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[ISS] float like a butterfly [hyacinth]
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july 2005
international summer school

Dorian shifted the weight of his backpack, filled with gear and herbology supplies, as he observed the group ahead of him. It was a motley crew of enthusiastic students and the ever-knowledgeable lecturer, all of whom were engrossed in the beauty of the freezing landscape and its delightful flora. The International Summer School  was nothing short of an adventure, and Dorian took pride in his role as an organiser for some of its herbology expeditions. Doncasters were a huge influence in the herbology field, and he hadn’t been surprised that his aunt was one of the people dealing with the summer school’s organisation. Having been offered to help out was an exciting prospect, he had taken up without hesitation. He took it as a challenge and experience, knowing he’d have to be able to juggle the responsibilities that come with his Maternal line in the future, since his aunt had made him the main heir. 

The students had settled well in the Arctic environment. The igloos were a delightful experience for them, and Dorian enjoyed the experience too—ever the adventurer. He was younger than some of the other staff, and the students seemed to like him and his artistic image. He had been convinced to make up stories or play his guitar around the campfire many times since the start. He enjoyed being the entertainer, as much as he was also here to watch over their safety.

And while Dorian's primary responsibility was to ensure the safety and smooth process of the expeditions, he often found himself enamoured by the vastness of the landscape. The pristine frostiness stretched endlessly, and had Dorian running wild with images of fantasy worlds he could create for his books or the next session of DnD.

Right now, a slip of a girl, presumably one of the students, trailed slightly behind the group. Her brown hair stood out against her light-coloured warm clothes, and her hazel eyes caught the reflection of the sun. Dorian's gaze lingered on her a moment longer than he'd like to admit.

Absorbed in his observations of his surroundings and the people, Dorian almost didn't notice the uneven terrain ahead. He only took in the subtle dip in the ground that disappeared into something steeper, and watched as the girl stumbled across a tree root, leaning dangerously towards said precipice. Acting on instinct, reflexes quick, Dorian lunged forward, his arms outstretched, managing to grasp her just in time, tugging at her waist and pulling her into himself. He held her steady and exhaled upon the relief of preventing any injuries.

“Shit, that was close,” he breathed, “you gotta be careful,” he told her. “I don’t want you to get hurt.” He added, giving her a Dorian characteristic smile.

@Hyacinth Reed
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Re: [ISS] float like a butterfly [hyacinth]
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Hyacinth was cold. She loved nature, but didn’t care much for being cold—especially when it would have been summer time if she was at home. Wrapped in a jumper, parka, purple beanie, and earmuffs, she was weighed down a bit behind the group. She was typically light on her feet and well-fit. She was a runner, and kept up with her exercise routine meticulously, but somehow the cold was going to her bones. She wondered if she might even be catching a bit of a cold.

She liked Dorian so far. He seemed very nice, and was younger than she would have expected him to be. He reminded her a bit of Eve, a herbology apprentice at her sister’s apothecary. They were probably similar ages. She briefly wondered if they might even get along. Eve was nice, and Hyacinth really liked her personality. Dorian had something special about him, and Hyacinth couldn’t stop stealing glances. At one point, she even caught his eyes when she was peeking, and immediately turned crimson.

With some of the others in front, she willed herself not to look at him and instead take in what was going around on her. It was very pretty here. The sun was bright and made the snow look almost like glitter on the ground. Soon, though, she was lost in a daydream and not paying attention to her feet. She tripped, and was heading face-first into the ice before Dorian caught her quickly. Feeling his arms wrapped around her, she blushed brightly.

“Thank you.” She offered, with a shy smile. She looked up at his face, blushed more, and looked away. “You’re very kind.” She offered. “I could have split my skull open on this much ice.” She lamented. “The snow always looks so soft, but it doesn’t feel that way. That, and I’m already chilled to the bone without getting wet.” She laughed a little, peeking at him.

“I’m Hyacinth.” She offered, after a moment.


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