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[Announcement] Annual FPP Reset {15 July 2023}
« on: May 29, 2023, 10:57:39 AM »
    Hi, friends!

    Believe it or not, we're just under 7 weeks away from the annual FPP reset! To see if you have unclaimed prizes, please check this post - the chart should help keep track of what you have and have not yet claimed so you can plan accordingly. I update this chart every time someone levels-up or claims a prize and cross-reference it with the system in the forum so there really shouldn't be any errors with this or with the points, but if you notice a discrepancy please let me know! There is also a linked Google spreadsheet that tracks all the claims made.

    Just like the past several years, the reset will take place on July 15th (Saturday this year). This means: please submit any outstanding thread claims and prize claims no later than 11:59pm EDT on Thursday, July 14th, 2022. Remember that prizes earned this cycle do NOT roll-over to the next cycle - you must claim them by the conclusion of the current cycle (sometimes with a short grace period of ~1 week). Please note that all dates and times referenced in this thread and in the main FPP thread are EDT.

    I'll post updates here as well as in the main FPP thread.

    FAQ and some general reminders:
    • For threads that you want to be counted as completed, please remember that - unless it is a class thread, Quidditch match, or large admin-driven open thread - ALL involved parties must wrap the thread with a clear ending/ scene transition/ fade-to-black (easiest way to do this is to make an OOC note at the end of the post to indicate that character has left the scene). See this post for specifics.
    • As usual, threads that have been posted-in within the past four (4) months are eligible to be claimed in this current round (i.e. 2023-2023). For the upcoming round, please refer to the next point.
    • Beginning on July 15th (EDT), in order for a thread to count towards the new cycle there must be at least two posts in the thread dated July 15th (EDT) or later. For instance, if the last post was made on July 14th and you submit a claim for that thread on July 15th, it will not count for the new cycle. If the last two posts in that thread are made on July 15th or later, then it will count towards the new cycle (i.e. 2023-2024) and cannot count towards the previous cycle (i.e. 2022-2023). Alternatively if the last two posts were July 14th and you submit the thread claim before 11:59pm EDT on July 14th, it will count toward the previous cycle (i.e. 2022-2023).
    • In terms of claiming power-ups, the standard rules apply: you may not "backdate" a power-up and use it on a thread that got you to your current level. For instance if you don't have any power-ups at the moment, but then you submit a claim for a 20-point thread that gets you to the next level, and you choose the power-up as a prize, you cannot go back and try to apply that earned power-up to the same 20-point thread.
    • For the sake of my sanity and to minimize the potential for errors, after the reset I would very much appreciate if you'd wait at least a week to submit new claims for the new (2023-2024) cycle so I can keep things as organized as possible and make sure the previous cycle is completely accounted-for! In any case, I'll post an update when the system has been reset and it's 'safe' to claim for the new cycle.
    As always, the Admin Team reserves the right to review each claim submission and - in the case of ambiguity or perceived loopholes - make final calls as to which threads qualify for which bonuses at their discretion. The team will make this assessment as fairly as possible given past precedents and the letter of the rules, and will keep members apprised of any rule clarifications or changes. As always, please PM Olivia with any questions regarding claim qualification, prizes, etc.

    Happy threading!

    The Admin Team
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