if it was on his shoulders to make sure they all didn't freeze, the Ministry might be looking for some new mail boys. Although, honestly, why they weren't hiring for his position already was beyond him.

But he was (mostly) a good listener so when she told him to put some more logs on, he grabbed some from the pile he and Jere had collected and chopped (hapharzardly, dangerously, but all fingers and dingles made it through in tact) and added it to their fire pit. The fire crackled and the smoke was heavy, but he watched, mesmerized, as the flames started to lick around the new logs he added. It was oddly satisfying.

He pulled the sleeves of his old Gryffindor jumper over his hands (he forgot his gloves, of course) as he shuffled back to the log he and Frey had been sitting on, his knee bumping hers as he sat. He was wearing two tshirts, two pairs of pants, three pairs of socks, and yet still wasn't warm enough. Someone less stubborn would've given up on 'going muggle' but it had been his idea so he thought he should at least try. He wasn't sure how Jeremy was sleeping when it was this cold.

Either way, the dark sky wheeling overhead with constellations twinkling down on them and the fire throwing off a delicious heat, all in all, it was kind of nice. No, really nice. Peaceful? He wondered earlier why they didn't go camping more often. Then again, the great outdoors didn't provide an easy way of making nachos so there was one pretty big factor right there.

It felt like he was unable to look away from the fire, the flames danced. He didn't want to blink. There was quiet between them for a few long minutes, but he glanced Freya, nudging her gently with his elbow. "You a frozen popsicle yet or still alive in there?" he asked, noticing how she was all curled up in her hoodie.

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Re: if I was empty space and you were a formless shape, we'd fit + danny
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Freya's thoughts wandered while Danny worked.

She was here, present-ish, but Dave, Davey (she was reluctant to call him ‘Davo’ despite how lovely and attractive it – everything – had sounded in his Australian accent) was on her mind, too. It had gone on longer than either of them had intended when they’d met at that house party. He’d been charismatic, cheeky – just her type – and she hadn’t really expected to see him again when she’d left his bed the next morning.

And she wasn’t, like, in love with the guy or anything. It felt a bit like it was when they said goodbye, and she couldn’t help but get emotional, but Freya was reluctant to call it love when she’d only known him for three weeks, despite how she felt. And if he turned up tomorrow back in the UK for good, or at least somewhere reachable, of course she’d be willing to try anything with him, but she didn't want to linger on that either.

Instead, she thought about how unsatisfying other parts of her life were. Gringotts. 

Freya curled her toes inside her boots, trying to work out if they were a little damp or just cold, like the rest of her.

"Nah I'm good," Freya said with a sunny smile, not sounding as cold as she felt. "Better now," she added, nodding at the fire in front of them. It was bigger now. Warmer.

She sighed, her smile slipping a bit. "I'm just thinking about work. Again," she offered. It wasn't just work, but she thought Danny could guess that part. "I feel like I'm seventeen again, trying to decide what I want to do. What I might be good at."

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Re: if I was empty space and you were a formless shape, we'd fit + danny
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Danny glanced down at her as she smiled at him. It wasn't the Big Smile though. But at least she was warmer.  And at least, she wasn't still Really Sad like before. Those days had been the worst. Frustrating. He wasn't even sure why really. She seemed better now though. He hoped this little camping trip would help even more.

"Still thinking of quitting?" he asked as she mentioned work. He had heard this line of thought more than once before. He wondered why she stayed if she thought about it so much, but then the question begged to be asked of himself and why he stayed at the Ministry when it was boring at best and life-sucking at worst. He didn't really have an answer either.

"Look, we still have plenty of time to figure it out when we grow up. Don't worry about it, Tricky," he said lightly as he reached for a stick and speared a marshmallow on top and stuck it close to the fire to roast it.

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Re: if I was empty space and you were a formless shape, we'd fit + danny
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Freya nodded silently when he mentioned quitting. She’d been there for years now – the hours were good, the pay was great compared to similar boring jobs in other fields, she had never been treated badly at all – and for almost the entire time she’d been there, she’d been content. Not like, super happy or anything, but happyish. It wasn’t bad – goodish. These past few weeks, though, she’d really been reflecting, and everything felt unsteady and uncertain.

“We are a bit grown,” she chastised, an amused smile playing on her lips. “Like not all grown up, but not, like, little. Anymore,” she added. She glanced at Danny, watching him roast his little snack over the fire. She wanted some too, but her fingers were nice and toasty inside her jacket, and she was hesitant to expose them to the chilly mountain air. Even if it was a bit warmer now.

After a moment, Freya made a few cheeky little bites in the air, teeth clicking, her eyes on Danny’s marshmallow before she flicked her gaze up to meet his. She smiled.

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Re: if I was empty space and you were a formless shape, we'd fit + danny
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We are a bit grown. Danny just huffed a irreverent sigh and threw her a small smile, seeing the same expression on her face. She qualified and he gave her a shrug. They didn't look at it the same way, but then againn, that wasn't a surprise.

"Tricky, we've still go plenty of time though," he told her, something they've discussed before, usually when he was high., but he still defended that spacey Danny was still somewhat smart. Wise, even. "Just pick something you want to try and do it. Gringotts will always be there if you want to go back, right?" He was the king of oversimplifying, but he knew she could do anything she wanted, mostly because she was just good at everything like that.

He glanced at her and shook his head. "It's for you, Trick, relax," he said, a smile in his voice. It wasn't even a question really. He had already been roasting in to a golden crisp just like she liked. The next one would be almost burnt and extra crispy, just for him.

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Re: if I was empty space and you were a formless shape, we'd fit + danny
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“Yeah,” she breathed, though she didn’t really agree. Freya had no idea what she was doing — of course she didn’t feel like a proper adult, yet — but she wasn’t sure that Danny and Jeremy’s approach was quite right either. Or, right for her, she supposed. She’d spent the past year or so — well, the past four years, or even her whole life, even — happily going with the flow and letting things happen, rather than being proactive, but was that how she wanted to be forever? Always the hapenee, never the happener?

She smiled a bit when he said the marshmallow was for her, pleased. Danny was so thoughtless a lot of the time, but thoughtful in unexpected moments.

Like, thoughtful about Freya’s fingers not getting frostbite, for example.

“It feels silly to leave a job when there’s nothing really wrong with it,” she admitted. He was holding the stick up for her now, and she smiled at the absurdity of trying to angle it right. She didn’t take her arms out, but just leaned forward for the chomp, happy when she got the marshmallow and not even minding the little bit of stick she got too. “Maybe all jobs are like this,” she said through her sugary mouthful. “And this is just life,” she added, her marshmallow-mouth undermining the melancholy in her tone.

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Re: if I was empty space and you were a formless shape, we'd fit + danny
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“Look if I’ve learned anything—“ (he hadn’t) “—it’s that you will figure it out. You know like that one time I almost got fired and you helped me write that really fancy apology letter. Or when Jere got peanut butter in his hair accidentally and we were just gonna shave his head. You’re the one who sorted that out for us, you know. So you can do this job thing too.”

All while he roasted her marshmallow, checking it once then twice to make sure it was golden but not burnt. It was hard to see fully in the dark, backlit by the fire.

But once it was done, he held it up for her perusal, but instead of taking her hands out to eat, she just tried to eat it right from the stick. At first he concentrated trying to aim correctly, then he was bombarded by impure thoughts. Merlin. He glanced away and busied himself with intense focus on adding the next marshmallow to the stick and jabbing it at the fire. It took work to get his thoughts back on to what they were actually saying. Jobs. Yes, no wait, not that kind. Work.

“I think Edmund likes his job. I mean he’s always grumpy about it but I think he likes that it makes him grumpy. So maybe it’s a good thing?”

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Re: if I was empty space and you were a formless shape, we'd fit + danny
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Why did he sound so wise right now? Freya’s semi-crisis had seemed to pull out the wisest versions of everyone around her, and she was almost amused at the idea that all her friends – even her silly, goofy friends – had these very wise people inside them just waiting to dish out advice to others. “Yeah well you know he has that weird shaped head,” she mused, agreeing, sort of. Plus, his hair was like forty percent of his identity.

She had to admit that it was getting warmer, inside her jacket, with the hood up. Now that the campfire was roaring, illuminating a nice little bubble – their logs, the entrance to the tent, a tree – things felt a lot warmer in the metaphorical sense, too. With some wiggling inside her jacket, Freya brought her arms around to the front (the sleeves dangling by her sides) and she unzipped just the top of it from the inside. Immediately she felt cooler.

She swallowed her mouthful. “Maybe I just feel restless,” she said. She was thinking of her boy, and her job, and her life. Freya didn’t know why a whirlwind fling with a guy who’d left a couple of weeks ago had started all of this up inside her mind, but it certainly felt like something had taken root. Was it bad to water it? Should she try to ignore the feelings, and be appreciative of the things she did have?

“I know people that like what they do.” she admitted, seeing his point. Hal liked being a healer, didn’t he? Why else would he have kept studying for years after school had finished? Erika… Seemed happy. Freya wiped her lips with the back of her hand. “Maybe it’ll pass soon and I’ll just be content.”

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Re: if I was empty space and you were a formless shape, we'd fit + danny
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"Yeah, true," Danny agreed immediately. He vaguely remembered tripping balls one night and he and Jere had felt each other's head shapes. Jere's had definitely been weirder. And ever since, Danny had tried to convince him to shave his head, just because it would be hilariously funny. He was thinking his latest strategy should be to convince Freya it was a good idea first. Jere listened to her more than him half the time.

"That's the worst, right," Danny mused as she mentioned being restless. "You think some people don't feel restless with the whole work thing?" Honestly, he had never not felt restless with his job, but it was easy and who else got to mess around with their best friend at work and flirt with all the old biddies in Finance. There were times when he wondered if there was supposed to be more to the whole work thing. Did people actually enjoy it? Fundamentally? He wasn't sure he was the right person to answer that question.

And with all that brain power going to Real Thoughts, he had forgotten about his marshmallow. It promptly went up in flames and he was quick to blow on it, trying to put on the little ball of flame. Fortunately, Danny loved burnt marshmallows so he looked at Freya with a triumphant smile and then shoved the thing into his mouth, huffing breaths around it as it was way too hot to eat. His tongue burned, but it was delicious. Worth it? Sure.

"Yeah or just get a new hobby or something. Get busy with other stuff so work isn't the focus, you know? Wow, am I giving good advice right now? Cmon Tricky, this is a once in a lifetime thing right here. C'mon, ask Wise Danny something else before it runs out," he said with a chuckle, both laughing at himself and very impressed with himself.

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Re: if I was empty space and you were a formless shape, we'd fit + danny
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“Some people don’t,” she said confidently. No one came immediately to mind — she was blanking — but as soon as she’d had that thought, several did at once. Finn and Keela? Freya didn’t think her athlete friends had the same bored restless feelings about their jobs that she did. She suspected the demands of the work made a difference. Tess? She’d also been so ambitious about her work. Ari? Freya still didn’t really get her relationship with her job, but ‘restless’ and ‘bored’ definitely weren’t words she’d use to describe it.

She made a face when he gave her that look, knowing that he was gonna eat his whole marshmallow all charred to a crisp. “Wait until it—” cools, she finished in her mind. Freya shook her head disapprovingly, but she couldn’t help but smile as he huffed and puffed around his mouthful. It was always like that with Danny, she thought. Head shaking and smiling. The girl glanced back at the trees a few metres away from their rocky campsite. She squinted, trying to see their outlines against the night sky. Everything looked dark outside their little zone because of the fire.

New hobby. “Mmm,” Freya said, not sounding entirely convinced. She adjusted her jacket a bit, relaxing now that the fire was picking up. And then “Mmm,” slightly higher pitched, considering what he was saying. Freya snorted a teeny, amused snort when he declared himself wise. “Ha, okay, what’s the meaning of life, wise Danny? Who should I bet on for this quidditch season? Will I have a serious boyfriend before I turn thirty?”

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Re: if I was empty space and you were a formless shape, we'd fit + danny
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Danny shrugged as she answered back sounding so sure. He was sure she was right, but that didn't stop the feeling from coming up that he was missing something himself. That maybe he should look a little harder at his own job.. but that seemed like a lot of work. Even for Wise Danny.

And it made sense that he should listen to her more often, given her warning that he promptly ignored and then paid for it as his tongue singed under the burning hot marshmallow. But maybe her smile was worth it. If nothing else, he was glad he could always make her smile, hopefully laugh. That felt like a superpower.

The marshmallow was warm and gooey and sticky in his mouth, but sweet, his favorite charred bits adding a little bitterness to it. Perfecto. He speared another one on the end of his stick and held it closer to the fire, but not flame-close, already making another non-charred one for her. He glanced at her with a little smirk as he twisted the stick in his hand, warming it evenly.

"Wow, okay. Hmm." She had rattled them off so quickly and he sat up a little straighter. With all the sincerity he could muster, he said, "Well, the meaning of life - to find the best nachos in the world. Obviously. Quidditch? If you're not rooting for Puddlemere like I keep telling you, not sure we can be friends anymore. And a serious boyfriend?" He tried to keep his voice even. "Of course. You can date anyone you want." But he didn't want to linger there too much.

"Those were all easy, Tricky. Any tougher ones for Wise Danny?" he grinned at her, his teeth flashing in the dark, his face warmed by the fire.

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Re: if I was empty space and you were a formless shape, we'd fit + danny
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Freya mirrored him, straightening up and putting her serious listening face on. She struggled with her jacket a bit, slising her arms through the sleeves finally instead of having them tucked in underneath. “Nachos,” she repeated, nodding sagely, resting her hands in her lap. “Puddlemere is my team!” She protested, just like she always did. Freya had started cheering for Montrose when Finn had made the team, but Puddlemere had always been her team growing up. She leaned forward a little as she said it, to emphasise her point.

Those were all easy, Tricky.

“Dating’s not the same as serious,” she said, leaning back again, still playful. She’d had a couple of one night stands, been on dates — even dated guys for a few weeks (Davey) — but just hadn’t found a guy who wanted to, like, stick around. She thought she’d made it clear to a couple of them (Davey) that, if things were different that she'd be open to whatever. Sigh, Davey. Things were not different. Best not to linger.

“Okay.” She said. Round two of wise-Danny eight-balling her big life questions. Freya thought for a moment, trying to dispel that wistful feeling in her heart, then turned back to him. “How do I tell my mum I need space without hurting her feelings?” She asked, frowning slightly. Maybe mothers were all telepathic — or maybe just hers was — but whatever it was, her mum seemed to have sensed something was going on with her daughter, and had really been hovering a lot lately. Inviting herself over, insisting Freya come to Sunday dinners. Nothing bad, but just with a new, more intense frequency that Freya was feeling a bit smothered by.

"How do I get over the feeling that I was the best version of myself at Hogwarts?" she asked, her frown deepening a little, her voice a touch softer.


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