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[Cloud House] mo ghile mear {DJ}
« on: September 06, 2023, 10:49:55 PM »
Cloud House, Gwynedd, Wales  ||  morning of Friday, 8th July 2005
‘sé mo laoch, mo Ghile Mear,
‘sé mo Chaesar, Ghile Mear,
suan ná séan ní bhfuaireas féin
ó chuaigh i gcéin mo Ghile Mear
It felt… cowardly, to flee.

Keela wasn’t an idiot rendered blind by her pride; no, she had enough sense to know that leaving for the weekend was a perfectly reasonable suggestion. Considering it had come directly from the Arithmancer who had been working alongside Harry Potter himself, tracking and trying to predict the Widow’s strikes these long months. Considering Keela’s literal soul-deep connection to DJ. Considering the Widow’s propensity for oddly-specific collateral damage where DJ was concerned.

Indeed, despite the obvious sensibility, her insides still squirmed at the archetypal-Gryffindor part of her that perceived this as running away instead of standing to fight. Mostly because it brought flashbacks of Third Year, just before the Battle of Hogwarts had broken out. When she’d had to be bodily removed from the Great Hall, screaming and clawing because she’d realized at the last moment that her eldest brother was staying behind to fight. The terror that she might never see him again. The knowledge that she, too, should want to stay and fight – and the shame she felt when she realized she was afraid to do so. She’d been only thirteen, for Merlin’s sake; but she hadn’t seen it that way.

The remote Welsh countryside air was delightfully cool this morning despite the season, but it still caught in Keela’s chest as she hastily stamped down the wave of panic and anguish and shame that had surged violently at the memory. She had struggled with those feelings for a very long time afterwards; her behavior in the weeks and months that followed had nearly ruined two of her closest friendships at the time, and even still had likely permanently changed their trajectories altogether.

In any case, the whole notion of leaving was easier to stomach if she framed it in the context of safeguarding him against any additional grief, rather than an attempt to save her own skin.

She’d told her boyfriend about the letter from Primrose within an hour of receiving it: she’d never forget how his expression had crumpled at the hint of a potential threat to her life, and that admittedly had made it easier for her to agree to leave Saltash for the forecasted weekend. But she’d spent the better part of the next eleven days trying to determine how to best carry out this plan. She didn’t want her family to know any more than they had to, let alone put any of it in writing to them lest it jeopardize their safety; nor did she want to arouse suspicion by showing up with her cat for the weekend; nor did she want friends or family to drop by for a visit and get caught in the crossfire. It hadn’t taken more than a moment’s discussion for her and DJ to decide that she and Aisling would spend the weekend at Cloud House.

In the end, she’d opted to ward her house in Saltash – much like she’d done at Cloud House nearly three years previously, after she and DJ had cast the Fidelius Charm (which was still firmly in place, but Keela had taken her role as defender very seriously). Now, concealed by the Disillusionment Charm she’d applied to herself before Disapparating (another layer of protection), she continued her ascent of the hill on which Cloud House resided and paused briefly at the boundary of those wards. They shimmered as she approached, granting her (and Aisling, who was tucked securely within the folds of her cloak) access.

The sight of the old house still sent a ripple of dread through her, no matter how many times she saw it: a physical representation of the two years DJ had spent in near-isolation, of the havoc that the Widow had wreaked on him and on his family. Keela sincerely hoped Primrose was right about this projection: if so, then it brought the Ministry another step closer to wiping her off the map.

Repressing a shudder, she made her way up the crumbling stone steps and raised her first, tapping out ‘their’ specific knock pattern on the warped wooden door: yet another safeguard. He had access to directly Apparate into (and Disapparate out of) her coat closet as he pleased, but the idea of direct access to Cloud House negated all of the security measures they’d put into place.

After a moment the door creaked open, and she felt twelve days' worth of tension leave her body the instant she saw his face.
“Hi,” she greeted simply, with a small smile. Letting out a long quiet sigh, she stepped forward to embrace him – taking care not to squash Aisling too much. Keela would turn her loose in the house once they closed the front door.
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Re: [Cloud House] mo ghile mear {DJ}
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"Hey," DJ said, his voice a blend of affection and concern. As they embraced, he couldn't help but reflect on the precariousness of their situation. The echoes of Primrose's letter lingered in his mind, a constant reminder that danger loomed on the horizon. Yet, here she was, a symbol of resilience in the face of uncertainty.

"Thanks for coming," he whispered, the words carrying a depth of meaning that transcended the mere act of physical presence. Aisling, apparently concealed within Keela's cloak, emitted a soft purr, a silent companion in the midst of the unknown.

DJ felt a mixture of relief and gratitude as Keela stepped through the threshold of Cloud House. The weight of the Dark Widow's threat hung heavily in the air, a palpable reminder that this was no ordinary weekend getaway. It was a carefully planned retreat, a precaution advised by an American Ministry diplomat working closely with Harry Potter on the Widow case. As the door closed behind them, the worn hinges releasing a familiar sound that echoed through the stillness of Cloud House, Aisling hopped out from Keela's cloak and crossed into the kitchen to greet Alis, DJ's good old owl familiar. Their motion stirred the air, a momentary dance of freedom within the confines of Cloud House and its protective wards.

The building, despite its remote and weathered exterior, held a contrasting sense of familiarity for DJ. He couldn't help but compare it to the first time he had brought Keela here two and a half years ago. Back then, it was a bachelor's abode, a place of solitude and untamed wilderness. The landscape, dotted with dilapidated structures, had exuded an air of domestic tranquility tainted by abandonment. While the garden remained a wild tangle of nature, devoid of any sign of cultivation, the interior had a lived-in quality that hinted at his solitary efforts to make it habitable.

The dust and cobwebs still clung to corners, and the windowpanes carried the same film of neglect, but there was a strange beauty in the decay. DJ glanced around, almost surprised by how much of himself he had imprinted on this place. It wasn't just a refuge; it was a reflection of the life he had chosen, a life in which he grappled with solitude while preparing for the storm that brewed on the horizon.

He couldn't ignore the irony of their return to this place, the backdrop of their shared history. As he led Keela further into the house, he couldn't help but marvel at the twists of fate that had brought them here once again. The threat of the Dark Widow loomed, but in this moment, within the walls of Cloud House, there was a sense of sanctuary, a respite from the chaos outside.

"The circumstances suck, I admit, but I've missed this," he confessed, his eyes locking onto Keela's. the words carrying the weight of their shared history. "Spending long time with you." The gravity of their circumstances lingered, but so did the undeniable strength of their connection, a bond that had weathered storms and stood resilient against the unknown. Their time together, though regular, had been punctuated by the looming threat that had forced him to maintain a cautious distance. Now, within the sanctuary of Cloud House, the tension eased, if only for a fleeting moment.

As DJ helped Keela settle into the heart of Cloud House, he couldn't shake the feeling that this respite, however brief, was a chance to reaffirm what they were fighting for—the simple joy of being together, free from the shadows that lurked outside.
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Re: [Cloud House] mo ghile mear {DJ}
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Releasing her cat from the folds of her cloak, Keela let her duffel bag slip from her shoulder to land on the floor with a soft thump (not that it contained much – she had her own drawer here, after all) and wrapped both arms loosely around his waist. She kept her forehead pressed to his shoulder for an extra moment, breathing in his familiar scent: warm sand, mountain air, a hint of white musk… and whatever else made him him. It felt like a piece of her falling into place; like placing the final puzzle-piece.

“Thanks for coming.”

Well, at least it felt much less like running away in that context.
“‘Course,” she murmured back, matching his volume reflexively even though there was no real need to keep their voices low.

“The circumstances suck, I admit, but I've missed this. Spending a long time with you.”

Keela lifted her gaze to meet his – and the intensity of his expression in conjunction with his cadence of phrasing made her skin tingle pleasantly.
“Same,” she sighed, flopping onto the mercifully-no-longer-dusty sofa and tugging him down beside her. She curled instinctively into him once they were both settled, tilting her head to rest on his shoulder. Her muscles relaxed without conscious effort at the contact.

After a moment, the corner of her mouth turned up. Speaking of time
“What d’you reckon we should do with it, then?”
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