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Gryffindor Quidditch
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m a i n
Beater: Adara Perkins
Chaser: Donna West [C]
Chaser: Mavis Nandamuri [CC]
Chaser: Cassandra Nichols
  r e s e r v e

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Gryffindor Quidditch
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 Name / Year: Brandon Lennox / Sixth Year
1st Choice Position: Beater
2nd Choice Position: Keeper
RP Sample:

The wind whipped through Brandon’s waves as he looked up at the dark, gloomy sky. He liked this weather, in and of itself. In fact, it was some of his favorite weather—that calm before the storm came. He liked how silent everything was, other than the whipping wind, how cool it felt against his skin, and the purple-gray of a pregnant cloud. What Bran didn’t like, however, was what this weather ultimately led to—rain. The feeling of wet robes and wet socks sloshing inside his shoes made him feel gross and a little queasy. He hoped it stayed windy and overcast, and that the match was over quickly.

As the referee blew her whistle, Bran, with the rest of the team, pushed off and into the air. He followed the bludgers as they were released, careful to keep his eyes on the balls and not on the game play—at least for now. After he was comfortable, he would look for key players to target, but for now he just wanted to defend his teammates from the luck of the draw. Bludgers had a mind of their own, and would lunge randomly after they were released. They had no set pattern to memorize, or a set trajectory. He saw it moving towards the team’s Keeper, and quickly moved over towards the goalposts to reflect the oncoming blow.

Quiddich, as a game in and of itself, had always been of interest to Bran. It was nearing a passionate love, and he aspired to one-day do it as a career. He enjoyed the rush of flying, but also the fun of team sports. Always feeling at his best with friends by his side, he liked the comradery of sportsmanship. This was part of why he was friendly with the Slytherin captain, despite being on the opposing house’s team. He took the game seriously, but not the rivalry. The rivalry he had for other players was for fun and not bitter by any means.  

However much he liked the game, he still thought that it was a rather odd game the more he thought about it. It was dangerous to play, and people had disappeared from games for months and gotten seriously injured through falls or bludgers or both. Giant iron balls hurling towards people of their own volition was strange, regardless of how commonplace the game was. He liked the idea of playing chaser now and again, and had done it in casual matches—but being a beater was what he did best. He liked being a protector, but he also liked having something with which to control the beasts that terrorized them. As a chaser, he would have been vulnerable to the bludger’s wrath.  

He neared the goalposts long before the bludger, and began flying towards it. His eyes darted to nearby opposing team players, searching for a target. Readying his muscular arm, he swung the bat backwards and then pushed forward with all his strength—watching it hurl towards the opposing team’s nearest chaser with a satisfying crack.  

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Re: Gryffindor Quidditch
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Name / Year: Tomie Vos / 3rd
Position: Tomie wants to be a beater but ngl she would make a better seeker, so lets say she tried out for both and the captains can make the choice (so, probably 1st choice seeker, then 2nd choice beater)
RP Sample:

She’d seen it just a moment ago.

Tomie’s face ached as she carved a descending path through the air in a loose, dangerous loop. She liked flying, but she preferred flying fast. The edges of her vision blurred as she spurred broom into a burst of speed, other players shifting quickly into blurry obstacles rather than people or players. They were just components whooshing past her – even the beaters, because it didn’t really matter if she got hit by a bludger as long as she caught –

There it was again. A glint of gold. Aha

No match for me she declared triumphantly, adjusting her flight path. You’re mine. A part of her wondered vaguely if other people talked to the snitch in their heads like that, or if that was just her. For Tomie, the snitch could have been another player on the field – an enemy, more villainous and taunting than any Slytherin could be. She didn’t have much time to ponder it though – Tomie was pressed against her broom, and she didn’t breathe in after her last exhale as she let go of her broom with one shaky hand and –

“Gotcha.” She mouthed the word cockily, but she was slicing through the air far too quickly to actually say anything. Her hand snapped forward like a punch, her fingers clawing around the round object she’d just caught. She brought her fist to her chest, drawing in a deep, much needed breath as she slowed her broom. A grin had already appeared on her face and she glanced at the little ball in her hand before holding it up in triumph.


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