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[INFO] Papillonlisse House Description & History
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[td style="width:800px;text-align:justify;font-size:8pt"]Papillonlisse House Tower can be accessed through a corridor accessed by going through the door at the far end of the atrium and taking the first door on one's right. The entrance to the Papillonlisse House Tower is not a door at the end of the hall, but rather a large, magical painting, depicting a group of fairies resting on toadstools. Students who belong to Papillonlisse house simply walk through the wall, while those who are not from that house will be met by solid stone.

Once inside, students will find a room that focuses on comfort as well as the fine arts. The room itself is carpeted in a plush, light purple material, and the walls are painted in a darker shade of purple. At the very far end of the room, hanging in a frame constructed from pure gold, is an exquisite portrait of the namesake of the house and the school's first headmistress, Brie Papillonlisse. On either side of the portrait, students will find the staircases leading up to the dormitories. The one of the left leads to the boy's dormitories while the one to the right leads to the girl's dormitory.

The back wall of the common room has come to be known as the "student art gallery," where selected pieces of artwork created by the students of Papillonlisse house are showcased. The uppermost row of paintings were donated to the school by graduates of the house, while the remainder of the pieces are from current students. Along those same lines, students are encouraged to work on their artwork in the common room. Several easels are set up along the right side of the room for students to work.

In the very center of the room, two crescent-shaped couches surround a coffee table. This is usually one of the most popular spaces in the room as the couches are extremely comfortable and seat six students each. Toward the left side of the room, two clusters of desks have been set up. Each cluster has four desks, the surfaces of which can be positioned in the customary position or may be raised to act as an easel for sketching. In addition, there are two bulletin boards hanging at this side of the room, one for quidditch notices and the other for house postings. One hangs on either side of the door leading to the most unique part of the common room, the dance studio.

The studio itself is a square room with mirrored glass walls. The room also has a wooden bar running along the wall for ballet practice. The floor of this room is a dark oak wood, polished daily by the cleaning staff. The room is very well lit, but the lighting can be adjusted depending on the type of mood one wishes to create during a practice or small performance. In the corner of the room, a magical phonograph is located for student use. By tapping one's wand to its surface, students are able to play a wide array of preloaded songs. Additionally, students my insert their own music, either written out as sheet music or on record.


Framed portrait of Brie Papillonlisse.
Couches & coffee table.
Entrance to common room.
Entrance to boy's dormitories.
Entrance to girl's dormitories
Entrance to dance studio.
House notice board.
Quidditch bulletin board.
Magical phonograph.
Glass mirror walls.
Desks and chairs.
Gallery of student art.


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