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[Zhytomyr, Ukraine] The Successful Minute | Liliya & Dzima
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“People begin to become successful the minute they decide to be.”
-- Harvey Mackay

In the heart of Zhytomyr, tucked away within Polisyanka Cafe's private dining room, the Ironbellies reveled in the joyous celebration of their recent successes. The ambiance of the Muggle establishment offered a quaint backdrop to the laughter and chatter that filled the air. Ordinary, non-floating candles cast a warm glow on the gathered team, creating an intimate atmosphere that resonated with the magic of newfound achievements.

Liliya Wolanski, the seasoned captain, moved gracefully through the festivities, her eyes catching the glint of glasses clinking in celebration. Amidst the celebration, Liliya couldn't help but be swept up in the joy surrounding the team. She raised her glass in celebration, toasting to the Anastasiya, the recently elevated first-string Seeker (succeeding the legendary 25-year veteran, Roman Zelenko), as well as her recent and long-awaited marriage the previous month. The cheers mingled with laughter and anecdotes shared among the Ironbellies.

She was enjoying herself, but at the same time in a temporarily sequestered part of her mind, she bore the weight of confidential knowledge about the team's future. After the coming season, the retirement of three more long-time teammates — Viktoriya, Dzmytro, and Kyrylo — loomed, casting a bittersweet shadow on the present triumphs.

Amidst the jubilation, her attention was drawn to @Dzmitry, her new second-string Seeker, seated in a quieter corner, seemingly absorbed in thought. As Liliya casually meandered that way, her observant eyes caught the playful teasing exchanged between Tamara (another first-string Chaser) and @Fedir (the new second-string Beater). A smile played on Liliya's lips as she acknowledged the camaraderie developing among the teammates, a reassuring sign of unity and the forging of new bonds.

Recognizing the blend of emotions on Dzmitry's face that often accompanied significant life changes, Liliya approached him with a welcoming smile, taking a seat beside him. "Dzima," she greeted, her voice a comforting cadence amidst the cheerful din. "I know this is a huge moment, for you. It's the beginning of an incredible journey. How are you feeling?" Her words held both wisdom and encouragement, a testament to the shared experiences that bound Quidditch players together. She knew, and she was sure Dzima was no stranger to the fact, that becoming a professional Quidditch player would bring forth new triumphs and challenges - especially for someone as young as he was, and still in school.

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Re: [Zhytomyr, Ukraine] The Successful Minute | Liliya & Dzima
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Dzmitry was reeling about this, feeling confused and excited and overwhelmed all at once. He had tried out for the team mostly out of hope and for practice for when it came time to try out after school was over. While he had hoped, certainly, that he would make the cut—he was ready and prepared just to enjoy the experience and networking aspect. He expected to hear some tips about how he could improve, talk to a few professionals from a team he adored, and… well, now he was one of them, officially. He didn’t know how he had managed this, but he was not questioning it now.

He was admittedly still frightened of Liliya, the team captain. She was a lovely woman so far as he could tell, and probably there was no reason to be so scared of her—but he was. She was the boss lady, and that made him nervous. Would she, perhaps, realize she had made a mistake tapping him at such a young age?

He was excited that the other second string person, taken in at the same time as him, was a Koldo alumnus. Dzmitry, while he attended Durmstrang now, had been a Koldo from the beginning, and loved his old school. He might have enjoyed going back there, but he felt like he needed to prove himself at Durmstrang, and so far had done just that. Also, with the recent happenings between him and Stepan, he wondered if fate had a hand in this somehow.

“Yes ma’am.” Dzmitry offered, when Liliya approached him and told him that she knew it was a big moment for him. “I feel a bit like I’ve stolen the Mona Lisa, but other than that… I am very excited to be part of the team.” He assured her. “I’m excited, nervous, and grateful for the opportunity.” He offered. “How are you doing tonight?”
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