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How to Submit Your Open Thread

If you'd like to add your open thread to the list below, use the tag "open" in the tag field when creating a new topic (see image below). When your thread has been completed or you no longer wish for it to be deemed open, click the red X next to the tag at the bottom of the thread. If you're having trouble adding or removing a tag in a topic, feel free to ask an admin for assistance.

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Latest Tagged Posts
Subject Tag Started by Replies Views
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[maidstone] objects in space { phillip }underage drinkingb44407
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[maidstone] past the joint of no return | killiancw: drug useJari Trickett274
[herbology] an old man knows how a year it goes [all years] openmpfosse28664
[Feb MP] Animal can't speak for themselves (Benny / open)february mini plotWiltrud Wagner14185
[Feb MP] Animal can't speak for themselves (Benny / open)openWiltrud Wagner14185
there's such a chill;; open.openOrlaith Dewar2158
Girls just wanna have fun! [open]openHyacinth Reed4211
[Dec '03 MP] this town {open}openAstoria Greengrass0103
[History] Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand in hand (all years)openLouise Ellington331274
[Alchemy] You can't change the truth, but the truth can change you (all years)openGideon Salinger19570
Artistic flying club - first meeting (open)openZhenya2230
[TBB] nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three {open/PM}openEmma Hennings17775
[Jan MP/Festival delle Arti] Singing some silly songs {open}openLesleigh0324
{Nov MP}When Reindeers Collide (OPEN)openLesleigh9728
[MP] Can't stop me now [Open]openTrey Wilder2652
[Plynlimon] A Part of Us (open)opendjconway4908

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