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[Background Information] Beauxbatons Miscellaneous Rooms
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Tiled floors with thick and rich carpeting throughout the middle of the hallways throughout. Along many of the walls are couches, carved out of mahogany with velvet seats. The classrooms are tiled and the teacher's offices are carpeted.

Foyer: The palace foyer is bright and beautiful. Pedestals of flowers throughout the entranceway. The ceiling is very high and littered with beautiful chandeliers.

Kitchens: The kitchens are large and constantly bustling with house elves.

Library: Once entering the library on the 3rd floor the floors are no longer tiled but are hard wood. There are bookshelves that are arranged in an orderly fashion, some that reach the ceiling. There are large mahogany ladders with wheels and brass rungs to use for getting books. There is a large octagon circulation desk visible as soon as one walks in.

Professors' Tower: At the end of a winding pathway is the secret entrance to the Teacher's Quarters. The professor must tap a series of bricks in a particular sequence in order to enter.


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