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red & blue [jimin]
« on: October 30, 2023, 06:23:50 PM »
July 2005
Incubus Club & Lounge

Violet didn't often come to her little brother's professional spaces, but the twenty-five year old was once again at home alone on a Friday night, and after a stressful week at work she felt she deserved a little time to wind down. Although the ambiance was not something she normally went for, Incubus was safe and it was familiar to her. She had been a handful of times before, both with Basil and without him, but she rarely got to see him simply enjoying his night here. He was once again nowhere to be found, and so Violet settled on a circular high-top near the bar, and people-watched.

In a black leather knee-length pencil dress with an emerald lace bodice and black platform heels, Violet looked uncomfortable, and she was. Beauty was pain and Violet would endure whatever if it meant she looked incredible. She knew Incubus was primarily for members of the LGBTQ+ community, but that didn't mean she would consider stepping out in anything less than perfect. She wasn't here to find a partner for the night, but the better she looked meant the more she was respected, regardless of orientation or gender.

From her spot at her table, Violet had been eyeing a familiar man nearby. She knew him from somewhere, but couldn't put it together. She rightfully assumed it had something to do with Basil, being that he was in Incubus and how much time Violet had spent with Basil not terribly long ago. Maybe he was a part of his sober community, or maybe he was one of his old friends. Either way, Violet didn't see any one else she recognized well enough to approach, and so when she became tired of sitting alone sipping her cocktail, she crossed the lounge and seated herself across from the acquaintance, behaving almost as if he were a familiar friend.

"Hey," she purred casually, smiling at Jimin from across the table without remembering that was his name. "Violet." She paused for emphasis. "Stricklander-Thorne."

@Jimin Hale

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Re: red & blue [jimin]
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2023, 08:24:42 PM »
Clubs were no longer places that Jimin usually felt comfortable at. He'd spent his teens doing all kinds of things in those kinds of places, either doped up or getting drunk. Part of him felt like he had simply matured, fed up with that kind of lifestyle, but he knew a big part also had to be credited to his trauma. He no longer felt as safe in these kinds of places, unable to fully relax.

Basil's and Sage's clubs were the only exception, because they were both familiar to him, and knowing both the owners and some of the people who worked there gave him a lot of security to relax properly. He still liked to go out for a drink, he still liked to dance and disliked the idea of avoiding these kinds of places forever, so this was a good compromise for him. Tonight, he had went out right after work, knowing that Edan would be having a late night, and needing to relax. Goblins were a nasty bunch when they wanted to be, but as someone who was employed by them, he had to put up with it on the bad days.

He was sitting at a table alone, having moved away from the bar after chatting with one of the bartenders he was friendly with. He had a half-full drink on the table and was dressed in black leather pants with a midnight blue silk shirt tucked inside the waistband. He was playing with a ring on his finger—a very particular ring in comparison to the other he was wearing. He kept looking at it again and again, still in a slight disbelief that he was engaged again. Only this time he was completely sure the engagement would lead to a wedding eventually and he was still a little in disbelief over that. He also had never been so sure about anything before, besides the fact that he wanted to spend the rest of his bloody life with Edan.

The grass is green and the sky is so fucking blue. He grinned to himself a little, and I have an actual fiancé, he thought, reaching for his drink and taking a sip. His solitute was in that moment invaded by another person sliding into the seat opposite him.

He cocked an eyebrow at the tone of her greeting, swiping his eyes over her, taking her in and categorising her. Jimin had seen Violet in passing, but he'd never actually talked to her. He'd heard about her from what Basil told him, of course, but he wasn't sure if Violet knew who he was, or just decided to approach him...on a whim? Regardless, she introduced himself to him and Jimin found himself particularly amused at the situation.

He put the glass down and swiped his tongue over his lip ring, wetting his bottom lip before speaking. "Jimin Hale," retorted in answer, a small smirk curling on his lips. Reed was on his tongue too, but he swallowed that down, since it wasn't true yet. However, the excitement at that thought was lingering.

"Basil's not here." He offered. As far as he could guess, he was either spending time with Magnus, or he could show up around later. He smiled a little at that thought.
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