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hungry ghost [charlie]
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cardiff | 29 may 2005

Fflur blinked twice as she looked up from her menu, the shock of seeing Charlie in stripes hitting her as fresh as the first time she had spotted him in the Hogsmeade high street. She hadn’t bothered to dress for the occasion–she was wearing boots, (very) faded black jeans, a white t-shirt, and her leather jacket–and even if she did own a Sheffield Wednesday shirt, she still wouldn’t have dressed for the occasion. She at least made the helpful suggestion that they get to Cardiff hours early so they could prepare for the match at the pub, and stay at her parents’ place after the fact –by sheer coincidence they were on holiday–so they could recover after the match at the pub, too.

It was simply a bonus that she had chosen the Prince of Wales pub, because in addition to its proximity to Millennium Stadium, it came with Prince Charles jokes.

She pulled a sip from her pint–the acceptable morning drink–and set her glass back on the table, just in time for the server arriving to take the rest of their order. Fflur ordered scrambled eggs on toast– even though she knew she should take advantage of Charlie paying (this still counted as her birthday if this match was her birthday present) and order the big breakfast, but she didn’t have that much of an appetite. If she was a smarter person, she might have considered laying off the alcohol a little so she could eat more, but– she had another drink.

“So,” she said once they were left alone again. “Since this birthday present basically boils down to ‘spending time with Charlie’,” she used air quotes. “How about spending more time with me. Maybe letting me stay with you for a few days?” She had thought about how to pose the question for the last couple days, and somewhat dancing around the real problem was the best option.

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