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Can’t find old sheet
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I looked on the archive site (and in the sheet archives here) and can’t find a copy of @Kaija Koskela’s old sheet. Does anyone know if it can be recovered with the Wayback machine or something? 😇

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Re: Can’t find old sheet
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<div align="center"><span style='font-size:30pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#006E8C'><span style='font-family:georgia'>K[i]ai[/i]j[i]a[/i] K[i]o[/i]sk[i]e[/i]l[i]a[/i]</span></span></span>
<span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#3B5567'>primadonna girl, yeah, all i ever wanted was the world</span></span></div>

<span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#3B5567'><span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]First Name:[/b]</span> Kaija
?á ?á  <span style='color:#006E8C'>[i]Nickname:[/i]</span> Kai
?á ?á  <span style='color:#006E8C'>[i]Second Name:[/i]</span> Esteri
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Last Name:[/b]</span> Koskela
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Blood Status:[/b]</span> Pureblood
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Nationality:[/b]</span> Finnish
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Spoken Languages:[/b]</span>
?á ?á  <span style='color:#006E8C'>[i]Native:[/i]</span> Finnish
?á ?á  <span style='color:#006E8C'>[i]Fluent:[/i]</span> Russian, English
?á ?á  <span style='color:#006E8C'>[i]Poor:[/i]</span> French, Swedish
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Place of Birth:[/b]</span> Oulu, Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Age/Date of Birth:[/b]</span> 16 / September 23rd
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[s][b]Approved Special Features:[/b][/s]</span></span></span>

<div align="center"><span style='font-size:30pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#006e8c'><span style='font-family:georgia'>[i]A[/i]pp[i]ea[/i]r[i]a[/i]nc[i]e[/i]</span></span></span>
<span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#3b5567'>i can't help that i need it all, the primadonna life, the rise and fall</span></span></div>

<span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#3B5567'><span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Eyes:[/b]</span>
Kai has rather thin blue eyes, which she usually lines heavily on the top lid with dark eyeliner. She has perfect vision and long light-brown lashes. In general, it seems like there's a more almond-shaped curve on her bottom lid, and she tries to sleep plenty, since her eyes are very prone to growing dark circles because of her thin, light skin.

<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Hair:[/b]</span>
Kaija lightens her hair significantly, but she's naturally blonde. It's currently fairly short for her, falling just below her shoulders. She almost always wears it straight, but occasionally styles with hair potion to make the ends, or all of it, curl into barrel curls. She puts it up during certain classes, and it's almost always very soft and healthy.

<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Height:[/b]</span> 5' 8"

<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]General Appearance:[/b]</span>
Tall and thin, Kaija looks a lot like her mother. She's strong from exercise and the desire to thrive as a beater, but also very thin. She appears slightly frail, but has tones muscles. Her face is small like the rest of her, with little features, and a straight-toothed smile. Her skin is very fair, free from freckles and usually blemishes, and she has no distinguishing features besides a large scar on her right knee from a time she skinned it when she was very young.?á She doesn't really like wearing makeup other than the dark eyeliner she usually wears to make her eyes pop more, but she knows she's fairly pretty anyway.

<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Dressing Style:[/b]</span>
While at school, Kaija doesn't stray far from what she's supposed to wear. She isn't the type to try to alter her uniform, like some female students do, and she wears her colors proudly. When she needs to be around muggles, she typically dresses simply as to not attract attention to herself, wearing calf-length sleek dresses, pencil skirts, and slacks, being her most favorite. When at home or on holiday, she wears robes that are mass-manufactured, not custom made or tailored, in really any sort of color. Her favorite colors to wear are generally blues and greens, sometimes blacks or greys as well. But her very favorite robe is a peachy-cream color and has gold stitching, but she only wears that on very special occasions in fear of ruining it.</span></span>

<div align="center"><span style='font-size:30pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#006e8c'><span style='font-family:georgia'>P[i]e[/i]rs[i]o[/i]n[i]a[/i]l[i]i[/i]ty</span></span></span>
<span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#3b5567'>you say that i'm kinda difficult, but it's always someone else's fault</span></span></div>

<span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#3B5567'><span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]General Character Traits:[/b]</span>
Preferring to keep things as simply as possible, many parts of Kai's personality aren't very complicated, and most root from instincts. First and foremost, she's extremely <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]loyal[/i]</span> to her family and friends, to the point where she will likely shun or attack anyone who threatens the happiness of the people she loves. She often goes out of her way to keep her loved ones happy and content, and will always do anything for anyone she really cares about. As far as strangers go, she's generally pretty <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]friendly[/i]</span>, gets along with most anybody, and will strike up conversations with people who look like they need it. She doesn't often speak a lot otherwise, only when she thinks something really needs to be said. She usually looks quite like she's trapped in her own head. For the most part, she's a <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]good[/i]</span> person, a defender of people who need defending, and believes in being morally right. She usually speaks her mind if she thinks something is totally wrong or mean, and won't really turn the other cheek. When it comes to her friends, she's a bit of a <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]conformist[/i]</span>, and she likes to be accepted by people around her, and will even go as far as to adjust her views if she likes a person enough to make her want to be like them. She doesn't, however, act as a floormat or let herself be abused in order to maintain or acquire friendship. It takes very little to keep her <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]happy[/i]</span>, and even if she does have moody days, she seems in general a pretty bright-eyed person. She's always seen smiling, and doesn't really like to be unhappy or see others that way.

Brutally <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]honest[/i]</span> is another way she could be described. She isn't afraid to speak her mind or let others in on her feelings, and sometimes she even goes too far with her honesty and tells people things they don't exactly want to hear. When it comes to certain recent events, lately Kaija feels <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]bitter[/i]</span> and a little nasty. She seems completely capable to hold a grudge, at least partially against her father, and is starting to really have her eyes opened up a bit more. Most of the time, she's <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]bored[/i]</span> and turns to certain things in order to bring some color into her life. She likes to chance trouble, drink to much, and stay out all hours of the night. Even though she likes acting like a party animal, she can also be <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]a little feminist[/i]</span> at times, proud of her strong beaters arm and her "don't-need-no-man" attitude. She'd rather beat the crap out of any boy for pointing out that she's tough than roll her eyes any time. But she <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]needs constant change[/i]</span>, is always looking for something new and different, and loves it when someone new comes waltzing into her life, even when she's always certainly satisfied with the friends she has now. Being fairly smart and well-organized, Kaija is <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]studious[/i]</span> because she knows the consequences of her actions if she let her grades slip out of her fingers. While she doesn't enjoy writing papers or doing school exercises, she tries her best to keep up with school work, and usually doesn't mind learning something new.

<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Likes:[/b]</span>
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Dragons:[/i]</span> Like many other Durmstrang students, Kaija loves the majesty and grace of dragons, and she likes working around them, despite how dangerous they are.
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Survival situations:[/i]</span> Paired up with her love for activity, she's also a pretty big fan of survival scenarios, and is similarly obsessed with the course, as well.
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Quidditch:[/i]</span> An unlikely beater, Kaija is a large fan of not only playing, but also watching quidditch, and most wouldn't assume it by just looking at her.
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Physical Challenges:[/i]</span> She loves being active, and is always testing her limits, working on maintaining her fitness, and pushing her body.
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]New robes:[/i]</span> Quite the follower of fashion, Kaija is always buying new robes with any extra money she gets, and owns more than she has time to show off.
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Partying:[/i]</span> She enjoys drinking, breaking the rules, staying out after curfew, and risking trouble. It's just in her nature, and it's where she has the most fun.

<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Dislikes:[/b]</span>
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]The idea of death:[/i]</span> Death freaks her out, and even though she's a fairly daring and reckless person, she's terrified of dying. Her boggart would be seeing her own corpse.
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Meat:[/i]</span> A stark vegetarian, Kaija hasn't eaten meat since she was eleven.
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Her father:[/i]</span> Kaija is angry, hurt, and had her world turned upside down by her father. Lately, she's been having trouble warming up to him, and still feels spiteful.
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Feeling left out:[/i]</span> While she's not exactly ever the center of attention, Kaija doesn't like feeling left out or like an after thought. She would rather remove herself than feel like a spare.

<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Habits/Mannerisms:[/b]</span>
Kaija seems quite indecisive a lot of times, changes her mind very frequently about things, and also seems a but <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]confused[/i]</span> about how she feels about others. She has the bad habit of <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]not listening[/i]</span> to other people speak if she's in deep thought about something.

<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Strengths:[/b]</span>
<span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Athletic[/i]</span> and strong, Kaija takes a lot of pride in her body, and can usually keep up with any boy when it comes to any sort of physical test. She is agile and toned, but can definitely pull her own weight in a grapple as well. Along with this, she has great <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]survival[/i]</span> skills, knows much about edibles and how to conjure things to assist in living in survival situations. She excels in the class, among others. She likes <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]puzzles[/i]</span> and games, enjoys chess and mind games, and anything that challenges her. She's very <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]social[/i]</span>, likes being around friends and spending time with people she loves. She's always looking for something fun to do, whether it's taking sneaking out, drinking, or being wild anywhere in general. She's <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]genuine[/i]</span> and honest, always speaks her mind, and isn't afraid to be real with people. At the same time, she's <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]open-minded[/i]</span>, typically non-judgmental of people. She doesn't have any problems with blood-prejudice, elemental-prejudice, or sexual-prejudice. She couldn't care less about color or status or any of those things, and can love or hate anyone.

<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Weaknesses:[/b]</span>
Loving of other people and their ideas, Kai has always been a <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]follower[/i]</span> rather than a leader in many aspects of her life. While she always takes charge in situations that really require it, she tends to just let others take charge. She's <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]easily impressed[/i]</span>, thinks everything is great, and is really gullible as well. She goes along with almost anything that people say, is <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]easy to convince[/i]</span>, and will listen to anyone's argument if it is a good one. She has never been one to really hold a grudge for a very long time, but lately she's been proving that theory completely wrong. She's angry and <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]bitter[/i]</span> because of the way her family was ruined, for her mother taking all of the crap she does, and for everything not being as perfect as she always thought it was. She's recently developed a whole new fascet of her personality, and is quite?á <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]spiteful[/i]</span>, dwelling on the fact that her whole childhood was basically a lie. However, she was always very <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]emotional[/i]</span>, cries easily, and sometimes cries for no reason at all because it makes her feel better. </span></span>

<div align="center"><span style='font-size:30pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#006e8c'><span style='font-family:georgia'>P[i]e[/i]rs[i]o[/i]n[i]a[/i]l H[i]i[/i]st[i]o[/i]ry</span></span></span>
<span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#3b5567'>got you wrapped around my finger, babe. you can count on me to misbehave</span></span></div>

<span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#3B5567'><span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Mother:[/b]</span> Tova Matilda Koskela nee Karlsson
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Age:[/i]</span> Thirty-nine
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Former House:[/i]</span> Drakonya Krov
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Blood Status:[/i]</span> Pureblood
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Occupation:[/i]</span> Singer
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Father:[/b]</span> Otso Raako Koskela
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Age:[/i]</span> Fourty-Three
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Former House:[/i]</span> Klyk Vampira
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Blood Status:[/i]</span> Pureblood
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Occupation:[/i]</span> Filmmaker
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Siblings:[/b]</span>
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Older Brother:[/i]</span> Matias Tahvo Koskela, 18, Klyk Vampira
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Half-Brother:[/i]</span> Mikael "Mika" Elias Koskela, 15, Drakonya Krov
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Background Story:[/b]</span>
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Pre-birth:[/i]</span>
While it would have been nice if the marriage of Otso and Tova Koskela had been a result of true love, it was not. The pair had been put together by their parents, who were longtime friends. This had been determined for a long while, though it did not make Otso dislike the whole situation any less and he loathed the fact that his parents had made such a life-changing decision for him.

When they'd first met, Tova was a shy thing, at least in Otso's presence, and the two found it very difficult to get along. The man's hatred of the arrangement made him treat the girl rather poorly. Whenever she spoke up and asked him a question, he was rude and snappy. She showered him with compliments and always dressed nicely, clearly desperate for his approval. Otso never returned the courtesy. He sometimes even insulted her, hoping that his impoliteness would drive her away. And he eventually got his wish.

The girl had had enough of the ill-treatment and after lashing out at Otso one day, he received news the following day that their wedding had been called off. He'd been relieved, though a bit of guilt did kick him in the gut sometimes. His parents seemed to be highly upset after being informed by her parents that things hadn't worked out, which added to his guilt, but the decision had already been made and Otso was not exactly rushing to have it changed. For the next few months, he continued to live his life as a handsome bachelor, going through different flings and focusing on his films.

It wasn't long before his parents interfered again.

Apparently, they had talked things out with Tova's parents and the girl herself, and the Karlssons were willing to give Otso another chance. He did not want another chance, but his parents' persistence in having things work out proved to him that the whole arranged marriage and forming a relationship with Tova meant a lot to them. Although he wanted to make his own decisions about marriage and such, Otso realized that he didn't want to upset or disappoint his parents and he agreed to try making up with Tova.

There was never a good time for the two to properly meet up and discuss things, and after more prodding by his parents, Otso ended up at the Karlssons' opera house one night to finally reunite with Tova. She was performing that night and Otso hated having to sit through it all simply to discuss a marriage he did not want afterwards, but he hadn't a choice. Much to his surprise, however, he'd actually enjoyed the show and had to admit that Tova was an extremely talented woman.

Afterwards, Otso tried to find Tova backstage to congratulate her on a job well done and discuss things, but with all of the chaos and movement, she wasn't very easy to locate. When he finally laid eyes on her, he noticed her cowering in a corner, an obviously older man forcing her against the wall. Everyone else either didn't notice the sight or was ignoring it and Otso, disgusted, took it upon himself to approach the man who was cornering his betrothed. Despite the man being larger, it did not take much for Otso to scare him off; after a few threats he was gone. Tova was overly grateful for this small thing and after making sure she was okay, the two went out for drinks to discuss their lives.

Over the years, Tova did actually fall in love with Otso (though he was completely oblivious) and while he still wasn't completely taken with her, he grew to think of her as someone he needed to protect and care for. To their parents' delight, they ended up staying together and getting married. About a year after they'd wed, Tova had given birth to their first child, a boy whom they named Matias. Two years later, Kaija came into the picture.

?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Childhood:[/i]</span>
Kaija was brought into the world on September 23rd, and was obsessed over by Otso. The father of two loved and doted on both of his children, and as Tova's singing career started to really take off, he began spending more time at home instead of behind the lens of a camera. Kaija grew to be nothing short of a daddy's girl, and when she wasn't in his arms, she was looking for him. He fed into her slightly spoiled nature, and encouraged her closeness to her brother. It was when she was two that Mikael joined the family, and being so young, she never even noticed the circumstances surrounding his arrival at the family home. With no reason to ever expect that he wasn't her full, biological brother, she always treated him as such, and never had inclination that he might not be exactly what she thought he was. Then, there was the darker hair, as well, but she didn't put the two together.

Kaija spent most of her childhood playing with the neighborhood girls. Very girlish and prissy, Kaija was a fan of dresses, playing "house" and "school" with her friends, and playing with dolls as well. Any time that wasn't spent playing with the neighbors was spent doing chores around the house, or learning to ride a broomstick with her father and older brother. She never really noticed the way that her father favored herself and Matias over Mika. Kaija vied for her mother's attention, wanting one day to be just like her, but Mika seemed to get most of the attention from Tova, and this made Kaija very jealous at a young age.

When it came time for Kai to go to school, she felt more than ready. Missing the age cut off for the year before by a mere week, she had to wait a year longer than her best friends to go off to school. But by the time Kaija received her letter, Matias was headed into his third year, and Kaija hoped to be placed in Klyk like he and her father had been. Even if most of the time she seemed to share more traits with her mother than her father, she never wanted anything more than to make the males in her life proud of her. It was hard being the only female around most of the time, and she had big shoes to fill.

?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Durmstrang:[/i]</span>
Kaija traveled with her brother to the capitol, and they took the portkey to school together for her first time. Even though she pretended to be brave and strong, she knew that there was no way she would've gotten through the day without her brother by her side. Matias convinced her that the ritual was old magic and that it didn't matter where she wanted to be. If it was right for her, she would be sorted into Krov to help her in the future, or Klyk if that was what was more fitting. He convinced her that she would get used to it, and that sooner or later it would feel just like home.

In her first year, she grew more as a person than she ever had in her entire life. Initially very stuck up and reluctant to speak to most other students, she eventually warmed up to a couple. Her first year was also the first time she learned to play quidditch, and played on a little "for-fun" team as a chaser. She debated going out for the team, but thought that it might be fun when she was older. As far as friends went, her first friend at school was <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Leonie Kirschbaum[/i]</span>, and even though they didn't spend all of their time together, Kaija liked tagging along after the older student. Kaija found herself attracted to people like Leonie, who were kind and genuinely good people. She credits Leonie with many of the lesson's she's learned, and for making her the kind person she tries to be today.

Her first year flew by, and she wished the same of the summer between her first and second years, but that wasn't very likely. In a few short months, the Koskela family was flipped upside down, and Kaija wasn't exactly sure how to feel about it at first, but eventually she came to terms with the fact that her father had never been the honorable man that she thought he was, and that her mother had lied for him for all of these years. Kaija cried immediately after discovering what Mika really was to her, and it was at first a little unclear why. Her feelings only got worse when Matias started shouting, pointing fingers, and declaring that he hated Mika, a boy he had shared a beautiful childhood with. Nothing would ever be the same.

It was difficult to address the fact that everything in her life up to this point in time was based on a lie, and for a couple of weeks following the news, spent most of her time alone in her room, studying or doing whatever else could occupy her time. She didn't want to deal with her changed views on both of her parents, or on the fact that Mika seemed like an entirely different person to her now. She tried to run away from all of her problems. Part of her felt a deep depression, but she did her best to keep a happy mask on her face instead.

Eager to keep a clear mind, Kaija spent most of her time outside of the house playing with her friends at their houses instead, and feeling like she was walking on eggshells around their home. She didn't want to come between her two brothers, as she still considered Mika exactly that despite the circumstances, but Mat couldn't be within earshot of him without offering some sort of nasty comment, as if it were the ten year old's fault he was a bastard child. Eventually, however, October rolled around, and Kaija had never been so happy to leave Finland in her life. Eager to get another year started and eager to see what house Mika would be placed in, the whole family set out for Helsinki, Kaija's heart full of hope that Mika wouldn't suffer too much away from the protective eyes of her mother.

She was glad to welcome Mika into Drakonya Krov, and felt like this way was better so that he wouldn't have to spend any alone time with Matias, whom Kaija was fairly certain would never ever forgive the poor boy. However, she felt odd about talking to him much in school, and instead of spending any amount of time by his side, avoided him and said hello fairly platonically in the hallways. She was caught in the middle, but glad that Quidditch was starting up, because she had practiced a bit over the summer, and was eager to try out for chaser. Being a skinny little second year meant that there were slim chances that she would make the team, but she worked her tail off, and made the reserve team instead. She was thrilled, owled home to her parents, and was awarded a very excited letter from her father, which she didn't respond to.

As summer rolled around, Kaija was happier than ever. She was excited about quidditch, excited to practice more with the free time of the summer, and happy to be done with homework and school work. It was also fairly exciting that things seemed to lighten up ever so slightly between her brothers, and she felt less caught in the middle of the two of their miserable existences. She spent a fair amount of time upon a hand-me-down broomstick, and an even though it was old, uncomfortable, and nothing fancy by any means, she was excited to play with Matias, who taught her a little bit about being a beater.

Kaija went into her third year optimistic and happier than ever. Everything was a bright ray of sunshine until she caught wind that Matias was harassing Mika in the halls. She didn't like that her older brother was bullying him, but felt more torn than ever about if she should or shouldn't come between them. She tried to stay as neutral as she possibly could, fearing that if she protected Mika, Matias would turn on her too, but knowing she couldn't morally side with Matias because of the horrible manner in which he treated Mika. When she noticed how poorly Mika was doing, no doubt as a result of his lack of connections with other students and the way their brother had treated him, she tried to help the best she could. Thinking secret tutoring was best, she tried to teach him the things he was falling behind in, but frequently got an earful about being a poor teacher and that all of it was stupid anyway.

Kaija didn't respond well to the verbal abuse, even if she knew that it was just him expressing his anger and frustrations about the way things were going. She couldn't blame him, but she also didn't want to suffocate him anymore with her presence. She let off of him, and let him do his own thing, saying that if he wanted help, he could ask, but she wasn't going to stand for him taking out his anger on her any longer.

Still only a part of the reserve quidditch team, Kaija worked hard at her quidditch skills, and began trying to figure out the basics of beater tha the brother had shown her. She had the good timing that a beater needed, her aim was fairly good, but her biggest issue was the strength. There was no denying that any boy younger than her could probably still hit it further, and so she turned to exercise to try to tone her body and make herself stronger, because she was taking quite the liking to the position. In her third year, she spoke to <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Timofei Sidorov[/i]</span> for the first time. They were in the same year and he was in Krov, but didn't seem to have much reason to contact each other directly, having very few friends in common. However, now that she had spoken to him for the first time, she realized just how much she enjoyed his company. The two began hanging out more and more regularly, and he offered a pretty good distraction from her family problems.

It was in her third year that Kaija met <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Emeryk Kowalczyk[/i]</span>, a boy her age in Drakonya Krov. She seemed, up until this point, to avoid members of the opposite gender, and Ryk might have given her good reason to. They turned out to be complete opposites, and he made her feel a little bit uncomfortable. She always wanted to talk to fill the silence by his side, but he always just offered strange looks in response. He always seemed to have far too much on his mind, and she felt much like a nuisance whenever they needed to work together or share space at all in general. She kept her company to Tima, and liked his happy disposition much better.

That summer, Kaija forgave Mika for the way that he had treated her, and the two became much closer than they had ever been before. She spent most of her time with Mika rather than the neighbors, which she began to start getting over, and didn't notice that she was starting to be better at understanding members of the opposite gender. When she wasn't with Mika or flying around in the backyard, she started exercising regularly. She wanted to get faster, stronger, and more fit than she had ever been, and started obsessing over her diet. By the time she got back to school for her fourth year, she didn't look much different fully clothed, but had toned many of her abdominal muscles, her arms were stronger, and her back was pretty ripped as well.

This year, during try outs, she tried out for beater instead, and finally made the main quidditch team. She was happier than ever, and some were surprised that she, a girl of her stature, could be good enough to play as beater. On the outside, she just looked like some small, naturally skinny pixie girl. On the inside, she was a beast.

She was thrilled for Mika when she noticed that he had made a couple of friends, also. Things were really looking up for the lot of them, and with Kaija hanging out with Tima a ton, she felt like all of the Koskela's could be happy. She and Tima made a new friend, <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Desislava Daskalova[/i]</span>, whom both of them loved very much. She was a Klyk in the same year as the two of them, but Kaija shared the same happy sort of love for life with the girl, and they both seemed to have a big smile on their faces when they were together. She felt much like a sister that Kaija always wanted to have, but never did.

Things took a downhill turn when it became obvious that something happened to Mika. He returned to the common room one day looking as if he'd been jumped by a couple of students, and expecting him to refuse to tell her anything that happened, she saved her own breath, and went out in search of her older brother to get some answers from, because she knew he had to have been the one behind all of it. She found him on the quidditch pitch, and nearly dragged him by his ear. She wasn't at all thrilled to listen to him tell her that Mika "got what he deserved", and had to resist the urge to hex him. Instead, she punched him in the chest a couple of times, not much of a match for her much more muscular older brother, and he didn't seem to be phased much aside from the fact that he looked angrier at her than he had ever been.

Kaija swore at Matias up and down, telling him that she was sick of being torn between the two of them, angry at him for stooping so low, and accusing him of being no better than their father. These words seemed to affect him much more than her small fists could, and he stormed off away from her, leaving her screaming hurtful words at his back.

Upon returning to the common room, she knew that Mika was going to be locked up in his room, but she waited in the common room for him to eventually emerge. She tried to talk to him about it, but it was evident that he didn't want to hear any of it. Doing her best to not appear as though she was defending Mat in anyway, she decided, in any case, to distance herself from both of them. And in doing this, she found something else to focus on. That other thing was exercise, her new go-to stress reliever. Not even that could take her mind off of the constant worry she had for Mika lately, and she ended up sending an owl letter to her mother, asking how things were going at home, and asking for a bit of her loving insight. She really was a great mother, even if she was constantly busy, this was what she was always meant to do.

Summer came along and Kaija felt herself immensely hopeful that things should improve in the last summer the whole Koskela family would spend under the same roof. However, instead the lot of them were greeted at the door by a drunk father, and for the first time Kaija felt like a complete stranger in her home. She had no desire any longer to put up with the people she "loved" and called her family. With her mother off working, becoming successful and nearly world-renowned as a singer, Kaija spent her entire summer out of doors or cooped up in her bedroom. She counted down the days until October, when she could get back to school and away from her constantly disappointing father.

In the beginning of her fifth year, things looked better immediately. She was free from worrying about Mika, and his grades improved drastically, pleasing Kaija quite a bit. She excelled in Quidditch, and made a new friend named <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Vladmir Dostoyevsky[/i]</span>, a Klyk in her year. She began partying with Vlad, Tima, and Desi, and they all began what was a pretty reckless streak for Kai. At first, the get-togethers consisted of just hanging around, breaking rules, and enjoying each other's company.

Occasionally, in her fifth year, she wrote to Matias to see how he was, missing his face in the hallways, but they never talked about Mika. But eager to see his baby sister popular and happy, Mat sent her bottles of alcohol to pass between herself and her friends. She was very grateful for that, and when she was home on Christmas holiday, she stole even more alcohol from her parents, which never went noticed at all, as her father was always drunk. After Christmas holiday, Kaija returned to school feeling wild as ever. Around this time, she met a fourth year named <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Gunnar Andersson[/i]</span>, whom she took an immediate liking to. She began dragging him to parties with her, which he protested, but she thought that he must generally enjoy it.

Towards the end of her fifth year, she began slowing down her partying pace, and distanced herself from her friends slightly, noticing that she was losing sight of her priorities. She settled down, focused on her studies, and in being placed in a work group with Emeryk, was forced to spend more time around the much more reserved Krov. She didn't like the time spent with him at first, but after extended periods of studying and talking together, decided that he wasn't all bad. Their relationship became awkward and tension-filled as they started talking about his arranged marriage, her disdain for such things, and it wasn't long before she told him openly that she thought she might have feelings for him, despite the fact that he was already betrothed to another woman. She insisted it could never work, and their friendship became strained and awkward for both parties. But Kaija insisted that she had no regrets.

She went home for the summer to a house without Matias, and spent the better part of the summer preparing for the year to come. She sent occasional owls to Mat and Tima, but for the most part practiced her quidditch. She learned how to ignore her father much better than she'd been able to before, and was thrilled to finally have a bit of freedom when she finally turned sixteen just a week shy of the beginning of her sixth year.


<div align="center"><span style='font-size:30pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#006e8c'><span style='font-family:georgia'>D[i]u[/i]rmstr[i]a[/i]ng S[i]o[/i]rt[i]i[/i]ng</span></span></span>
<span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#3b5567'>would you do anything for me? buy a big diamond ring for me?</span></span></div>

<span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#3B5567'><span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Strong Area of Magic:[/b]</span> Melioration Magic, Dark Flora & Fauna, Alchemy, Survival
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Weak Area of Magic:[/b]</span> Nautic Magic, Illusions, Magical Weaponry and Sword Fighting
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Preferred House Choice:[/b]</span> Drakonya Krov
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Ruthless or Smart?:[/b]</span> Smart
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Lively or Noble?:[/b]</span> Noble
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Quick or Quiet?:[/b]</span> Quick
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Revenge or Forgiveness?:[/b]</span> Forgiveness
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Do you like dragons?:[/b]</span> Yes</span></span>

<div align="center"><span style='font-size:30pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#006e8c'><span style='font-family:georgia'>M[i]i[/i]n[i]o[/i]r D[i]e[/i]t[i]ai[/i]ls</span></span></span>
<span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#3b5567'>would you get down on your knees for me? pop that pretty question right now baby</span></span></div>

<span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#3B5567'><span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Pets:[/b]</span> An Eurasian Pigmy Owl named Finch
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Wand:[/b]</span>
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Length:[/i]</span> 12 and 1/4"
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Wood:[/i]</span> Blue Spruce
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Core:[/i]</span> Phoenix Tail Feather
?á ?á  <span style='color:#5A7282'>[i]Flexibility:[/i]</span> Swishy
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Quidditch position:[/b]</span> Beater
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Anything else?[/b]</span> Thanks to everyone for all of the connections! I was also given permission by Mickie to copy and paste the pre-birth section of this application from Mika Koskela's sheet.
<span style='color:#006E8C'>[b]Are You A Native English Speaker?:[/b]</span> Yes</span></span>

<div align="center"><span style='font-size:30pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#006e8c'><span style='font-family:georgia'>R[i]o[/i]l[i]e[/i]pl[i]a[/i]y R[i]e[/i]sp[i]o[/i]ns[i]e[/i]</span></span></span>
<span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#3b5567'>i know i've got a big ego, i really don't know why it's such a big deal though.</span></span></div>

<span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:#3B5567'>The couch had never really treated her very well at all, yet she ended up on it for another night. The sun was shining brightly through the window, and as she opened her eyes, she glared at it. Someone's schoolwork was on the table, which meant they were probably looking down on her sleeping while trying to do their work, and judging her all morning. She looked around the room for a clock, noticing that it was already two in the afternoon, and that she had missed three of her classes. She could hear the detention being assigned already, and wincing, clutched at her head as she sat up. She needed a glass of water badly, and probably a good old headache charm from a healer, but noticing the state she'd fallen asleep in, figured she should probably just go crawl into a hole and die somewhere. Yes, that would probably be much better...

Standing up from the couch, she crept towards the fire, her hand on her forehead. She wondered where Tima was, if he'd made it into his bed, or if the rest of them had made it back unscathed and without a sighting of a professor or Tzar doing rounds. Glancing in a mirror that was hanging on the wall, framed nicely with dark, intricately carved wood. Her makeup was still in line, aside from a little drip on her left eye that must've been the result of sleepy eye watering. Her hair was another story. It had, at some point in the night, been tied up in a ponytail, which had been pulled out so far that there was about two inches left tied together, and the rest of her hair was loose and floppy around her head. Someone else's reaction would've been in sheer terror, but despite the throbbing in her head, Kaija broke into loud laughter. She was instantly glad that not many people had cameras. Had she been drooling? This was all so ridiculous that she couldn't [i]help[/i] but laugh. She secretly hoped that one of her friends saw her there. She was just glad to not have things inked into the skin of her face. Frankly, if she had seen Tima sleeping drunkenly on the common room couch, she didn't think she'd be able to resist giving him little facial ink dots.

She attempted to fix her hair, which was a complete mess, and instead opted to grab her things from her room and take a shower. When she emerged, looking much like a drowned cat covered in black drippings down her face, she towel dried her hair and felt her stomach churning. A night of drinking never sat well with her the following mornings, and most hangovers came jam packed not only with exhaustion, deep thirst, and pounding headaches. Many times, Kaija got completely nauseous and blamed her feelings on a "weak stomach". She was rather sure, especially if one of them got caught trying to get back to their dormitories in the small hours of the morning, that this excuse wouldn't save her from disciplinary action this time.


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