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[Background Information] Dormitories
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The tower is round, and as such, the spiral staircase hugs the wall all the way up and down, leaving the space in the middle of the common room wide open. Like the original cottage, the walls are made of granite, with metal shelving and hooks directly attached for decorations, books, coats, etc. The furnishings have sharp angles and geometric shapes, are made of leather and metal, and are in smokey colors. The lights in the tower are gemstone crystals, magicked to twinkle depending on the time of day (including at curfew), strung up with string and wire like fairy lights. In the winter, these lights also provide heat. First through Fifth Years?óÔé¼Ôäó dormitories are located below the common room, with the First Year dorms located the farthest into the mountain. Sixth and Seventh Year students have the upstairs dorms and the added privilege of windows. There is no access to the Pukwudgie tower through a door. Instead, students must stand on a very specific granite tile just northeast of the tower on the ground floor, heels together, and toes at a right angle. Just like an actual Pukwudgie does, students disappear and then reappear in the common room. Students are required to wait a minimum of five seconds after the student before them enters the room so as not to cause any collisions.


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