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[BoT] Klyk Vampira Quidditch Booth [Open]
« on: August 12, 2020, 06:43:13 PM »
While he was second in charge of the house quidditch team becoming captain was still a bit of a shock to Kes. He felt he didn't deserve it despite being out for a few weeks cause of his injury from the commons glass shattering. He would have to live up to the standards Lev had left him with and honestly those were pretty high. He was a great captain despite all the flak Kes gave him for his leadership. It was a shame they didn't win the cup because honestly, they should have. Kes felt robbed of the win, but that was in the past now this term he would make sure they took the cup.

The only issue Kes would be facing is the fact the majority of the team had left the previous term due to graduation leaving him and only a few others from the previous year. So with that mentality, he would be holding practices in the next few days to fill up the roster, but till then he needed to gauge interest for the team. The club fair after the sorting would be the perfect time to do this as he had another reason for this interest gauge. He still needed to pick a co-captain and he was going to see who signed up and would be a viable choice. Sure he could just pick one of the old faces from the previous term, but what if someone else turned out to be a better player and possibly leader? No, he would play this smart and he would decide throughout these sign-ups and try-outs. Someone was bound to be a perfect choice.

As the announcements were finished and the booths began to appear Kes grabbed his assigned booth and began setting it up. He would have parchment and quill for the sign-ups in the center of the booth for just names only. Anyone who signed up would be put through every single position for him to decide where they belonged if the joined the team. While he was certain he would be taking a beater position he still even left his position open should a better beater arrives. A clean slate for the team and he would make sure it was one filled with fierce competitors and skilled players. He also decorated the booth with his house colors and items such as a tiny statue of a vampire fang he had crafted during the break. Kes also made sure there were quidditch materials such as a beaters bat and a quaffle.

His booth may have been a bit overboard in his mind, but he needed to attract attention to the students as much as possible. The more people that tried out the more chances of filling his team and begin practice. He wanted to get a leg-up on the Krovs and if he had to beg he would. Not that Kes would do it very willingly of course, but if he had to he might submit his pride for it. Once his booth was decorated he sat down in the chair behind it and waited for the first person to approach his booth.

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Re: [BoT] Klyk Vampira Quidditch Booth [Open]
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"Yeah, I'll be right back, don't steal anything," Zoya told the younger Klyk Vampira student she'd roped into watching her side of the Dueling Booth until she'd returned. Frowning a little at the (expected) sass she got in return the little witch turned on her heel and darted over toward another red head. Finding the Quidditch booth easily among the crowd Zoya approached with a steady pace. She'd show off later, during practice, for now she just had to sign up and make her interest known. She'd played last year and she knew a lot of the old team was gone now so naturally she was hoping to move up the team heirarchy. She knew Captain was out of the question, she wasn't all that good (but she was getting better with lots of practice!) but still she was excited to be a returning team member. It meant she was higher on the pecking order, that she wasn't the youngest anymore, and hopefully the least clueless. It was going to be a good year indeed.

Reaching the booth she half waved at the newly appointed captain and gave him a little smile. "How's it looking so far?" She said, making conversation as she scoped out the list and any names that might on it. Seeing the name of an annoying first year that she'd basically tripped over on the first night she snorted unceremoniously and pointed it out to Kes. "He's clumsy as all get out," she whispered, giggling a little and then took up the quill to add her own name to the growing list. She couldn't stay long, she had to get back to her own booth before the gullible little wizard realized he wasn't going to earn any extra credit for being there, but she had a minute to gossip. "It's a whole new game this year, more than half of Drakonya Krov's team members graduated too," Zoya said softly, her icy blue eyes wandering toward the green and gold booth before turning back to Kestutis.

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Re: [BoT] Klyk Vampira Quidditch Booth [Open]
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Walking around the hall, Ruslan's eyes were drawn to a stand resplendent in his own house colours. He'd decided to take a look at everything, but at the same time some things were far more interesting than others. As he approached, he realised this must be his house Quidditch team and his curiosity increased. It wasn't anything like artistic flying of course, but these were people who knew about flying and maybe he'd find some friends here... in fact, maybe he could sign up some of the Quidditch players to learn artistic flying!

He remained a little distance away, still slightly nervous about approaching older students. That was silly, he told himself. The whole point of this fair was for students to find out about the different clubs that were on offer and decide what they wanted to sign up for. It was entirely reasonable that he would want to learn about Quidditch. Apparently nearly everyone watched the school matches. At least he could...

"Stop being a wimp!" he muttered to himself, so quietly that nobody else would have heard more than a couple of disconnected syllables, and approached the stand. There was someone there already, an older girl with long hair talking about Drakonya Krov students having graduated. Ruslan's curiosity increased. Did that mean there would be a lot of new players on both teams? Unable to decided if this was a good thing, the first year sidled a little closer. Once there was a lull in the older students' conversation he said, a little uncertainly "Hi, I'm Ruslan Shiskhin. I'm in your house, and I...thought I'd come and say hello..."

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Re: [BoT] Klyk Vampira Quidditch Booth [Open]
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"Well, hello then," Zoya answered with a bit of a smile, it was more sass than friendly, but that was pretty much always the case. Leaning against the counter the young witch crossed her hands in front of her chest and gave the new comer a quick look. He didn't look like much, but he was young, and she supposed she hadn't either. Their house had lost a lot of his best players at the end of the last term and they seriously needed to fill the ranks. If the boy wanted to try out she wasn't about to stop him. Especially not if he was a Shishkin.

"Shishkin... as in, like the flying family?" Zoya narrowed her eyes on him and wondered if he was as good at flying as his father had once been. She wasn't a super fan, but she'd heard of him, of course. "Have you played before? Can you fly?" Zoya began firing off questions and forgetting that she wasn't actually in charge. It was her intolerable (and annoying) nature to try to take control of situations. She waited for an answer, twisting a bit of red hair between her fingers and watching the small wizard in front of them closely.