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[Announcement] The Daily Prophet -- August 2005
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Volume 42: AUGUST 2005



In a stunning turn of events, the notorious Dark Widow, now identified as Cameryn Lyall White and also known by the alias Rachel Emily Twylan, has been apprehended by the Ministry of Magic's Auror Department, led by none other than the renowned Auror Harry Potter.

White's notorious campaign challenging the International Statute of Secrecy began with the Rhayader Massacre on September 4, 2002. During this gruesome event, twelve witches and wizards (including prominent members of the pureblood Conway family) and nine Muggles lost their lives.

Following the Rhayader Massacre, White initiated a calculated campaign to challenge the International Statute of Secrecy. She sent provocative letters to the Daily Prophet and distributed flyers, boldly declaring the inadequacy of the Ministry of Magic and the obsolescence of the Statute. This marked the beginning of her relentless pursuit to expose the magical world to Muggles and eliminate the secrecy that had long veiled the wizarding community.

After a year of silence, her first magical strike occurred on September 18, 2004, with an emerald green house fire that claimed the life of another Conway wizard and his Squib partner. This marked the start of a series of practically weekly strikes throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, leaving chaos and uncertainty in her wake.

Over the past eleven months, White orchestrated various magical strikes and confrontations with the Ministry of Magic, leaving a trail of chaos across the British Isles and Eire. Her actions escalated from house fires and beer volcanoes to deadly attacks, looping through Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Hebrides, Northern Ireland, and southern England. Her unpredictable and audacious demonstrations challenged the Ministry's ability to respond effectively.

On July 30, 2005, at the Caerphilly Catapults Quidditch pitch, White's reign of chaos came to an end as she was apprehended by Auror Harry Potter and his team. She now faces over 650 charges of more than 25 crimes, including Murder of Wizardkind with Direct Intent, Murder of Mugglekind with Oblique Intent, Battery Against Wizards and/or Witches, Battery Against Mugglekind, Kidnapping of Mugglekind, Malicious Destruction, Arson, False Personation of Another Wizard and/or Witch, Use of the Killing Curse, Use of a Spell to Indirectly Commit Murder, Illegal Brewing of Polyjuice Potion, and Illegal Administration of Polyjuice Potion.

Sacked from her position as the Potions Mistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, the revelation of her Twylan alias and her admission that she framed Damien Conway in a poisoning in 2001 also invalidates her "expert testimony" as a Scottish Highlands state alchemist during Conway's trial in August of that year. She now also faces charges of Illegal Brewing of an Unidentifiable Fatal Poison and Illegal Administration of Unidentifiable Fatal Poison. White's wand has been confiscated, and she has been remanded to the custody of Azkaban Prison.

The Ministry expresses gratitude to MACUSA representative Larkin Primrose, the head of MACUSA's Department of Mysteries, for his assistance in determining the Widow's pattern of attack and predicting the last few strikes, contributing significantly to her apprehension.
International Summer School
Get ready for part two of wintery fun! Session Two runs from 1st August (Monday) through 14th August (Sunday). Co-location with this summer's international Broomstick Sports Camp (BSC) allows students to participate in both activities during the same session, if so desired.

Rising First Years through recent graduates (Class of 2005) from all schools are invited to join a team of naturalists residing on Heard Island in a unique immersive experience. Students will live in enchanted igloos; learn about the wildlife, ecology, and geology of the territory (magical and non-magical) from the researchers at Mawson Peak Station; and participate in winter games and activities. Need-based scholarships are available.

During Session Two, established and aspiring magizoologists are getting some excitement as some people claim to have seen a huge snake-like creature sticking its head out of the cold sea. Eye witnesses speak of a sparkling blue creature whose scales shimmered in the sunlight. Is it a real creature, though, or have some cheeky students created an illusion of a sea creature to fool the magizoologists?

Broomstick Sports Camp
Welcome to Session Two of Broomstick Sports Camp! From Quidditch and Quodpot, to Shuntbumps, to broom races, and more, there's a broomstick sport for everyone to discover. Rising First Years through recent graduates (Class of 2005) from all over the world are randomly assigned to teams, and will be able to enjoy practicing their preferred broomstick sport(s) with experienced professional athletes. Everyone is encouraged to try out different positions and sports throughout their stay. Multiple climate-controlled open-air pitches provide protection from the harsher elements while allowing for stunning views of the glacial landscape. A tournament with the camp teams (involving a medley of broomstick sports) is held in the final few days. Need-based scholarships are available.

Session Two runs from 1st August (Monday) through 14th August (Sunday). Co-location with this year's International Summer School (ISS) allows students to participate in both activities during the same session, if so desired.

artistic flying camp
The Artistic Flying School in Rybinsk has offered training camps during the summer before. This year, however, they're getting competition. The French Artistic Flying Centre had its grand opening in June and also welcomes athletes from all over the world to stay and train there.

While the school in Rybinsk can advertise with the tradition and the reputation of being the first and best artistic flying school in the world, the French artistic flying federation is trying to set new standards and sees their training centre as an alternative especially for Western European athletes. Clearly, both schools offer training camps because that's a way to earn money and to get people interested in the sport.


off to the races
Come one, come all to beautiful Barcelona for the most hotly-anticipated Broomstick Grand Prix of 2005! Hosted by 'El mundo de la escoba', a Spanish flying and broomstick supply periodical, this race has attracted aspirational broomstick racers from all over the world, who are flocking en masse to Spain to aim for gold. Meanwhile, competitors and spectators alike can marvel at an exhibit of vintage broomsticks and broomstick accessories, including a first-edition Cleansweep One, the broomsticks of the entire Spanish national team used in the 2002 Quidditch World Cup, and the newly-minted Comet 500. Though the tournament will only take place from Thursday 11 August 2005 through Sunday the 14th, the exhibit will remain open until August 21, so be sure to check that out if you're in the area!

There will be three tournaments held -- one for contestants aged 13-17, one for amateurs, and one for professional racers. The amateur and youth competitions each come with an enviable three-hundred-Galleon prize and a high-quality racing broomstick; professional athletes will compete for the above, plus a lucrative sponsorship deal with Spanish broomstick manufacturers Compañía Rayo.
Russian Artistic Flying Nationals and European championships
Taking place in Sochi instead of in Rybinsk because of the ongoing investigations regarding the murder of Polina Raskolnikova at the prestigious artistic flying school, the athletes from Rybinsk still dominated all competition parts.

The event started with the junior competitions. There were new champions this time with Zinaida Shishkina in the girls’ and Stepan Mishin in the boys’ competition. The defending champions Anna Filimonova and Fyodor Tikhomirov each won the silver medal in their category. The bronze medals went to two youngsters, Evelina Mishina and Ruslan Shishkin, who haven’t even been close to medalling before but convinced with their routines and profited from the fact that a few former competitors moved to the senior ranks this summer.

The senior competitions were a hard fight. Anatoliy Tikhomirov won by the margin of just a few points. The gap between him and his younger rivals Nikon Zima (2nd) and Rodion Shishkin (3rd) is getting smaller. The European championships will surely be interesting with these three as well as Gregoire Moulin from France and Fabio Conti from Italy.

The final event of these Nationals was the women’s competition. Quite unexpectedly Aglaya Tikhomirova was only 6th in the technical exercise while her main rival and cousin, Svetlana Tikhomirova, dominated this competition part and earned herself a comfortable lead. However, in the free program Aglaya Tikhomirova came back strongly - even without her trademark element, the backflip - winning that competition part clearly and moving up to second place overall. Just two tenths were missing for her to take the gold after all. Just like last year Maria Sokolova managed to win the bronze medal and will finally get a chance to prove herself internationally against competitors like Eszti Nagy from Hungary and Élodie Dujardin from France.

The European championships will take place in Gruyères, Switzerland,  between August 11th and August 14th. Some last tickets are still available for all competition parts.


Unpredictable Quills Create Chaos at Wizarding Quill Emporium
A quill catastrophe took place yesterday at the Enchanted Quill Emporium, when the shop in Diagon Alley experienced an unexpected quill uprising. Witnesses reported that seemingly innocent quills took on a mischievous life, scribbling random spells, limericks, and even shopping lists across parchment displays. The uproar began when a customer accidentally knocked over a shelf of quills, setting off a chain reaction that had quills zipping around the shop like overexcited pixies. Shoppers were forced to duck and dodge as quills scribbled jokes on robes and graffiti on the walls.

“It was like being in the middle of a chaotic crossword puzzle,” giggled one witch, who narrowly avoided a quill-drawn mustache. Store owner Mr. Filbert Fancypen attempted to calm the quills, but they were largely unresponsive. Eventually, a brave customer used a charm to guide the quills back to their designated stands, and order was restored.

You Win Some, You Booze Some
Local wizard Zephyrus Bumbleflap became an unlikely star at the rowdy Goblin Hole Pub when he downed an astounding 100 enchanted goblin-sized goblets of ale in just an hour. This earned him the title of “Goblet Grandmaster” from amused goblin spectators. And, as icing on a not-so-delicious cake, he also won a lifelong supply of the pub’s infamous Goblin Sludge Ale—a concoction known to put even the hardiest of trolls off their game—which he is expected to take delivery on once he is discharged from St. Mungo’s for alcohol poisoning.

With Bumbleflap's unassailable feat now etched into Goblin Hole lore, it is safe to say that whether in jest or genuine admiration, his name will be echoed over countless rounds of the tavern’s less-than-palatable ale.

Artistic flying champion found dead in a waste container
On July 28th, mere days after her victory at the Russian national championships in Sochi, Svetlana Vsevolodna Tikhomirova was found dead in a waste container behind the artistic flying school in Rybinsk.

There are many rumours about how this tragedy happened and who murdered the popular athlete and dumped her in the trash. The investigations are still ongoing, but it seems like the current prime suspect is no one less than Aglaya Antonovna Tikhomirova who claims to have found her dead cousin early in the morning of the 28th. Has the most successful athlete this sport has ever seen actually killed her rival after having lost against her at the recent championships? It seems far-fetched and yet our very own research uncovered that the two rivals were hardly on friendly terms despite the statements to the contrary of the Tikhomirov family.

Regardless of all these uncertainties and open questions we can say one thing for sure - the now second murder within a few months is getting the flying school in Rybinsk rather unwanted attention that might destroy its good reputation for a long time.

Will there be any athletes from the Tikhomirov family clan at the European championships after what happened? We don’t know it yet, but, whether they're there or not, I'm sure they'll be the main topic of conversation in Gruyères.
Arsène Dutour sent to Donjon de l’Éternité
In a long-awaited turn of events, Arsène Dutour, the former temporary professor at Beauxbatons, has been convicted on multiple charges and sentenced to Donjon de l'Éternité, the French wizarding prison. The trial, which commenced on July 28th, unveiled Dutour's shocking crimes, leaving a dark stain on the prestigious Beauxbatons Academy and raising questions about the oversight of its administration.

The Ministry of Magic has initiated an investigation into Olympe Maxime's ability to effectively run Beauxbatons Academy. The controversy surrounding her perceived failure to detect Dutour's malevolent activities during his time at the school has sparked discussions about whether a change in leadership is necessary. The wizarding community eagerly anticipates the outcome of these deliberations as they seek accountability and assurance that such a tragic chapter in Beauxbatons' history will never repeat itself. Parents are worried that their children aren’t safe under Madame Maxime’s lead.

In parallel developments, new and heart-wrenching details have emerged that shed light on the profound impact of his actions on the children he artificially "bred," who lived their lives believing they were part of a loving family, only to discover that Dutour is their biological father, now a convicted criminal. They now face the daunting challenge of reconciling their own identities with the knowledge that their biological father is a criminal imprisoned in the notorious Donjon de l'Éternité and the family they lived with has never told them the truth about their real father. 

strange 'strang changes afoot
Considering the devastating end of term for Durmstrang last semester, and the subsequent termination of Sevastyan Yeshevsky as Durmstrang's headmaster, a new leader has emerged to rekindle the lust for life within Durmstrang Institute. The Swedish Ministry of Magic is pleased to announce a new headmistress: Astrid Vinter, a mining heiress with a family seeped in Swedish Ministry influence. As previous Klyk Vampira Tzaritza and Dueling Captain for her former house as well, Astrid wants to bring Durmstrang back to its roots of what makes the school different: a focus on strong, ancient magic, curses, bans, and enchantments. Coming along with Astrid to Durmstrang is a new Weaponry professor, her twin, Agata Vinter: a champion duelist and Drakonya Krov alumna. Whether Astrid’s reign will be wonderous or one of terror is yet to be understood, but her cold-as-ice persona suggests she will be less easy to sway than people-pleasing Yeshevsky.


News on Cadwgan Tew
Geraint Griffiths, recently tipped us off that Voldemort has resurfaced in the enchanting city of Swansea under the rather peculiar alias of Cadwgan Tew. But hold onto your broomsticks, because the rumors surrounding his return are stranger than a Niffler's obsession with shiny objects!

After we printed the news on Cadwgan Tew a.k.a. Voldemort in our we’ve received a sizeable amount of letters from our faithful readers, offering more details on what is going on in that old people’s home in Swansea. Cadwgan Tew is apparently enjoying bingo nights and has joined a knitting club - is he working on a self-knitted uniform for his new army?

There have also been whispers that Cadwgan Tew is now obsessed with collecting garden gnomes, believing they hold the key to immortality. Is he planning to create a horcrux out of a gnome? Only time will tell, dear readers.

So there you have it, the wild and wacky rumors surrounding Cadwgan Tew's reappearance in Swansea. Keep your wands at the ready, your gnomes securely locked away, and your noses...well, just the way they are. Stay tuned for more Quibbler exclusives!

Unveiling the Wrackspurt!
Greetings, fellow witches and wizards! The August issue of The Quibbler has arrived, and this time, we're delving deep into the mysterious world of the Wrackspurt!

Wrackspurts are invisible beings and as real as Thestrals. They float around us, making our brains go fuzzy, leading to moments of absentmindedness. So the next time you forget where you put your wand, you can blame those mischievous Wrackspurts - or not!

The Quibbler exclusively gives away a dozen magical Wrackspurt Detectors and Wrackspurt glasses! Send an owl with your address and the code “wrackspurt” to the Quibbler and, maybe, you’ll be one of the lucky ones who gets one of the sets.

To use the detectors simply wave it around your head, and it will emit a soft, melodious hum when a Wrackspurt is nearby. The glasses will make the tiny wrackspurts visible to you. With these two items you’re safe from future confusion. When others are affected by wrackspurts, you’re still on top of things!

The Magical Elegance of Summer: Five Ways to Look and Feel Beautiful

Do you want to enchant a handsome wizard with your mere presence? Do you want people to admire your style? Witch Weekly is here to guide you through the secrets of a stylish summer look.

1. Magical makeup to let your inner witch shine
When it comes to makeup this summer, Start by applying a shimmering iridescent foundation, giving your skin an ethereal glow. Accentuate your cheekbones with a dash of Sunbeam Blush and your eyes with enchanted emerald eyeshadow. Finally, finish your look with a smudge- and waterproof shimmering eyeliner.

2. Bewitching hairstyles
Why settle for mundane when you can captivate with your hair? Let your hair down, literally. Mermaid waves are in this summer. To tame even bushy hair, use Sleekeazy's Hair Potion. For a magical twist, add enchanted hairpins and clips that shimmer with starlight. Alternatively, go for a sleek bun adorned with bewitched flowers.

3. Dressing with magic
This summer, flowing robes and gowns reminiscent of fairy-tale princesses are a fashionable witch's first choice. Consider a robe with an enchanted cloak to protect against unexpected summer showers. Accessorise with jewellery that possesses a touch of ancient magic.

4. The magical palette of summer
This summer, embrace the hues that reflect the whole vibrancy of the magical world. Lavender robes symbolise serenity, and emerald green gowns bring forth the mysteries of the forest. Don't shy away from sapphire blues that mimic the depths of the Black Lake or the fiery reds reminiscent of the phoenix's plumage either. Let your wardrobe burst with the colours of the season, and you'll be sure to turn heads at every wizarding event or garden party you attend.

5. Special skin care
To keep your skin radiant and flawless, invest in products from a new line of magical skincare by Mystic Vibe. Unicorn tears serum will keep your complexion glowing, and the phoenix-feather face mask is a must-try for rejuvenation. 


We have revamped The Daily Prophet based on member feedback and welcome any comments or suggestions in an effort to further improve the Prophet.

This issue was created by the Administration team, with additional submissions and ideas from Taed. We would like to thank Taed for helping to prepare the monthly birthday column, Christine for the easy-to-use coding, and Samm for the amazing header.

how to contribute
We are always seeking member-produced stories and submissions. This can be in the form of in-character letters to the editors, rumours and gossip, or character-driven plots. You can submit your ideas to any member of the team, however if you have something in mind for a specific geographical area of the board please reach out to the respective admin:
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